A new month is upon us, and so is the last edition of the first week of YOGMAIL. Been quite the week hasn't it?

It's a short one today, so POST POST POST!!!


"Work, work..." (Frederick Wong) writes:
One suggestion to make, can YOGMAIL be condensed into a weekly digest instead of the present form? That's too much to swallow :)

(Do you have any idea how much work that would be? As it is, I need well over an hour per issue--usually 2. So to have to sort all the e mails into a different format would just be way too much work. Sorry. Besides, I think everyone likes their daily Yog fix no? AG)

"Well I guess it would be nice..." (Alan Hart) writes:
Trojan Souls has not been's not even completed. It looks as if it will be released on Ęgean, however.

(Here's hoping... AG)

Here is the press release for LWP Vol. 2.

Listen Without Prejudice Vol. II, George Michael's eagerly anticipated follow-up to last year's critically acclaimed Listen Without Prejudic Vol. I, continues to demonstrate that George is one international pop star who is not afraid to stray away from the conventional rules that come with pop stardom. Vol. I saw George determined to shed the bubble-gum image he found himself saddled with from his widely successful Grammy winning solo debut, Faith, which was a # 1 pop and black album for four weeks and sold an astounding 14 million records worldwide. With Listen Without Prejudice Vol. II, George again shows his unwillingness to alter his unique artistic vision to conform to the traditional restraints of pop stardom.

Comprised of one side of new studio material and one side of live cover songs, Listen Without Prejudice Vol. II takes us farther into the heart, soul and mind of George Michael. This uncommon mix of material gives us a true perspective of both where George finds himself today and, through his live interpretations of cover songs, where he has come from. Check out George's emotive version of " ( left blank) ".

The first studio single, " (left blank) " from the album's studio side, will ship to radio October 15th in the midst of George's month long national "Cover to Cover" tour, which begins October 1st. These are George's first US tour dates since ( left blank ).
This tour will create a phenomenal pre-release buzz for LIsten Without Prejudice Vol. II, which will be in-store November 10.

Once again, George has invited us to "Listen Without Prejudice." Columbia records is committed in every sense of the word to bringing this album front and center to the public so they can do just that.

(Columbia Records maybe, Sony Music--like Hell! AG)

"(We) waited for you all those years..." (Shelly Renee Andrews) writes:
Anybody have anything to say about the green eyes? I figure it goes alongside "Counting your money till your soul turns green." Nice irony, on a comeback album, which "the industry" will watch from a purely commercial point of view. I bet he is such a crack up.

(That's what I figure too. AG)

Other matters: There is so much symbolism in this album! I want to slap every critic silly (American-anyway.) Instead I have to think, hey, they missed it. The fans won't. I don't know for sure, but I'm starting to think the fans were heavily on his mind once the songs were finished and the album went into all that later stuff. His fans this time--not his consumers.

(I heard on the radio a few months ago that despite the legal battle hurting his creative energy, he knew he could count on his fans to help him make up for lost time. I think we have... AG)

A possible discussion topic? Anybody else feel like listening to this album is almost an invasion? It is so personal; with its heart its sleeve. (even with that smart green eye thing. Who thinks its a smirk? Who thinks anything about it?)

(Let's hear it folks! AG)

"Sometimes the clothes do not make the man" Maybe the Armani doesn't bother me so much. I guess he would look kinda funny in bib overalls.

(I for one, don't think I want to find out... AG)

"Gotta get up to get down..." (Amanda) writes:
So I'm watching the FastLove video with some friends earlier tonite, and they pointed out to me that it looks as though George caresses the back of a man--albeit a projection--in one of the opening shots. It's right after he picks up his little remote control doohickey, and he's lying on the floor. Then you see his hand moving over a projection of a woman running her hand across someone's back, but is it a male or a female back? Anyone have any idea?



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