Hello all! What started off as a drag of a day was saved by the power ofYog! On 4 hours sleep I went to my one Friday class, and came home ready tonap the day away. But, when I checked my mail--the snail kind--I was pleasedto see gifts from YM family member! I immediately tore into them, and theywoke me right up! So my sincere thanks go out to Nancy and Kelly for helpingme ease my mind, and making cleaning my room a bit easier! While I dideventually fall asleep, as soon as I woke up, I set about doing some of thelong promised dubbing, and am just finishing the last one right now andlistening to the Too Funky Digital mix. I need to go out and grab new tapesnext week, so please feel free to ask if you need anything.

I have done 4 tapes tonight, so if you are not one of these people--Bruce,Mike, Paola or Dawn--and you asked me to dub for you, please drop me a lineto remind me. Video dubbing is harder to do, and will have to wait a whilelonger, but I am compiling a list so I can blast through it in one 12 hoursession.

General Notes:
1. New members: Direct all contributions to this address, and NEVER replyto all.
2. Old members: Remember when I actually had to beg for postings? I don'teven say that jokingly now. But seriously, thanks for understanding why I'mso behind.
3. Ever feel as though sometimes there just isn't enough caffeine in theday?
4. Alicia is the lady deserving of full credit for the wonderful way I segueto the text of each edition of YM, so Alicia, say it with me:


"I just want you to know..." (Adrianna) writes:

From the AOL MMC: LisaYOG wrote:

I'm not sure if anyone else has posted this yet but, I just got off the phonewith my freind in N Ireland and he says last night George did the concert andwas on tv for hour and 1/2! He also said it's all over the papers there!Garry, my friend, says it's supposed to be on tv in December (?) and willalso be released on cd and video (according to the papers) Damn! We never getanything here! Oh yeah Garry says two of the songs George sang was Older andYou Have Been Loved! Aaahhh! What a happy day :)

(This may be old news by now, but I was wondering was George on TV? Didanyone see it/tape it? AG)

Checked the english newspapers on line and didn't find anything.

(I found some stuff, which will follow. AG)

By the way what is my non paying job title? :)

(How about YM AOL Minion? Seriously, your non-paying job title is "OfficialYOGMAIL AOL Correspondent" You can have a better name if you can think ofone, but it's 2am, so that's the best you're gonna get for now. AG)

"The things that I know..."

AG reports (and will probably go to jail for copyright infringement for it):

090957 OCT 96

By Simon Holden, Showbusiness Correspondent, PA News

Fewer than 100 people saw George Michael's first live gig for five years lastnight.

Michael, 32, performed some of his finest songs in front of a scattering ofRadio One contest winners and staff at the BBC's Radio Theatre in London.

His secret gig covered old favourites like Everything She Wants and Freedom'90 and newer songs including Fastlove and Older.

A Radio One spokeswoman said: ``His voice was fantastic and everyone therehad a very good time.''

Michael agreed to do his first concert since his legal battle with Sony afterlunching with BBC bosses Matthew Bannister and Trevor Dann.

"Looking for some affirmation.." (Minh Pham) writes:

You're doing a very good job with YM and it's always informative. I have aquestion for the people that own the bootlegs. I've come across a place thatsells I'm Your Man, Praying For Faith, and Music Road. Which one is thebest in terms of sound quality and what tracks are on each. Thanks for my most interesting--and publishable--dream about George? By far itwas the one where I was the damsel in distress, and when I screamed out forhelp, who else but one George Michael should litrally swing in on a vine andproclaim "Fear not, I will save you!" Despite the fun I could have had withthat had I stayed in dreamland, I must admit that I woke myself up bylaughing... AG)

I can't wait until the Unplugged special airs. I really hope that it doesresult in a tour because I haven't had the pleasure of seeing him live yet. And I'm really jealous of all of you that have had that privilege. =(

(I've had the pleasure 3 times, and can assure you that you should be dulyjealous... AG)

I'm extremely glad to have a place where I can share information likethis without people thinking I'm crazy. It's nice to know that there arepeople out there who can understand and appreciate how I feel about George. I hope that I can make it out to California next summer so I can meet someof you because anybody who's a Yog fan is ok by me. I also want to saythanks to everybody who is currently maintaining a Yog website. They'rewonderful. (I apologize for my overly sappy posting--I'm just in one ofthose moods!)

(I feel the same way! AG)

"Thing(s) that you never had..." (P PRYOR) writes:

dear all,
as you will know by now george played the radio one secret show last night. today it was the talk of english radio stations.they did say that it will beaired sometime in december. but when, is anyones guess?!!!! if this is to bethe unplugged session then everyone is keeping very quiet about it. george'spress office is still denying the unplugged session. the reviews of the showwere obviously great.and george is playing the mtv europe awards in november. does anyone need a copy ? let me know.

(As I found out, the Secret Show, was not indeed the Unplugged, but more of awarm up gig. Details contained further down in today's issue. AG)

does anyone want to know what different formats five live was released in? icollected a fair number of different copies of the single around its releasedate and wondered if anyone else would like to know what formats it wasreleased in. and if anyone knows of any other format i may have missed.please let me know and ill send them next time.

(I can't help you here, I just know I rushed out to get the CD on releasedate. AG)

also does anyone have a copy of george singing with elton at the la aids bashlast year? and what songs did the us audience receive from the airing of theconcert of hope on us the english airing had a lot of material missing from theactual show. as i was at the show i would like to get to know if us audiences saw more on tv than the uk audience.

(I don't have anything more than a micro clip of the Elton thing. As for theConcert for Hope, I have it, and will post a song listing--George only--frommemory right now:
Father Figure
Killer/Papa Was a Rolling Stone
Love's In Need of Love Today
One More Try
Freedom '90
Did I miss anything? I'm sure I did. AG)

bye for now

"I don't know what the Hell you want from me" (Robert) writes:

Thank you, Amanda, for all of your hard work; do you ever quote to us, yourfans, "I don't know what the Hell you want from me"? Thank you.

(OK, I feel kinda uneasy now, you guys are my fans? This is bizarre, becauseI was listening to an old interview, and came across this quote that I had toshare with you that comes from George, and I think tells you why I work myass off on this:
"I don't believe I deserve loyal support without working for it". But asyou see, I do indeed quote you if you offer me a relevant lyric. It saves mesome agro. AG)

I look forward to every 'mail. I've shown you I can take, I've got somegiving to do; if you ever need anything/help/tapes/connections... Anythingyou want opportunity to apologise to friends who email me. I've beenill for a while (blub) and can't stand looking at a screen too long, so I'llget in touch with you next week for a chat.

(I know the feeling...hope you're feeling better. AG)

Reading through all the Yogmails I had to catch up on, somebody mentioned theprogramme GM did with Paula Yates about sex and music. I can't remember whoasked about it, but if they want to email me they can do and I'll fill themin on it. I have it taped but its on my GM tape which I will not be partedfrom for all the tea in China! The programme is old anyway (1986) so itsvery out of date, but at least G is being very honest and its one of the fewtimes I've seen him really be himself. He wore a really gross jumper though!

(Well when you get a chance and when you are feeling better, please sharewith all of us! As for George's taste in clothes--a jumper is a sweaternon-Britons--it tends to have it's ups and downs. I like the current lookthough, very mod like don't ya think? AG)

"Please don't analyze" (Martine Chassagne) writes:

I am now studying abroad in Geneva, Switzerland and I have found that Georgeis not judged as harshly in europe as he is in the USA, where I reside--NY.

(It would seem that trying to be a loyal self-respecting fan in North Americais indeed no easy task... AG)

"I just hope you understand..." (Anna) writes:

You don't know how much I want to thank you for sending me the yog mail, Iwas trying for years to find something like that , and now I found it. It'sso nice for me to see other people sharing the same feelings for GeorgeMichael. Some others had the luck to see him live, myself I haven't see himeven in one concert.

(Hope you get a chance to see the next tour. AG)

And the bad thing I'm angry for is that now I left from Greece , my sister iscalling me and telling me that British MTV shows things all the time of GMfrom video clips different versions too.....and here NOTHING!!!!

(Welcome to The USA! AG)

I also want to thank you for the chat notice you sent me, but I'm angry againbecause at tis time we're gonna connect my dad needs the computer!!!!!!!! Ithink i'm gonna do a murder but i guess i'll try to be there ! is thereanyway i can get information later of what you've done if i don'tget to connect with you the same time?

(This is a reference to recent AOL George chat. Don't worry, I ended upmissing that one too. The best way to hear about chat details, is to checkthe AOL Music Message Center. According to Alicia--who was representing YMas my good friend and parter in crime--nothing too interesting came up. AG)

And the only thing i have from GM live is a double CD called SEX FIGURE whichwas record in ITALY Milano at 1988. I'm so poor for things from GM in frontof you . I want to thank you once more for everything and i believe too thatyou're doing a great job. thanks

(The only live George I have is a dubbed copy of Everything You Want--Faithtour in Paris--courtesy of Marti. AG)

And forgive me for the stupid little Engish mistakes i'm making!

(Don't worry, this is nothing, I got a posting in French today! I had tobreak out the old high school French text book to get a clue. I'll try topost a rough translation soon. AG)

"Sweet sweet time, has been a real good friend of mine..." (Jo) writes:

Hi guys, Jo here, I haven't thought to post anything for *awhile* so here Iam!

(Great to see you again! AG)

I was thinking about George's career today. Do you think that he is mostsuccessful and happy at this point? He, Madonna, and Paula Abdul all didbubble gum music in the 80s and have struggled to make the transition tointelligent adult contemporary artist in the 90s. Madonna gradually demandedrespect from her audience with songs from h George being the "highest earner" with 10 millionpounds? Does this apply for the this year, for Older sales or what exactly?

(I would assume his 1995 income, but I'm not sure. Can you help us clarifythis Adrianna? AG)

"I just want you to I know..."

Adrianna the Official YM AOL Correspondent ( shares:

From: AlanKHart

George will be performing at the MTV European Music Awards in November. Hewas also nominated for two awards, "MTV Amour Award" and "Best Male Artist."
This is GREAT!! Not only will we get an Unplugged, but now this! Virginsays there will probably be an Unplugged cd and video, too, released both inthe US and UK. George also gave a special performance for Radio One LondonTuesday night as a warmup for the Unplugged. It will air on Radio OneDecember 8th. And don't forget George does a duet on the Red, Hot and Rio cdreleased next week on Verve Records.

(As usual, Alan remains my guru... AG)

Sorry I missed the chat last night. I was not feeling well, took anantihistamine, and fell asleep!

From: Briliance

Hi! I just watched the Week In Rock on MTV and at the end they said thatnext week Eddie Van Halen talks to MTV and SO DOES GEORGE MICHAEL!!! I'm soexcited! They must have talked to him during the time he was doing theUnplugged special etc. I hope there is a lot on him next week! I'm going tokeep MTV on 24 hours a day for the next week because sometimes they showparts of interviews during their regular hourly news segments!

(And I've got the clip to share with you. Look for it tomorrow. AG)

"Crack a smile..." (Lisa Marie Plase) writes:

Dear Amanda:
I am a new member and I have new news that I hope you haven't heard yet. Apparently George did not con us! He did do the early concert for familymembers and radio contest winners but on Friday he did perform for the tapingof the MTV Unplugged show!!! The following is from the newspaper-THE DAILYNEWS-from Galveston, Texas, under the PEOPLE news. The title was-MICHAELTHRILLS FANS WITH PATRONIZING HUMOR SENSE- LONDON-You may say to-MAY-to, Isay to-MAH-to. George Michael waffles. Perfoming for "MTV Unplugged" onFriday night, the pop star sang his version of the 1991 Bonnie Raitt hit, "ICan't Make You Love Me." When he came to the line "Don't patronize," hepronounced it American-style: PAY-tronize. Then he waved the choir andorchestra to stop and said, "In England, we say PAH-tronize, don't we?" Recognizing the British pronunciation brought cheers from several hundredloyal London area fans in attendance.

(I've gotten this a couple times now, but you were the first, and so yoursgets printed. Thanks also to the others. George likes to pick on theAmerican way of saying things, just as a certain America friend likes to mockmy so called Canadian accent... AG)

I can't wait to see this show!! I am on my way to Houston to see if I canfind any British papers and then if I find anything new, I will e-mail you. Also, I know you are busy but I have not received the back issues yet ofYogmail, so when you get a chance could you send them to me? THANKS!!!!!

(Back issues? I guess the archives aren't up to date on Tim's site yet. OK,so I'm gonna ask for a favour, can someone please help me out and forward themail to Lisa Marie for me? If you wait for me, you may be waiting for thatday for a long time... AG) (Zoe Salonitides) writes:

Late breaking news everyone! I found this little excerpt in today's paper:

(Despite the fact that I forgot to post it right away, you may all boo me atyour leisure... AG)


TV veteran Richard Wilkins has scored something of a coup after he wasgranted the first interview with stylised UK pop icon George Michael, sincehis celebrated stoush with global music giant Sony.
The wonderingwho Richard Wilkins is, he's a has-been tv presenter (hosted MTV when itaired over here) so believe me, this is a BIG break for him! Ibumped into himat a shopping centre once and he seemed quite up himself... but anyway,GEORGE WILL SPEAK THIS WEEK!!! Excited?

(DID HE??? AG)

"Convent girls never leave the church, they just become feminists. I learned that in Australia"

Disco Diva -- Blanche d'Alpuget

"Please just be there for me..." writes:

From USA Today, Oct. 14, 1996


London - "How you all getting home? Lovely area," commented George Michael to 400 friends, family and fans who gathered to see him perform Friday night.
They had ventured into a gritty industrial area of East London for a taping of MTV's Unplugged at a recording studio.
Ecstatic to see a rare public appearance, followers seemed unfazed by the venue. A relaxed, joking Michael repaid their loyalty with a 13-song, 2 1\2 hour set that spanned his career - from his days as a member of Wham! to his new album, Older.
Dressed in a black suit, black shirt and black tie, he perched on a stool, backed by a nine-member band, eight singers and a string section.
Michael hasn't performed in concert in five years, since a lengthy court battle with Sony over artistic growth and signing with Dream Works. The MTV show wasn't his first outing. A couple of nights earlier, he performed before 200 at the BBC radio stations.
Why was such a remote studio chosen? It was the only soundstage available on short notice, his reps say. Then, too, it may have thrown the British media off his trail. No fan of the Brit tabloids, Michael insisted no local journalists be invited.
The show should air in the USA in early December.

(Again this was submitted by multiple people, but Alan got it here first. Thanks to all others. AG)

"(His) new sports car..." (Denise) writes:

Dear Amanda

After seeing that someone else had typed up an article on George in a recentYogMail, I thought you might be interested in this one. It's from the DailyMirror dated 15 October 1996:

(Once more, a multiple send, so thanks to all who sent it! AG)

"GEORGE HITS THE JAG-POT. He buys #55,000 supercar"

George Michael has found faster love after splashing out #55,000 on a 160mphJaguar XK8 supercar.

The generous superstar singer has waited two years to pick up the super-sleekmotor.

George, 34 (they'll get his age right one day! - Denise) has been driving anultra-sensible Range Rover since handing his black Mercedes SL to dad Jack.

(What happened to the Rolls he gave to his dad? AG)

But after trying out Jaguar's new sports car - descended from the legendaryE-type - he told pals. "I've just got to have one".

(I've seen photos of these cars, and I know that it's topping my list of favecars. AG)

Multi-millionaire George collected the keys to his new dream machine onSaturday. The dark blue car has been customised for the singer, whoperformed two secret gigs in London last week - his first for five years.

It's windows have been blacked out for privacy and a state-of-the-art stereofitted. George even demanded special covers to protect the seats when hispet labrador Hippy is on board.

(All together now: awwwww.... AG)

The star ordered the car from dealers Reg Vardy. Spokesman Paul Gudge tellsme: "The waiting list is enormous. George had to wait patiently for delivery- but he'll agree it has been worth it."

(I think it's safe to say few are more patient than George... AG)

A close friend of the singer reveals: "It has been a great week for George -not only PREJUDICE...

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