So here we are, finally back on track. A fair amount of stuff to get to too. Hope all of you here in North America had a great long weekend--I know I did!

Anyway, have tried to solve the problem of dozens of e mail addresses to scan past before getting to the good stuff--GEORGE NEWS!--by doing something called blind carbon copying, it might just work for those of us on America Online, so if anyone who wants to could tell me if it helps, please e me! My thanks to Lesley ( for the idea, and to JT ( for letting me be the guinea pig--I expect to see credit in the next Bananarama list my friend. : )

Speaking of JT, I guess I will now give his Bananarama mailing list shameless promotion in hopes of YOGMAIL receiving the same? For all the latest news on Keren, Sarah and even Siobahn and Jacquie, e mail I've been a happy subscriber for a while now, and highly recommend it!

1. There have been a lot of error messages when I send the list lately, so if you aren't getting your YOGMAIL daily--or are missing any--please e mail me!!!
2. Still looking for more votes on the hair thing. Does George look better with long or short hair?
3. Still looking for more locations. Where are you from??
4. The YOGMAIL family is now 76 members strong, with another 8 members on the horizon--once their addresses are confirmed! I WANT 100!!!!



OK, so you asked for it, and here it is! This is where you post what you've got or what you need in terms of Georgely/Wham!ly/Andrewly/ product. It's our very own piracy corner! This is illegal, but as long as no money changes hands--except for the costs of postage and blank tapes of course--I think we'll all be practising the same religion so all should be OK. You can also use this area to sell your old originals. Profit is acceptable in that respect, but please, no price gouging on anything you dub!!!

So let's get busy...

"There's a liar in my head..." (Elena S. Mavros) writes:
Hi Amanda!
(Hi Elena! AG)

I just wanted to (hopefully) help solve some of the confusion surrounding the premiere of Jesus To A Child. George first performed the song at the MTV European Music Awards on Thanksgiving 1994. Capital FM played it in April 1995 as part of a fund-raising campaign for the charity Help a London Child. About 70,000 pounds were raised, 30,000 of which came from George himself. George let Capital FM play Older (the song, not the album) this past April as part of their annual fund-raising campaign, though offhand I don't recall how much money was raised.

(Very well, I sit corrected. Oops... AG)

Well, that's it from me for now.
Take care.

"And only God knows why..." (Shelly Renee Andrews) writes:
Hi again all! I may ask too many questions, but I promise if you respond, I'll cut back.

(There's nothing wrong with asking questions!!!! ASK ALL YOU WANT!!! AG)

I think this is a great idea AG.

(Why thank you... AG)

Now, on with the show.
Has anybody seen the film "8 Seconds" was a rather dumb (sorry if you liked it) American rodeo film. What does this have to do with GM? Hang in there. The Cesna pilot looks awfuly familiar. Even with a hat and glasses. And there is a special thank you to "George Michael" in the credits. Trivial, I know. Now, before you go and say, "Duh,'s the Sportscaster George Michael" He is in the film, and is given a credit at the end of the movie... "George Michael.....Himself" ...but later, at the very end of the credits, in the "special thanks to" section it says "George Michael."

(Watch for Mr. Michael--the sportscaster--'s forthcoming single I Want Your Socks. AG)

I know, I may be thinking, they gave special thanks to the sports caster because he was a guest star...well, maybe. However, the film was loaded full of music star cameos...mostly country music (Americana--I think you call it in England) stars. So, anybody who is interested, see the film. Am I crazy or just too perceptive? Did anybody else pick this up on their own? He (GM) does own a Cesna...or did. Could he fly it? Amanda...don't fear, he wasn't wearing cowboy boots, or bib overalls, but it was a cowboy film.

(Guess I'll be running out to the video store tomorrow... I think he owns a Cesna--or yes, at least used to, and with the place in St. Tropez would not likely have gotten rid of it. But recall that young Georgios couldn't be a pilot as he had dreamed for he was partially colour blind, I know this destroyed his chances commercially, but I also believe it would stop him from getting even a private flying license. Can anyone help me here? By the way Shelly, I LOVE GEORGE IN HIS COWBOY BOOTS!!!!! AG)

Another the trivia answers get posted? Or do we have to guess to get the answers?

(They were posted this weekend, I gave up on all of you. Guess you didn't get that issue. Anyone else have this problem? Let me know, I can do a mass re-sending!! Sorry. AG)

Bye for now.

"It's all I need..." (Connie) writes:
I've been trying to pull together some of the addresses given (for George bootlegs and such) over the past few issues and I thought it would be great to send them in again as one group. You know, then they would be easier to find. So, here they go again.

Record Runner
5 Jones Street
New York, NY 10014

Music Point
Siegmaringer-Street 49
72474 Winterlingen, Germany
phone: +49 7434 31324
fax: +49 7434 31325

Worldwide CD
1 800 663 1616

(GREAT THINKING CONNIE!!! I like it when people save me work... AG)

Also, I know there was some discussion over Nancy Schnitzler and I have her address here.
Nancy Schnitzler
P.O. Box 4209
Simi Valley, CA 93093

I realize the e-mail address is different than the one you gave Amanda ( so, I'm not sure what is up with that. I have ordered from her before and I can say that she has quite a selection of George/Andrew/Wham! merchandise. I believe it would be well worth asking for her catalogue.

(I too have ordered from her as have a few friends, and found her selection to be fantastic--I got one of my prized possessions from her, oh, thanks again Alicia!--but some of the quality to be lacking, though I must say her prices are pretty reasonable! The e mail address I posted was the one she uses to send me. I do recommend her, but I have to warn you buyer beware! AG)

Also, I think there is a list of addresses and stuff on Tim's WEB page. Right?

(Tim? AG)

I hope I didn't miss one.

(Someone will tell you if you have. Again, on behalf of everyone, THANKS!!!! AG)

"Do you have a little tale to tell..." (Lyle...) writes:
There is a new benefit album coming out soon called Red, Hot, and Rio. George is singing a song in portugese!! Wow! Eyo quero servecia por favou!

(Nice to hear it! I'm sure Anselmo would be proud. AG)

"Take care my love he said..." writes:
From listening to George's lyrics, I'm beginning to get the impression that he may be homo/bisexual. A couple of my friends believe so, too. Is it true? Also can anyone give an interpretation of "You Have Been Loved"

(I KNEW this would come up eventually...the floor is open for discussion...but I'm staying out of it... AG)

"Waiting for that change of season..." (Susie) writes:
Thank you for all your hard work....I guess everyone is off somewhere on this Labor day weekend listening to George's music and a smile on their face :)

(You're welcome, and I guess you're right. AG)

"All this attention..." (Mark and Lisa) write:
"Counting you're money until your soul turns green", green eyes...interesting idea.

(I think so. AG)

Mark and Lisa also write:
Further excerpts from GEORGE MICHÆL: Bare:



"The most important thing was always our friendship. I look around at the ladies I know and they just don't have those kinds of friendships. I'm puzzled by the way that most women don't get on with each other. They don't sustain relationships, they drift, they just fall apart. They don't seem to make the effort that it takes to maintain friendships. It's a lot to do with their families--a woman wants her babies and then her husband and everything else is secondary. That's the way they look at it. Speaking from a woman's point of view!"

(Only the great Andrew John Ridgeley would speak from a woman's point of view... AG)

"We were just friends like any other friends. What kept it together was that we had a laugh and, as with any relationship, you make up for the deficiencies in each other's character. Between a husband and wife, between friends, it's always the same. You make up for what the other one hasn't got. There are parts of his character and what he is that make up for what I don't have. When we are together we are more of a force that we are apart. We found we had an awful lot in common and bonded a very strong relationship right from the start. And we had an awful lot of fun. An awful lot of fun. We have always been able to laugh together. George has a really good sense of humour but it doesn't come out now, I don't feel that he gets the opportunity to explore his wit so much these days."

"I've never really understood why he wanted to portray that image--the brooding, macho guy of 'Faith'. That's not him. That's not how he is with his friends. As much as I think it's a great image and he looks fab, George away from the industry, away from the visual part of his music, is very different."

(But Andy, he was just trying to be you mate! AG)


"He's in his natural environment when he's in the studio. He never acts--hey, I'm working, this is important, don't bother me. It's always open arms, come in, listen. He could never go away and record something secretly. He would rather play it to all his friends, get the feedback. Go back in there and do what he has to do. That's his way."

(And he does it so well... AG)

"We're a very close family. It's a Greek thing."


"For men in this business it is such an ego thing. It has to be the best thing that can happen to you if you're a man. It's everything they dream of. It's such an ego thing."

("Well it looks like the road to heaven..." AG)

"He is very aware of other people's lives, always analysing what they are doing. We used to be able to talk about anything. If he wasn't a musician, he could have been an Agony Aunt."

(Coming soon "Ask Uncle George..." AG)

"I know him as Yog. George Michael is someone who has been made up. It's not someone I know. I stopped going out with him, stopped phoning him for a while. I just couldn't handle all the people coming up to him all the time. I sometimes think--is it jealousy? But I don't think it is, it's just the way some people react to him. I can see me turning around and telling them to sod off and George going--don't you EVER do that."

JAZZ SUMMERS (former manager):

"I hated it when Wham! were putting shuttlecocks down their trousers. I said--George, I don't think you should do that, it's tacky. And George said--they'll love it."


ROB KAHANE (now former manager):

"You really get a sense of what a person is by the people he surrounds himself with. George is surrounded by family and by people who have been friends for more than twenty years. That really put me in my comfort zone with George--the fact that he was normal. Normal in the sense that he didn't need his ego stroked every day and you could tell him that he was an asshole or that he looked like s$#!. And you could be yourself with him."

(Or try to rob him blind right Robbie? AG)



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