As you can see, some of you out there posted, the first was
my pal S., who informed me: "you don't get Monday off".

I HAD intended to write some sort of profound intro, but just
as I sat down to commence, my best friend called me with
an order to "put it on channel 7 now!" So I did, where I was
greeted by the ending credits of a Ukrainian television show,
and a 50 year old man singing some song. There was
something vaguely familiar about the backing track, it took
my friend to point out it was "Too Funky." Judging by the
accompanying images, it was a song about world peace,
but the drums were clearly "Too Funky", which we just found
too funny.

*************************** writes:
Hey, Crew !

Just a quick note to let everyone know about ANOTHER rumor
I just heard . . . there is speculation that George will release an
EP of 6 new songs the SAME week as the GH / Sony album to
see which will fare better on the charts. That brings up another
good point. We all luv George and most of us seem to think
that Sony are pretty loathful bunch, right ? Well, how do we get
around actually HELPING Sony and still obtain the GH album ?
I sure don't want to help pay for Mariah's new limo, but (being
the rabid collector I am) I'd still like to have a copy !!!! As
Amanda would say "Hhhhhhhmmmmmmm . . . "

(We have no choice, we must purchase the Sony produced
material. BUT, you could try doing what I did late one night
while admittedly a little drunk. My friends and I were
discussing the music business, and they found that the CD
currently in the player was a Sony release, they bugged me
about it until I grabbed a marker and thouroughly covered
the word Sony in all 8 places. Just a thought... AG)

REMEMBER: This is just something I've heard, not
confirmed by anyone "official", but it would be interesting
wouldn't it ?!

(It would be, and I don't think we'd get a straight answer
anyway, so let's just see what happens. AG)

Ciao Babies !!!
*************************** (Melanie) writes:
Dear Amanda and camera crew:

Hi. I know we know about the Wham! greatest hits, but I never
heard that it was going to be a double album. I just read this in
the Sunday Mirror (August 24).

< releasing a double album of their greatest hits in time for

Has anyone heard if it's going to be a double album? (And
wasn't The Final technically a double-album, greatest hits
collection? It doesn't make sense to me, but I'm not
complaining! A new release is a new release! :)

I was just wondering how accurate this report was. Thanks!

(I was thinking this evening what the situation may be while
chatting with Jason the Breeder, let me talk to Shirlie and get
back to you. AG)

dawson_sa-at-Acadmn.Mercer.EDU (Sheri) writes:
Hey Hey Hey!
Anyone who lives around the Philadelphia, PA area and is looking
for a copy of the Older EP, the Tower Records on South Street
has about 3 copies of it. I was just visiting Phillie and happened
to find me a copy.
Speaking of which- on the track "Desifinado" 2 questions- What
language is he singing in exactly and what does the song mean
(lyric wise)? Could anyone tell me?

(He is singing in Portuguese. What is he saying? Read below
for both the original lyrics and the translation. AG)

Se voce disser que eu desafino amor
Saiba que isso em mim provoca imensa dor
So previlegiados tem ouvido igual ao seu
Eu possuo apenas o que deus me deu

E se voce insiste em classificar
Com o meu comportamento de anti-musical
Nao lhes vou mentir ate vou comentar
Que isso e bossa-nova
Que isso e muito natural
Que voce nao sabe nem sequer pressente
E que os desafinados tambem tem um coracao
Fotografei voce na minha role-flix
Revelou-se a sua enorme engratidao

So nao podera falar assim do meu amor
Que bem maior que voce pode encontrar
Voce passou a musica e esqueceu o principal
Que no peito dos desafinados
No fundo do peito bate calado
No peito dos desafinados tambem bate um coracao

(Antonio Jobim)

If you say my singing is off key, my love
You would hurt my feelings, don't you see, my love
I wish I had an ear like yours, a voice that would behave
All I have is feeling and the voice God gave
You insist my music goes against the rules
Yes, but rules were never made for lovesick fools
I wrote this song for you don't care
It's a crooked song, ah, but my heart is there
The thing that you would see if you would play the part

Is even if I'm out of tume I have a gentle heart
I took your picture with my trusty Rolleiflex
And now all I have developed is complex

Possibly in vain, I hope you weaken, oh my love
And forget those rigid rules that undermine my dream of
A life of love and music with someone who'll understand

That even though I may be out of tune when I attempt to say
How much I love you all that matters is the message that I bring,
Which is, my dear, I love you
*************************** writes:
Hello fellow Yoggers,
I haven't contributed to Yogmael lately , because I have
been vacationing for the most part of the last month . I am
finding all the gossip very interesting and hope that some of it
is true.

(Yeah, I hope George and Geri are getting it on too. AG)

Question 1: Why in the hell can't I get a hold of a copy of
WAD in the U.S. ? Could it be because most Americans
listen to that crappy grunge music now-a-days?
Just wondering !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(I'm guessing 'cuz George didn't think it would sell here, or
because AEgean currently lacks US distribution. AG)

Question 2: What is this I hear about a new George
single being released on Sept . 8th . Will we be able to buy
it in the U.S. ? Is it a part of the GH collection ?

(The new single is You Have Been Loved. Sadly no, it won't
be released here. It's off of Older. AG)

Question 3: Is there really going to be a Wham!'s Greatest
Hits album ? When will that be realeased ?

(Yes, and I don't know. AG)

thanx , numama
*************************** writes:
In Yogmael #219, Amanda wrote:

<< Lastly, YM seem a little short today? Not my fault, you need to post. You've got the weekend or else I've got Monday off. >>

Hmm, maybe we need to institute drastic measures here. Why
don't I start an argument? That's always good for a few responses.

Lately, I've been engaged in lots of discussions about the validity
of Mr. Michael's music. Do you think the music of George
Michael will last "the test of time?" By this, I mean, in 10 or 15
years will pop/rock musicians cite George Michael as an
influence on their music, or will he be another very talented
musician who enjoyed huge popularity during his time but made
no lasting impact on the music world?


(I think his music will stand the test, despite his seeming
desire to make sure no one hears it. AG)

*************************** (Alexandra) writes:
Hi Camera Crew!
Glad to hear everyone who went to the Yog Fest Weekend
had such a blast. I was soooo jealous. Luckily my dear friend
Franky is going to send me all of the pics he took.

(Remind Frank to send me a copy of the one with the two of
us oblivious to oncoming traffic... AG)

Anyhooo...I am mainly writing to reply back to the post from
M. Smith ( in issue #218 who ragged on us
Yoggers for criticizing FONY, oops, I mean sony, after George
tried to break free of his contract. I would like to say that when
entering into a contract, the parties agree on performing certain
obligations and duties, and if those aren't met, then the other
party has the legal right to sue in a court of law. Here we have
a classic example of one party, FONY, not performing their part
of the agreement. They did not promote George, his cd's, and
other agreed upon matters. George was clearly performing his
duties by putting out top quality material. Therfore, George is
entitled to be heard in court to let the law decide who was right.
Unfortunatley, there was some dumbass court that did not see
the truth, but thats all part of the judicial it good or
bad. George moved on, thankfully, (although DreamWorks is
kinda getting me mad right now), but it all worked out for the
best. So let us make fun of FONY if we want. They didn't play
fair with George so they can take some flak for it. And why
should "an athlete like Michael Jordan" be exempt from
abiding by a contract? According to your post, if he signs a
contract he should be held liable for his obligations too. Your
post made no sense. And who cares if George didn't complete
college, as long as he bettered himself and leads a productive,
happy life, then big whoop! Heck, if I could make as much
money as him without going to school, I wouldn't be in law
school right now! :-)
**Side note to George: if you need a personal lawyer, give me
two more years till I finish law school, and I'm yours!
Buh-Bye all, and sorry for rambling.
*************************** (Nancy) writes:
I just returned home from my vacation to Europe (we visited

Holland, Germany and Austria!), and I just wanted to say
how nice it was to hear George on the radio ALL THE TIME
in Europe!

In each country we visited we hear George's songs being
played on the radio continiously! From older songs such as
Club Tropicana to Older, Jesus To A Child, and Spinning The
Wheel. This is something that I have not experienced living
in America for quite a long time!

I just wanted to say that the American music industry needs
to get with it and play George's songs more often!

NOTE TO: Stefano Ciccarelli:
Please email me with your mailing address to mail your order.
I have tried to contact you via email several times, but my
messages keep being returned.

*************************** (Scott) writes:
I was at Magic Mountain in California yesterday, and I went to
get a caricature of myself done. On the wall were caricatures
of many celebs, from Leonardo Dicaprio to Conan O'Brien.
And then, in the top left corner, I saw one of George. I was
surprised to see one of him there, so I ask one of the artist
working there if it was indeed him. He said "Sure is!" I just
thought that was interesting.

*************************** writes:
>In letter #214, you Said there was problems at Fony and
>DreamWorks with GM. Now tell me, what the hell is going
>on at DreamWorks now!...
> >(Nothing, that's the problem... AG)

That was too funny...

(Actually it's pretty pathetic... AG)
*************************** (Röthlisberger
Kyoung-Mee) writes:

Thanks for letting me join your yogmael! It would be nice if there
are some GM's fan who can mail to me and having some talks
about GM. I'm an old fan but I was astonished how much you
now about him and I like to know from where you get all your
infos and news. You're all amazing!!! By the way, I'm
unfortunately Swiss, a girl and 24 years old. And my English
isn't well because I learned it by myself, by reading and
understandig Lyrics (of course GM Lyrics) and having small
talks. So maybe there is someone who likes to emails with
me and talking about GM. I'm happy that I found you all!!
A month ago I was for the first time in London, what a wonderful
city! I was at the Camden Market and guy told me that HE was
one day before there. What a bullshit I was just a single day late!!

So, I love y-at-!!!

bye-bye Kyoung-Mee (read it "English-spoken" like this
K-young-Mee and it sounds like Kiongmii, it's Korean)
*************************** (Hana) writes:

Amanda wrote via YOGMAEL #218:
>Also, a large # of pictures for the webpage have been
>coming my way. Regrettably, only 2 of 10 came through
>in a non-corrupt readable format. So if you've got a pic to
>send me, here's the deal, I need it as a .jpg or .gif file
>that is viewable through even the most primitive viewer.
>And remember, when attaching a file to an e, you have to
>specify the type of file it is with that last 3 letters of the file
>name and keep the file name short. Have no idea what
>the hell I'm talking about? Don't have access to get the
>pic scanned as such? Not a problem, send me a copy via
>snail mail, I'll scan it and put it up.

Here's my 2 cents to help the pix offering yoggies out.

Here's what I found works for me. I am not a AOL user, and
had problems sending pix(pictures) to my AOL friends until I
sent the pix via Netscape Mail (with pix attached to the
Netscape email). Mac users need to remember that Window
users for the most part can't handle _long_ file names and
would rather do without the hassle.

How to send a pix to Amanda 101:
1. Be sure the file name is short, no longer than 8 characters
(example = gm69.jpg).
2. Open Netscape, go to Netscape Mail and compose an email
(address email to, enter subject, and a
short note of text(description of when/where the pix was taken
if info is available) in the body of the email.
3. Hit attach button, find the pix file on your hard drive or floppy
and attach it to the email.
4. Press send.

Hope this helps, I know it helped me.

Amanda you may want to ask the yoggies that sent you corrupt
pix files, to resend them via Netscape Mail, following the
guidelines above.

(Yoggies, if you can, re-send the pics via Netscape mail
following the guidelines above. Also, remember it is easiest
to send pics one at a time as opposed to as a batch that
becomes a mime attachment, and a mime is a mine, so
they're always irritating. AG)

"You're just-a just-a just-a baby baby baby"

To Wrap it Up:

Tomorrow YM turns 1 year old. Listen as Amanda recounts
the good old days before she developed that furrow in her
brow, the crowsfeet and the permanently bloodshot eyes...

"And the lessons I have learned with you..."

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