OK all, here it is, the promised special edition of YM, the one that includesthe network's global reach, and the lost postings--and I mean lost!

I would like to go on record and aplogize to Alicia for all the mentalanguish I have caused her. Fear not, she has already called and reamed meout for it. She could have been cheap and attacked me via e mail, but no,she decided to call and hear me squirm. That's just the kind of relationshipwe have I guess...

1. Need back issues? Go to the web site, or else e mail me for txt files.
2. Everyone please note: ALL YOGMAIL SHOULD BE DIRECTED TO
3. We lost two subscribers today, they both left due to being bombarded withtoo much information. I know I have no objections to running this list everysecond day, but if anyone seriously thinks this should go weekly, let meknow. If needed, I'll put it to a vote, and majority will rule. I justthought the purpose of this was a daily fix...

"Heaven help me..." (Roderick) writes:

I don't remember the name of the person that asked but the Deon Estus albumis out of print. It does appear on a compilation album that was releasedearlier this year however. I loaned it out, so I'll have to call my friendto get the title of the CD. It should be widely available though, as I haveseen it recently. It called something like "The Best Soul Of the 80's." I'll get back to you on the official title.

(You know, I think the fact that we have gone retro 80's so fast is hardly ahealthy indication of music in the 90's... AG)

...don't think that God is dead...
"HEY I'LL HELP YOU FIND IT!" a.k.a. Bootleg Corner (Leo) writes:

I am a very big fan of george michael I have enjoyed his music since his daysin Wham. What I would really like to get hold of is the Final concert videothat was made from Whams wembly concert I have searched all the record storesand video library's in Melbourne and no-one is able to tell me where to getit I would really appreciate if you could let me know if it is available,where i could get it and how much it costs.

(It was never released commericially, and the only copies that I know existsit on the collections of the performers... Nonetheless, I did get my handson a bootleg. I know where I got mine, but I have heard regrettable newsfrom my source, so I can't pass on her name just yet. Maybe she willreconsider? AG)

thank you

(I hope someone here can be of help to you... AG)
"Somebody told me..." (Kevin Nave) writes:

I was watching VH-1 yesterday and saw the video for "Everything She Wants" for the first time in years.

(I have the video on tape and try to watch it monthly myself, but way to goVH1!! AG)

It reminded me of how "blown away" I was by the music of WHAM! and morespecifically the artistry of George Michael.

(He is a true talent in a cesspool of alternacrap!! AG)

It also reminded me of a party I attended when I was in high school. Everyone who attended had to come dressed as their favorite music artist andthen perform a skit and lip synch the words to a song by that same artist. Idid "Everything She Wants" and won!! I'm sure I was a sight; I have jet blackhair so I used some blonde spray-in hairspray and wore two gold hoop"clip-on" earrings, I even choreographed part of the skit!!

(Well congrats to you for putting so much effort into it!! Oh my, I believeI smell a theme for my 22nd birthday party. But will that top the drag showone of my best friends put on for my 21st? AG)

Well, that was about 10 years ago and I'm OLDER now but George's music stillstrikes a very real and individual chord with me. I think he is highlyunderrated as a performer and one of the most complex and talented art see the hate in his eyes . Every time i'm in the uk; (i workfor the diamond industry so i travel a lot); i hear him shout at someone.
Fans never ring at his door; they wait for him to go out and aren't even inhis property; still when there are girls he is very insultant to them. Iwasn't pleased about that cause they were teen agers- not hysterical though-but he managed to make them cry because he has been awfully rude.

Opposingly, when boys come to him he is charming; smiling, signs autographs,chat with them; so he's particular and difficult to handle with. when hearrived - long after me btw- in the area; i thought this was great butquickly i changed my mind. I've met many ppl from the profession in london,but he is the worst one :-)

Now no ones comes to him anymore but he still needs his two security men togetout of the house; always with his bloody sunglasses rain or shine; got thepicture?

(OK, but last time I checked Ronnie looked a couple inches shorter thanGeorge, so I doubt he does this out of neurotic fear, and as a proud owner ofa pair of brown lensed sunglasses--prescription for myopia too!--I can assureyou, that they make the sky look a lot brighter when it's raining, besidesthe poor guy's colour blind, maybe he finds them useful. AG)

Even his dog is very aggressive, i've got to yell at it to protect mybassets. One day i argued with george in the middle of the street, heattacked me cause a fan had come and pictured his house; i had seen it andconvinced the girl to give me the film and i gave it to him. I thought hewould have appreciated it and he told me to sod off. So i was livid for asecond and then turned to him and shouted : who the hell do you think youare! This is recent, and he was so stunned that i dared talking like that tohimthat he apologized for his attitude but i didn't buy it; it wasn't sincere atall. So i got in my house and slammed the door. Since that, i don't evenbother say hello to him unless he says it first.

Anyway, i'm considering moving in the country so i won't see him because heruins the atmospheer when he's around. And then as pretentious as he is,you've got his bloody cousin hanging around all the time and behaving like astar; they are ridiculous.

(I'm sure George will be crushed to see you go... AG)

And often, when it's dark, arrives the diva : elton john; and you can hearthem playing music even with all windows closed but that's the nice part ofit.


(OK, so in closing, great neighbour you are sharing the man's personal lifewith people--I posted this because I don't censor, well at least not anyonebut Alicia.--sounds to me like somebody wasn't breast fed... AG)

Lyle had written to Fran:
> Well Fran, I downloaded an irc program and I visted #georgemichael. No
>one was 'round.
> What do I think of George, you ask? I do love his music. I
>believe he has a beautiful voice and a true talent for songwriting. I
>can separate George as a commercial entity from George as a person. So
>he's really a wanker? Do you think that he's honestly like that, or that
>he must act that way to prevent people from constantly attempting to
>indulge him? Any other anecdotes about George Michael your neighbor?


dawnhunt-at-phoenix.Princeton.EDU (Dawn V. Hunt) writes:

Love the YM. I'm glad to know that I'm not alone in my obsession. I don'tunderstand either why GM isn't as popular in the US as he is in the rest ofthe world.

(The great mystery of life indeed... AG)

I was in London this summer and they appreciate him so much more over there. I took the opportunity to get as much memorabilia as possible (including theSpinning the Wheel EP--it rocks!). I bought a huge GM poster from LWP from avendor off the street. This guy had to be in his fifties or sixties and he said to me (andI quote): "I was just reading about him the other day. Not only does hewrite his own songs but he plays all the instrument guy I hadn't spoken to in a year stillremembered me--even giving me a VIP discount! As for backstage passes, thesearen't available by any agency. You'll have to play all the radio contests,and failing that, make a friend at all the good venues who you can pay offwhen the time is right. Failing even that, try and sneak back there, theworst they can do is ask you to leave the backstage area as long as you holda valid concert ticket. Good luck!! AG)

"I do believe that we are (really close to oneanother...)" (Connie) writes:

A few issues back (#16 - Sept 12) this girl Christine from Winston-Salem, NChad some questions about how to get GM info and stuff. Winston-Salem is onlyabout 30 minutes from me and I think I might could hook her up with somestuff. I'd love to talk to her too but I didn't see her e-mail address and Iwas wondering if you possibly have it? I really appreciate it.

(I usually run these at the top of the message, but in case I forgot, you canget ahold of Chris at AG)

Great job again on YOGMAIL. I am constantly amazed. Thanks for everything.

(It's the comments like that that give me the strength to go on when it's1am, and I have to be up at 9, and I'm nowhere near half done that inspire meto go on. Like tonight... AG)

Keep in touch.
ADVERTISING FEATURE!!! (Nancy) writes:

Hi everyone! I have available a large variety of extra items on George,Wham!, and Andrew items for sale or for trade. Items include record awards,t-shirts, CDs, 7" singles, 12" singles, posters, books, tour programs,magazines, buttons, fanzines, keychains, postcards, promo flats, documents,backstage passes, autographs, tickets, laser discs, LP's, box sets,photographs, rarities, etc. If you would like to request a catalogue,please send an email to me at

I am also always interested in adding things to my own collection. If youhave any items for sale/trade, please let me know at the above email. Specifically, I am searching for the following items for my own collection: video + audio concerts, Greatest Hits Japanese promo CD, 12" Young Guns onorange vinyl, 12" I'm Your Man red vinyl, 7" Careless Whisper red vinyl, LWPpromo walkman, Killer/Papa live concert video. THANKS!

(Contrary to what I have previously said about Nancy--the gradingissue--overall she has a fine operation. Please note, YOGMAIL (read: AmandaGardonyi) assumes no liability for dissatisfied customers, as always, buyerbeware. But I am one of her customers myself. AG)

"More: HEY I'LL HELP YOU FIND IT!" (Bruce Colero) writes:

Couple of things... I still havnt seen the STW video, (im from toronto), hasthe cd single been released yet?

(I'm from Hamilton, and Much does have the vid, that's where I got mine from,but in terms of it being for sale up here, no dice! You might want to checkthe Sam's, Tower and HMV superstores though. And if you find them, PLEASELET ME KNOW!!)

And i would love a dub of Deon Estus tape, if only for "Heaven help me" .Ilove that song. More to the point id be willing to pay for a tape of b sidesongs of Georges, for example fantasy, heaven help (i know off of Deon's) butim sure their are a few songs that are available that werent released on thealbums.

(Bruce: Not a problem if you want it, and I have it, you'll get it. Justsend me a list of what you want. Nice to know there's someone on here soclose to YM HQ!! AG)

"They notice fast..." (Camille) writes:

Hi Amanda,

Thought I'd make a suggestion about subscribers to the mailing list. I'm intouch with a few people from the boards and somebody who reads them almosteveryday hadn't heard about Yogmail.

(Such a travesty!!!! AG)

Could I suggest (Jason Ladd) writes:

I love his music and I love him as a person. The only regret is that I willnever get to meet him. Does he have a fan club?

(No, the fan club folded a number of years ago. The only fan clubs I know ofare the unofficial ones--kinda like YOGMAIL here--online. AG)
I think we deserve a country check...

AG rambles:

Here we go, as of yesterday's membership tracking (and this is only a guesssince not everyone told me where they're from):

YOGMAIL is regularly read in: Canada; the USA (esp. California and NorthCarolina); Australia; New Zealand; Korea; Japan; Mexico; Greece; Sweden;Germany; Spain; Norway; Denmark; India; Brazil; the UK; and Hungary.

Please don't tell me you want numbers too, but I will tell you that betterthan 50% are from the US.

If you don't see your country listed, e me!

AG rambles:

It's being taped Oct.11th--the day before Alicia's BDay she reminded me--inLondon. Among the play list is a Bonnie Raitt song.


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