Hey all. I talked to my sister this afternoon and told her I'd be sending
the October 25th YOGMAIL--the one dedicated to her--and quoted her the last
tribute line: "My eternal love and thanks for truly changing the way I listen
to music" to which she proudly said "I sure did."

****************************** (Jessica Cole) writes:

Could you please translate 45 million pounds into US$? :) I'm not very good
at all that stuff but it sure sounds like a lot of money to me... !

(I'm not sure what the current rate of exchange is, but somewhere around 1
and 2 thirds as much. It is a lot though. AG)

I don't speak up much in mass e's but I want you guys to know I just LOVE the
mail! You're doing an excellent job!!! Keep it up!

(Glad you likes! AG et al)

Jessica Cole
****************************** (Phil Morehead) writes:
Hello all!

I just wanted to tell people that my son who is six, told me that he wants to
be a singer like George Michael! I was so happy to hear that. It would be
cool if someday he does make in the business, and he wins a award.When gets
up on stage he says his major infulence was George Michael!! I guess it is
nice to dream anyway. I just wanted share this with someone who would
understand my enthusim about my sons decision, I hope he sticks with it. So
far it looks good he wants to watch his videos and listens to his tapes all
the time,of course I don't mind.Well thanks for letting me ramble on.

(You ramble about your son all you want! Should he ever have a number one, I
hope I'll be able to score an autographed picture for my wall of fame. I
take great pride in the fact that my 13 year old niece spent a lot of last
summer with me and my friends listening to Madonna, and she regularly
lectures her friends on who George Michael is too... AG)

Thanks again Amanda for putting all this together, I know you have heard it
before but it is really appreciated.

(You're very welcome, and I'm glad I could do this for everyone. AG)
****************************** (Carla Workman) writes:
Its like I get to know George & make other new friends at the same time.
Thanks for all your hard work.

(I have made a number of new friends based on George. As usual, you're very
welcome. AG)

Back 2 work,..and day dreaming about me and two friends touring the clubs in
our bathing suits on the Island of Ibiza!..."coooool-oool...coool-ool...

****************************** (shanaz haque) writes:
Hi yog are ya doing. I'd just like to let you know that im totally and
madly in love with your song " glad to be forgive". Its just the most heart
touching song ever. Do you like phyllis nelson. I love her song "move
closer". I know your cousin Mary Georgiou, shes a teacher at my old school.
You met her in Cypress this year during Easter. George i love ya

(I trust you meant "To Be Forgiven". AG)
****************************** (anna k chalamidas) writes:
Hi Amanda,
I need your help!
I'm going to go to California for Christmas after Las Vegas, could you tell
me places that I can go and they are related with George M?

(I've never been, so I can't give you anything definite. I know he's got a
house in Beverly Hills, and one is Santa Barbara. Who in CA can help? AG)

thanks again for everything. I'm gonna sent you a copy of something...

(You're too kind! AG)

BYE love Anna.
****************************** (Jeff) writes:

(I told you, but just use it anyway. George won't sue, well OK, he might,
but don't bet on it. AG)


(As usual, Europe gets the scoop... AG)


(What? AG)



(I'd just as soon they put their efforts into getting him on the road. I for
one prefer the fan run sites, I have seen the "official" sites for some
artists, and I'm never that impressed. AG)

NO IS 0171 229 4804

simmontl-at-muss.CIS.McMaster.CA (T.L. Simmons) writes:
I'm a new subscriber and i'd just like to say that i think this is a
"fantastic" idea (pun intended)

(We like cheesy George puns here. AG)

i have been OBSESSED with GM for over 10 years and i am so glad that other
people share my love. My friends used to call my room "the george shrine".

(We'll have to compare notes sometime. You live close enough, I'll show you
my "Shrine d' Yog" sometime. AG)

i have a question: I heard on a an American radio station that he will be on
tour soon. is this true? please god tell me this is true???

(We're hearing next year--likely the summer. AG)

keep up the great work
I'm a "vintage" George Michael fan. Yes, I started my journey through Whamdom
with Fantastic and the whole nine yards. I saw him back in Miami in '86 when
they toured the US. It was the first time I cried at a concert. He winked at
me or at least I think he did!:)

(You must mean 1985. I have yet to make eye contact with the man. I never
have cried. I did scream my vocal chords out at the Cover to Cover gig in
Toronto. AG)

I must confess I don't have "Older" yet because I was afraid I wouldn't like
it. I really enjoyed "Listen Without Prejudice" and if "Older" is a
contuniation of where he was musically then I'm sure I'll like it!

(Older is a bit darker and more orchestrated than LWP. AG)

Is he still seeing Kathy or is that over?

(Long over. AG)

****************************** (Liu, Yung-Chieh) writes:
It's nice to receive your message.

I've attached to George Michael's music since I was a teen. I respect him as
an outstanding musician and songwriter. He deserved that there are so many
people to support and love him.

Just want to share this with you, Dick Leahy Music is George Michael's music
publish company. It can be found on the WWW by searching for "Dick Leahy
Music" under entertainment.

(Thanks for the tip. AG)

Thanks for the information to all who are involved with YOGMAIL.

You truly are quite informative with regards to THE MAN... GEORGE MICHAEL.

For those of you who are not in the know... sometime in December George will
be performing on MTV Unplugged... check your local listing for time and date.

(December 10th at I believe 9pm in the US. AG)

Otherwise YOG... as always keep me in the know of our favorite SUPERSTAR.

Although its true that we americans are in fact fanatical about jeans...there
are some of us who appreciate the finer linens in life.

(Here here!!! Out with the Levi's, and in with the Versace and Armani!! AG)

I must admit that OLDER...although good... did not fully express, in my
thoughts, the George Michael we have all grown to Love. I believe this is
due to all the stress and frustration a talent and artist such as George
underwent when the Sony war commenced.

(I don't know about that... AG)

I hope to GOD that when George begins work on his new album... that he can
once again grasp the energy within his soul that has always made him the
talented Writer, Musician, Artist, Performer and Mega Superstar we all know
him to be.

Please do not view this as a critique on my part... rather see it as someone
who admires this man with such passion... as someone who has seen this man
live... conversated with him on two occassions and who... if I may be so
bold... feels that he is someone who's heart and soul becomes one and one
who is capable of reaching vocal tones that no man on earth can reach unless
they we in tune with elements or dimensions not of this earth... If you think
about the man's voice you all will agree... for a man... he's got a KILLER
VOICE... have any of you ever asked where does it come from?

(Killer voice indeed. God given talent I suppose. AG)

Needless to say... thank you for your time.
****************************** (Scott P. Snider) writes:
Looks like "yuri" replyed to all! Yogmail sin #1. ;)

(A sin yes, but only 60 of you got it. That's one of the reasons I have the
full list split up over 6 lists in total. But please, don't ever do it again
OK Yuri? AG)

In light of the fact she spoke such kind words about George, we can forgive


(We shall indeed forgive her, for she now knows her crime... AG)

Where DOES his voice come from, anyways? What is known about his parents'
influence upon him as a performer. (Other than he was supposed to be a "very
upwardly mobile child.")

(Once more, God given talent I supppose. And recall, he was always a
singer--even in his youth when he was out in the garden collecting bugs. AG)
hare-at-ACSU.Buffalo.EDU (Jason Hare) writes:
Hi friends,

I'm a big GM fan but unfortunately very new to the info available on him via
the internet, and as we all know, it's kind of hard to get information from
someone like, oh, say, MTV....

Can someone possibly outline what's coming up for George? Radio One,
Unplugged, tour? Dates possibly?

(I guess I could put something together this weekend. Or you can go back and
read the last few issues. But seriously, with all the dates to keep
straight, I'll run up a list and run it early next week. AG)

Keep the faith....
****** Jason Hare :-) ******
We're not ageless, but we're pretending. - Penn Jilette
****************************** (H Gotz) writes:
Two questions:
I would like to know whether the song "village ghetto land", which George
sung on the Nelson Mandela tribute in London, exists on vinyl. I have only a
very bad copied version from radio.

(On vinyl, I doubt it. Sorry. AG)

Is there a website that lists all the live-bootlegs?

(I have no idea. The best track listing I know of is on Josh's. But I can't
recall the WEB address off-hand. Josh help me out? AG)
****************************** (Holly) writes:
Thanks ! Im still waiting for Alan to tell us about the big interview?!?!.

(Alan? You're still holding out on us... AG)
****************************** writes:
To Marti, concerning the cd Wham! Star Box: it is a Japanese import greatest
hits collection of Wham songs....nice to add your collection.
****************************** (Kelly) writes:
Well, I can shed light on the Star Box CD. It's basically the Final, with a
different wrapper. Covers the span of Wham! from Wham Rap to I'm Your Man.
Pretty good. You can usually find it in the import section of Camelot or
Turtles if you want to see it before you buy it.
****************************** (Scott Munroe) writes:
Does anybody know where I could obtain a GM poster or GM stickers? I have
an old Wham sticker on my guitar but I am having troubles finding a George
poster. Perhaps someone could tell me how I could go about ordering some.

(New posters are non-existant right now. AG)
****************************** (Ben Bryan) writes:
Hey, everyone!

I have an extra copy of the Listen Without Prejudice - Interview CD Promo. I
could be persuaded to give it up. I will auction it off to the highest
bidder. I am not on this mailing list so email me privately at:

dawnhunt-at-phoenix.Princeton.EDU (Dawn V. Hunt) writes:
Hi all!

Everyone always talks about Melanie because she is also George's hairdresser.
Well I was just wondering what is the name and age of his other sister (or
sisters, whichever the case may be).

(There's one more sister: Yioda who's I think now 38. According to a Greek
pal, Yioda translates to "youth". From what I recall, she was a school
teacher, who ended up doing Wham!'s wardrobe. What she's doing now is beyond
me. AG)

****************************** (Ted) writes:
Hi everyone! Hi Amanda! =0) I just wanna say that I do love Madonna too and
I've notice some similarities between the two especially the way they make
music and how they both matured in musical composition at about the same
time. For example, You'll See has that Spanish style thing and so does Jesus
To A Child.

(There is a general trend to go with Spanish music, but George and Madonna
are doing it best. AG)

They also both have similar styles and personalities. But then maybe it's
just me. Does anyone else see some sort of similarities or something?

(There are a lot of similarities indeed. AG)
****************************** writes:
Hi Amanda

Just thought I'd let you know about this bit of gossip I heard on Radio One
in London this morning. Chris Evans the Breakfast Show DJ and is in the
process of setting up an interview with George (I think to coincide with the
transmission on the Radio One Concert). It is George's idea and he really
wants to do it - an hour long interview - but will only do it with Chris.
Chris said this morning that he would have assumed that "his" people (Radio
One) and George's people would make all the arrangements and let them both
know when it has been set up. But no. He said that no-one else had got
around to doing anything about it and that George's people want Chris to ring
George personally (he actually had George's phone no. in his hand !!!!) at
home and for the two of them to set it up themselves. Chris rang George
yesterday and is now waiting for George to ring him back to make the final
details. Watch this space.

(George is not a trusting man anymore... AG)

It pays to have a Walkman sometimes on the way to work. Will let you know
if/when I hear anything else.

I also heard yesterday that George (has or will) be doing an exclusive
interview with "The Big Issue" which is a magazine in London which the
homeless people sell in the street. They pay a small amount the for magazine
themselves and keep whatever they make on after that.

(So who's gotten a copy? AG)

I can't believe how much stuff he's doing at the moment - I can't keep up
with it all!

(Neither can I, and I'm supposed to be keeping you guys informed. AG)
****************************** writes:

To follow on from yesterday - Chris Evans rang George yesterday (like you
do!!!) and they apparently spoke for a while about the interview, but Chris
would not say much about it. It sounds as if it is definitely going to
happen, but even though Chris usually gives things away once he knows them he
is keeping quiet on this one - maybe on George's request. I would also think
it will be a radio interview rather than TV (Chris Evans does both), but time
will tell.

(If you're gonna do it, do it right... AG)

Will let you know any more info. Apologies if you have received ten million
other messages on this subject !!!!!!!!.

(You were the first to inform, so you will get full credit. AG)

I have George on my screensaver at work (the one of him from the Faith video
with his guitar, leather jacket and faded jeans (ooh stop it !!!!) and keep
getting comments in the region of "Oh no not George Michael" and the like. I
can't see the problem myself - it certainly keeps me at my desk.

(My screensaver is some song lyrics, but I love my wallpaper, it's a morph
shot mixing an old Wham! shot with the Older cover art that was a gift from
Maresh--he got it from the WEB. AG)

Love Denise
****************************** writes:
Dear Cyger-Yogs:

Does anyone know the scoop on the German guy, Thadeus, that is supposed to be
George's new beau?

(Who knows. AG)

Also, What happened to the Texas flight attendant that he was seeing? Or did
I answer my own question.

(From what I recall, the flight attendant was pudgy and balding, so not the
"attractive" Thadeus. AG)

Lets see how Scoop-worthy you Cyber-Yogs can be.......or not!

(This isn't a big topic of discussion. According to my calculations though,
this would be George's thrid in as many months. AG)
****************************** (Judy Chow) writes:
Where can I order this GM calendar I've been reading about?

(Someone refresh my memory please? AG)
****************************** (DALLAS HORGAN) writes:
Thanks again Amanda, I havee heeded your advice and am no longer going
through the web.

(It only took 2 attempts. AG)

IF I haven't already explained my name is Dallas and I'm a 20 year old uni
student who comes from Melbourne Australia.I have been a huge fan of George
ever since his days of fluorescent pink gloves and his "choose life" t-shirt,
which is quite a while.

(Indeed it is. AG)

Anyway, I have been compelled to write for quite some time and offer my
sincere congratulations on what is a fantastic mailing list, may it keep

(Why thank you, I hope it keeps growing too. AG)

This brings me to a question which I'm hoping you might be able to answer. Is
there any hope of obtaining a VHS copy of Wham! the final on video, either to
but new or 2nd hand? (even a dubbed copy would be appreciated)I have
contacted most delaers in the Australiasian region only to find that it has

been delisted.

(You mean the last set of music videos or the concert? AG)

In return for the video I would be willing to swap any of the following:
Wham! the final - Double Vinyl Lp (most 12 inch mixes)
Wham! Fantastic, Make it Big, Faith, and LWP - All Viny Lp's
Wham 12 inch mixes Cd - (the only cd availble - to my knowledge- that
has extended stimulation version of I'm your man)
Wham! dance into the Beat CD
Wham! In China video
George Michael Bare - in Hard jacket and soft
Faith Video
George Michael (BBC documenatry)
SPW the Dance Mixes
etc. etc.

If any person can help send me a line on

Thats just about it for me, thanks Amanda for all your patience and help and
I look forward to hearing from you.

(Your welcome and a formal welcome to the list. AG)
CU (Matt) writes:
"All those insecurities that have held me down for so long.......

Hey I got lucky and snagged a bunch of promo posters for "Older" from my
local Tower here in Washington D.C. Is there a market for such things???

(I know I'd love one...some more detail please? AG)
****************************** (Alexandra Sweet) writes:
this is in response to I think his name is Andres Torchen or something like
that, who is looking for Wham! The Final. If it is the same one he is
wanting, I just saw it at Tower Records here in New Orleans for like $18. It
only has about six songs on it, so if he or anyone else wants it, I'd be glad
to go get it for them. There was only one left and I
almost bought it but the line was too long so I didn't get it, but I don't
mind going back. Just e-mail me!
****************************** (Lisa Marie Plasek) writes:
Dear Amanda:
Hi! How are you? I'm sure you are tired from doing Yogmail! You are
doing a great job, I will be dubbing the CTC tape and also mailing you the
money for the STW video.

(Well it's now 2am, so just a bit. My sincere thanks. AG)

I just got the new TV Guide and Rolling Stone magazine. First, in the TV
Guide it states that on Thursday November 14,1996 at 7pm(central time) the
MTV Europe Music Awards will air!!!!!!!! I was so happy to see this, if you
need a copy I will be more than happy to dub it for you!! Also, in the new
Rolling Stone magazine(November 28, 1996) there is a great new picture of
George singing at the MTV unplugged show(without the sunglasses). It is
under Random Notes, p.25 and Rolling Stone can be quite sarcastic at times,
but here is what it said:
"Just stop for a second-I'm not plugged in ," said George Michael. Uh,
will someone tell this man the point of Unplugged? At the London taping of
said MTV special, Michael covered Bonnie Raitt's "I Can't Make You Love Me"
and performed "Everything She Wants," from his Wham! days. He was most
proud, however, of his natty dark suit. "Very sexy, isn't it?" asked
Michael. "I feel like Morrissey."

(No ego problem there George... AG)

I hope you are happy with this news, I know I am.

(Very happy indeed! AG)
****************************** (Nancy) writes:
George Michael, Wham!, and Andrew Ridgeley memorbilia/rarities for sale or
trade. Items include record awards, autographs, vinyl records, CDs,
tour programs, posters, books, concert tickets, box sets, buttons, keychains,

postcards, documents, audio and video concerts, promotional items, t-shirts,
and much more. For a complete list, please write to
To Wrap it Up:

OK, I'm up to postings from November 6th now, so I guess I'm pretty much
caught up! I always need to keep a few stored just in case.

Next issue goes out Sunday afternoon.

Nice chatting with some of the AOL gang tonite too, and welcome to from

Listen without prejudice...


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