And how was your day? I popped into my university for a whole hour and paid some $500 for books, needless to say, I was not amused! HOWEVER, upon my return home from my shopping spree, I saw my answering machine light blinking, and upon hitting play, found myself jumping into the car to go and get THE SPINNING THE WHEEL VIDEO!! A friend of mine taped it for me. I've watched it a couple times now, and while it's no FastLove, I think the vid suits the song to a T!

Note: Anyone missing issues, e me! This will be your last chance to settle up last weeks e mails, before they are converted to text files! Thanks.

Also: For people who keep asking, TRIVIA ANSWERS WERE POSTED AUGUST 31st!


"There are things that I don't want to know..."

(Above courtesy of Eric) (sarah mager) writes:

"Ok you bought up the sexual orientation question! My only response I have is when a friend of mine met Bassey Walker (Sara Dallin of bananarama - again I know...) he asked her if she knew that george michael was gay - apparently he gets all the good looking guys...(what a suprise!) and then there was those nice drag pictures and all male parties that he throws......

(To clarify, Bassey is Sara Dallin's boyfriend. AG)

of course who really gives a damn anyway?"

ALSO: (Eric Steenbergen) writes:
"Yes, it took just a couple of days but finally the question came up. Is George Michael homo or bi-sexual. The answer is: does it really matter? Ask yourself this question again. Does it really matter? (stop reading for five seconds... and think about it!

(Hmmmm.... AG)

No it does not! So I suggest to make this not an issue for a discussion. We should be talking about the music, the albums, videos and songs and not about the private life of George Michael. There are some artists who wants us to take a look in their private life but George Michael choose to separate his musical life from his private life. Out of respect we should restrict ourselves just to his musical life.

(I have no problems discussing his personal life, but I WANT TO DISCUSS FACTS!!!! AG)

If we should start this discussion it may end up in judgments about his private life and I'm sure none of us will become any wiser by ending a discussion like that.

(Let me testify, I have seen this very discussion wage war, and I don't want to see that here if it can be avoided. But I guess it's up to you... AG)

I think that everybody should live the life they want. Gay, lesbian, hetero it does not matter as long as you are happy. So wish everybody what they wish for themselves. Just for the record, I'm hetero-sexual and I'm really happy with that.

Regards from the land of tulips and windmills where everybody legally can get married: gays, lesbians and even hetero-sexual people!

** But the one thing I have is my pride**
Dear Amanda, I thought let's help a little with some lyrics. If you wish to reply to above please send to my private e-mail address. I do respect that you stay out of discussions like this in the YOGmail issues."

(Thanks for the lyric help, I was thinking about using the exact same line! AND, I'll respond to this publicly--I have just gotten into one too many violent arguments about this topic, and "I don't want to go back there..." AG)

"HEY I'LL HELP YOU FIND IT!" (Stefan Kirchfeld) writes:
Hi everybody!(donīt do it, Amanda!!!)

( AG)

i read in one of the last Yogmail editions that LWP II _does_ exist; i cannot really believe that but if itīs true could anybody mail a list of tracks featured on the album. Because if itīs worth it i would desperately like to have a copy of it (i.e. on tape). Iīm gonna pay for this of course!

So can anybody help me with this?

(I can't, but I'm sure someone out there can. AG)


Still looking for votes on how George's hair looks best, pick your fave 'do and e me! A dozen responses from 80 people is kinda sad folks. Can I at least get 25% turnout? Hair mail--thanks Shawn--to be posted when I reach 20 responses.

"Looking for some affirmation..."

MTV Music Video Awards are tomorrow night. George is up for 2 awards: Best Choreography and Best Dance Video. Everyone think happy thoughts...



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