Well here it is! The first issue of the long awaited Unofficial George Michael Mailing List--what I prefer to call YOGMAIL. I'm sure all of us here have wanted to start one of these, I guess I'm just the only insane one in the bunch who followed through. Who would have thought that when I wrote that first letter to Tim a week ago Sunday, that this would all come together so fast! In under a week, YOGMAIL has grown to a network of 35 members from all over the world on around 20 servers.

To anyone who's wondering, YOG is one of George's nicknames, the one he's had the longest, and the one most used. Fans have heartily embraced it--myself included.

Allow me to introduce myself: My name is Amanda Gardonyi, and I'm a 21 year old university student--on the long road to becoming an attorney--who lives in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. I have been a George/Wham!/and yes even Andrew Ridgeley fan since the very first time I saw the Wake Me Up Before You Go Go video. My personal e mail address is Anything sent to that address will not be posted publicly--unless it's really funny, and you don't object when I ask.

Some general notes:

1. To desubscribe, just e mail me.
2. To subscribe a friend, send me their e mail address.
3. To submit a contribution: send to
4. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE NEVER REPLY TO ALL!!!! It gets too confusing!
5. You are of course free to e mail anyone on the network directly.
6. This can only go out daily if I have something to send!


"But where would you be without all that attention..."
A lot of us were undoubtably members of The George Michael International Fan Club, but a few years back, it just seemed to disappear without a trace. I know I sent a letter that came back "Return to Sender" So just what the heck happened? (Mark Schrimpshire) writes:
<< I believe that fan asylum told me that both George and DreamWorks decided that it would be in George's best interest to discontinue such a fan club. I would imagine that George may have had problems with fan clubs that represent him as a sex symbol and not specifically as a singer/songwriter. I'm sure the fan asylum fan club meant different things to different individuals and overall I was not disappointed with the newsletter they sent out. I do know that fan asylum represents many "POP Stars" that more than likely have no concept of critical acclaim. George is in it for the songs now and we can only hope that the world will recognize him for that. I believe that in the end he will be remembered for his songs. >>

(I fully understand and respect George's decision to disband it, but I don't think he was ever portrayed in a bad light. At any rate, it would have been nice to receive some sort of notice... AG)

* "Looking for some education..." (SV) writes:

(An old Stevie Wonder tune, I know where to find it in video form--Stand By Me:AIDS Day Benefit from 1987, and on Disney's Concert for Hope from 1993--but not on audio. Can anyone tell us where to get some good bootlegs? AG)

* "I've never been one, for playing games..."
TRIVIA courtesy of Mark Schrimpshire and moi. Answers to be published Thursday--along with any of your attempts.
1. Who is George's favourite singer/songwriter?
2. How did George come to choose the final track on "Five Live"
3. Where was George when he heard the BBC debut of "Jesus to a Child"?
4. Who actually came up with the nickname Yog?
5. Which Stevie Wonder album does George tend to cover more than any other?

* "Can't help but think of yesterday..."
OK all, time to share all the concert stories your friends are sick of hearing. We're willing to hear anything about your "night out with George"!

**************************Gotta have some faith in the sound********************************

Note: All email addresses have "-at-" instead of the @ as an anti spam measure

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