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1. YOGMAIL is late today because of a late night phone call--12:30amEST--from Alicia ( whom at some point blatantly said "I'mgonna make YOGMAIL really late now!" with a certain degree of glee.
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"I can't help thinking that's strange..." (Brent Pearson) writes:
Hello everyone!
I just saw the Spinning The Wheel video (Yes I am in America) and what is the deal with the steel structure in the video?? And the whole gun reference what is that suppose to represent??

(Gun: Russian roulette, check out the film The Deer hunter for further details on this. AG)

Well I dont know but the video is so cool!! GM looks so hip in his shades and jacket! Is that really Deon Estus in the video playing BASS?? Hmmm does not look like him at all but he is only shown for a second so who knows.

(Looks like Deon to me. I'm assuming he's got some job security--despite not playing a note on Older--if for no other purpose than I can't really seeGeorge strapping on a bass for concerts. AG)

Well Why do we Americans always get the short end of the stick?? AttentionUSA & Canada did you know that the Wham! Fantastic CD in Europe and UK has 3extra songs on it compared to our American release of only 8?? Wow well the 3extra songs are remixes "Love M.", "Ray of Sunshine" & "Nothing looks thesame in the light". Wow that remix of "Nothing" is so good anyone elseagree???

(Well now I'm pissed... AG)

Well back to viewing the Spinning video to see what else I missed the firstfew times around. Oh what about that car in the video? Is it all full oftiny mirrors??

(I think the car's sequined actually, but it could be mirrors. I guess it'sjust a giant disco ball of sorts, and we do know how George loves his disco. AG)

Cheers! Brent (OH dont be scared to ask for help on installing the GMwallpapers I made if you dont know how just ask and if you dont have themjust e-mail me and I will send one as an e-mail attachment ....

(Despite never telling you I received the STW one, I did, and it's great. Aquestion, can't you convert them to bmp's as opposed to sending them as dat. I downloaded a dat once, and it took forever, then when I sent a copy toAlicia, I sent it as a bmp, and it sent a whole lot faster. I mean we haveto convert them to bmp anyway. Just a suggestion, and please send me more! AG)

(Personal Note to Brent: This posting was lost in the annals of Mail I'veRead and that's why it took so long to post. Sorry. AG)

"HEY I'LL HELP YOU FIND IT!" (Kelly) writes:
I have a question: I noticed the release of "Listen withoutprejudice-Interview listen without prejudice-Interview album" in Asem's page.What is it like? What's the whole content of the album(e.g. What he said)? Please explain to me in detail. Thank you in advance.

(Can someone help Keli out? AG)

******************************************************************************To Keli-
The interview album is really interesting. It's broken down into twodifferent segments, one in conversation format and the other in Q & A. Bothsegments cover the same material, which is written on the inside of thealbum. He talks a lot about the album (of course) and shows his normalintelligent, witty self. (I try to remain unbiased when it comes to Mr.Panos, but I find it's terribly difficult!)

(Kel: Need I say have spoken.'

You mean to tell me that it wouldn't wash with him?! :)~

(I can here it now: "RONNIE!!! Get her the hell away from me!!!" AG)

Kelly still writes:
Hi, there-

(Hi where? AG)

I'm a bit confused. I always thought that the ∆ symbol was a 'Greek thing'.It's pretty popular in a lot of Greek words, especially from ancient Greece.I figured he was showing his heritage a bit. Especially with a name like∆gean.

(That's what I kinda thought too. AG)

Not that I doubt your story!!

(Bo told us that it was a Danish letter that George saw while recording inDenmark, and feeling the need to have a trademark... AG)

Thanks for the info. Just more things to ponder when it comes to George . .

.(Which we all know are infinite. AG)

"Sometimes the clothes do not make the man".... andsometimes they do.

"Fastlove" is nominated for "Most Stylish Music Video" at the upcoming VH1Fashion Awards which will take place on October 24 at Madison Square Garden.The rest of the nominees in this category are: Bryan Adams "The Only ThingThat Looks Good On Me Is You," Toni Braxton "You're Makin' Me High," MelissaEtheridge "Your Little Secret," and Oasis "Champagne Supernova". This awardis given to the musical artist, the video director, and the stylist.

(OK, so I think the major competition is Toni Braxton. But if this award hasanything to do with $ spent on clothing in general, then I think George's gotit. A humble request: In the event of Canada not getting them live andGeorge actually choosing to appear, does anyone have an extra VCR to copy meone, and the time to FEDEX it me the next morning? I will of course pay theexpenses. AG)

"Lead me to some peaceful land..." (Jo) writes:
My friend just found an unbelieveably cool George Michael website! They have*everything*! I'm not kidding!! They have 2 galleries full of pics,autobiographies, and even his own quotes! Here it is:

(I am quite familiar with this one. It's run by YOGMAIL family member BoAndersen. AG)

One of his quotes says that sexuality is a very private thing and should staythat way. I guess he doesn't have a problem talking about *sex* in varioussongs but he won't utter a word about *sexuality* anywhere, any time.

"But something good has happened to me..."

Don't know if anyone has heard or not but former whamster Pepsi is in amusical called "He Say, She Say". I'm not sure if its actually still runningbecause the advertisement I saw was about a month ago. It amazing what youfind out while watching late night television.

(HOW DID YOU FIND THIS OUT? Any more details? AG)

Old Quote from Newsweek Mag.
"I think they do, very probably."
- Rock star George Michael, when asked if his lovers try harder in bedbecause he's famous.

(hmmmm... AG)

"Spinning that wheel..." (Richard Shoucair) writes:
Does anyone know the release date for the single Spinning the Wheel.

I read it was supposed to be on 8/13/96 but so far I have been unable to findit in the record stores.

(All we know, is that it has just been released to clubs in the US, and thatCanadian radio and music TV is running it. As for sales, it would seem thatit is pretty much available everywhere else in the world, except NorthAmerica. Now call me crazy, but does anyone else think that maybe DreamWorksmusic is supposed to be a tax write off to offset impending movie and--maybeone day--TV success by having mortal music flops, despite trying to get--andactually having one of--the greatest artists available? AG)

"I can't help thinking that's strange..." (Jimmy Avery) writes:
Could someone please explain to catch sight of a what is normally a fabulous work of art on my wall offame--devoted to the people I love and admire--and scream! Now why did Iscream at a foamcore mounted laminated picture of the cover art of Older--asmade by Alicia--you ask? Well it was pretty dark, and I just caught sight ofthat green eye! So then I look over to the other pic I have hanging over theTV--same shot, but this was the Canadian print ad for the album--and I screamagain! SO I tell my friends "I am surrounded by possessed pictures of GeorgeMichael!" I am 20 years old, and sitting alone in a fairly large house--momand dad are at work--in the middle of the night, and wigging out overpictures of George Michael--my childhood idol! Needless to say, the picturescame down for a few days, and on a bad day, I still get weirded out when Ilook at the cover art... AG)



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