Greetings all! 'Tis I, Amanda, once more out to give you a run down on all things Yogic. Since I'm tired, my ramblings will be short and I'll let you guys do the work.


"But like all good men who swim too well..." (Kelly) writes:

> (Nancy) writes:
>Hi everyone! I have available a large variety of extra items on George,
>Wham!, and Andrew items for sale or for trade. Items include record awards,
>t-shirts, CDs, 7" singles, 12" singles, posters, books, tour programs,
>magazines, buttons, fanzines, keychains, postcards, promo flats, documents,
>backstage passes, autographs, tickets, laser discs, LP's, box sets,
>photographs, rarities, etc. If you would like to request a catalogue,
>please send an email to me at
>I am also always interested in adding things to my own collection. If you
>have any items for sale/trade, please let me know at the above email.
> Specifically, I am searching for the following items for my own collection:
> video + audio concerts, Greatest Hits Japanese promo CD, 12" Young Guns on
>orange vinyl, 12" I'm Your Man red vinyl, 7" Careless Whisper red vinyl, LWP
>promo walkman, Killer/Papa live concert video. THANKS!
>(Contrary to what I have previously said about Nancy--the grading
>issue--overall she has a fine operation. Please note, YOGMAIL (read: Amanda
>Gardonyi) assumes no liability for dissatisfied customers, as always, buyer
>beware. But I am one of her customers myself. AG)

Hi, Amanda-

Perhaps we can get Nancy to share a few stories of her own on how she has met George. I know that she's met him several times and wrote to tell me that he's a very decent person, polite, shy and soft-spoken. I've also heard from Brent who confirms this.

(Alright then, Nancy if you would be so humble as to share with those of us who have never had the priviledge? AG)

I've never had the fortune to meet him, but from the interviews, he comes across as being very down-to-earth, funny and friendly. I doubt it's an act.

(I would be inclined to agree with you Kelly. AG)

I feel that any others who have met the man should come forward and put to rest all bad-mouthing once and for all. Of course, we have to consider the source in such things.

(No kidding... AG)

Just my two cents worth.

(Gee Kelly, I'd say that was worth a quarter at least... AG)

"Don't you think I'm looking older..."

dawnhunt@phoenix.Princeton.EDU (Dawn V. Hunt) writes:

I'm really enjoying this newsletter. I was just wondering how many people have heard the STW EP. I love the song and the remix, but another song on the EP--"You Know That I Want To" is just soooo excellent. He just keeps getting better and better. When I was in London this summer, after playing STW on the radio, the DJ said that GM is like a cracker--he always hits the spot. I definitely agree with that sentiment.

(I have the EP, but not the single just yet, have to track that down this week. But I did dream I was at a record shop, and they were playing what I guess was the Forthright FastLove, and two of my friends felt the urge to buy the CD for me. To briefly analyze this dream: It has to to with the fact that I went to the mall on the way home from school last night to get a close pal's BDay present, on my way to the store I was looking for, I popped my head into Music World and they were playing FastLove. AG)

On the issue of George getting too serious, he does reveal his lighter side on songs like Fastlove, I'm Your Man '96, and You Know That I Want To. I think that maybe sometimes we take him too seriously.

(This could be true, I guess we're just not used to it again yet. Let us all recall the Wham! days--shuttlecocks, et al.--or even the Faith tour AG)

One more anecdote and I'm done. Saturday night the fire alarm in my dorm went off two times in a row. Choosing to ignore it and stay in bed both times, the second time it tried to drown it out with my discman. Guess what was in my discman! That's right. The STW EP. I've always loved the song, but listening to it really loud with headphones on made me appreciate the richness and beauty of the music even more. I was impressed all over again. I can't wait until the MTV special airs.

(So, I guess that what you're saying is that when Princeton burns, you will be listening to Yog?--who like Nero played the violin, so I guess it makes sense... AG)

Keep up the good work Amanda. We have no problem kissing up to you--whatever it takes to keep our fixes coming. ;-)

(Well now, might I just say: EGO ALERT!! My head is swelling, starting to take up too much oxygen...must control it... Seriously though, despite my busy schedule, and the fact that I have entertained the idea of not getting up an hour early to do this many the morning, I always come through and find it to be a great way to start the day. AG)


To all fans who can help: I'm new to the list and was wondering if anyone can make me a copy of the Deon Estus album in which George does a duet with him.

(I've got one, which I'm already set to dub for a couple of you, so one more listening won't kill me, especially since it's one of my favourite albums. Just send me your address, but please do it soon, because I start a new job next weekend that will have me working 12 hour + shifts on Friday and Saturday, and having just Sunday for "free" time. AG)

Also, are there any hard to find songs by GM? I have all his albums but that's it.
Does he have B-sides or unreleased tunes laying around amoungst collectors?

(But of course. The thing I have that few people seem to, is the Too Funky EP, G's last Fony release. The best B side to in my opinion is Fantasy. General note to all I'm dubbing for: Deon's album will only use one side of the tape, so I'll be forwarding you a list of stuff I have, you guys and pick and choose. AG)

Just wondering thanks to all that can help.

And good work to the moderators of this list it was much needed. Keep up the good work.

(There's only one moderator--Even though she does talk to herself. NO I DON'T! Yes she does. I WILL NOT GET INTO THIS AGAIN, CEASE AND DESIST IMMEDIATELY OR YOUR GEORGLY PRIVILEDGES WILL BE REVOKED!--here actually, but thanks. AG)


"Looking for some affirmation..." (Josh D'Lioncourt) writes:

OK, this is my first post and I've got a lot to say so feel free to edit it however you like. :)

I have been a fan of George's since I was eight years old. Between myself and my mother, we probably have the most extensive WHAM! and GM record collection in the US.

When I was ten, George started his Faith tour. I went backstage to meet him because of a letter my mom wrote to his manager. He was extremely nice and I know have an autographed photo of him and I together.

(Lucky you! AG)

Because of George, I've pursued a career in fact, I've spent most of the last year in the studio, and the GM influence is...ummm...evident? Anyway...I plan on posting a just so you know I'm 18, my name is Josh, and I am a blind songwriter/piano player in here sunny southern California.

(Feel free to use YOGMAIL to plug your forthcoming releases. AG)

I called Tower Records early in the week and then said that the single for STW was scheduled for release on Sept. 2 here in the States, and that it has been delayed.

(According to Alan my George guru, they don't want to overhype the single too much, so there's a good chance we may never get the DreamWorks/Ęgean releases. Hurray for Virgin/Ęgean imports!

Also, if anybody has either of these albums PLEASE PLEASE sell them to me...or sell me at least cassette copies of them...PLEASE...I can't bare the thought that there are GM items I don't have! "Special Time" by WHAM! recorded January 1985 and "George Michael Live in Europe 1990". I have the other live bootleg...but not those.

(I don't have them, but maybe someone here does. AG)

BTW...I'm working on setting up a GM web page and I'll let you guys know when it's done...if you have a suggestions for it, please let me know.

(That'll put the count up to 5 then I think. There's Tim's, Bo's and Asem's, plus another I've just been informed of and will tell you all about when I get more details. My only suggestion: A link to YOGMAIL, but remember Tim's got the exclusive on the YM archives.)

My nicks on IRC are Lioncourt and LionsRoar if anybody wants to talk to me there.

"(STILL) looking for some affirmation..." (shelly renee andrews) writes:

HEY! THIS WAS NOT ME!, SO WHOEVER YOU ARE, I WANT TO KNOW WHICH TABLOIDS TOO! I'm glad somebody else recognized or imagined his prescence...

(OK, I'll have to go and waste $4 on a rental just to see it this weekend. AG)

>>"Someone--not sure who, because their e mail address was not on the form because it was posted from the web a while ago--wrote:

A BIG fan of George since the beginning. I understand according to the tabloids that George made his feature film debut in the Luke Perry vehicle 8 Seconds. I've watched the film several times and NO trace of GEORGE. I would appreciate any INFO.

(Sounds like you Shelly, so what tabs say this? A friend of mine is starting work at a video store soon, so I'll have to exploit her for a free rental... AG)<<

And, since everyone is now wondering...look very closely...It should be in the center or to the end of the movie....THE AIRPLANE pilot. No lines...Perfect gestures, FAITH Era sunglasses, blue jeans and a mauve t-shirt....Don't blink or you'll miss it. addition to the special thanks, no credit is given for the pilot.

(OK, I can just see it now, we're all going to rush out and rent it, and we'll topple some new relase from the most rented list... AG)

And..if you read my last post about unplugged songs I'd most like to hear, "Dance, Dance, Dance" has no has a banjo. Sorry to any Steve Miller fan.

Someone speculated on the next album...Amanda, I don't think country would be cool either, I really can't stand it, I just always kid about it...but a song or too with some good ol' sloppy harmonica would be cool.

(Andrew's album made good use of the harmonica, and look how far that got him... AG)

Or perhaps camp songs... a childrens album? Shell Silverstines' "I'm being eaten by a Boa Constrictor, (and I don't like it, one bit.)"

(That is just so wrong. AG)

We all know he loves the sing-a-longs, right? Okay, I'll stop now before I further degrade him to Village People-esk levels. HE DID LOOK LIKE THAT BLACK GUY FROM VP BEFORE ALL THE SURGERY THOUGH. Okay, so I don't have proof of plastic surgery, but he looks SO different.

(Are you insinuating George has surgery? AG)

I was looking through some old George stuff last night, because I drank a pot of coffee at bedtime, duh. And I found some 1991 interviews, one great one from the LA Times (the one Frank harasses him about--I have the letter Frank wrote too, if anyone is interested, I can type it out sometime within the next month) has everyone read this? I realize it's kind of old, but it seems very honest still...There was another good one in the London Times awhile back...said he had an overstuffed white leather couch and "yellow looking" woodwork I'm guessing it is yellow pine, same stuff my floor is made of, if I remember right...and I think he said about Bob Dylan, "I've met him a few times, and what a waste."(I think that part is off a tiny bit, so don't quote me there) ...and went on to say "That movie, "DON'T LOOK BACK," What an ass, still writes great lyrics though"....Had it not been for that last forgiving bit, I never would have forgiven George. :)

(OK, I'm sure some of us would love a copy of that letter, and I wouldn't mind a photocopy of that interview. Let's talk about this. The yellow looking woodwork is pine as his autobiography Bare told us. As for Bob Dylan, sorry, I'm inclined to agree with George, I just don't see why he's such an icon, but I do admire his lyrics. And for all the impending hate mail, sorry, you're not gonna change my mind. AG)

FYI..."Don't look back" was about being famous.

Bob Dylan on George Michael: (sort of) when he was asked about the difficulties of being famous, he said something like, Yeah, I suppose, but I couldn't be anyone else...and then said, "It's no more difficult being George Michael" ... Unless that was a phony Dylan interview, there are many of those around.

At least Bob and Frank both knew who he was in 1991.

gosh, I was really just going to say it was not me who wrote about the tabloids... but aren't tangents fun.

(Indeed. AG)

75542.3050@CompuServe.COM (Michael S. Fish) writes:

I can remember the very moment I first heard a GM song. It was in 1984, I was a senior in HS. My friend and I were on the road to Los Angeles and he popped the tape in. "You've gotta here this new group!" he said. The song was "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go". I've been a fan ever since!

(First time I heard them was on Solid Gold, singing Young Guns. AG)

I was shocked to read the posting of the person who claims to be GM's neighbor (issue #21)-- maybe she's telling the truth, maybe not. Up to now I have just been reading postings, but I feel I must share my story of my encounter w/ GM:

I used to live in Los Angeles and my roomate used to work at a very fancy Italian restaurant in Beverly Hills (Bice). He would always see stars there. Seeing stars in person is not a big deal to me; they are people who just happen to make a living in the entertainment business and I feel they have a right to their privacy too. I told my roomate that if he ever saw GM at the restaurant to tell me. GM was really the only star I cared to see.

One night in September of 1991 my roomate called from work: GM was at the restaurant having dinner. I got to the restaurant as quickly as I could. I entered and sat at the bar. My roomate was the bartender. GM was sitting with a male friend at a table behind me. My roomate removed some bottles from a shelf behind the bar so I could see GM through the mirrored wall behind the bar shelves. GM and his friend were having a quiet private dinner. I knew it would be rude to ask for his autograph during his dinner so I waited until they were done. I would approach him for the autograph only after they left the restaurant and were out on the public sidewalk.

(Nice thinking! AG)

When GM and his friend were outside I followed. He had no security guards; it was a regular quiet Wednesday night in Beverly Hills. I approached and asked for his autograph. He was very nice. He said "sure." While he started writing, on the back of a register tape I had grabbed from my roomate, I told him I was looking forward to his concert the following month in Los Angeles. His friend said "Oh you are, that's nice." GM finished and handed me his autograph and said he hoped I would like the concert. This encounter in September of 1991 was a year after the release of LWP and one or two months before GM did two concerts at the Los Angeles Coliseum (Oct or Nov 1991).

My roomate saw GM and his background singers and Elton John in October 1991 right before the concert at the restaurant again. GM remembered my roomate and waved to him. GM told one of the waiters who told my roomate that he really liked Bice; it was one of his favorite restaurants in LA.

GM was a very down to earth, nice guy and I was so lucky to have had the opportunity to see for myself that he was not a security guard-surrounded, pretentious, snobby star.

(I have heard more of these stories than I have the kind from his neighbour. I think that George just plain treats people appropriate to the way they treat him. AG)

MSF in Arizona



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