So here we go, the third issue, and I think I've finally figured out how this stuff works!
In fact, check this out: GEORGE MICHÆL. Cool huh? (Thanks Brent!)

Most recent member count was 55 people and climbing daily.

Some Notes:
1. If anyone has not received the Welcome to YOGMAIL letter, please e me.
2. Anyone who did not receive their YOGMAIL for Aug. 26th or 27th, please e me.

"Watch SPINNING THE WHEEL for me..." (Amanda) writes:
"Despite the rumours I heard to the contrary, the Spinning the Wheel video has been released! I just got off the phone with a friend who saw it here in Canada! Apparently--unless she was just messing with my mind--here's what she remembers:
George has changed his beard yet again to the goatee he had for the Jesus to a Child cover photo. He was wearing some sort of striped jacket. George was playing the role of a lounge singer or something and was seated behind a keyboard, along with a band. At one point a sequined British car drives by, and for some reason she recalls seeing a mime. She assures me that George looked SEXY! If she was lying, I will be killing her at the earliest possible juncture. Anyone else heard anything?"

"Like you say the magic numbers..." (Lesley) writes:

Spinning is #2 on the UK Singles Chart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


(Do I hear #1? AG)

"A big fat place on your rock and roll TV..." (Jason Chan) writes:
"I would like to subscribe to the George Michael mailing list.Please have it configured so that it is sent out only once a day as opposed to each mail being individually sent out. Big thanks!

(That's why no one must ever REPLY TO ALL!!!!!!!! AG)

BTW, what is the biggest scope on George? Someone named Steven posted on another page a while ago that he had some big secret on George and that we would see George more often.

(Well, he is doing videos again... AG)

So far I haven't seen him that much except for his new Spinning the Wheel video.

(Must be true then, I guess my friend gets to live. AG)

Also, I hope he does some sort of unplugged or an acoustic performace on stage sometime soon! I'd love to seem him live on TV again.

(Wouldn't we all? AG)

From a happy GM fan from Vancouver, later!


"Gotta have some faith in the sound..." (Marti Blesa) writes:
"Hi to all Yog fans!
This is my first letter to Yogmail and it won't be the last. I'd like to discuss if you really find Older better that LWP. I know that many people will say that Older is the best only because it's released by Yog, but I really think that it's a great album but not as good as his previous recordings. For me one of the best recordings from him is a strange CD I found in a Shop that has no title and on the cover George Michael - Elton John and there are three songs, Don't let the Sun go down on me, I believe (one of the best songs he's ever sung) and Fantasy. It's great, even if we consider that two of these songs aren't written by him. He's good at songwriting and singing, few other singers can say that.

(George is one of very very few whose albums carry the credit: 'ALL SONGS WRITTEN, ARRANGED AND PRODUCED BY...' AG)

And the last thing, I think that the version of Freedom made by one ex-Take That member (Robbie Williams) is disgusting, I heard it on the radio when I was driving to my job and I felt like kicking my radio, I would like to be rich in order to buy all the copies of this recording and burn them but that way that f*ck*ng singer (sorry about the swearing) would become a Number One because he would have sold all the albums.

(I've never heard it, but I don't think I really want to either. AG)

Hoping to hear your opinions,

(Somehow I'm sure you will Marti. AG)

Marti Blesa (fell free to e-mail me if you want)"

"Some mistakes were built to last..." (Lyle Shemer) writes:
"When I went to summer camp, I had this counselor who had a very bizarre run-in with George in the winter of 1988.

You see, my counselor was in New York and went in to his hotel lobby to use the bathroom. After walking in and having begun to pee, another guy across the bathroom says, "Are you George Michael?" My counslor thinks this random guy is talking to him, so he jokes, in a rather lame English accent, "Why yes, I am George Michael..." However, a moment later, the real George Michael emerges from one of the bathroom stalls, and has a good laugh about my counselor's impersonation of him... So, what do you all think of that??


(Always check under the stalls? AG)

"Give me something I can believe in..." (Kelly) writes:
"Thanks for the info on the GMIFC. I had been told by the personnel (back in October) that the reason for the discontinuance was due to lack of management for George. Of course, since then he has hired Andy Stevens to take on that task. I am really shocked to hear that George himself was behind the disbandment of the fan club. I know he's 'older' and all, but he has a lot of fans out there who rely on something like a newsletter to keep up with him.

(That was the reason behind YOGMAIL! AG)

Thankfully, I found this one!

(You've almost reduced to tears... AG)


"I do not count myself among you..." (Mark) writes:
Here are some quotes from 'Bare', the George Michael biography:


"Celebrity screws people up. Celebrity knocks the stuffing out of people, personally and creatively. There's not much that screws you up faster than celebrity and isolation."

"I need to protect my life. It's not commonplace for people to get to the top of this profession when they're very young and then live happily ever after."

(You mean Michael Jackson's an exception? AG)

"I just want to keep giving people good music. David Bowie, The Beatles, Elton John-they used to put out an album a year and there was definately a period where they were really good albums, year after year. I really want to get back to that idea of putting out a record every year or eighteen months and the only way I can do it is by doing nothing but make records."

(Yeah, but a tour once every couple of years wouldn't kill you would it George? AG)

"The music business moves very fast, there's a very big turnover. There are bands that used to be Wham!'s immediate competition and today nobody even remembers their names. It's frightening. You see these young bands going off to do their world tour and you feel like saying to them-don't do it. There'll be sod all here for you when you get back. Even the greatest talents diminish to almost nothing after years of constant pressure. And I don't want to be another one of the casualties."

(Calling Boy George.... AG)

"I'm not prepared to sacrifice my life just for my ego. I don't need to do it now. I used to be very excited by the idea of being a star but I'm not driven by my old insecurities any more."

"In some ways it feels like celebrity has been a distraction. When I started out at 16, 17, I thought of myself as a songwriter and then my career turned into something that I didn't expect. After "Careless Whisper" had been written, I said to Andrew-somebody, somewhere, is going to want to make money out of these songs. I wasn't convinced that it would be me who would sing them because I wasn't confident as a singer or performer and, anyway, I didn't feel that's what my vocation was. So being famous-and the things you have to do to stay there-just seems like a six year distraction. I'm not interested in being a bigger star. It's damaging, it takes too much time and energy."

(Yeah, sometimes you even have to marry the boss... AG)

"There was a period of about two or three months when we first came to London to meet the people from CBS and I thought-now I'm here and someone will show me what to do. A publishing company wants my songs. The label wants to turn the songs into records. And here I am. Someone, I thought, would let me in on the secret, expose me to the machinery, show me how it turns from two kids with some songs into being a pop star. And then after two months it clicked-the machinery doesn't exist. The record industry is a bunch of headless chickens. No one knows anything. They couldn't tell me what to do because they didn't know themselves. After I realized that, it was easy. Because then I knew I had to do it all myself."

(And then CBS became Sony... AG)

"The only thing that ever dictated to me were my insecurities."

"To tell you the truth, I hate meeting celebrities. Not because of what they are like as individuals, but because the basis of you common ground is so flimsy. What can you say? Oh, hello, so you're rich and famous too! Oh, you're a celebrity too! What the hell are you supposed to talk about?"

(I guess George must have hatched this idea with Madonna, who says pretty much the same thing in Truth or Dare. Guess those two have at least a few things in common--I mean aside from both using models Tony Ward and Slam in their videos. AG)


(Doing a great job Mark!!! AG)

"I'll sing them for you..." (Mark) writes:
"Here's a list of songs that George chose for his COVER TO COVER tour a few years back (1991):


Papa Was A Rolling StoneJanuary 1973THE TEMPTATIONS
SuperstitionFebruary 1973STEVIE WONDER
The Right Thing To DoMarch 1973CARLY SIMON
Living In The CityJanuary 1974STEVIE WONDER
Don't Let The Sun Go DownJune 1974ELTON JOHN
DesperadoJuly 1975THE EAGLES
FameAugust 1975DAVID BOWIE
Why Did You Do It?November 1975STRETCH
SuzanneMay 1976LEONARD COHEN
TonightNovember 1976ELTON JOHN
Baby Don't Change Your MindMay 1977GLADYS KNIGHT
What A Fool BelievesFebruary 1979DOOBIE BROTHERS
Ain't No Stopping Us NowMay 1979MCFADDEN & WHITEHEAD
Careless WhisperAugust 1984GEORGE MICHÆL
FreedomOctober 1984WHAM!
VictimsOctober 1984CULTURE CLUB
Everything She WantsJanuary 1985WHAM!
Freeway Of LoveJuly 1985ARETHA FRANKLIN
I Knew You Were Waiting(For Me)January 1987G.M. & ARETHA FRANKLIN
Father FigureJanuary 1988GEORGE MICHÆL
Back To LifeMay 1989SOUL II SOUL
Waiting For That DayOctober 1990GEORGE MICHÆL
Freedom!December 1990GEORGE MICHÆL

(OK, these were for one leg of the tour, but what was the actual play list for the North American dates? AG)



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