: x

*************************** (KELLE) writes:
Hi All, I Am Selling My Collection. Anyone Who Is Interested
Feel Free To Email Me For A List. I Have (LIVE AUDIOS,

*************************** writes:
Hello everyone,

Just got a promo copy of Trigger's single (release date 9th
September?), Chameleon (Shed your Skin), Horny and
Unshed mixes (Cat AECP02)

'Hmm' is all I can really say, but is this the actual single version
to be released, or just something to get the DJ's interested?
Quite dancy, quite ambient. Could do quite well, but maybe a
club number....

("Hmm?" Much kinder than my initial reaction... AG)

Where is all the promotion that really should be going on a
couple of weeks before a new release, especially for a new
group with a high profile backer.

We'll see....

Also picked up the LP version of Red Hot and Dance and am
listening to it as I write!!! Good Stuff...

See ya
*************************** (Tina Stem) writes:

What has happened to Jo at Ægæn? I went to the artist
section & she isn't there anymore. Any clues?

(I asked about manager about her recently, but no word
back as yet. I'll keep you posted. AG)

I hope this address helps everyone who is looking for

I have ordered several things from CDNow, but this is
where they get their imports. Every import that I have ordered
from them, CDNow, has AB-Cd's return address.

I went to their web address today & I found a new album
that has GM's Star People '97 included on it. They seem to
have all of the imports that everyone is looking for, so
hopefully they will have the new ones too.

Yogfest sounded like loads of fun, even the getting lost
part. Getting lost isn't so bad if you have someone along,
by yourself is another story. I would have loved to have
been along just to see all of the looks that ya'll got going
down the road with your lipstick signs.

Maybe Yogfest 2 will be on the East Coast next time &
hopefully I will be able to attend. I sounded like sooo much

(My sister is screaming for a New York Yogfest too...maybe
we'll all have to get together there if he tours. AG)

Loads of love!!!
*************************** writes:
Hey Everyone!

I just wanted to let everyone know that VH-1 is having 8 days of
the 80's this week. So far I haven't seen George or Wham! yet,
but I'm waiting. :)

Also, if you're on AOL, go to keyword VH1 and you can download
a 2.5MB video of Star People from the Unplugged. I don't know if
you can get it through their web site or not, but if you have the
chance to get it, it makes a nice addtion to the hard drive. ;)

*************************** (Ewa Korczynska) writes:
Hi Amanda and All other yog fans :))

I have a little question and i need some qualified feedback. I am
sure someone in the list knows the answer. I started to create
my GM site in july. ( Due to lack
off time I haven´t made any drastic changes:( . Anyway I will do
so next month and I´try to make my site living (always under
construction). My QUESTION is if I can put into my site mp3
files with GM music??? If that should offend anyone and if that
would be legal. Plizzz give me your feedback. I will not put such
files until I am 100% sure everything is ok with other fans, aegean
and ofcourse GM :)) otherwise I´ll put them 2 a basket. I know
that some GM sites have .ra files with GM´s music but maybe
mp3 quality is 2 good?

just another yog-fan Encia

(How legal it is I don't know, but I think it would be a great idea.
*************************** writes:
hello amanda,
Is George Michael really dating Geri (the sexy spice)?
Sebastian(the argentine fan)

(I honestly have no idea. And I have no intention of asking
Shirlie, "Hey Shirl, is George fucking a Spice Girl?". Let's
see if it makes the Enquirer... AG)
*************************** (Hana) writes:
Hey Amanda and Yoggers!

In YOGMAEL #213 it said:
>"'Strangest Thing 97' will be released on an EP including 'You
>have been Loved', 'Father Figure' and 'Praying For Time'. The
>EP will be called'You Have Been Loved'. It will be released mid

>September in UK and Europe.
>You are going to hate this next piece of news, take a deep
>breath. It will not be released in America or Canada. This has
>nothing to do with George as you may of guessed."

We all know there are some GM USA fans that will want a
copy of "You Have Been Loved EP" right away [like on the
release date]. :o)

Who do you know in UK [not too busy with school, lives
near a reasonably-priced [up-to-date] music store, and a
post office] that will be helpful in taking prepaid[with money
order] orders of the EP, for us unfortunate Yoggies in USA??? :o)

Is there someone in UK that is willing to go to a store as soon
as it is released to purchase the EP, pack the CD & mail[first
class] it????

While on the subject, is there anyone in UK that knows how
much[£] the postage is for a CD that packed & mailed [first
class] to USA?

Anyone want to guess a £ price of the CD EP? Or maybe
someone could ask[closer to the release date] the buyer at
reasonably-priced [up-to-date] music store, what the EP will
be retailing before it is released, so we'll all know what price
range we will be looking at.

Anyone know what record company will be producing the CD EP?

(A Virgin/Aegean co-production I imagine. AG)

*************************** writes:
Hi there,
Just caught some information on a George Michael calender
for 1998, how do i get my hands on one?


(As the post said, e mail for details. AG)
*************************** writes:
Hi Amanda,

In letter #214, you Said there was problems at Fony and
DreamWorks with GM. Now tell me, what the hell is going
on at DreamWorks now!...

(Nothing, that's the problem... AG)

*************************** (Bev) writes:
Hello Amanda!
Just to let you know that Virgin UK are now quoting 8th
September for the release of You Have Been Loved.....but I
wouldn't be surprised to see it slip back by another week.

(Shirlie did say the middle of the month, so I'm not surprised,
I was waiting for the latest official date. AG)

I also wanted to let you know that those wonderful people at
Capital Radio are already giving George's new single fairly
good rotation. They are playing the remix of The Strangest
Thing. It's a terrific remix (I wonder if it's George's own mix?)
and should do well in the clubs. He has pitched the vocals
quite high, and the whole effect is vaguely reminiscent (to
my ears at least) of the Pet Shop Boys, with a little of
Queen's You Don't Fool Me thrown in! I'll be interested to
hear other opinions in due course.

One thing is starting to bother me, and I hesitate to write
this in case I come across as a real party pooper!! Many
Yogmaelers seem to want to voice their dissatisfaction over
the release of new singles to AEGEAN. It's worth
remembering that George's music is officially released by
Virgin and DreamWorks, and they are the people to whom
complaints should be directed. The impression that I got
from Virgin here in the UK is that most of the decisions
come from George himself. It's no good bawling out Shirlie or
Elliott over matters that they can't control, and we don't want
to end up spoiling the very special relationship that exists
between Yogmael and AEGEAN, do we?!

(Relationship is still in good standing, don't worry, my sanity
is long gone though. GH)

Hope I haven't caused offense to anyone; that's not my
intention, I'm just voicing my feelings.........

(Which invariably will get you in trouble... AG)

Love Bev.
*************************** (Andrew) writes:
Hello Amanda,
I trust that your vacation was as enjoyable and relaxing as could

(You can tell you've had a truly good vacation when you need a
week to recover, and I am just now back to my regular self. AG)

As you know, i am a loyal fan of George since his earliest days
in WHAM!. in fact i can't go more than one day without listening
to his music. even if i don't listen i hum a lot of his songs.

anyways my question is..
Why couldn't George and Fony negotiate a deal instead of taking
the disagreement to court? I'm sure Fony was willing to make
some concessions with what George was asking.

(No they weren't. He spent some time trying to negotitate, he
was perfectly willing to chuck the court case up until pretty
much the last minute. AG)

Take care,
*************************** (Brent Pearson) writes:
Hello Amanda and everyone,
I have Andrew Ridgeley's Son of Albert CD and Cassette for

sale if anyone is needing it just contact me (ok it was not the
best album but Shake Hardcore is kind of cool). Anyway, I
will have Waltz Away Dreaming pictures on my web site next
week for anyone who has not seen the video it is a good
chance to at least see what it looked like. Oh also I will have
a pic of GM kissing Geri from Spice Girls from the Top of the
Pops when she introduced him before they played the video.
Oh anyone in California or near San Francisco??? I will be
there for a week September 13th-21st and would be cool to
meet some of you in CA.
Cheers! Brent
*************************** (JABBERWOCKY) writes:
Ok I've been reading yogmael now for a couple
of months and i'm a big GM :) fan I was wondering if their is
an actual list of recordings that he has done with other artists?
A friend of mine told me a few years back that he did an
album for Liza Minneli is that true ? also he's done vocals
with jody watley which i'm sure you already know and various
others that i can't think of at the moment .but i would like to
expand myGM collection...

(I don't think the Liza thing ever happened, but it was being
planned. He did one track on Jody's self-titiled album. There
is of course I Knew You Were Waiting with Aretha. There are
also the Elton collaborations -- Wrap Her Up, Nikita, Don't Let
the Sun -- as well as George's contribution to the Two Rooms
tribute with Tonight. He produced a little for David Cassidy also.
I'm sure I'm missing a few things, but this is all I can recall
off the top of my head. AG)

If any one wants to chat or help me find online where all of these
GM chat rooms are it would be much appreciated.. thanks and
keep up the good
*************************** (gummieGirl) writes:
Hi there,

I've added a questionnaire thingie to my site if any or all of u
have time to fill it out. Since we all like to chat about George's
appearance, I thought it would be fun to do a questionnaire
about it. I have noticed that Now Magazine really likes to diss
his present image. Although, they do it in a nice way. Anyway..
It's at

If u would like to add a question to it, you have until the end of
the week... No pressure there.. :)
Since I don't want to bother Aegean too too much, I haven't
decided wheither or not to send the results to them. It's all in
good fun, so... please have some... :O)

Make sure u hit reload on my questionnaire page otherwise u
will get the old form. I had to change it, cos it wasn't working...

Luv gummieGirl
the one & only... :O)
*************************** writes:
Does Ralphie (issue 214) know George that well, that he knows
more than anyone else in the world, George's sexuality? So
what he's been in gay bars - so have I, and I am married, and
not gay, gay bars are usually more fun.
To say that Kathy Yeung was 'set-up' with George by Sony is
totally stupid - unless George is a liar, since he said that she
was his girlfriend on many occasions, and talks about her in
Bare. Oh and now Aegean, or whoever has set George up with
Geri to 'straighten him up' and he's 'experimenting with
hetrosexuality' give us a break!! Perhaps he's worried George
may be straight and spoil his fantasy? George has said he
has had girlfriends in the past and recently - if he's also had
boyfriends well, that's his business, but unless George says
any different, could we please stop talking about his sexual
preferences - if we're going to talk rubbish that is!!!
*************************** writes:
I wish that these rumors about George touring are true.. And
if they are head for MADISON SQUARE GARDEN in NEW
YORK!!!! that wouldbe great... I would definately be in the
first row. -Mandy
*************************** (George Lewis) writes:
Hello Amanda love of my internet (arent you flattered!=-) and rest,

Do you think Andy is gonna get a healthy cut of the Wham!
greatest hits? Maybe he can buy a new surf board or somthin'?
Hmm, I wonder if Keren or him pays on a date? I think Andy
should come back however on ANY revised tracks! Oh, and
wasn't The Final supposed to be the best of?????????????
(Never I guess the best of without NLTSITL!!) Best be some
new tracks!! I dunno, its always fun hearing Andy making
those high pitched noises in the background! Agree?

The Other George.

"O O Oooo Yeah"
(Andy in the Final version of ETW)

(You are mocking my beloved Andy aren't you my little internet

boy toy? No idea about Andrew's involvement with the GH. I
would assume -- perhaps wrongly -- that he's likely been tagging
along on the recent Australian Bananarama tour. AG)
To Wrap it Up:

"Sometimes having a good time is not enough." (Circa 1990)

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