OK all, this is coming to you from the middle of the "Welcome to the worldLourdes Maria Ciccone Leon party!" As you can tell I am quite the Madonnafan too...I mean we toasted the kid with Hostess King Dons. We've got theKaraoke machine out too, and the cat is staring at the poor sucker with themike, who feels it is his duty in life--for the moment anyway--to addharmonies to The Girlie Show. But that's our Niki...

Anyway, I'm still massively behind in postings, so non-AOL members are hellabehind on the info, but my thanks to Adrianna and Alan for e mailing me boardpostings. I'm doing my best, really I am, but these things take time.


"Waiting for that day..." (Sarah Stramik) writes:

George was involved in an AIDS charity meal at a hotel in London, so myfriend and I sat outside waiting for him to emerge. 14 hours later werealised we were sat outside the wrong hotel.

(These things sometimes happen, better luck next time Sarah. AG)

"Talk about the people who have made you what you are..." (Lusa Hung) writes:

Thanks guys for making this all possible..i can see why we all love Yog..he'sthe best.

(But of course. AG) (George Osio) writes:

George please come to Mexico City to perform in a big concert very soon. Iwill apreciate that.

(I'm sure we'd all apprecitate a tour, and with luck, we're getting one nextyear... AG)

"I wrote the song..." (Elise) writes:

I was wondering if it would be possible to get the chord progressions forsome of George's tunes off of Older. For songs Spinning The Wheel, Jesus ToA Child, and Move On.

(I don't think a formal tab book has been compiled as yet, but who knows,maybe for XMas. AG)

"For the boys at MTV..." (Enza) writes:

George Michael will be on MTV unplugged on December 11, 1996. One not to bemissed.

"Looking for some education..."



(No definite tour plans yet, but YM will be proudly posting any that may popup. I don't think George has released any posters recently, except the promoads for Older. AG)

"(Still) looking for some education..." (Lise Robichaud) writes:

Hi. I really want to know if there is any kind of Tour planned to promoteGeorge's Older album. I am a huge fan.

(He allegedly mentioned one during the warm up gig for the MTV Unplugged. AG) (Meeta) writes:

friends, i'd like to subscribe the newsletter about GM very very much and i'mever so thankful for your efforts. it makes me feel like screamin...ofcourse with joy.

(Welcome to the list, and scream away..."

"A name is a name..."

CU RALPHIE (Matt) writes:


Just out of curiosity if you've read BARE then you would know George HATESbeing called YOG by people who are not intimate friends or relatives. In hiswords "they deserve a slap round the face. Just thought I'd clue you in.

(Yes, I have read Bare, but to clarify, I would never dream of walking up toGeorge and saying "Hey Yog!", but the mailing list was in need of a name, andTim suggested this one. At some point in the early days s this, and try to get all Ican done.
Does George know? Not sure, but I have yet to hear from him. AG)

I lost my single to "Freedom '90" does anyone know where I can get acopy? I have the cassette sleeves (I had 2) and I can't find either cassettetape. I would prefer CD now. I also am looking for the video to "Red, Hot+Dance. I live in Springfield, Ohio, and they are not very George crazyaround here.
Andrea :)

(You might want to grab a copy of Goldmine magazine and pick some companiesand send away for the catalogues. I have stacks of old ones, and think youmight have some luck with Vinyl Vendors. I'll post the address as soon as Iget a chance. While I never got 'round to ordering from them, they seemed tohave a lot of great stuff. AG)

"Looking for some affirmation..." (Josh D'Lioncourt) writes:

Hey Amanda,
I saw someone on YM offer to sell you "The Final" on careful!You're much better off getting the cassette or LP releases. The CD didn'thave all the tracks and the LP and cassette had all the extended versions ofthe songs, which the CD didn't with the exception of Last Christmas. The LPand cassette versions also had the studio version of Blue which seems to haveeluded everyone. If you want to try to find a copy it's on the LP andcassette of the Final, as well as the picture disk LP of Fantastic fromJapan.

(OK, I'll bear this in mind, and to all who have offered, I'm just too damnedbusy with all this info right now! I have three weeks off in December, andwill figure out all this stuff then OK? AG)

Also...that original version of Blue done in the studio may also be on the"Rock the World" CD...which is a various artists CD. If anyone can varifythis and possibly sell me a copy please let me know. I found out about thison Saturday but haven't been able to get my hands on a copy yet. I alreadyhave that version of Blue but would really like it on CD.

If any of you are interested in getting your hands on 39 that Georgeperformed at the Freddy Mercury tribute concert, you can get it on a videocassette of the entire concert which also has him singing Somebodyto Love andDays of Our Lives.

OK...that's all for now. Keep up the fanominal work Amanda...we love yafor it!

(Ah gee, I'm blushing... AG)

"Looking for some education..." (Tiffany Ferrell) writes:

This question may sound like I'm behind the times but what is the name ofthe CD that contains the track "Too Funky"? I love that song and have onlyheard it like once in the last year. Also, what are the names of any otherCD's besides the big ones and what are the B-Sides tracks. Somebody outthere must be wondering the same thing so I take comfort in the fact that(hopefully) I'm not the only one.

(Too Funky is on Red Hot and Dance, which is still widely available, and wasreleased on Sony Music. There was an EP released also with several versions. I posted my rarity list yesterday, you're welcome to tell me what you need,and I'll get round to it as soon as I can. There are currently 5 peoplewaiting I think, so it'll be a few weeks, but it will be done if you ask forit. As for the B-side list, I'm sure someone on here can help you out--Joshmaybe? AG)

Anyway, Amanda - keep up the fanatsic job that you are doing with this! ILOOK FORWARD TO EVERY ISSUE.

(Glad you enjoy. AG)

"There's something deep inside of me..." (william cannon) writes:

I thought that the "Older" album was too mellow and not really upbeat like"Listen Without Prejudice 1", my favorite song on "Older" is "Jesus to aChild" and my faves. on "LWP1" is "Praying for Time", "Freedom '90" and"Mother's Pride". Does anyone know where I can get the sheet music for it? Iplay the piano, and I mostly only know Barry Manilow and Elton John. I woul anybody know about the name of the song GM sang in one of his liveshow- It sounds very much like Coolio's Gangsta Paradise. I think it's calledPastime Paradise or something but I can't recall. Anyone can help? And maybeanyone have the record?

(It's called Pastime Paradise, and it's a Stevie Wonder song. AG)

"I just want you to know..." (MR ANGELO A ALEXOPOULOS) writes:

First I would like to say great work with the list. It is good to see so manypeople who love GM.

(I agree, it's nice to know that you're not the only freak out there isn'tit? AG)

Somebody wanted to know about the Freedom 90 cd single, they should also knowabout the unreleased cut 'Fantasy' that came with it. It is also interesting,if no one knows, that the single version of 'If you were my Woman' is notthe same vocal that George performed at the Nelson Mandela Concert. The onehe performed at the show is actually better.

(Fantasy is an amazing track! As for "If you were..." it's ironicconsidering how bad George was hurting at the Mandela concert... AG)

Hey, Let us hope that after the GM Unplugged airs on MTV, Virgin will releaseit for Christmas as an ep. That would be a great way for GM to close out theyear. Also someone last week mentioned an Oasis song that had the originalFreedom melody. The song is called Fade Away. It is a B-side. Great tune. Itis good to see George influence an up and rising talent like Noel Gallagher.Later.

(I have heard the Unplugged will be released on CD, but no release date hasbeen given. I think Noel has a lot of talent, and should lose that deadweight known as his brother, and--as the term goes for crossover from bandmember to respected solo artist--"pull a George Michael". AG)

"You take me to the edge of heaven..." writes:

Can someone refresh my memory on "Edge of Heaven" video? Was it a compilationof all Wham video clips set to the song with a few scenes of George M.singing on stage just bopping to the tune? For the life of me, I CAN'TREMEMBER A THING ABOUT THIS VIDEO AND IT'S MAKING ME CRAZY!! Also, where canI get a copy of any video clips from this album? Many thanks.

(Edge of Heaven vid showed clips of all the old Wham! tunes mixed with liveshots of them on stage with a full band. It's probably my fave Wham! video. A lot like I'm Your Man I guess is the best way to describe it. Call yourvideo store and ask to order Wham!: The Final released on CBS Fox Video. Iordered one as a gift as late as 3 years ago, so you should still get lucky. If not, I have a slightly gliched copy of it I could sell you--or anyoneelse who needs it. AG)


OK, it's 2am, and I have to be up in 6 hours, so that's all for tonight. I'll keep shooting out daily doses until I'm caught up.

BIG news in tomorrow's edition--including the new baby in George's life,details on a patronizing Mr. Michael, and for the first time in years, Georgetells a joke.


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