I think we have the makings of a mock re-trial coming down
the if you've got feelings on the whole Sony thing,
let's hear it, no matter what. Let's have some fun with this.

AND AWAY WE GO... (Melissa Conwill) writes:

Hey! Everyone!

If any of you have the opportunity to go to Yellowstone and
Teton National Parks, Go! They are both beautiful. There is
so much to see. If you ever go, make sure you go to Jenny
Lake at Teton National Park. There is a wonderful, but long,
hike around the lake that is beautiful in the morning.
Yellowstone has so much wildlife to see. I wonder if George
has ever been? I know Madonna has been skiing in Jackson

I saw two different versions of Star People 97 (UK) for sale.
One said Star People 97 + 2 tracks #1(VSCDG1641). The
other one said Star People 97 + 3 Tracks #2 (VSCDX1641).
Could anyone tell me what the difference is between them?
I would like to order one of them but I don't know which one.
Any help would be appreciated.

(The 4 tracker is the dance mixes, the other is b-sided with
Unplugged tracks. AG)

Melissa (JATIN GYAN SEEJORE()) writes:

Dear Amanda,

The Strangest thing edit 97 is already on air in the UK. The tempo
of the song is an accelerated version of the album one with very
nice vocals from the man. From what I have heard from Capital
FM, it will be released in mid September and the DJ said that GM
is busy in studio, working on a new album. He also mentionned
that GM will be doing a great tour soon. Do you know anything
about the new album??

(To the best of my knowledge the stuff George is doing in the
studio is remixing for the Wham! greatest hits, not a new album.

Jatin (Melanie) writes:

I just read in the Daily Mirror about Elton's new program. It seems
to me that George will be appearing for the September 14th taping.
Anyone want to go and give us a report back?

< spent almost £200,000 on industrial air-conditioners. The ceiling
of LWT's Studio One is now heaving under the strain of the 30
portable cooling machines.
The £600-a-piece units were brought in as preparations get under
way to film a special Audience With Elton John next month.
Each of the units is bolted to the studio's lighting gantry and is set
to blast cold air straight down on to Elton and his VIP audience.
"With all the lights on for a big show like this temperatures can get
really uncomfortable," my spy tells me.
"These air-conditioners can make the room so cold you can see
your own breath. It's freezing cold."
Apparently this is just how Elton likes it - he always insists on
having cold air-conditioned hotel rooms when on tour.
Guests who will be chilling out as Elton, 50, shows off his
razor-sharp wit and musical genius on the TV special include
George Michael and Lily Savage. Perhaps they should bring a
woolly jumper with them in case it is too cold.
The programme is due to be filmed on September 14 and will be
screened later in the year to coincide with Elton's British tour.
The star - who once blew his nose on my tie - will play songs
from his new LP The Big Picture, released next month, as well
as classics such as Candle In The Wind and Goodbye Yellow
Brick Road. Elton is the biggest name ever to sign up for an
Audience With special, in which stars chat to a crowd of celebs.
Previous hosts have included Freddie Starr and Bob Monkhouse.
LWT are currently in negotiation with the Spice Girls. If they
agree, the Fab Five will record their show in November.>>

Melanie writes:

I am a bit upset with Georgie Boy

He goes galavanting around the world, to St Tropez, Los Angeles,
and who knows where else. Okay, that's fine. He has the money
and can do it if he wants. BUT, and thats a BIGGGGG BUT, why
do we have to listen to songs that tlak abut how upset he is or how
he has to move on after Sony or that he is getting Older. We really
don't care.

The Wham! songs were fun and will continue to be fun because
they spoke to an audience about having fun. Further more, they
were able to convey what we were thinking as fans. Careless
Whisper is not George or Andrew, its the millions of fans who
have gone through this kind of relationship or those who imagine
what it would be like to go through that. It open up our fantasies.


And speaking about fantasies. THE FAITH ALBUM.
It was purchased by everyone and their mom because it was our
FANTASY. It was what each of us was thinking, not what George
was thinking. This is what made him the best. He was one of us,
in a way.

Now he sits on his lofty palace inthe sky and complains about
those around him. OH, the POOR Baby. I am SOOOOOOO SSSSSAAAAAADDDDDD.

Give me a break. I am looking forward to the Greatest hits
albums, Boththe Wham! and the Solo one. It seems a bit
curious that they come out at the same period. He is either
fooling with our minds or he has lost his.

What I am ultimatley saying is,
George, stop crying about your life, its not as bad as you think.
If it is, I am sorry for you but please don't bring the rest of us down.

(Hey, if I want escapism, I have the Spice Girls. AG)

Release something fun for all of us.

Oh! I am not going to listen to any more of his songs until he
releases something new. They are getting a bit boring. The
Spinning the Wheel EP was great because it had a couple of
good remixes and two NEW and I repeat NEW, and
FUNNNNNNNN songs. At least You Know That I Want To was fun.

I have heard the Wham stuff and love it. I don't need acoustic
versions of them. He said himself he isn't a fan of looking back,
so why is he?

Careless Whisper, Like a Baby, The Entire Edge fo Heaven
album as well as the Fantasic album are just that, FANTASIC.

As for the solo stuff, the first two were great. I love Kissing A
Fool and Cowboys and Angels. Older has two songs which are
fun. Spinning the Wheel and The Strangest Thing. The rest
depress the hell out of me.

I know he says he isn't dong it for the critics and just writes what
he feels. MY ADVICE: CHEER UP BIG GUY!!!!!!

Thank You

PS: if I have anything else to say
I will send it (Jeff McGary) writes:

> (Sariane E. Leigh) writes:
>In response to the question if GM's music will be notably
>influential (good topic). Unfortunatley, since the younger
>generation isn't as open to all forms of music, they won't
>even recognize the distinctive sound and the lyrics of GM,
>and no offense to us yoglovers, not many of us are musicians
>or have musical aspirations, whereas with other artists who
>are very influential, i.e. Prince, Beatles, and even GM's idol
>Stevie Wonder have a following that are very indulged in all
>the artistic facets of music, However, I recently read an article
>on a band called Cristion who's voice was reminiscent of GM.
>He said that GM's voice is the kind that everyone likes, and
>all people could relate to, therefore he would like to imitate that
>era and sound of Wham and GM.(it was in a Vibe article). So
>obviously GM's influence is felt just not voiced maybe?
> >Respond

Music is a continuim of the past. In no way can an artist be as
prevelant and sucessful throughout an entire decade as George
Michael was in the 1980's, and not be influential to the future. I
would bet my life that artists such as Babyface, R. Kelly, Seal,
etc. sang along to songs such as "Careless Whisper" and "One
More Try", just as much as the rest of the world did.

Do we forget who the first white artist was to top the black charts?
Can't we assume that today's black artist's owned radios at that
time? With the exception of current musicians who were
obviously locked in their rooms with their old Neil Young albums,
I would gurantee that almost every new artist listened to George.
Even Axl Rose listed FAITH as his album of the year, and even
had in depth discussions with George about their respective

Also, I do believe that many of us on this list are musicians.
Although I have never used this list to promote myself (only two
people on it know that I am recording), George Michael has been
my biggest influence. I'm sure that there are many others here,
who would say the same thing.

It's almost as if I were to assume "not many of us are well
dressed, or have stylistic aspirations." How would I know? I
wouldn't. And it's hard not to take offense when someone states
that your most inluential inspiration has not been influential. Of
course he has. Just give us time. You'll see.

Jeff writes:

I know this isn't really George related, but, it seems like a natural
place to ask. As many of you probably know, the Elton John
documentary "Tantrums and Tiaras" is airing on Cinemax
September 3rd. I don't have Cinemax, but I love Elton John and
would dearly love to have this documentary.

Is there anyone who would be willing to tape it for me? Of course,

I'll pay for the tape and postage, or we could work out a trade,
since I have oodles of George stuff.

Please e-mail me privately if you're so inclined --


cheralyn writes:


Congrats again on your fabulous job through-out the year. I told
you everything would pay off! I'm so glad I've had the honor of
having a great sister/friend like you, you're a very special person
and I'll never forget you! I apologize for any wrongs I've done, I'm
just the grasshopper.

On the note of the GH, I thought it was going to be a mix between
GM and Wham! songs, was I wrong in thinking this? Oh well.

Ok, I better get going. To all the Yogmaelers getting ready for
school, best of luck and don't study too hard, life's too short. :)
hahaha. Love ya Amanda!!!


rhee-at-Ra.MsState.Edu (rhee blac) writes:

Happy Anniversary, Yogmael!! Thanks for all your super work,
Amanda!! It makes my whole day so much brighter when I get
to work and can read the latest. Oh--I live in a small town and
a couple of days ago I was at the grocery store and what comes
over the in-store speakers but Praying For Time?? I almost
died--a George Michael song!! I NEVER expected to hear him
in FoodMax, of all places--can't even hear him on local radio
stations!! Made shopping so much more fun!! Well, take care
and thanks for all your work--that is neat that the man himself
wrote you a note!! Later!! Rhee

Rhee Black (George Lewis) writes:

Hey gang,

happy Bday Yogmael, and thanks Amanda. I dont even need
to begin to say how wonderful you are.

(Well true you don't NEED to, but... AG)

Love As Always,
George. (Rick Landrine) writes:

OOOOPS, your Anniversary edition went out a little earlier that
I had anticipated. :O)

I Just wanted to add my congratulations Amanda, and to wish
YOGMÆL a Happy first Birthday !!

Everyone owes you and this newsletter a lot. The quality of
Yogmael has been both an inspiration and a role model for all
of the newsletters that have followed in its wake---You are
truly a pioneer !

(Cheers on such a wonderful plug. AG)

Congratulations again Amanda and Happy Birthday Yogmael !!!

Best Wishes,
Rick from Gnotes (Chitrawati) writes:

Dear Amanda,
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOGMAEL !!(Actually I also celebrated
my birthday on Friday, 22nd)
Thanks for all your efforts. I hope this list will keep on growing
and growing. Please don't ever think to quit! If you need any help,
just contact me.

Warmest Regards,
chitra :0) (cworkman) writes:

Dear Amanda:

Your diligence has made having an email address a "thing of
pleasure" once more. Each day I skip mail from my Professors,
the Department Head and my boss just to get in touch with the
worlds most fun-loving, in-touch, dedicated fans from all over the

Thanks! ("..a twirl..") writes:


Gosh! One YEAR -- what to say ?

Happy Anniversary !

I (unfortunately) haven't been with Yogmael for the entire year,
only about 4 1/2 months, but you've greatly added to my life,
enjoyment of George and the Internet and introduced me to
new friends ! The very fact that there are 220 issues in 365
days is AMAZING and shows the level of your commitment -
My L.A. Lakers cap is off to you !

(An average of 0.6 issues a day, which is rather scary
really... AG)

Have fun celebrating your success, (are there any plans for
a bash in Hamilton ?) and I wish you all the positive energy
that 750 George "fans" can muster (we could probably light
up a city if we could harness it, huh ?) and gratitude for
starting this "insane" venture!

(To celebrate one year I took the night off and ate half a
chocolate cream pie. Exciting stuff huh? AG)

Thank you for inventing this forum for us and Good Luck for
year #2 - I look forward to the next 220 (or so) issues !!!

S. (and A. and W.)

(Hugs to A and W, and heck, in addition to an air kiss,
big hug to you too. AG)

sweet dreams, my dear friend

To Wrap it Up:

Perhaps of my fave lyrics ever to end today:

"Every grown man cries with his mother's eyes."

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