Once more, sorry for this being late, but a couple of passes to a sneakpreview of "William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet" fell into my hands. Whatcan I say about it? If you can get through the first 15 minutes withoutbeing thrown out of the theatre for laughing, it's not really all that bad amovie--and the promotional T shirt is really nice too.

1. I did a mass sending of the Welcome Letter as about 50 people needed it,and the mass mailing is the easist way.
2. People have been asking for my mailing address, so here you go , EMAIL Amanda for the address (
3. I'm almost sure I repeated posts in this issue, please forgive me if Idid. I'm just in a hurry and still haven't had time to clean the hard drive.

So here is the last installment of ANGEMAIL, and as promised, some details onAndrew's personal life. (All of this info courtesy of my Bananaramacompatriates.)

OK, so some of you are asking what the hell does Bananrama have to do withAndrew's personal life? Well, you guys know who Keren Woodward is? Theattractive brunette from Bananarama of course. She's also the current livein love of Mr. Ridgeley. Now to be fair, this is a long term deal. They'vebeen together since 1991, and moved off to Cornwall England together earlythis year to live in common law bliss. Although, having just typed that,should they suddenly split up, I will blame myself, and will rush to Englandto console Andrew...

They live in Cornwall so that Andrew can indulge in his current love ofsurfing. It's probably also a better environment to raise children thanLondon. So is Andrew a daddy? (People hold their breath in terror...) Notbiologically, but he is a big part of Keren's soon to be 10 year old sonThomas' life.

So how did Miss Keren and Mr. Andrew hitch up? (sarah mager) writes:

in response to angemail

useless fact of the week andrew ridgeley's younger brother Paul was thedrummer for Bananarama's world tour back in 1989 - and two years later andy &keren are getting it on...a coincidence I think not.....

Courtesy of a recent NanaNews, a transcript of a 1993 Bananarama interview:

And talking of lucky (ahem), Keren's bagged herself an international playboyas a sparring partner - ex-Wham! star Andrew Ridgeley. How did that happen?

"We were socializing with George (Michael) quite a bit, and Andrew wouldoccasionally crop up at a dinner party or a club. I'd known him on and offfor a while and ..."

Sarah: "... she was desperate ..."

Keren: "... we kept in contact with each other."

Is this the big one? Love and kisses and rockets and stars and everything?

"... Oh don't be so stupid, I refuse to answer that question."

It's not then.

"No, it's just that I'm not answering that question. If I say no I'm going tosound like I'm down on the whole thing, and if I say yes I'm going to soundlike I'll love him desperately for the rest of my life. Apart from anythingelse, you can never tell, as I've learned from the past."

Ooh, touchy touchy ...

OK, so Keren's not willing to say it's gonna last forever, now we know whyher and Andy get along so well...

Also, I have heard a rumour to the effect that they finally--ahem--"hitchedup" down in Rio in '91. George likely had something to do with it. Andrewwas down there for the Wham! reunion, and allegedly--Sarah, JT, Catherine,Mike: confirm/deny?--Bananarama was performing at Rock in Rio II also.

Whatever the case: My best wishes to the Ridgeley/Woodward household. MayAndrew enjoy many years of surfing, and Keren's career get back on track! (Carolyn) writes:

I'd sure like to get a copy of Bare.

(E mail Boy love it.

(As I said, e mail he's got some available. AG)

Walked into a video store the other day and there was a copy of LWP -couldn't believe my eyes and convinced the guy to sell it to me on the spot. I'd like some more videos - think I should try Nancy (she sent me the list)?

(Speaking of videos, I'll be dubbing your STW and FastLove this evening. Idon't think Nancy sells videos anymore. Speaking of Nancy, I've been tryingto find her original ad in the archives to post it again, and for the life ofme, I CAN'T FIND IT!! Can anyone tell me what issue it's in? AG)

Thanks for all you do and say - it's so much fun reading my YOGMAIL. By theway - My name is Carolyn Perkins, I am a grandma in Salt Lake City, UTAH(which is a pretty good place to find old CD's - not a lot of die hard fanshere). Moved back here from California four years ago and work for theairlines. I plan to take a GM search trip someday and fly to every city weserve looking for stuff. Keep up the good work - Luv it!

(Glad you likes, and hope you're successful in your trek! AG)

Carolyn also writes:

I ordered (last week) The Final--the last set of Wham! music videos--fromVideo Finders - 800-343-4727 (they're in Calif - spoke to a real nice guynamed Brian). Just received it and am going to watch it today. Taped the GMinterview on MTV this am - thanks so much for the news as I never watch MTVanymore and would have missed it. Loved his demeanor and he was relaxed andoh so funny. Thanks for the labor of love Amanda - you're the best! (Ted) writes:

HI! Im only 15 but Im a BIG GM fan.

(Wow, we're getting more and more young people...mumbles the 21 year old. AG)

Ok so I live in Vegas and there is NOT a single GM thing around here!! I gothrough mall after mall, there's just nothing!!!! Cuz I'd like to get like aposter maybe or a shirt or a calendar or anything but like I said there'snothing here. I've seen some of them mail order stuff, and they're expensive(hey Im only 15, I don't have a permanent job)!!! So right now, Im REALLYdesperate for ANY GM stuff!!!!!!!!!!

(Mail order is currently the only way to go. I'm still waiting on thoseposters from the UK BTW, I'll send a follow up e. AG) (Ali) writes:

hey, did my previous message go thru???

(Which one? AG)

well, I just want to say that my roommate and I having a contest: George Michael or Eddie Vedder? Can you see the difference in the music taste? Well, it doesn't matter because we all know who's going to win. :)

(How can the two even compare? AG) (pchrist) writes:

Keep up the great work! Remember that sleep deprivation is the first step togreatness.

(Well then I must plain just be f***ing amazing! AG)

Adrianna78 (Adrinna) writes:

George made 10 million pounds this year alone. His fortune is said to bearound 45 million. I'm assuming this is also in pounds though it didn't say. But since it was in a british paper...I'm pretty sure thats what it is.

(45 million pounds is correct. AG) (Shawn Light) writes:

I watched The Week In Rock on MTV last night for the story on George and theyshowed part of his interview that will air with the Unplugged in December. However, they showed the right side of his face. He must have forgottenthat he only wants his left side shown.

(I noticed that too. OH well. AG)

After all, it has been 3 years since his last TV interview (or so TabithaSoren says). Anyway, it was great seeing him and hearing him speak again,even if we didn't get to see his good side. He did a funny impression of aCab Driver.

(I was laughing out loud. AG)

And this is f
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