Here it is issue # 5. Hope everyone had a great day, I spent the evening cleaning my carpets--and I have the blisters to prove it. Anyway, it's a long one tonight, so I'd best get down to business.

Some Notes:
1. You all know the drill by now.
2. To anyone I owe personal e mails to--and there's like 10 of you--I'll get them tomorrow night. Sorry about the delay.
3. The network now boasts 66 members--34 short of my goal!

NOTE TO ALL: Country check! E me with your location for my records


"But when you shake your ass..." (Mark Schrimpshire) writes:
The list I gave was from the inside of the Concert book. It was sold during the Cover To Cover tour in America. I do know George added some songs and left out some as well during his show in Houston, TX.

He opened with 'Killer' by Seal, and got help from a local gospel choir during his performance of the Stevie Wonder song 'They Won't Go When I Go'. This track can be found of course on LWP.

He also performed a wonderful acoustic version of Freedom! from the Wham! days. It was very nice...


How many saw George during this tour?

(I DID I DID!--in Toronto Ontario Canada. It was October 22, and he asked to us--and of course we did--sing Happy Birthday to his sister Melanie. Speaking of Melanie--I've just gotten an idea--special birthday edition to be published in her honour--more on this later.
I've also got audio of the NYC--Oct 25th, which is my sis's birthday, and since she got me started on George, I trust you will all pass birthday greetings onto her?--show, so I've the play list from that night, which was pretty similar to the Toronto show. Will post the list this tomorrow. Then we can do some comparing. AG)

"I will not give you up..."

Mark also writes:
Hi Kelly,

I want to apologize for giving the impression that George was ungrateful to his fans. George has always shown an interest in his fans and been very supportive of fan clubs in general. I don't think that Fan Asylum misrepresented him. I think it had more to do with legal obligations to his new record label or something of that sort.

Again, I'm sorry...:)


(I feel so much love... AG)

"Every big-shot goodtime band on the run..." (sarah mager) writes:

On the bananrama-george diatribe apparently bananarama will not sign to george's labels because they are too good friends to compromise that with a professional agreement.

(That's what I figured... AG)

And Andy and keren (who never married dave evans JT!!!!!!) are living together they've been together for five years now...apparently everyone thinks that they have a lot in common = bad driving perhaps? Or bad partying habits?

(I read in a magazine that Dave and Keren were indeed married. IN fact, I swear she used to sport a whopper of an engagement ring and wedding band. I'm sure Andrew and Keren do have a lot in common, but really, the thought of the once Randy Andy being a "step-father" scares the living daylights out of me for some reason... AG)

Also, george suggested to remix tripping on your love as it was the only bananrama song that he liked - it turned out to be their worst selling single ever....

(oopsey... AG)

in related news and in an interview from 92 Keren & Sara also suggested that they'd like to hear George do a version of "shy Boy" (when prompted who they'd want to cover one of their songs...)

(Well, "he used to be a shy boy..." but I don't think that George singing that Nana classic would exactly "make (me) feel good." But I do "like the way he turns me on..."--sorry for anyone not familiar with the song, but the Nana heads are rolling in the aisles I'm sure-- AG)

more later

(outta curiosity, do you have an aversion to capitals sarah? ag)

"Sometimes the clothes do not make the man..." (Marti) writes:
In fact I saw a part of the video, I didn't know which song it was because it was part of the credits of a music program and there was no audio. That video recalled me a little the "Kissing a Fool" video, don't you think the same?

(Still watching Much to no avail. HOWEVER, my "TEMPE TEACHER" me that he caught the video on MTV Latino. AG)

The new beard suits him more than the other goat-like. Fortunately I see that he's fit again, anyone saw him performing in Rio one or two years ago, he was very very fat, it was his first appearance (I think) with the new haircut.

(It was in 1991 actually--the first weekend of the Gulf war--that he played Rio. I wouldn't call him fat, but have a discussion about his "chubby face". But to be fair, he was just a mite too thin up until recently. I heard that he dropped some 30 pounds from his 6' frame--and his normal weight is in the range of 160 pounds. Nice to see his cheeks filling out. About the hair, it was the first public appearance I recall. I also recall bursting into tears when I saw the pictures come in from Rio the next day--hey I was only like 15 OK? More discussion of the dreaded CFsar to follow in tomorrows issue. AG)

Marti Blesa

"Don't you know that..." writes:
Hi Amanda, hi all Yogmail readers!

(Hi Stefan, and all together now everyone "HI STEFAN!"

At first i want to give you the address of Music Point:

Music Point
Siegmaringer-street 49
72474 Winterlingen, Germany
phone: +49 7434 31324
fax: +49 7434 31325

they do deliver abroad but just if you pay before you get the delivery and it costs 23 Marks delivery fee(sorry, i don't know how to say in english; i hope it's right)!!!!!!!

(I guess we'd call it shipping. AG)

23 Marks are about 16 U.S. Dollars so you see it is pretty expensive. Apart from that i ,of course, cannot guarantee that they still have the CD's.

(Someone write and find out. I think I may know where to get if they don't. AG)

To your worries Amanda, the quality of "Everything you want"(Faith Tour) is very good and the quality of "Praying for Faith"(cover to cover tour) is also quite OK.

(Thanks. I was just concerned considering some bootlegs I've heard... AG)

The CD's contain the following tracks:

Everything you wantPraying for Faith
Hard DayKiller/Papa was .....
Everything she wantsFather Figure
I'm your manFame
A different cornerAin't no stopping us now
Love's in need of love todayBack to life
Father FigureEverything she wants
One more TryI knew you were waiting for me
Ain't nobodyCareless Whisper
Careless WhisperI'm your man
Lady MarmaladeFreedom '90(not full)
I want your sex 

So as i said, the "Everything you want" CD is very good, also in terms of the layout(even with some fotos of George) and the "Praying for Faith" is a little worse in terms of audio quality but still very good considering it's a bootleg; but concerning the layout the "Praying for Faith" is one of the worst CD4s i've ever seen! ..........but that shouldn't be an obstacle for a real fan.........

(I've read a Madonna bootleg, and ended up on rolling on the floor in tears laughing it was so bad in terms of design. AG)

So if you like live performances these CD's are really good but for you who mainly don't live in Germany it is really expensive because one CD itself costs at least 35 Marks(23 Dollars) so i would really consider wheather you want it for that price or not....but it's up to you!

By the way i really appriciate that you want to add a News and Exchange corner to Yogmail! I think that will definitely be a good thing!

(Will add this new feature this weekend. AG)

Oh, just one more thing: How do you think does G.M. look better - with short or with long hair?


So far from me, bye from Germany Amanda, Stefan!(hopefully post you soon again)

(You're one of my regulars, so I hope so too... AG)

Stefan Kirchfeld,Burgstr.42,31134 Hildesheim,Germany
phone:+49 5121/132726

"Star people..." (Alicia) writes:
Hi all! glad to know I have friends all over he world to help me find rare GM items! Keep up the good work all!:) A few questions....

(Canada's not exotic enough for you? j/k! AG)

I'm looking for any copies of GM on any talk shows--like Carson, heard he did a Joan Rivers, but I never saw it:(. Feel free to email me w/any leads.....


Also, what channel did the anyone see the "Spinning" video on? Has it been on MTV???

Does anyone know for sure if he will be on the MTV awards? I saw a partial list of performers/presenters and he ain't on it!:)

(If he's nominated, he's invited, and he might go. I know he's not performing, but might be a last minute presenter. i.e. To make sure he gets to show off his designer clothes, case in point Madonna for the last few years... AG)

Looking forward to hearing back....

(or front...? AG)


"Don't you think I'm looking older?..." (Mark and Lisa Schrimpshire) writes:
Further excerpts from GEORGE MICHÆL: Bare:

(Did I ever tell you guys I quoted this book in a law essay? AG)

"I keep fame in a little box and sometimes I take it out and enjoy it. I don't think you can survive more than a certain amount of superstardom before it starts affecting you--and the people around you--in very sad cliched ways."

(Could George have been talking about another singer with Michael in his name... AG)

"My new attitude to life, which only started a couple of years ago, is that I can have anything I want. Not necessarily all at the same time, in fact very probably not all at the same time. But I believe I can get things if I deserve them. If I work for them. If I am a good person to the people around me. And--I know it sounds really stupid--if I do things that are right. It's like a very loose version of kharma. I don't actually believe in kharma--though I think it's a great idea. But I can't help believe in a loose cause and effect theory in life because I see it go on around me all the time."

"I try to use my position in a constructive way with my friends and the people who come into my life--I think it pays back. I don't do it because it pays dividends and I don't actually think that every time I kill a spider something nasty will happen to me in the very near future. But I believe in watching people around me, in watching what has happened to the people in my life over the last four or five years. The people who have screwed up have been the people who have not thought about what they were doing and behaved in a bad way to other people. I can't see anything as solid as kharma, it doesn't make any sense to me when it is as solid as kharma. But I do believe that you get what you give. Roughly."

(OK, so hear me out on this one George: Why not do us the benefit of a quick little tour? You sing and dance for us, we scream our approval and thanks--but never during ballads because we know you hate that. You get the incredible rush of being onstage--which you yourself admit is one of the best feelings you know--and we get the honour, and pleasure of seeing you! You'll make our year, and just think of what that'll do for you kharmically speaking. Did I mention we'd pay good money?

"The writing and recording of the songs on the new albums is totally different from what it was like in the past. I've realized the therapeutic value of releasing material that is part of me. I've been nervous about talking like this before because there's always this very English think about not taking yourself too seriously. But I honestly believe that the most constructive think I can do now is to try to be a great songwriter. I don't think I've got there yet. But I'm getting closer. The potential exists. And the way I'm going to get there is to take all the energy that gets used trying to make yourself more famous and more popular and put that wasted energy into my work. I want every piece of material to be closer to what I'm really thinking and experiencing. That's what I'm working towards and that's how I'll achieve great work. I have to have the guts to take what's really inside me and put it...out there. I want to write songs that will mean something to people in twenty or thirty years time, maybe longer. I haven't written anything like that yet but I'm getting closer."

(I'd dare say that you have accomplished this goal with the latest album George. Congraulations. AG)

"The business is not going to bleed me dry because I'm not going to let it. All I'm doing really is taking care of the things that are important and discarding all the rest. Keep the good and dump the garbage. How can that be wrong?"

(I'm sure the press will find some way... AG)

"I used to feel like I was a fraud, I used to think that there was an element of me that some day everyone was going to wake up to and that everything would be taken away, the bottom would just fall out of my world. And that's just gone now. The fear has gone. I no longer feel like this is a stage in my life. This is my life and not a rehearsal for it. The challenge now is to stay successful and...happy. To maintain a level of artistic and personal happiness. In my position I think that is a very big challenge. That's my goal."

"My immediate comtemporaries--you're talking about Madonna, Jackson--are much more interested in being entertainers than I am. I now look at an album as an entity before I think about singles, singles don't give me as much pleasure as they used to. To be fighting every week with Culture Club and Duran Duran and Frankie Goes To Hollywood was really exciting. Every chart counted because what you did mattered in relation to what they did. Whereas now I don't feel that it's important."



"It's such a shame..." (Alan--the AOL George guru) writes
In reply to JT: Listen Without Prejudice Vol. 2 was originally to be released simultaneously with Vol. 1. It contained mostly dance tracks. However, George was not happy with releasing an album of mostly dance tracks, so most of the tracks ended up on the Red, Hot and Dance cd ( Too Funky, Do You Really Want To Know, Happy) and as b-sides ( Fantasy, Crazyman Dance). At one point, the songs were going to be put on an EP called "Extended Play Thing", but that was scrapped. too.

In reply to Sarah Mager and Ioannis Tefanis: "Older" was not thought to be commercial enough for release as a single, especially in the USA. "Star People" is the only other commercial sounding song of the remaining tracks, and is the only one being considered for release in the USA. I'm not sure about the UK.


"Ain't You Getting What You Want From Me...?"

(Shawn came up with this one himself. AG) (Shawn Light) writes:
Hello Everyone,

I have four bootlegs. One is called "I'm Your Man" and another is called "Music Road". These are on different labels (bootleg labels), but they have exactly the same track listing (same order, same length of tracks, etc). The quality is very good in my opinion. The vocals are very distinct. These are from the Cover to Cover Tour.
I also have a double CD from the Faith Tour entitled "Sex Figure". This is of poor quality, but it is listenable. It has "Love's In Need ...", "Lady Marmalade", and "Play That Funky Music". Basically the whole concert on 2 discs. The 4th bootleg that I have is called "Everything You Want". This is from the Faith Tour and has "Lady" and "Love's In ...". This is a very good recording. "Everything You Want" and "I'm Your Man" are on a label called Backstage. "I'm Your Man" is a soundboard recording.

(Word to the wise, to buy the best, BUY ONLY SOUNDBOARD RECORDINGS! Others have this tendency to be inferior. A good sound board recording--which would be mixed by a George trained engineer--will sound almost as good as a studio album. AG)

How do you get the AE in Michael to do that??????

(You mean this: Æ? I'm just plain amazing? No seriously, it's easy, and I'll give instructions to anyone who attempts a trivia answer! To the fine gentleman who taught me this: please indulge me by not sharing just yet!? AG)

I've heard that Spinning will not be released in the U.S. I already received both UK versions though and love the remixes and the 2 new songs.


"Things you say and things you do..."

Shawn also writes:

I believe that "Too Funky", "Happy", "Do You Really Want To Know", all from the Red Hot + Dance compilation were all originally for LWP2, as was the b-side of "Too Funky", "Crazyman Dance". I'm assuming that "Fantasy" was too. This was the b-side of "Freedom '90". George mentioned something of this nature in the court case w/Sony. You can read about this in the book, "George Michael - In His Own Words". That is if you can find it. You can email me separately if you want me to look up anything specific in that book. I read it a couple of times.

(Or post publicly, someone's bound to have the same question. AG) (Tim) writes:


Twice now George Michael has been in a position to notch up a hat trick of solo Number Ones and twice now he has failed by a whisker. At the start of his solo career he had hit the top with 'Careless Whisper' and 'A Different Corner' and was poised for a third when in May 1987 the airplay ban on 'I Want Your Sex' caused it to be peak at Number 3. Nine years down the line the run started by 'Jesus To A Child' and 'Fastlove' is broken by the continuing dominance of the Spice Girls. At least for now. 'Spinning The Wheel' owes its chart position by and large to a clever piece of marketing. The album track appears as one of several tracks on an extended play single, all of which can claim airplay and help the exposure of the single. The album version of the track leads the single but it is the presence of a dance remix of the song which has helped it tremendously, putting George's trance-like vocal into a trip-hop context to create what is possibly one of the most sensual dance tracks of the year.

(Couldn't have said it better myself. AG)

BTW : If anyone wants a copy of the Spinning the Wheel CD, email me for details at



PS. Do you want a copy Amanda ??

(Gee what do you think Tim? AG)



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