Hey all. Heaps to post, so I'll get right to it.

1. We lost 3 subscribers yesterday, one of whom said they found some stuff
"irrelevant". Yeah well, if I can't ramble, I'm going to charge for my
services, so you guys have the choice.
2. Anyone interested in acting as a survey test-group participant in a
forthcoming study on government regulation of entertainment, please e mail me
at MY OTHER address:
3. I know of a store with 2 copies of the October Q Magazine.

******************************* (Camille) writes:
Hi Amanda,

Answer to your question is Tony Ward, Do I get GM as my gift?

(If you mean the question of what Madonna dancer was in the Killer/Papa vid,
no you don't. If you mistook the question to ask what Madonna dancer was in
any George vid, you still don't. "Mr. Ward"--as the tattoo on his chest
proudly states--was never a dancer for her. The correct answer was Slam
(Salim Gauwloos). Nice try though. Still, send me your address anyway, I'll
see what I can scare up in the vaults, but somehow I don't think George will
pop up in the filing cabinet. AG)

Best wishes Camille
******************************* (Aidan Padden) writes:
Hi there Amanda, I hope you're alright.

(Sure, 7 hours sleep after a 12 hour shift, working on YM, but listening to
Duran Duran--hey it's what was in the CD player, and I had this urge to
listen to White Lines...--feeling great I guess. AG)

This is just a quickie, but here goes, I've just got some information about
the radio interview. As you already know, Radio 1 arranged the gig with
George, and part of the agreement was that GM was to give them an exclusive,
hour long interview. This is going to be broadcast in December time over here
in the UK, to coincide with the airing of the other weeks secret gig. It was
just revealed this morning that Chris Evans is to be the DJ to interview GM,
I guess you're not familiar with that name, but over here he's a pretty big
name, he's got a breakfast radio show each weekday with over eight million
listeners, and a tv show with about four million viewers. The main
thing is, Chris Evans is one pretty crazy guy, and he's usually criticised
because he's not afraid to do anything. Since the deal was that he can ask
anything he wants to, its possible you're going to find out a lot of stuff
that you don't already know. It's pretty incredible because along with the
MTV interview, he's the only other person doing one, and he doesn't even seem
too bothered about getting one of the biggest showbiz coups out. In fact, one
of the members of his breakfast team was at the secret gig, and all he could
say was that he left early because it was so 'dull'. Admittedly, Chris is a
very talented guy, but perhaps the job should have gone to someone who would
have appreciated it?

(Chris Evans? Host of the BRIT Awards? AG)

Plus, on another note, there's a magazine on sale over here in the UK, called
'The Big Issue', which is usually sold to homeless people , so that they can
sell these on to the general public for a profit. These usually cost #30 for
100 copies, and these can then be sold at #1 a time, making them a 66%
profit. This may seem irrelevant, but I've just heard the following:

'George Michael has given his first interview in six years to the homeless
people's magazine The Big Issue.

It's a showbiz coup considering Michael even refused to publicise the launch
of his comeback album Older, which has since sold one million copies in the
UK. (It's currently at number 11 in the album charts, where it's been for two
weeks now, before that it was in the top ten since it's release)

Michael's MTV Unplugged session will be shown on Dec 2 and his concert for
Radio 1 will be broadcast on Dec 8. The Big Issue is out on Nov 11.'

I'm taking it for granted that the date of the MTV Unplugged is the MTV
Europe date, but I'm not too sure because the other day It was said that the
Unplugged was a priority for MTV USA, and would not be shown until the new
year over here in Europe. I don't have MTV so I can't confirm which date is
correct, but I'm sure one of the European readers can confirm which is

(I think so too. AG)

Anyway, Yogmail is getting better all the time, I just can't figure out how
you're coping with all the work. Do you ever get to sleep??? Take care for
now, and I hope this info helps you or someone.

(Sleep is for wimps. AG)

P.S. Just after I got the Yogmail mentioning 'The Final' on CD, it just
appeared out of nowhere on the doorstep one day. I only asked my music club
for a track listing, but it's got what I wanted, so here's the tracklist if

it's of any use to anyone.

WHAM! - The Final
Wham Rap! (Enjoy What You Do?)
Young Guns (Go For It!)
Bad Boys
Club Tropicana
Wake Me Up Before You Go Go
Careless Whisper
Last Christmas (Pudding Mix)
Everything She Wants (Remix)
I'm You Man
A Different Corner
Where Did Your Heart Go?
The Edge Of Heaven

By the way, (Sorry to keep going on like this, you must think I'm a pain in
the arse!) we know your musical tastes include GM and Madonna, but what other
sorts of music / groups do you like?

(As I said, currently listening to Duran. I'm a touch of an 80's freak I
guess. Just a glance at the CD's littering my desk and I see Prince, the Pet
Shop Boys, Donna DeLory, and George. I'm pretty mainstream I guess.
Speaking of Prince, rumour has it he's going on tour next year. AG)
******************************* (Kinga Pawlaczyk) writes:
Hi Amanda...I've got a silly question: Melvyn Bragg???? I shall do a
collective: WHAT!? Did I miss something? Can someone clue me it? Maybe I
should go back and re-read the older YM's? Eeek...

(Mr. Bragg is a UK renowned television presenter/interviewer who is
responsible for George's Southbank show. The one Rolling Stone said
"canonized" George. Still confused? AG)


"You insist my music goes against the rules
Yes, but the rules were never made for love sick fools
I wrote this little song for you, but you don't care
It's a crooked song, ah, but all my heart is there."
-"Desafinado" by Antonio Carlos Jobim&Newton Mendonga, English
translation by Gene Lees
From "Red, Hot and Rio", sang by Astrud Gilberto and George Michfl.
******************************* (Paola Contreras R.) writes:
Hi Amanda and all of you Yogmail partners:

It's me again, the Chilean girl who+s always reminding you how much we love
George here. I had forgotten something: here, just in the heart itself of
Santiago (capital of Chile) there is a big, big ad of George's OLDER album!!!
This ad must be something like 2 x 5 meters!!! Yeah, really big and of course
there we have George, the older in black and so on. Ah! It is nice going

(Lucky you! AG)

BTW, I wanted to say that I'm also a big fan of Madonna... hmmm, I don't
know, perhaps they might have something in common, but I'm not sure...

(Many things in common, but polar opposite on a few points... AG)

As I told you,STW is already a hit here in Chile. And, as someone said, "You
know that I want to" is a wonderful song... well, I can tell you that even
this song is being played on the radio, not as much as STW, but it is on air
anyway. Yes, guys, the MAN should be here...


******************************* (S J Stramik) writes:
hello there...i was very bored doing an essay on trees until i read yogmail.
you may have saved my life

(Anytime! AG)
******************************* (Scott P. Snider) writes:

Trying to contact Dan at to inquire about purchasing a copy
of "Bare"... I got a failure message. Are you certain you posted the address

(I thought I posted it right: "" It's a one, not the letter
before m. No Dan, I did not mean to call you a boyl, even though I did call
you a boil at one point in a chat, but that's just cuz you called Alicia and
I goils... AG)
dawnhunt-at-phoenix.Princeton.EDU (Dawn V. Hunt) writes:
In reply to someone's question, Columbia House carries "Fantastic". That's
where I got my copy from. Their web address is

Also, please don't keep us in suspense about this mysterious, funny picture.

(Just George in drag at his 33rd birthday party. He waxed his legs, but kept
the beard, only George... AG)
******************************* (Ann Hamilton-AAH001) writes:
Hi, Amanda, really enjoy the yogmail. Someone asked about getting the
Fantastic CD -- I found Fantastic, Music from the Edge of Heaven, The Final,
and some Wham! remix CDs at Musicland in Chicago. Regards, Ann H.

(Glad you liked, and thanks for helping. AG)
******************************* (Consejo de Planificacion) writes:


(Still no confirmed tour dates for anywhere, sorry... AG)
******************************* (Tina Stem) writes:
Hi Amanda!

I was goofing around with my Netscape News and found a UK.Music.Misc group
and threw out a line and the following is what I caught.

Tue, 5 Nov 1996 21:34:16 +0000
Paul Kettle
Tina Stem

In article <>, Tina Stem writes
> >I'm from the U.S. and I thought this would be the perfect place to find out
stuff about George. Would LOVE to know anything about him. We don't get
very much info on him over here. Please write if you know anything!
> >Thanks a million!

Hi there

Only a little snippet of info, but I might as well tell ......

While GM has been battling Sony music (boo hisssss) in the courts to get a
release from his contract he was forbidden (presumably by lawyers) to give
ANY press interviews.

Anyway George being the nice dude that he is, has given his first press
interview to a magazine called 'the big issue', which basically is produced
by and sold by homeless people, with all the profits going to provide 'half
way houses', which get people off the streets, into work, and so breaking the
mold of NO HOME NO JOB.
Oh and Goerge is also releasing some of his new stuff to remixers, which is
giving him more exposure in the club scene,

Hope you find this interesting
Paul Kettle

What do you think?!?

(I think a lot of people are sharing this info with me. But seriously,
thanks a heap! As for club exposure, the lad needs it... AG)
******************************* (Lyndon Boozer) writes:
great to be part of the family. i'm a fan from the early days and even have
all those first wham/gm videos on vhs. it's almost time to break out last
christmas for the holidays.

(The festive season for me starts the first time I hear "Do They Know it's
Christmas on the radio, then Last Christmas is thrown in the CD player on
repeat for a few weeks. AG)

has anyone done a gm calendar? i have a cool postcard photographed by
matthew rolston but would like gm at least once a month!

(Once more, someone feel like posting the addresses? AG)

******************************* (Shawn Light) writes:
I just saw in the November 9th issue of billboard (U.S), that Older has just
done something I never expected. Instead of falling out of the Top 200,
following the trend of 183 to 192, it receives a bullet and is at 185. I'm
thinking the MTV News segment had something to do with this and maybe the
Saturday Night Live thing, plus the promos for the unplugged (I haven't seen
them, but talked to someone who has).

(It will never crack the really high ranks again, but I'd like to see it stay
inthe Top 200 for a little while longer... AG)

I'm thrilled at the anticipation of a U.S. comeback for George. A little
promotion is all it takes.

(This is very true. AG)

******************************* (Mark and Lisa) writes:
Hi Amanda,

I believe 'Something to Save' was written while on the road during the FAITH
tour, but I'm not sure of the actual location. Didn't George say in an
interview, that he was tired of the whole synth backing and from that came
'Something to Save'?

(According to the same interview--I have it on tape--it was written in Paris,
and yess, very stripped down as a departure of some sort. AG)

Take care...

(Got your note in the snail mail the other day BTW, thanks a lot! And don't
feel bad about not posting a lot now, you were there in the early days typing
out stuff so that I actually had something to post...gee remember when YM was
5 or 6 messages if I was lucky? AG)

******************************* (James) writes:
Please feel free to include me on your mailing list for George Michael info.
I have been a fan for over eight years now. In fact I am probably the biggest
fan in south western ontario...I hope.

(You think so? I've been a fan for 12 years, I live in Hamilton, and based
solely on the fact that I run YOGMAIL, I think I've got you beat. AG)

I've seen the Faith and Cover to Cover tours in Toronto and would jump at the
opportunity to see him live again.


(I caught those and I saw Wham! too. AG)

George does not get the respect he deserves, especially in North America. I
firmly consider him to be the "Frank Sinatra" of the 80's/90's- except that
Frank always got respect wether he deserved it or not.

(I doubt George would appreciate that comparison...recall the "Letter from
the Chairman to the Bored"... AG)

Yog fan forever............James.
******************************* (SM Hancock) writes:
#45m = somewhere in the region of $78m US dollars

Hope this helps - working on a rate of $1.73 to #1

******************************* (DALLAS) writes:
Someone was asking about the George calendars. Cdnow has both of them for
$13.99. They are listed as: Oliver AB6094 UK and Danilo AB6093D UK. They
also have two STW cd singles one with 2 tracks and one with 3 tracks (no idea
what the tracks are) They can be reached -at- or 401 Old
Penllyn Pike, Suite 5, Penllyn Pa 19422 They take all credit cards, and
payments by mail. It seems like a good company, I will let you know when my
stuff arrives.

(Wow, now that was a fast response wasn't it Lyndon? AG)

******************************* (Josh D'Lioncourt) writes:
OK you guys,
Currently there is a partial list of WHAM! tracks on my web page at
HOwever, within the next week or so I am going to be putting together a
cyber guide of GM and WHAM! songs, bootlegs, videos, etc. Once it's done
I'll Email YM again and let you know. Then, whoever wants it can Email me
with a request and I'll send it out to you. Whenever there are updated
versions of the guide, I'll notify the list. So give me a little time and
you'll have a complete track listing. Take care guys and please continue to
listen without prejudice.
Looking for some affirmation,
I made my way into the sun--George Michael
******************************* (Xavier Puig) writes:
Hello everybody. Well, this mail is to find something that I've been
searching for. This weekend (8-9-10 nov) there is a record fair here in
Barcelona. Well, I went yesterday to find some pirate GM live concert. Well,
I only found 1 called 'Praying for faith' but I thought that it was not the
thing I was searching for (Because it had only 7 songs & I was searching for
a complete show). Well, and here goes the chance. I REALLY
want a complete GM show so if anyone in this list loves QUEEN & has some GM
live recordings (or B-Sides), please, why don't you take a look at my WEB
page (there's a list of what I have on QUEEN):
please, note that ~ is equal to %7e

Thank you very much for reading this & to you Amanda for doing this list.

(As always, you're most welcome. AG)

Maintainer Of The Internet Section Of The Official Barcelona Queen Fan Club
|Xavier Puig | |
| | Personal homepage: |
|Barcelona, Catalunya, Europe | |
| | |
| | for QUEEN info. |
******************************* (Aidan Padden) writes:
Hello again Amanda, how are you?

(Before or after I read this? AG)

I've just got todays paper, and it's got a massive article on the GM
interview, so I thought I'd send you a copy. It does contain sections about
his sexuality though, but I thought I'd send you a full copy. Could you
please ignore any typos and I'll warn you now there are certain sections
which could offend. Here goes.

(OK, gonna tease you now. The article will run on Tuesday. BTW Aidan, it
wasn't even the sexuality thing that bothered me. I will guantee that my
comments on the article will offend some. AG)
To Wrap it Up:

In Tuesday's issue:
* More questions and comments as always.

Listen without prejudice...


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