Hey all! Spent the evening last night making up new YM address book directories here on the computer, just too exciting. However, while working on that, I put the STW EP on repeat on the CD player--specifically the Forthright mix--and listened to it for some 4 hours solid... Anyway this issue contains a bunch of lost postings, so please excuse my tardiness ladies and gentlemen.

Notes: 1. Missing an issue? Check Tim's YOGMAIL archive at

2. Membership now tops 150 people!

3. Off topic, but I have to help a friend here: OK, so a friend of mine is getting married, and her and her fiance are fighting over the "first dance", now the question here is not what George song to use--I tried to convince her though--but rather does anyone have the following album on CD that they are willing to sell to me:
"The Wedding Album: Songs That Say I Love You" (From Quality Records.)
Anyone who can help, please do!!! Thanks in advance.


"Still looking for some education..."

Someone--not sure who, because their e mail address was not on the form because it was posted from the web a while ago--wrote:

A BIG fan of George since the beginning. I understand according to the tabloids that George made his feature film debut in the Luke Perry vehicle 8 Seconds. I've watched the film several times and NO trace of GEORGE. I would appreciate any INFO.

(Sounds like you Shelly, so what tabs say this? A friend of mine is starting work at a video store soon, so I'll have to exploit her for a free rental... AG)

"You were far..." (Louise Krassler) writes:

Can someone tell me where on the net I can actually find the lyrics and guitar tab for Kissing a Fool? I had a spot that I was checking out but one night I logged on and it disappeared because of some stinking lawyers got their undies ruffled up too tight.

(Not a fan of lawyers are you? Alas, it's OK, Elena and I won't get offended... AG)

"Won't you help me..." (Carla) writes:

Is there a Philadephia Fan Chapter? If not, are there any east coastees who want to start one? For a few years a member of the club out in California, but that ended and I miss the newsletters and souveneirs. And the opportunity to get tickets before everyone else. If there are any other interested parties please reply. Good Night. Take Care.

(Now there's a thought, setting up some various fan chapters all over the world. Anyone interested in doing so, I'll be happy to help in any way I can. But be warned, in terms of ever getting "official sanctioning", don't hold your breath... AG)

"What may be..." (Richard) writes:

A friend of mine told me George Michael was to going to release the single Spinning The Wheel. He said it should come out mid August. I have been checking the music stores but none of them seem to know anything about it. Does anyone know if there is a single or not?

(In the US and Canada, no. Everywhere else in the world yes. Welcome to DreamWorks... Most cities do have small import record shops though, so you might want to try those, it's where I got my EP, as well as my Older on vinyl. AG)

"Breakin' many hearts..."

(Yeah, I know more Stevie Wonder, but I say we make this an honourary George song... AG) (Gil Samantov) writes:

I'm very interested to know if george is planning to tour soon. Is he succeeding with older in u.s.?

(No tour plans as yet, but there is of course the forthcoming MTV Unplugged scheduled for broadcast Nov. 21. Is Older suceeding in the US? Hardly. It's gone platinum and all, but I have heard someone describe the album as "dead"--which in the music industry means "That's all we're getting outta this one, when can he have the next one ready?"--so I've been warned not to expect any more singles, although I would assume that he will release one more to co-incide with the Unplugged. AG)

"HEY I'LL HELP YOU FIND IT!" a.k.a. Bootleg Corner (Jeff) writes:


"Well I'd write your heart a letter..." (Emanuela) writes:

Dear George:

I know that you will never read this letter, but I'll write it the same.

My name is Emanuela but all of my friends call me Manu. I'm Italian and my english is not perfect so excuse me for the mistakes. I'm a fan of yours since I was a baby.

I just think that your songs are something really special and I don't know any words to describe them. Your last album is different from the others, in fact you called it OLDER because you're grown up inside yourself I suppose.

I'm writing from the computer of a friend and now I must go because he needs it.

The last thing that I wanna tell you is that you with your songs have been a really good helping-hand in some particular moment of my life. So I just wanna thank you.


(I thought I would share this with everyone, I hope Emanuela doesn't mind. Besides, once this ends up on the archive page, who know's WHO'LL read it... AG)

"I can make you happy..." (Shawn Light) writes:

YES! YES! YES! GM on MTV Unplugged. I've been saying to myself for a long time, "George should do an Unplugged." Now, did I understand correctly? This is going to be on MTV in the U.S., right? I hope so!!

(To the best of my knowledge, yes it's going to air in the US! AG)

About some other fave artists. How about the #1 charting duo of all time in the U.S.? Hall and Oates!! A duet by George and Daryl Hall would be excellent. And for anyone who cares, Daryl Hall has another solo album due the first of the year. And Hall & Oates are going to hit the studio together for the first time in quite some time, possible for a box set. For anyone interested there is a great H&O web page. I don't know the address, but if you type Hall and Oates on Yahoo!, you'll surely be able to find it.


Another one of my favorites, Seal. Another candidate for a duet with George.

(I totally agree with you!! I have heard they are friends... AG)

On a totally different subject, I've really been analyzing George's albums lately and he has never put out two albums with the same sound with the possible exception of Make It Big and Music From The Edge of Heaven. But Heaven was really thrown together after the breakup, and it was released for the US, while other areas got The Final. Listen to some of the LWP era b-sides and the Red Hot + Dance songs. You can hear brass instruments very clearly. LWP had an acoustic feel. Older has Brazilian influence. What is the next album going to sound like? I don't know, but it'll be good because it'll be different and it'll be original, not a repeat of anything else he's done (not that I'd mind). He's inventive and he has a great voice. It's the people who don't buy his music that are missing out. Of course, we all know that, don't we?

(I say the next album should make reference to his Greek Cypriot roots, that's right, bouzouki music!!! AG)

Ok, who can guess which song the following lyrics come from? Or should I say, who can't?

"My middle name is fear. I have a vacant stare."

(OK, I was going to add this feature anyway, but since you've started it... I won't ruin it by answering right away, because that would be crazy. AG)

Have fun.

"Looking for some education..." (Monica) writes:

In response to George's alleged neighbor's comments:

What exactly IS a "wanker" anyway?

(Exactly? Well, it's hardly a compliment. To use the Catholic church's terms: One who "abuses" their body. Yes, it's a British term. AG)

Oh, and what does "busking" mean? Are these English terms?

(Busking: Standing on the corner and playing your instrument in hopes of passer's by giving you money. AG)

Somebody educate me!

"They notice fast..."

king-at-ariel.ucs.unimelb.EDU.AU (Khahn ThE CyBoRg) writes:

Hey there GM fans!!!

Hopefully this hasn't been discussed to much...but the Spinning The Wheel Remix Video is the same as the normal video...excpt the music is the Forthright Edit...pretty kewl...but the Fastlove video is way better...anyone here think otherwise???...the unedited version is cool...don't know why they made uch a big fuss over the Fastlove terms of it contains sexual inuendoes...including lesbianism...and what???...In the Fastlove video...someone mentioned about him touching the TV screen...where an image of a naked guy...with an image of a girl imposed in the background...this is true...i guess he's trying to tell us indirectly about his sexuality???...please feel free to comment on this...i might be wrong...oh well, that's my two cents worth for the day...

(I think FastLove is the best vid George has done in years! What other version of the FastLove song are you referring to--the original edit? Where did you see it? Too bad about the STW vids being the same, but having etched the Forthright Mix into my head, how well does it match up? AG)




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