Greetings all, this issue contains some amazing news, so I'll get right toit.


"All that (long anticipated) conversation..." (Alan) writes:

George is doing an interview with MTV to corespond with the Unplugged show. It is the only interview he is planning for the USA. It will air sometimebetween Thanksgiving and Christmas.

(What can I say except: It's about f***ing time George!!! Oh, and THANKS!!! AG)

I believe someone may have mentioned he will also be doing two radiointerviews in the UK.

(Can I count on some of the UK connection to make me copies? AG)

"And don't let nobody say you're wrong..."

Alan also writes:

To clear up any confusion, the "secret" concert George is having in Londonnext week is the taping of the unplugged concert. Tickets are only availableby personal invitation or from winning a contest from radio.

(Since I had to answer this question for Alicia Sunday night, I thought a fewof you might need further clarification too. AG

"I think there's something you should know..." (Adrianna) writes:

I posted this on the boards, but felt bad that not everyone would get thisinfo. so even though my arms hurt from typing it the first time, I' ve decideI couldn't let you guys down so here it goes......

"Unplugged Maybe, but Not Unaccompanied"
Once upon a time, George Michael made a record and, wham, it became a hit.
Not anymore. Hoping to boost the sagging sales of his latest album "Older,"Michael will perform live for the first time in nearly three years thisFriday in London. Michael will tape an "MTV Unplugged," backed by aneight-piece band, eight-person choir and full string section. The Britishpop star will draw upon material from his entire solo career (and perhaps asong or two from his days with Wham!) for a show that is expected to air onthe cable network in early December. "It just seemed that the timing wasright," says Michael Ostin, one of three senior executives at the recordlabel Dream Works. "Older" was released last May, a year after Michael ended a protracted contract battle with Sony and sighned with fledgling DreamWorks Records. Michael's first full-length disc since 1990, the albumdebuted at No.6 on Billboard's Top 200 chart in May but dropped out of theTop 10 two weeks later. Currently at No.140, it has sold 615,000 copies inthe U.S., according to SoundScan. Still, MTV has pursued Michael for sometime, said Ostin, who hopes the show will lead to a full-scale tour by the33-year-old singer-songwriter.
-Los Angeles Times 10/7/96

(Well Mr. Ostin, we hope it will too!! I'm so looking forward to hearingGeorge in anyway, shape or form, but backed by a full string section soundsheavenly!
BTW, Adrianna, you have successfully just completed your first duty as theAOL YM correspondent! Your mission, since you chose to accept it, is to makesure that late breaking news on the AOL bulletin board is forwarded to me forposting! I read the boards every couple days, but don't have time to copythem to YM. A tip though, learn to copy and paste, it'll save your arm... Eme if you need details. Also, YM needs correspondents on the other majorservers' boards too! I started off on Prodigy, so I know you guys haveone--in fact, that's where I first met Alan, and made him one of my hero's. If you're interested, drop me a line and you'll get a fancy title for allyour effort, but no pay. The things we do for the love of George...My thanks go out to Lee Hahn at Disney for passing this news on to me also,nice to know Mickey lets you indulge your love of music... AG)

Adrianna also writes:

Here's some info I found while checking out the international aol.

According to Smash Hits the highest earner in the Briti fun.."

(Courtesy of Angel.) (Angel Hernandez) writes:

Hi everyone! I'm sorry that i haven't posted anything in the past couple ofweeks, but I've been drained working at the bank. Things are just getting tohectic with policy changes.

(I was thinking I need to hire a secretary myself, afterall, I have receivedaround 100 e mails in the last 3 days... Homework? What's homework? AG)

Anyway... what's this that GM is NOT doing the MTV Unplugged?! I've had myheart set on watching and taping it. I'm shaking my head with disappointment.

(Fear not, Connie was probably just trying to keep it a secret like a good PRperson does. ALL IS A GO AS OF MY LAST MAIL CHECK!! AG)

I've realized that now GM's new persona is really affecting how I am a fan. Ever since the Sony lawsuit, I haven't held my breath for anything. It's aterrible shame that I feel like this, but I'm sure that I'm not the only one. We've all been sucking up our breaths waiting anxiously for something newfor six years now, and when it finally happens, we have a huge let down. I'msorry to bore you all with my griping, but I WANT TO SEE HIM LIVE!!!! There's nothing like seeing Yog perform live whetherit'b be at one of his own shows or at a benefit. I've seen four shows herein L.A. and he just brings the house down with his performances.


Well, on a lighter note. Ii'm totally with you Amanda if you decide to have aget together here in L.A. in '97. Maybe Yog will be here when everyone showsup. Count me in! I would mind meeting him again!=)

(Planning to be there for his 34th if all goes as planned. And in London forhis 35th. BTW, everyone better come on down because YM will be on hold whileI'm there... AG)

Please Amanda, send me your snail mail address so I can send you a moneyorder for the STW video.

(Not sure what it'll cost. Depends on tape preference. Alicia: I don'tsuppose you recall postage do you? Just posted my address in a YM a coupledays ago, but here it is again:

Email Amanda for the address (

"Takes pleasure in leisure..." (Kiranjit Gill) writes:

George was never on the Dole apparently, but our dear Andrew was quite a bit!

(Recall: "Andrew had been on the dole for years, borrowing money off me..." AG)

Thanks for doing all of this, Amanda. May your efforts in YogMail pay offwith a meeting with him one day! I think you deserve it.

(I would be lying if I didn't admit YM had a totally ulterior motive... SoGeorge should you read this, I'll probably flunk out of school, so I may needsomeone to explain to my mom, and she's quite a fan really, so, uh... AG)

If it happens, can I come too?!

(Well I was thinking a private performance would be in order for all the workI do for the man, so in the highly unlikely event it happens, YOU ARE ALLINVITED. But front row centre are already taken--reserved for my sisterJeanne--who took me to see Wham! for my 10th birthday--Alicia--who wouldphysically harm me if I didn't--my mom--mommy loves the man who she likes tocall "The Ideal Son-in-law"--and I. AG)

"Enjoy what you do..." (Kelly) writes:


(Whenever you get a chance is fine, oh but to fall asleep listening to thataccent... AG)

" wonderland..." (Alexandra Sweet) writes:

You can get both 1997 calendars from EQS music. There {phone number is(315)252-1999 and their e-mail is

Order now it's great!

Amanda... I really appreciated your opening thoughts on your way to the busstop in the last issue. I've contemplated very similar thoughts severaltimes and come to pretty similar conclusions myself. (even down to theMadonna lyrics!)

(Great minds think alike... AG)

Even though I'm pretty new to Yogmail, I do want to say how much I appreciatehow much work you obviously put into this. (Has anyone sent George thelatest issue? I'm sure they get e-mail at Dreamworks!!!)

(You're most welcome. I keep meaning to e mail DreamWorks, next week Ipromise. AG)

When we get to LA next June, I owe you a drink! (What is Mr. Michael'sfavorite cocktail anyway... I'm sure someone can answer that...)

(If I correctly recall, Mr. Michael is a fan of fine wines, which he is proneto drink by the bottle, a trait I too share. Bring your credit card Dave... AG)

"The things that I know..." (Simon C. Thorpe) writes:

Hi! I am not sure if a 'reply' is the correct way for me to send you someinfo, but here goes;

(This is the correct way. AG)

1.There has been a lot of talk about people fedexing the video of GM'sunplugged, do you realise that the video & T.V. systems (like voltages) aredifferent from U.S.A., and Europe / Australia. Unless you have a multisystemvideo, you can not play a video taped in U.S.A./Canada, and vice versa.(e.g.I live in Canada, and can play stuff that my parents send me from Australia,but I can not send them any videos from here, because they do not have amultisystem VCR). If you are lucky, you might find a video store that cantransfer the video, at around $20, but these places are fewand far between, and the resulting quality can be quite poor.

(This is true, but I know of good places too. If you really want it, you'llsettle for anything though. I sent a tape to a friend in Australia a numberof years ago, and she had no problems copying it. AG)

Does anyone know if MTV sells unplugged videos?

(I think they might eventually, but don't bet on one for several months if atall. AG)

2. I saw a clip from the BEST OF THE TUBE, of WHAM singing, I think it was FREEDOM. The TUBE was a really cool show, from the UK, where the bands wouldcome in and play about 3 songs LIVE. It was seen as a pretty 'in' show toappear on, e.g. U2 played three songs, and then once the show was finished,continued playing live to the audience for a further two hours...what a show!Anyway about the Freedom segment, Paula Yates, said that WHAM were the ONLYartists ever to appear on the show, who did not sing live, and if you watchedclosely, George started to sing about 3 seconds before cue. She went on tosay that this was suprising since George has such a fantastic voice live. The boys came out wearing these matching garish orange & red shorts & T's,quite scary.

(It was actually Love Machine...I've got in on tape. As for why Georgestarted off late, I know Alicia knows why, will she share her plethora ofknowledge with us? AG)

3. I saw a clip on 'Fashion File' of GM getting off a yaucht in St Tropez,recently.

"Don't you think I'm looking older..."

AG rambles:

OK, so a few weeks ago my mom caught the Spinning the Wheel video--OK I gother to watch it under false pretenses--but she noticed the sequined car. Iasked her what the hell it meant. She recognized it as a 1947 Plymouth, andsaid that it was obviously a nod to the year of her birth. (Which is alsothe year of Elton's and Alicia's mom's.) So there you have the signficance,according to my sainted mother... AG)

* "Guess some mistakes were built to last..."

dawnhunt-at-phoenix.Princeton.EDU (Dawn V. Hunt) writes:

Concerning the poll Rachel is starting about which video George's ass looksbest in, my vote goes to Monkey. Not only is it an all around great video,but there are plenty of wonderful gratuitous butt shots. I know this is thekind of t
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