OK, I've just gotten off a 14 hour shift, so before I can "finally have timeto die" as we joke in the family restaurant, I just thought I'd tend to myother job, which is 300 people I e mail and love. But a quick Georgely noteon this first... There was this big dance tonight, and I was in the upstairskitchen making croutons, and I got to listen to the band do their soundcheck. Now I must confess I thought they sucked! Until I heard the strains of afamiliar song. They were playing along with Jesus to a Child!!! I swearthey have no idea of my love for George. I snuck behind the bar to watch,and then a couple seconds later found myself singing along at full volume! Imeant to buy them a drink, but I just got too busy. Anyway, it made for anice pick me up.

Anyone needing a welcome letter, please e mail me.


"Looking for some education..." (Connie) writes:

Has anyone gotten the Red Hot + Rio? What is George's contribution to it?

(A song in Portugese. More on this, read on. AG)

"I just want you to know..." (Kinga Pawlaczyk) writes:

Hi Amanda!!

Do you then only need the Dance Mixes? (If you have the EP, I am assumingthat you have "Safe" and "You Know That I Want To" and the STW Forthright Mixor Edition) If you want, I can dub the Dance Mixes for you in exchange forthe Jody Watley duet. Let me know, and it can be arranged! No prob at all!:) Thanks for posting my leeeeengthy e-mail...;) Glad you liked it!

(I'll get back to you on this. But yeah, it's just the dance mixes Ineed--the John Douglas's etc. I have no adversity to posting lengthy emails! If I can rattle on, so can you guys!! AG)

Okie drop me a note or post it in YM, whichever is easier for you. Oh, I am having slight problems getting Red, Hot and Rio, it was scheduledto come out on the 16th in Canada, but because of the long weekend, thestores in Winnipeg aren't getting it till Friday...bummer. I've heard thatit's great, though and that "Desafinado" is only like 3 minutes long. Soooo...I will run out and buy it anyways! Heck, it's George, eh?

(Mine will be sitting on the store shelf a bit fact, I think Imay just settle for a dub. AG)

Hugs (shelly renee andrews) writes:

I bought Red Hot and Rio. Its great. And if anbody is thinking, "Its Brazilian music, and most of the songs are in some language I won't understand" then go buy itanyway. I thought that, and I'm telling you, its really good, it could eventurn you on to a new genre. The whole album is great. If you loved older, orif you thought older was a little too serious for its own good, you'll lovethis. Its great dance music, unlike any crap you've heard before. And,forgive me if I'm wrong, but track ten has some very familiar (flute esk)beat to it, could it be a la Spinning the Wheel?

(Well maybe I'll crack and buy it, you make it sound tempting... AG)

Seriously, eveyone on earth will love this album, that is my decloration fortoday. I'm actually listening to it right now, and feeling sorry foreverybody who isn't. Run don't walk.

(My feet are in no shape to run... Besides, it's 2 am, I think the recordshops are closed. AG)

Oh yeah, and all the lyrics are translated into english in the liner notes...maybe that'll convince some, but they sound better not knowing what isspecificly being said.

(So I've heard... AG) (Stefan Kirchfeld) writes:

Hi everybody! (hmm................hmm)

(OK, so I'm half asleep, but you asked for it! ALTOGETHER NOW EVERYONE--HISTEFAN!!!! AG et al)

I heard the track "Desafinado" on Red, Hot & Rio one and a half weeks ago andunfortunately i don4t think it's very good. In my opinion it is
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