Anyone else notice a familiar name in the pages of In
Style magazine's What's Sexy Now issue? A certain
make up artist was being praised for her work on Lauren
Holly. Congrats Kathy.

Also, a large # of pictures for the webpage have been
coming my way. Regrettably, only 2 of 10 came through
in a non-corrupt readable format. So if you've got a pic to
send me, here's the deal, I need it as a .jpg or .gif file
that is viewable through even the most primitive viewer.
And remember, when attaching a file to an e, you have to
specify the type of file it is with that last 3 letters of the file
name and keep the file name short. Have no idea what
the hell I'm talking about? Don't have access to get the
pic scanned as such? Not a problem, send me a copy via
snail mail, I'll scan it and put it up.

*************************** (Peter Krishna) writes:
Hi everybody, if you wanna see the actual news stories
themselves then please check out the EXCLUSIVE ARTICLE
from the LWP site about his upcoming "World Tour Party '98",
the now infamous picture taken of George by "The Sun" and
this website dedicated to George's wonderful covers, Remixes
and B-sides

It's well worth the effort cos it's got all the info about GM's
music that you could ever want. You can even hear it as well!

Many Thanks
*************************** (Claire) writes:
Hi Amanda & fellow Yogos

I turned onto MTV Europe and started sing lyric to a song without
realising what I was singing. Then it dawned on me that it was
I'M YOU MAN But this was being sung by Alison Moorish!!!!!

(Do you mean Lisa? AG)

Half way though there was George singing (Not on the video
though) I just wondered if anyone knew if this was just a sample
from the old record or if it was a new recording. I'm sure the
lyrics were different.

(The version I own has the same lyrics, and was re-recorded
for Ms. Moorish. The track was produced by George's current
partner in production, Jon Douglas, it's how they met up. AG)

Take care

Claire S
Kent England
*************************** writes:
In a message dated 97-08-20 01:39:21 EDT, you write:

<< Also, if you're on AOL, go to keyword VH1 and you can download a 2.5MB video of Star People from the Unplugged.
I don't know if you can get it through their web site or not, but
if you have the chance to get it, it makes a nice addtion to
the hard drive. ;) >>

it's awesome, but i cant get "Jesus to a Child" to work for
some reason? Anyone have a copy that will work?
*************************** (Cheralyn) writes:
In Yogmael #216 Neda wrote:

<< While I was in England last month, I read in a magazine (some Teen Bopper sort of thing) that George had walked in
on Geri (the Spice Girl) with her pants down. Geri said she
was red in the face with embarassment but felt okay after
George walked over and gave her a kiss on the cheek. >>

I was just wondering, where exactly were Geri and George
that he could walk in on her with her pants down. I'm assuming
it wasn't the ladies room! (Now that would make for quite an
interesting thread) And, did she pull up her pants before or
after he kissed her. :D

*************************** (Trevor) writes:
Hey people,
Trevor here. Looking for a couple more GM items: "Love's In
Need Of Love Today" (CD or vinyl), "Bare" (Hard or soft cover).
Later, Trev
*************************** (M Smith) writes:
Hi Amanda and fellow YM's. I have one question. Why is everyone
slamming SONY, Not FONY? I love George, but the point is he
signed a contract he lost in court it's over. Sony is not to blame.
And for all you YM's out there {HISS HISS} his greatest hits are
being released by Sony, so we should be grateful, and in the
words of the man himself, "MOVE ON!!!!!!!!!! I don't know how the
rest of the world works, but when you sign a contract you are
JORDAN} and it is really hard to sympathize with someone who
did not finish college and who has a net worth of around 100
Million dollars{U.S.} I went to college and still only make
65,000.00 a year, so you should all be happy that the man can

release music and we can hear it regardless of the source.
Remember" LISTEN WITHOUT PREJUDICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amanda, you do a wonderful job with this letter, keep up the good
*************************** writes:
Now don't send me hate mail for writing this. I just thought that
George Michael fans may want to keep abreast of various rumors
that do go around that can affect the public's view of
if things could get any worse. Anyway I was watching VH-1
about last month and the v-jay on there was about to play the
latest Spice Girls video. He was talking about his niece (I think)
and saying that she absolutely loved the Spice Girls. Well then
he starting say that he knew a secret about them that his niece
didn't know and after the break (commerical) he would tell us all.
Then when they came back on he said that TWO OF THE SPICE
GIRLS ARE REALLY MEN! He said we can guess which ones
they are. You know what rumor will fly next. Since George is
said to be dating Geri, they will no doubt say George Michael is
now dating a transvestite. If this is untrue about the Spice Girls
I think Virgin Records or Spice themselves should SUE VH-1 and
make them apologize!!!! However if it's the truth then we can all
brace ourselves for the kinds of things the media is licking at the
chops to print. Just thought I'd inform you all...

(Oh joy, more tranny rumours! Gwen's not the only one then?

*************************** (Sherlene Moonsamy) writes:
Hi Amanda, and everyone.

I'm an avid GM fan from South Africa (I just love the man!) but a
very DEPRIVED one too! This is the worst place to live if you're a
devoted fan of ANYONE. First of all, it's the end of August and I
still haven't heard WAD on any station (radio and tv) and it's not
in any of the music stores that I've been to. And George has
never held any concerts in South Africa and I don't know if he
ever will:(
George if you're out there, PLEASE have mercy on your South
African fans and grace us with your presence here. Is there
anyone out there from South Africa as well??

(Yes, there are a handful on YM. AG)

I know George has alot of SA fans because whenever I go out
to buy ANY GM merchandise anywhere it's ALWAYS sold out.
Sorry for going on a bit Amanda. The Yogmael website is the
best thing that I've stumbled on ever since I started surfing the
Net and Amanda I know you've heard this before but you really
are a godsend. PLEASE keep up the good work.
talk to you guys soon, bye
*************************** (Giuseppe Celano) writes:
Hi friends!
I'm Giuseppe from George Michael Information (Italy)
I'm just back from St. Tropez where I spent a day (13th
August). Yes it's a very trendy place but believe me I can't
really understand the reason.
I mean, there are thousands of better, more amusing and
nicer places (also in Italy!!) to spend holidays whereas St.
Tropez it's just a small sea village.
The only real attractions are yatches and wealthy people.
...after this opinion of mine I would like to tell you that I didn't
see George but had a drink at Papagayo's, where he used to
go (there's even a photo of him with other people among
whom I could only recognise Ru Paul, the one who dueted
in the remake of "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" with Elton
John few years ago).
Then I went in front of "Nano" which is a very small bar full of
photo of him (but I didn't enter).
I searched for "La Villa", the new club, but it was nowhere
around the port which I walked along several times.
Finally I found a photo shop displaying some photos of
famous people: there were 3 of George!
One taken some years ago with him in front of a birthday
cake. One taken very close probably 3/4 years ago with the
Too Funky look.
The last one showed him with Tony (a friend of St. Tropez)
and another guy sitting on the stools of a bar and smiling.
That's all I got there about him....and I can't say if he was
there or had already left for London.

Ah! When I was entering St. Tropez with my car the radio (St.
Tropez FM) played "Faith"...and I thought it wasn't a casualty!


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To Wrap it Up:

"Never state what you can't imply."

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