Hey all! Amanda G, your friendly moderator here as usual. We have--I dobelieve--shattered the 200 subscriber mark. You may have noticed that thelist now comes tagged "International" or "USA/Canada", it's the only way tosend it out. If you're on the wrong list, just drop me a line. The onlyreal difference is the sending time, well usually... The International listis mailed before I go to bed, and the North America when I wake up. That waywe all get our mail in the morning. Pretty high tech huh? : )


"For your pleasure..." (Debra Sue Miller) writes:

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the spectacular job you do onthe YOGMAIL Issues. You put so much into them and I, for one, am greatful. I hope that our beloved Georgios knows how well you keep his fans informedand keep his soul and talents in all of his fans hearts.

(My ego is both stoked and stroked for the next decade now! By the way,should you ever peruse the archives George, feel free to drop me a line andtell me what you think... AG)

I know it is difficult at times, with your hectic schedule, but please keepit up! You're the best -- I look forward to my YOGMAIL and enjoy everyissue.

(I have chosen to make my life hectic, because I know this had to be done! The people obviously want their George, and DreamWorks and MTV be damned,THE PEOPLE WILL GET THEIR FIX!!!!! Gee, aren't I just so suited to courtroomtheatrics? AG)

OK, enough blathering-- Thanks!

(Hey, if that's blathering Deb, BRING IT ON!!! Seriously though, thanks alot. AG)

"These are the things that make (me) happy..." (Bo Andersen) writes:

Hi Amanda,

(Hi Bo! AG)

You are still doing great with the YogMail. I like it! I will of course putyou on as a link on my page (Hey in a few minutes) and so on.... I guess Iwill have time today.

(You did, I saw, and I thank you very much!!! That gives YM three links. One in Australia, one in Denmark, and one in the US. I guess I just need afew more to cover all the continents... AG)

If you would like a copy of "The Final", an original CD of course, then justmail me. They are selling them in Denmark at the time being. Actaully "TheFinal" has been four weeks as number One selling album in Denmark. So anyone...?

(I'll let you know when I start to make some $. AG)

"I'm not the man you want..." (Jason Levy) writes:

Hi im Jason and a big GM fan I would like to join in on the fun. I reallyhope his next album does better more upbeat I miss the old George.

(Welcome to the family, and I'd be lying if I said I didn't agree... AG)

I think GM sould really have made an upbeat album. I'm a big fan and i wasvery dissapointed that the Older album is too Mellow.

(A common complaint I have heard. AG)

Take Care,
Jason Levy

"But today the way I play the (song) has got to change..." (Robert) writes:

Has anyone guessed, yet, the "My middle name is fear?" CRAZYMAN DANCE fromthe (U.S.) CD Maxi-Single for Too Funky.

A lot of people seem to be talking about the upcoming MTV unplugged as if itis the first; am I the only one who remembers, and has recorded, another? The one where George is standing, dressed in black, in a circle of people. I have a UK import (VSCDX 1571 7243 8 93273 2 8) of the Jesus to a ChildCD Single (EP?) with Freedom '94, and the Unplugged that I'm thinking ofsounded like that. Is there yet another Unplugged--a 3rd?

(No. The Freedom 94 you talk of was from the Concert for Hope. I noticedthat when George performs Freedom 90 he always does it kinda acoustic,because the album version had so many keyboards, tha kidding about that song or was iblind and deaf?

(The Canadian broadcast showed it. It's legit, I have it on video from thatday. AG)

Another thing: Since Freedom'90 is one of my favourite songs i would like toknow what b-sides are on the Freedom'90-single? Are there any remixes exceptthe "Back to Reality-Remix"?

(The only other version I know of is the live one, which is available on therelease mentioned above. AG)

Amanda: Please be a little more careful sending those Virus-alarm-mails!!!!!!! Because it is possible that this mail has been a kind of trojan horse which would mean that the mail itself was a virus and we all now have it on our system!!!!! So try to check those messages a little more carefully next timebefore sending them throughout the whole world!!!!

(Got the message from a reputable source, and truth be told, I was merelycovering my ass. But as we now know, it's illegit. Still, just the thoughtof that one scares the living daylights out of me, do you know how many formsI download daily with running this? Fear not, you won't get any morewarnings from me. AG)

"But when you shake your ass..." (Rachel) writes:

"George on a stick"

aaaah that would be nice now wouldn't it - after reading all the messages iwas thrilled with the discussion of george's lounge room furniture - c'monguys (and girls) really what we are all thinking is how much we would love toshag george. i know that's what i think about when i have to fake an before i get myself removed from this list from being overly offensive letme just say can we liven up the discussion - how about a debate on thesubject of which video george's butt looks the best in???? obviously i'm your man is a good place to start. when he's hitting that tambourine.....

(I have no intention of kicking you off the list Rachel, I think you and Icould be great friends all things considered. Although regarding questions,this gang doesn't really dig them, but allow me to cast my vote: Edge ofHeaven gratuitious ass shot during a "la la la la la". I have seen grownwomen weep and tongues fall to the floor... AG)

ok that's enough to get us started. speak to you all later

"It's the ones that resist..." (Camille) writes:

I'm having problems accessing Asem's boards at the moment, do you know ifthis is a common problem?

(Not sure, but I was on there this week, and had a hell of a time readingthem. The info on Andrew and Keren was also a touch inaccurate. JT: you'llbe getting a posting for the Nana list on that matter. AG)

"Counting your money..." (Brent Pearson) wrties:

Hello Everyone,
I thought I would tell you about a web site that is very helpful for thoseof us who deal in foreign money. This web site will CONVERT your owndomestic money and tell you how much the foreign currency is check it out itis really a helpful tool.

Hope that was helpful to some of you.

(Thanks for the info Brent!! AG)

Cheers! Brent ( I always use it to find out how much my American money is inBritish Pounds)


AG rambles:

Just a note to let you know about the wonderful upcoming George chat. Organized by the irrepressable Dan, they're always fun, and almost alwaysinclude some new info from Alan, and a pretty much guaranteed fight betweenAlicia and I. Hope you join us.


CHAT on Thursday, October 10 at 730pm PACIFIC time!

see you all there....


DIRECTIONS: go to PEOPLE CONNECTION, then go to ROOMS, then go to PRIVATEROOM, type UNPLUGGED and HIT RETURN... you will be there along with the restof us!


One last question today...How do you pronounce Yog? Being that I am fromthe deep South, I need a little coaching. Is the "o" long like in yogurt orhave an "ah" sound? Don't laugh too hard at this one. :)

(This is part of your posting a while ago I lost I recognize. I normallydon't lose things by the way, I may forget about them for a week, but Irarely every lose them! What can I say? Just call me Donna. Anyway, theway to pronounce Yog. It has to do with accents I guess. The British wouldpronounce Yog like they do yogurt, but that's because of the way they sayyogurt. But to answer your question, it's ah--to the best of my knowledgeanyway. And no, I didn't laugh too hard, in fact I didn't laugh at all! AG)

Thanks a million.




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