(And man have I got a hangover!--and have to be at school for a class in two hours!)

OK, so it's the morning after the MTV Music Video Awards, and you may rest assured that my drinking last night was begat of bitterness and not victory! Thinking "OK this is good, George is up for a couple of awards, I'll call over my nearest and dearest, we'll watch the ceremony." I figure show starts at 8, ends at 11, friends over from 7 to 11, drink some soda--have school tomorrow and all--eat some chips, etc. Well, next thing I know we're piling beer into a cooler. Show starts.
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!! Mariah's on! THROW PROJECTILES AT THE SCREEN. 20 shattered pretzels later... OK, so there were some performances, but none worth taping. OK, George is up for Best Dance Video now, my friend's gather round me as though I were the one getting the award, and the winner is COOLIO! WHATEVER!! Now I'm pissed! I write a mean e mail about MTV to Alicia--two words, take a guess...--my drinking increases as I curse MTV for not realizing that the winner was not a Dance track! The MuchMusic VJ even wonders how the hell that happened! We watch more of the awards, a redeeming moment: FastLove did receive the MTV International European Viewer's Choice award--a round of celebration, a phone call to Alicia (so what if it's long distance, I felt she had to celebrate with us! Course I forgot it wasn't live on the west coast, so she was getting all the winners three hours ahead of time. HEY, we could parlay that into a seriously profitable betting pool at the next Awards babe...)--see, as Alicia and I figured out, if you kiss up to them you will be rewarded, and George is a master at kissing up to MTV Europe from what I hear, I know he's been on hand at both Euro Awards. Best Choreography was given to Bjork--like I'd want to see her dancing in the shower in wet leather... GEORGE, I'M GLAD YOU DIDN'T WASTE YOUR TIME AND GO! (As my pal Dom said to me to cheer me up when I explained why George and MTV have such a less than stellar relationship "Hey, he's sitting at home watching these Awards laughing his ass off at them cuz he knows he's better!" Big hug for Dom needless to say!) Anyway, that said, the party ended up becoming not the MTV Awards party, but the SCREW MTV PARTY!! So we got more beer, and got more drunk, and next thing I know the awards are over--BTW KISS ROCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!--I listen to one of my fave songs to ease my mind (no it wasn't George either) called You Got Love, then we have Bananarama on the VCR (Dom has this tremendous crush on Andrew's girlfriend) I'm singing More More More--the Bananarama version--and then we got out the karaoke machine, and damn it if I didn't sing FastLove, and so what if I had to be up at 8am, and so what if I have to be at school, and so what if when my pals were going thru my old magazines, they randomly grabbed one with Coolio's face on it--which I considered heaving out the window for a second, but that would have ruined a perfect collection of Details magazines from April 1993 to present--and there was more singing and more dancing, and oh my, look at that, it's 1am! My pals finally bailed at 2, and I went straight to bed, only to wake up at 7:15am, a full 45 minutes before my alarm was set to go off, with a hangover the size of Tommy Mottola's ego!

And how was your night...

1. Missing issues? E mail me by midnite EST Friday or you're getting it as a text file. Anyone who already has done so, I'll be forwarding them in the next 36 hours.
2. HAIR MAIL goes out Saturday, that means vote by midnite EST Friday.
3. The abbreviation BTW means "by the way".


"WE'LL win the race..."

AG says:
OK, so you all recall my shameless plug of the Bananarama mailing list the other day? Well look what I noticed in the latest Bananarama mailing yesterday:

"I'm on a quest to GROW this LIST! We've got 90-something members now, and I would love to see it reach 100 people before I (sob) hand it over to Kei in October. Besides, Amanda (Yog88) has got a great new George Michael mailing list and after a little more than a week, she already has 60+ subscribers (several of whom subscribe here too -- I guess GM and NANA fans have a lot in common!) At this rate, the GM list is likely to hit 100 soon, and, well, I think we can beat them to it! So let's just say I'm proposing a friendly little race (grin) and what you can all do to help is to find as many of your friends as possible who are interested in joining the list and sign them up." From our pal JT (

SO JT, you want to race? I've got 82 subscribers with another handful waiting to join once I get confirmation of their e mail address, but just to make sure THE FAITHFUL WIN, I'll waive the normal procedure--well the one I've been using for the last week, which is the norm--and sign up everyone as soon as they e me to join! TELL YOUR FRIENDS!! We cannot be beat by the Nana's!!! BTW JT, is that what you call a shameless plug? Tsk tsk... ; )

"I gotta tell you..." (Alicia--pronouced "uh lee see uh") writes:
Hey all!

I'm jealous of anyone who saw the "Spinning" video(this means you AG!:))

(I know I still owe you details baby, will get to them when I get home tonite. Full STW vid synopsis in tomorrow's YOGMAIL, but to you later today OK? And as we decided last night--MTV SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AG)

I will respectfully decline to respond to the sexual orientation question...

(ATM!! AG)

Never heard the LWP2 thing either--I didn't think it was released.

Take care all!!!:):):)

"Practising the same religion..." writes:
About his sexuality, it really doesn't matter. He doesn't seem to think it matters either: "I do believe that we are practicing the same religion..." That little bit of information about his personal life could be evidence of why his music is so passionate and emotional.

(I was wondering, has the man who grinded his way around the world on the Faith tour, finally found himself sitting in a church? AG)

"What do you consider pornography?" (Connie) writes:
Hey Amanda - you love George in his cowboy boots? I love George barefoot. Those toes really get to me. Anyone else?

(OK all, time to confess your fetishes. I will tell you this much, when it comes to dating I have a rule: If you intend to get serious with me, I'd better see evidence of a beard within a few weeks. AND then there's chest hair! More on that tomorrow! AG)


STILL LOOKING FOR CONCERT STORIES! (Alicia, I know you've got a few good ones...)


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