OK, I've got new software, and should be putting it to good use sometime real soon! (Thanks Lesley!) I'd like to tell you that I've solved the great mystery of YOGMAIL, but that would be a lie! I'm hoping the new software will solve that.

Also, I'm sorry the mail went out a touch late today. I tried to send it at the usual time, but I couldn't send it, and trust me I kept trying, in fact it made me late for a class! Oh well... I got to it as soon as I got home!

I must confess that I wasted my afternoon on the world wide web, so that's why I still haven't gotten all the back issues out yet. Anyone still needing still has time to get me! I'll be sending them tonight!

Anyway, I hope to give the latest member count tomorrow, but I think it's about safe to say we've hit the magic number!!!

This issue is a bit of a mishmash of a bunch of stuff that's been coming in since Friday, and also a few postings from new members who's addresses have just recently been confirmed.


"I changed my name..." (Brent Pearson) writes:
Hello Everyone!

(OK Stefan, help me out on this one... AG)

Ok here is how to get the famous Æ sysmbol or at least how I got it..... The story goes like this I saw the Æ on a chat board someone was using it and I asked them if I could use the Æ and they said yeah no problem because they too copied it from someone who copied it from someone etc... So anyway no one seems to know where it came from originally but what I did is copied the GEORGE MICHÆL name from the chat board or you could do it right now just highlight it and copy it (under Edit and then copy) and I pasted it onto a e-mail message (Select Edit and Paste) and sent it to myself so now I have it when I need it I just go to that message and copy it and paste it onto where I need it like here GEORGE MICHÆL see I just copied it and pasted it again wasn't that fun??? Yeah it was! so everyone just highlight and copy it and paste it onto a e-mail message and send it to yourself it is as easy as that. I wish I knew how to actually made the Æ part but if someone knows the technical part please let us know....Oh for you who know about BMP or bitmap files and want Wallpaper for your desktop in bmp form just e-mail me and I will send you some cool bmp's I made of GEORGE MICHÆL (look it does come in handy doesn't it?) I made one of Older with pics from the album and one of the New Spinning The Wheel release and many others so for you who are tired of your picture on your desktop or just want some new ones of GEORGE MICHÆL just feel free to e-mail me at and I will send them your way. There is someone who I have sent the wallpapers I made already and liked them a lot so I guess they did turn out well.
Cheers! Brent


"Looking for some affirmation..." (Susie) writes:
Anbody notice the familiar tone between Cher's "One by One" and fast love? Wondering if I am the only one who thinks so! :)

yeah! yeah!

(Haven't heard Cher's song, but if you're gonna do it, do it right! AG)

"YEAH YEAH!" (Hatu, Tim) writes:

On a brighter note : the YOGMAIL page on my WEB has hit more than 320 hits !! and I am going now to buy the 2nd CD (the mixes) for Spinning the Wheel, it will be released today !!

(While I'm glad to hear the site's being hit frequently, MUST YOU GLOAT ABOUT STW?!?!?!?!?! AG)

"These are the things that keep you happy..." (Andrea) writes:
Barefeet rule, his feet are so cute!! I just want to sit in his lap! I can't stand cowboy boots--I did not like him wearing those things!

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^"I do not count myself among you"^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Gay, Lesbian, Hetero etc.... " How much is enough" ?

"Don't you think I'm looking older..." (Johanna) writes:
He's a very modern guy. He's close friends with Elle McPherson and other super models(remember the Freedom video?). She got his Older album before it was released. Do any of you remember the anticipation?! I was so anxious. "Oh my god he's making a comeback! I *need* his new album NOW!" I haven't heard any of his *new* singles, like "Spinning the Wheel". I haven't watched MTV recently, has the video been playing here in The States? I fail to comprehend *why* he doesn't do interviews any more. Whats his audience like? I don't think my age group is his target audience. And one more-- how is Georgio pronounced? He said he hated "george-ee-o". I take it he's Greek then. Okay thats all for now!

(Georgios=Yorgos. AG)

"Looking for some education..." (Keli) writes:
I have a question: I noticed the release of "Listen without prejudice-Interview listen without prejudice-Interview album" in Asem's page. What is it like? What's the whole content of the album(e.g. What he said)? Please explain to me in detail. Thank you in advance.

(Can someone help Keli out? AG)

"When you find love..." (Paola Contreras R.) writes:

This is my first mail since I'm new on the list. I'm from the last country of the world (Chile), but I'm pretty happy to tell you that here is one of the places of the world where YOG is most beloved. He has been on the national charts ever since January.

(So it's just North America then... AG)

I had the chance to see the STW video last Sunday and I«ve gotta tell you that it's great. And this mix version is amaizing. The only thing is that Fastlove is still on top, so we'll have to wait a bit to before STW gets to be on top. Every single song by George usually gets to the top and stays there for week. We simply love him.

(No surprise there! AG)

It's nice being here. Hope it turns great.




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