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AG writes:

OK, here it is, I asked, a few of you answered. I see we are not a group fond of interviews--much like our Georgios I suppose... (Alan) writes:
"My vote- short hair....he looks more masculine." (Roderick L. Wallace Greenwood) writes:
"I think George looks best with short hair. (Faith short, not Older short)." (Stefan Kirchfeld) writes:
"i just want to vote concerning the poll; in my opinion G. looks better with *short hair* (but the new beard no comment)"

(Obviously, you have never heard the logic behind such a beard... AG) (Mark and Lisa Schrimpshire) writes:
"I guess George has the right to cut his hair any way he likes. But I think his hair was way too nice to cut off. Here's to hoping for a hair change..."

(Agreed! AG) (Kelly) writes:
"I think George looked best during the LWP period. That length of hair looks best on him. I wish he would stop shaving his head! (or stop having his sister do it for him...)"

(Melanie needs something to do I guess... AG)

"I like the idea of the poll. Perhaps we can persuade him to leave his hair (and face, for that matter) alone!"

(Yeah Kelly, YOU go and try and tell George what to do! AG) (sarah mager--who has an aversion to capitals somedays) writes:
"long locks versus short locks? Hmn I'll go for longer" (shelly renee andrews) writes:
"Well, I'll have to say, the quarter inch look. Why? Because it looks easy. I'm all for easy hair. I think it would be okay for him to shave it even. It means no silly hairdresser running out to bother him (if he ever does a public apperance again) and I bet its easier to wear wigs. Now if he would only ditch the fancy pants clothing, I'd feel comfortable showing him around mid America. He is not his haircut by a long shot, but it does give us an idea about where his priorities are, so I like it, bunches."

(GEORGE DON'T LISTEN TO HER!!!! WE BEG OF YOU, PLEASE DON'T SHAVE YOUR HEAD!!!! Oh, his silly hairdresser is his big sister Melanie. Besides, I think this world needs some well dressed men... AG) (Keli) writes:
"Speaking of his hair, I think there were several changes in it. During wham, he wore long like Princess Di and had his hair cut rather short(Faith days) and after release of "Don't ...", I guess, the length of his hair was completely short. And he began to have a goatee I don't like it very much. My favorite is in the video of Faith." (Eric Steenbergen) writes:
"I prefer long hair." (Debra Sue Miller) writes:
"I love George's hair much better long, like it was during "Faith". He is just too damn sexy that way!!" (Alicia--the Jungle Woman) writes:
"In response to the hair thing--MORE! MORE! MORE! PUH-LEASE let the Caesar grow out!!!! I miss your other looks--any of them!!!!!!!!!:):):)"

(Did you try to make a Disco/Bananarama reference or was that an accident? AG) writes:
"I don't really like the Caesar cut because it makes his hair look plastered to his head. I think I would like it if he grew it out some but not as much as the Faith days." (Connie) writes:
"I love George's short hair. I remember the first time I saw it - the Rio pictures. At first, I was kinda taken back, you know, I didn't expect it, but it really looks best on him. I mean, just think about it. Remember his hair in the "A Different Corner" video? UGH! To anyone that was digging that hairdo - SORRY!"

(When I first saw the Rio pictures I cried and walked around the house clutching one going "Why?" in this rather high pitched voice. As for A Different Corner, hey, I thought that do was kinda sexy, 'course I was like 11... AG) (Melanie) writes:
"Although we shouldn't care about George's hair and should just be listening (without prejudice) to the music, I like George's hair during the "Faith" era. (Hope that helps you with the poll!)"

(I know we should just listen to the music, but we need some other things to discuss too. AG) (Andrea) writes:
"Definitely short hair :) It works best with his face." (Elena S. Mavros) writes:
"I'm willing to vote on the subject of George's hair, but I'm a wee bit confused at the moment. When I think "long" I think of when his hair was considerably longer than it is now (well, I suppose anything is longer than what it is now), like during the Wham! in China video. "Short" could mean either the Faith/LWP hairdo or the current look, which I would tend to more appropriately call "near bald" or "low maintenance", take your pick. So, if you could clarify for me what you mean by "short" and "long" it would help me make up my mind and I'll be more than happy to submit my vote."

(Which I did, and here was her vote:)

"Thanks for the clarification. Cast my vote for long. The current 'do has got to go...." (Johanna) writes:
I loved Georges gruff, sexy look in the Faith video. The long hair was great, but he looked.. young. This new, plastered-to-the-head look makes him look, shall we say, "Older." Ted Danson's done it. So has George Clooney. It's a modern thing I guess. He's a very modern guy."

(True, but lest we forget which George had it first--OURS!!! AG) (Shawn Light) writes:
"I like the new do. Actually, if you think about it, that hair style is very trendy right now. But who had it first, way back during the Cover To Cover Tour?? GEORGE DID!! However, I prefer the hair style he had for the Concert of Hope that played on the Disney Channel in the U.S." (Amanda) writes:
"Give me the man from Faith anyday!!!"

And just in--a special "very last minute" add! (Lesley) writes:
"A day late and a dollar short as usual but here's my vote on Yoghair."

(By supreme luck, you're not, I just couldn't send the mail as usual, so I logged on to send it, and there I saw your vote and JUST HAD TO ADD IT! AG)

"LONG but I'd take him with short hair and work hard to get him to grow it again I'm probably the only mom who wishes her teenage boys would grow out those 'Toups'! As long as it's clean, the longer the better."




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