(And I've pulled a muscle in my back, but still I toil and my computer so you've all got YOGMAIL.)

Anyway, this is the second edition of YOGMAIL. I think the first issue went well, despite messing up and revealing to you some of the trivia answers. What can I say? It was 2 in the morning! I still expect you to answer the other 2!! And I'll be adding 3 more to make up for it!

Contributions to YOGMAIL are beginning to trickle in, but we need more!!!! The YOGMAIL network now boasts some 46 members, so there's no excuses for sparse editions!

Some Notes:
1. If anyone has not received the Welcome to YOGMAIL letter, please e me.
2. Anyone who did not receive their YOGMAIL for Aug. 26th, please e me.

 "Looking for some education..." (Kelly) writes:
<< > (SV) writes:
>< > He's performed this song back in the Wham! days and as a solo artist. >Thanks>>
The song is located on the B-side of Father Figure. At least the 12' vinyl version. I'm not sure about the cassette or Cd singles.

> >(An old Stevie Wonder tune, I know where to find it in video form--Stand By >Me:AIDS Day Benefit from 1987, and on Disney's Concert for Hope from >1993--but not on audio. Can anyone tell us where to get some good bootlegs? > AG)

The best place to look for it (in my humble opinion) is an import store called Record Runner out of New York. Their address is:

5 Jones Street
New York, NY 10014

Ask for Brian and tell him what you are looking for. They keep a great deal of stock on hand, and it spans the entire 14 years of George's career so far.

Glad to be of some help!

(I'm sure you are of great and not merely "some" help. AG)

Kelly >>

ALSO: (Mark Schrimpshire) writes:
< I found 'Love's in Need of Love' on the 12" album to Father Figure. The album included 'Father Figure', 'Love's in Need of Love', and on side B, the instrumental to 'Father Figure'.

You might want to try Tower Records. I believe they have an online service...

(They do, that's how I found the CD I'm currently listening to, which is pretty obscure, but I'm not sure how they are with singles. AG)

Good Luck...:)

* "Looking for some affirmation..." (Alicia) writes:
(Thanks Alicia. Your check's in the mail... AG)

Now for my contribution: I wondered if anyone knew where I could get a copy of George singing "Lady Marmalade"?

(Any Faith tour bootleg I assume. AG)

To the person that asked about "Love's in Need..." (SV) I believe I saw it released as a single on the B-side of the "Father Figure" vinyl single. If I find it--I'll definitely let you know!:)

Concert stories...? I have a few!:) I'll share later...

(I'm sure you will... AG)

Does anyone know when his next live performance will be? Televised or otherwise?

Keep up the good work!:)

(I'll try, thanks. AG)


"Had some bad love..." (SV) writes:
<< (Is) George currently dating someone?>>

(You mean outside of me in my wildest dreams? AG)

"The boys at MTV..." (Amanda Gardonyi) writes:
Here's to hoping I can toast his victories at my awards show party...and not curse someone else to Hell... : )


"Sweet little boy with oh such a (great voice)..." (Heather and Brett Sjoberg) write:
<< I have had this page (Tim's WEB site) bookmarked for some time now. I look from time to time for concert info. Do you have knowledge of any upcoming performances?

(There were supposed to be some gigs in the UK this summer, but they were "postponed" due to George allegedly not being able to get the venues he wanted. There was also rumours of a North American tour in late 1996 or early 1997, but I'm not holding my breath. AG)

Thanks, keep up the great work!>>

"I've never been one for playing games..."

OK, so I know I screwed up on trivia yesterday, but to make up for it, here are 3 new ones, e in your answers!

1. Name George's estate in France, and in what city is it located?
2. Where did George first meet Madonna? (Place, year and situation)
3. As of 1994, what was the name of George's favorite restaurant in London?
Hint: It wasn't his dad's.


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