You may have noticed I have been inordinately quiet lately, and
I'm sure some of you rejoiced, but guess what? I feel the urge to
be myself again -- always dangerous... but decidedly more fun. ; )

And on that note, my thanks to "the other George" -- but not my
beloved George B., just don't tell his girlfriend -- for setting off
the latest batch of hot gossip about George and Geri. YM is
actually being the trashy tabloid I had always dreamed it would

Also, someone has a virus warning for you:
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (TRINA B) says:
Just thought I'd pass this along. Hope it helps someone. Pass it on.

WARNING!!!!!! If you receive an e-mail titled "JOIN THE CREW"
DO NOT open it! It will erase EVERYTHING on your hard drive!
Send this letter out to as many people you can.......this is a new
virus and not many people know about it! This information was
received this morning from IBM, please share it with anyone that
might access the Internet.
Bearing in mind an e mail can't crash a system, you still need to
be careful about attachment files to any e's you get, they can.

Lastly, YM seem a little short today? Not my fault, you need to
post. You've got the weekend or else I've got Monday off.

*************************** writes:
Can anyone tell me where I can find George Micael pictures on
the web? Or if he has a web site?

(You name the Yog site, it probably has a photo gallery of some
sort. Need the names of some Yog sites? Hit the links sections
of the Yours Only George Fanclub maintained by Shannon &
Melanie: << >>
*************************** (Samantha) writes:
London's HEART 106.2FM have said that they know for a FACT
that GM will be touring next year. They say that he is at this
moment putting the final plans together and that an
announcement will be made very soon!!!

Do you know when Trigger, Chameleon will be releasd?
Aegean say 8th September and (the bible) Music Week say
the 25th August..?


(Learn this golden rule about George and release dates: They
are always 2 weeks late. For the time being, I'll stick by the
date Shirlie gave me and say the 8th. AG)
*************************** writes:
I heard a GM Greatest Hits album is going to be released by
Sony by the end of the year. It's going to include new tracks
as well. Does anybody have more news about it? Also, I also
heard that GM has enough material for a brand new album as
well by now, if that is true, when is it expected to be released?

(On the topic of the GH, the release date is a little off, last I
heard it was '98. I don't know about the new album though.
He's got to get the Wham! GH out first, plus ride the wave
of the Sony GH, I can't see a new album before '99, but
George is welcome to prove me wrong. AG)

*************************** (Gil Mendonsa) writes:
Like Cheralyn in YM #218, I too raised a bit of a brow at Neda's
expose' in #216:

<< While I was in England last month, I read in a magazine (some Teen Bopper sort of thing) that George had walked in
on Geri (the Spice Girl) with her pants down. Geri said she
was red in the face with embarrassment but felt okay after
George walked over and gave her a kiss on the cheek. >>

>>I was just wondering, where exactly were Geri and George
that he could walk in on her with her pants down. I'm assuming
it wasn't the ladies room! (Now that would make for quite an
interesting thread) And, did she pull up her pants before or
after he kissed her. :D<<

And just which ...uh, cheek got kissed?? = 0
[Sorry, couldn't resist...]

(Well, speaking of Geri's ass, which hey, let's face it, we
have been doing a lot of lately, I was rifling through a magazine
and found her admitting to the following: "I like my bum. It's
very comfortable to sit on, because it's nice and round." AG)

Anyway, AG, since I didn't follow Wham (became a GM fan with
those terrific Faith ballads) I was curious after watching that
March '83 American Bandstand segment - was the Shirlie they
introduced the same Shirlie that's now your contact at Aegean?
Just curious about this bit of continuity from the old days.

(You are correct sir, and I actually did tease Shirlie about it

after seeing the clip recently. AG)

*************************** (Bev) writes:
Hi Amanda!!
I have been sorting through a pile of comics/mags in my son's
room (he's 8) and came across the July issue of Top Of The
Pops Magazine. I have finally worked out how all the
George/Geri rumours began (I think!!). When George went on
TOTP to introduce the video for "Waltz...", the Spice Girls
were acting as guest hosts. The show was recorded the same
day as the Ivor Novello Awards, so obviously a lot of
congratulations were going back and forth. Geri Spice
introduced George to the camera.....and he kissed her. OK,
no big deal there. But according to this magazine, George
went to the girls' dressing room to invite them to dinner....and
walked in on them while they were in various states of
undress - and it appears that it was BABY Spice who had
her dress round her ankles at the time.
So there you are, those are the "facts". Use your intelligence
and sort out the fact from the fiction!!!
"Are you serious,
I'm just curious........"
Love Bev.

(Ding ding ding, we have a winner. I was waiting for someone
to "put 2 and 2 together". I knew what caused this rumour as
soon as Neda told me back in Sacramento what she had read
while in England. I just felt like being a gossip monger! AG)
*************************** (M. Smith) writes:
I have noticed that the following email address has been
posting to YogMael recently: (M Smith)

Firstly, I don't think that the above person is intentionally
misrepresenting themselves on YogMael but many of you
also know me as M.Smith and I just wanted to clarify that
the above email address is not mine and his posts were
likewise not mine nor do they reflect my views in particular.
I wrote to that person's email address in an effort to check
on this issue but they have not responded to me. So, I
have no idea if it intentional or not (I really doubt it) but I
wanted to clarify the situation.

(Not intentional, just a common name. AG)

Thanks all! Eat, drink, listen to George and be merry for
tomorrow you may be in the U.S. =~(

M. Smith - LaserNut
To Wrap it Up:

"Never state what you can't imply."

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