Hey all! Looks like Mr Michael conned us...


aidan-at-globa (Aidan Padden) writes:

Hello there Amanda, how are you?

(Pretty good, and you? AG)

I'll just take this chance to say YOGMail is great, and you're doing a greatjob. Right then, just in case you didn't know, George Michael performed hisfirst show for nearly six years last night. You'll proboably get this whenyou get up, so, here's something that was in today's paper, The Sun, writtenby the only journalist who was at the gig, Andy Coulson.

(Got it at night actually. I thought the gig was scheduled for Friday nightthough. Was George engaging in some trickery here? AG)


He's back singing live after five years.. and he's better than ever.

George Michael performed his first live solo show for five years lastnight with a secret Radio 1 gig for just 200 people.
I was the only journalist allowed into the BBC's Radio Theatre towatch the historic performance. And I can report that winning hisrecording freedom has transformed the former Wham! star.The 90-minute show was one of a handful of showbiz events that I'llremember for ever.
After years of legal wrangles and frustration with Sony Music,32-year-old George Michael proved he is out of the pop wilderness andback to his superstar best.
Last night's event, which will be broadcast by Radio 1 in December,was a sharp reminder of how fine a voice he has.
Backed by a nine-piece band, an eight-piece orchestra and aneight-piece choir with a gospel feel, he belted out hits like FatherFigure, Praying For Time and Freedom '90.
Tracks from the latest multi-platinum selling third album were alsofeatured. These included the title track Older, which will be George'snext single, and Star People.
The No 1 Fastlove and Everything She Wants - a fantastic flashback tothe Wham! days - raised the roof.
The mood changed dramatically for the touching performance of You'veBeen Loved, a tribute to friend Anselmo Feleppa who died in 1994 andwhich was written through his mother's eyes. The audience was made upof 50 Radio 1 contest winners, George's friends and family and BBC andrecord company workers. They lapped up the show.
George appeared to have lost the ability to grin after the battle tobreak free of Sony Music. Last night the beaming smile was back.Sporting a goatee beard, Caesar-like haircut, high-collared black suitand white shirt, George looked more relaxed than he has ever done.He even cracked jokes between songs, remarking: "It's unnerving beingable to see all the people in the audience!"
George says his live performance will be even better by the time hehits the road with the Older tour next year.
If that's the case, his fans are in for the time of their lives.

BIZARRE VERDICT: Older, wiser, better.


That's all from there, but the pictures show him looking more like he did onthe cover of Jesus To A Child then how he looks on the cover of Older. I'mnot sure but I thought that on Tim Hatu's web site it said that he was 33,but I can't remember.

(Yes, he is actually 33. AG)

Another source said the following:

Relieved to have won his recording freedom, the former Wham! star joked atthe size of his audience: "My ex-manager once warned me that if I stayed offthe road for too long there would be nobody left to watch me!"

(We'll be there for you George... AG)

The 90-minute show held at the BBC's Radio Theatre will be broadcast by Radio1 on December 8 at 12pm.

(I'll be hopefully organizing a dubbing scheme... AG)

Anyway Amanda, I hope that this information was alright for you, and Ihope you can use it in YOGMail. Keep up the great work,

(You have scored your very own YM Aidan, this is truly a feat! AG)
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