Greetings and salutations! Hope everyne is doing well, I am OK. Weekendsare busier than my weekdays now, so my ramblings will be short. Please note,there stands to be more typos than usual in this issue. I was working at theresturant last night and kinda nicked the tip of my right middle finger--oneof my fave typing keys.

But as promised, the story behind the "I think, therefore I'm single"comment. I was walking to the bus stop on my way to school Wednesday, and asis common for me, my mind began to wander hopelessly. So I had this mismashof thoughts. One second I'm thinking "How do I convince someone her--a closefriend since grade 11-- to let us cater her wedding", and the next I'mthinking "Why the hell is she getting married, she's only 20 years old!" Somy mind asks me why I'm single, with this slightly mortal fear of marriage. I have no bloody idea I tell myself, and trudge on. As I'm waiting for mybus, I see a friend whom I'd known since grade 5, walking her son toschool--the same school we went to! And I think to myself WHY? So then itcomes to me, I start going through the stacks and stacks and stacks of songlyrics in my head, and two pop up. The first is Madonna's Express Yourself ala "Don't go for second best baby, put your love to the test!" So it occursto me that I'm still contentedly single because I'm not yet willing to dropmy standards. Of course it also occurs to me that this Yog mailing list hascertainly put my love for George to the test. It's 8am on a Saturday, Idon't have to be at work for a couple hours, and I'm typing away. I thinkthat must be a sign of absolute love no? Oh, that second song line thatoccured to me? "My friends got their ladies, they're all having babies, butI just want to have some fun..."


"Looking for some affirmation..." (Tiffany) writes:

I was wondering if anyone happened to know if GM would be touring any timesoon, and if he is, when will he be in the United States? I thought that Ihad read that he would be but am not sure.

(Tour plans fell through during the summer, we all have to settle for theUnplugged I guess. AG)

"Yeah! Yeah!" (Melanie) writes:

Amanda, I just read on the Dot Music Web site ( that George Michael's album Older was certified three-times platinum by the BPIlast week. Just thought you'd like to post it for everyone!

(Way to go UK!!! AG)

"(Gonna) bore you with the details baby..." (shelly renee andrews) writes:

"The Chairman, to the Bored"

From a letter to the editor by Frank Sinatra, in the September 16 Los Angeles Times. (1990)

(I found this in Harpers Magazine vol. 281, Dec. 90 I thought it was prettyneat. Any comments, or is it too old to care about knowing all we know now?Funny, too, Saturday Night live didn't have to alter much in the Sinatradialogue.... Anybody care to transcribe those classic SNL clips?And somefinal brain candy...Didn't Asturd Gilberto do some of his best work withSinatra? Does anybody here really know Gilberto's work? Care to discussit?--Shelly)

When I saw your story today about George Michael, "the reluctant pop star, "my first reaction was that every morning when he wakes up he should thank thegood Lord for having all that he has.
I don't understand a guy who lives "in hopes of reducing the strain of hiscelebrity status." Now that he's a smash performer and songwriter attwenty-seven, he wants to quit doing what tons of gifted youngsters all overthe world would shoot grandma for -- just one crack at what he's complainingabout.
Come on, George. Loosen up. Swing, man. Dust off those gossamer wings andfly yourself to the moon of your choice and be grateful to carry the baggagewe've all had to carry since those lean nights of sleeping on buses a ALIGN=center SIZE=2> "Don't worry about it man..." (Matt) writes:

The answer to that Question"Vacant stare?" that is a lyric in the song CrazyMan Dance released as aB side single by George on the Too Funky CD in the US.

(Correct, and you all will notice how long it takes for someone to even bringit up. You see Matt, this group does not like to answer trivia questions,surveys, etc. I was thinking of running some grand trivia contest for a copyof Bare or something, but demand wouldn't warrant the effort. Oh well... AG)

"Be good to yourself,cause nobody else has the power to make you happy" (Stephanie) writes:

Hello everyone! My name is Stephanie, I'm 26, live in Maryland and have beena huge admirer of Yog's for the past 12 years. Some of you on AOL may knowme by my former name Sxygirl234 I am now Stephie70.

To my horror I heard a muzak version of Fastlove when I was in the FreshFields grocery store in Annapolis the other day. I literally screamed, I HATE muzak!I am really excited about this unplugged he is doing. I hope he does someLWOP stuff-love that cd!!!

(My one personal wish? Pick up the bass yourself George!!! AG)

If anyone is from my area please e-mail me and maybe we can get to knoweach other. I work in a record store (Sam Goody) so I get to hear music allday, therefore I do have a few reccomondations for those who may have similar taste. Bothof Sophie B. Hawkins cd's are excellent as of course are Seal's but theneveryone knows about Seal! The new Pet Shop Boys is also really good. Ifyou have a store near you that carries Q magazine (Brit music mag) I highlyreccomend picking up the 10th anniversery issue that is out! There is a veryinteresting picture of Sting doing yoga-he is also a fave of mine-girls youmust see this picture!! Thats all for now :)

(Saw that shot of Sting. Funny, he always struck me more as the boxertype... AG)

"Hey everybody's got some moment(s) in their life..."

dawnhunt-at-phoenix.Princeton.EDU (Dawn V. Hunt) writes:

Hello fellow Yog lovers!
I want to thank Nancy for her wonderful GM stories. Talk about being in theright place at the right time. Is Nancy's luck is somehow transferable?

Does anyone know what DHSS stands for or means in Wham! Rap?

(Something about Social Services I assume. UK connection? AG)

"Tell me true..."

(OK, not a George lyric, but he sings it in his song with Ms. Watley. AG) (lyle...) writes:

Some very interesting anecdotes, Nancy. What I'm wondering about, though,is why did George take Kathy out to the ASCAP awards in 1992? I thought theybroke up before Bare was written (1990?).

(I noticed that too as soon as I saw the posting come in, so I e'ed Nancy whoresponded:
" Have no idea - some have said he just needed to show up with a woman so hismanagement arranged for her to accompany him. Just a side note - she sat by herself downstairs in the bar while he was upstairs getting the award." AG)

Oh well. I also heard Jody Watley, who had also been at the awards dinner,was once George's woman... Can anyone give further details on this?

(They did a duet together, so the relationship might have just been a publicrelations stunt. AG)

"All that I know..."

It's Kiran (the new member-chick!) I am most definatly a GM fan--from theExecutives, to WHAM!, to Faith, to LWP, to Older....

(I've been a fan since Young Guns, and a groupie since Wake Me Up... AG)

I think it's great that you have this fan club online. What a great way toparlez about George.

(Now I just wish we could do something for the technologically impaired... AG)

Here's a little tidbit for the "fans"--
Niles Goodall (I think that's spelt right) published a book called "GeorgeMichael: In His Own W ALIGN=center SIZE=2> writes:

Hi Amanda! You're doing a FANTASTIC job with YOGMAIL!

(Thanks! AG)

I went out and rented 8 SECONDS last night because I was so anxious to see ifit was really George as the pilot! I immediately fast forwarded to the scenewith the pilot and then I spent like 20 minutes staring at him! His profilereally does look like Yog! But in my opinion I'd have to say I'm 99.9% surethat it's not George. His nose just isn't quite like George's and this guyhas some type of scar on the right side of his face. His beard is just notquite "Yog-like" either. He does make a REALLY good Yog look-a-like though!

(Thanks for clearing that up! AG)

About 10 years ago I read and also heard on the radio that George did act ina television programme called "Sex With Paula" (Paula Yates). It wassupposed to be REALLY cute and I've been looking for it for years now. Therewere a series of programmes she did like this. I also heard a rumor thatthis particular episode wasn't aired, but I'm not sure if that is true. Iwas wondering if anyone has seen that episode or if anyone has it on tape. I'd really love to have it and would be very happy to pay anything for it! Thanks!

(No idea here, anyone else? AG)



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