HI all! Was hoping to make this the great YM with all the lost messages, afew new features, and a breakdown of where the network reaches, but--and Imean can you believe this--I was given a bunch of reading to get done forclasses tomorrow! Really, imagine the gall of my professors, to expect me todo work! What do they think, you're supposed to do something other thandrink and write e mail while at university? My parents are paying good moneyto send me there, how dare the profs tell me what to do!? And then there'swhat all this work does to the YOGMAIL, how am I expected to clock the hoursneeded if I have to do boring required reading??? Alas...

1. Due to a number of sending errors with yesterday's edition, I will bedoing a mass re-sending. My apologies to all those will be double sent it. Better to inconvenience a few than deprive the masses.
2. YM family is now 136 members strong! I guess the next goal is 250...
3. txt files will be going out tomorrow.
4. Missing anything? Just let me know!
5. Alicia fully "apologizes" for making YOGMAIL late Sunday, something aboutbeing drunk methinks...
5. Just wondering, should the need ever arise--you know, I kill myex-husband and some poor waitress--could I count on any of you to "drive theBronco"?
"The things that I know..." (Elena S. Mavros) writes:

While the VH1 Fashion Awards will be taped on October 24, VH1 won't be airingthem until October 25. So, hopefully we will know before they're airedwhether or not George appeared at them and, thus, whether or not they'reworth taping.

(Good thinking VH1! Still I'm hoping, but will George go to an awards showwhere the emphasis is on image? Gee, just take a good look at hiswardrobe... AG)
"Ooh I'm talking to you..." (Rene') writes:

PLEASE be patient with us! Don't forget, most of us are easily intimidated bythose strange internet voices coming out of our friendly computers. I meanthey have personalities and opinions (usually contrary to our own). So we,the humble, are used to lurking, and reading, and lurking... Even when we askfor Yogmail, we are quite shocked that you actually want responses--from us!Surely, someone brave and hearty will respond?!! Anyway, now that we aresure you are talking to US, you willget more responses. We might even become chatty! (gasp)

(LURK NO MORE!!!! SOMETIMES YOU HAVE TO TELL THE WORLD HOW YOU FEEL, EVENWHEN THEY DON'T WANT TO HEAR ABOUT IT!!!--oops, shameless Madonna quote,wonder how that happened! BTW, special gift to anyone who can tell me whoDonna DeLory is. Anyway, here's the beauty of YOGMAIL, it's not the wholeworld, it's just a bunch of Yog fans! And guess what, WE WANT TO HEAR ABOUTIT, that's why I started this!!! SO YES, SPEAK UP!!!!! HEY YOU! YES YOU,THE ONE STARING INTO THIS STRANGE GLASS AND PLASTIC THING! I'M TALKING TOYOU! POST POST POST!!!!! I CHALLENGE YOU TO GET CHATTY! GIVE ME EVEN LESSTIME TO DO MY HOMEWORK, I DARE YOU!!!!!!!! AND REMEMBER, THE ULTIMATEDARE...IS TO TELL THE TRUTH!! AG)

So thanks again for your assistance, patience, and Bravery!! Good Luck withyour courses at University.

(I am here to serve, and once more, do it all in the name of Yog! Thanks forthe wish of luck, if I keep working at my current pace, I have a feeling I'mgonna need it... AG)
"All that bullshit conversation..." (Tim) writes:

I checked out the ARK's WEB site and I think it was OK but not a big deal, avirtual interview means nothing, we all basically know what George likes todo but we would like to hear it from him !!, I will try to add the link to mypage !!

(A virtual interview may mean nothing, but since in terms of interviewsGeorge offers us virtually nothing... AG)
"HEY I'LL HELP YOU FI anda high quality Maxell audio tape will run you about $5. Let me know. AG)

2.Does GM have any concert videos?

(Commerically released no, bootleg wise, yes. The trick is finding them. Further details to follow in a future YM, keep your eyes peeled for "HEYI'LL HELP YOU..." AG)

Also credit to those who have started this list it is much needed to keep upwith our man since not much publlicity except for court cases is done forhim.

(That would be me, the irrepressable, and thoroughly immodest AmandaGardonyi. But I was not alone in this quest. The idea came from seeing somany other artists who had mailing lists and feeling that George deserved onetoo! Thanks and credit to JT for telling me how to start one of thesethings, and giving me pointers. Credit and thanks also to Tim for giving mefront page coverage on such a great WEB site--Bo, feel free to do thesame--and putting up with my stupid computer questions. Then there make an her my Andrew Ridgeley, when it comesto the work she doesn't do anything, but she's always there to encourage me! AG)

Peace and thanks to all who can help
"(Gee Keren) where would (we) be without all this attention?..." (JT) writes:

<< I have no idea why so many North Americans don't like George. I blamealternative music personally. Around 1992 there suddenly became somethingwrong with bathing and wearing nice clothes. George also has this tendencyto take himself a bit too seriously, which we hate here in North America. But really, I'm not too sure where he went wrong. I think he hurt himselfmost when he stopped making videos. Then of course there's the Sony thing. A lot of people had no idea what happened, that he had even taken them tocourt, most just assumed he had retired. AG>>

Hey there! I'm just catching up on reading old YogMail issues and thecomment above caught my eye. The career parallels between GM and the Nanasare strikingly similar in a lot of ways -- a rash of popularity in the1980's, followed by virtual disappearance from North American airplay forseveral years, leading most to assume retirement, breakup, etc...

(pseudo-marriage to Andrew Ridgeley... AG)

...BUT I think more people here know about GM than they do about the Nanas,who really didn't get a single released here following "Love, Truth andHonesty" for several years, and who don't have decent record companiespromoting them here.

(I know just how you feel, there are times when I cry "Every Shade ofBlue"... Hey Yog fans, go buy a Bananarama album! You'll be contributing toAndy's wealth...and be getting some great music!!! AG)

Just thought I'd point that out. Good job with the list. Keep it up!

(Thanks JT, without you it wouldn't be here! AG)
"You don't belong to me...(but I think it's reallysweet that you buy my records)" (Kinga Pawlaczyk) writes:'d be nice to know some other people who like George...urgh...did Isay like?....I meant are obsessed! with him...*grin*.

(Just call me guilty of love in the first degree--why the heck am I quotingall my fave performers tonight? Hey Alicia, Think it Over for me will you? AG)

I am still rather steamed at his refusal to release STW here in NA...rathersad, methinks

(There's hope, but don't anyone be holding their breath, can't have Georgebeing charged with manslaughter can we? AG)


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