: )

*************************** (Barry) writes:
Hey Guys!

subj: Great & Inexpensive Place To Buy Imports!!!

I wanted to make sure you guys all received this information
before you worked yourselves trying to find the upcoming GM
UK singles. I must first start by saying that I have been
purchasing music from this vendor for YEARS and I have had

The name of the company is SpiderWeb Records. You can
send email to (** Notice that there is NO
"e" in spider) or point your browser to

He really makes an effort to post all the upcoming releases
from England and Europe on the "What's New" section of his
website *EVERY* monday. I have yet to see this on any
other sites.

Btw, do **NOT** expect to be hit hard with shipping charges.
His prices for shipping are THE BEST I've ever come in contact

You'll need to double check with him, but I think the upcoming
CD singles are priced at $9.00 for CD1 and $10 for CD2. Though
I do not collect them, he also has the 1998 GM calendar.

Please note that I am in no way affiliated with SpiderWeb
Records other than being a LONG-TIME SATISFIED CUSTOMER!

If you email him, tell him Barry sent you ;)

Happy Hunting!

*************************** writes:
I guess Michelle's taken over my duty of promoting Esprit. :)

Anyway, in issue #213, Michelle responded to David's request
about posters by offering this info:
>There is a 60" x 40" poster of the Older LP Cover which costs
>Pounds 3.99. You can order this through:-

> Esprit Mail Order
> Esprit House Tel: (UK +44) 01474 815010
> Railway Sidings Fax: (UK +44) 01474 815030
> Meopham
> Kent. DA13 0YS
> England.

>or: E.mail :
>or: Website:

My latest Esprit catalog also lists a poster of "Jesus to a Child",
which is also a 60" X 40" promo fly poster + release date, for the
same price. I've never seen it, so I don't know what the picture
could be -- maybe the cover of the single (yah, I know, which

I've ordered through Esprit more than once and their service is
very prompt. Mail-order is very addictive though, I must warn
you, especially from UK companies (it always seems so much
cheaper until you do the conversion).

*************************** writes:
I received the following e-mail from a close friend. Just thought I'd
pass along the info and give y'all fair notice to set your VCRs,
mine's already set with VCR+ !!! Hope everyone has a great week!

Next Wednesday (8/20) at 1 am VH-1 will be airing the American
Bandstand with Wham! Unfortunately, I'm not sure if that is
Eastern or Pacific time, but still . . . I thought you should know....

*************************** (RoadRunner) writes:
This week is 8 days of Eighties on VH1. I saw the most
wonderful American Bandstand w/ Wham!! It was from March
5, 1983! They were both still 19 and they "performed" Young
Guns and Bad Boys. It was wonderful. I think it just began
today so keep your eyes open for other cool GM stuff!!! :)
*************************** (Rene') writes:

Amanda, your YM#214 by-line was:

"I was a sixth form rebel -- which didn't take much."
(George in New Music Express, November '82)

I don't remember reading this. What is a "sixth form rebel"?
and what is he talking about? Just trying to keep up on all the
Georgely trivia! :)

(Though edumacated in the land of free health care, I have
surmised that George -- edumacated in the land of good
music -- was referring to his adolescent school days. Sixth
form is a academic grade level. AG)

--And I agree that I thought that Victoria would be more
George's type of Spice Girl. Or Baby Spice. (You know, the

Does anyone know if George is still considering being in the
"Spice Girls--the Movie"? What a hideous thought! And he
complained about Elton doing the Lion King.

(Read the next post. AG)

I know you love them Amanda (and I worry about you for it! ;),
but they are in constant rotation here (every 5 min.), and I'm
losing any appreciation I had for them..

It is kinda interesting that George, a Tony Blair fan, is getting

chummy with one of "Thatcher's Girls". :)) I take it "politics"
is NOT on the approved subject list during his dates. (But
then, is it ever?) *Big Smile*

(According to their recent Rolling Stone interview, the ladies
are not quite the Thatcherites they profess to be...then again,
is anyone? AG)

*************************** (Neda) writes:
Hi Amanda!!

Well, you asked me to send it in and so I am. It's been so long
since I've contributed. By the way, thanks for the day in San
Francisco, I had a blast ;) Here's the story. While I was in
England last month, I read in a magazine (some Teen Bopper
sort of thing) that George had walked in on Geri (the Spice Girl)
with her pants down. Geri said she was red in the face with
embarassment but felt okay after George walked over and gave
her a kiss on the cheek. Wow!! There was also talk of the movie
the SG's are doing and that George has either agreed or is in
last stage discussion. Now I'm not confirming any of this
because it's just stuff I read and I don't believe everything I read
(unless AG says it, of course ;) So there you have it big sis!!
Enjoy and I hope to talk to you soon.

<3 always, Neda Hakimi

p.s. I'll never forget: the kid on the bike in front of Hard Rock,
waiting in the freezing cold for that girl to show up, trying (and
trying and trying) to wave a taxi (this is when I get us a ride in
a limo :), being asked to strap my "neighbor" to a pole while
waiting FOREVER for a FIRETRUCKIN trolley, or the hellish
climb on Mason Street (or any other street for that matter).
Well, thanks for the memories! Buh-Bye =)
*************************** (chassagne) writes:
Hi Amanda and Yoggers,

I was flipping through a COSMOPOLITAN (British Edition)
August 1997 magazine, only because I was procrastinating
(as usual) from writing one of my past due research papers...
And to my surprise there was a picture of George (small one,
and of course he looked great..), so >I look at the top of the
page to see that the article was about Gary Barlow, a former
TAKE THAT group member.

Anyway, I thought that I'd share certain parts of the article
with you (of course it's the parts where George's name comes
up). Enjoy, and Amanda feel free to edit if it's too long.

Pages 65-66..beginning at the 2nd column of the first page:

He's estimated to have built up a 6 million (pounds/sterling)
fortune, 300,000 (pounds/st) of which he has apparently spent
renovating his 50-acre estate in Cheshire. Talk about a plush
bachelor pad. So, does money and fame make you more

"I think it makes you more fascinating to other people," he
ponders. "It's a false thing, but you have an aura around you
as far as other people are concerned, because they've only
ever seen you on TV. I remember the first time I saw George
Michael, I couldn't stop looking at him. Stars like that have
charisma all around them--they're buzzing with it, everything
they do. I watched George Michael picking up his glass
and, honestly, it was fascinating." An awe-struck silence
descends before Barlow finally says, "George Michael is a
bloody good-looking guy, isn't he?"

You're glad he brought the name up first. It's difficult to
discuss Gary Barlow without the Greek god making a
cameo. In truth, it's almost impossible to listen to Barlow's
album, "Open Road," without feeling the spectre of George
Michael at your shoulder. Naturally, Barlow is anxious
about comparisons. He believes the two song writers share
a deep seated sincertiy, although one senses the younger
man may be the more overtly ambitious."

(Skipping to the 2nd page of the article...)

Speculating upon the sexuality of Take That's members was
always a fun dinner party diversion. They'd worked the gay
clubs, none of them had girlfriends, they were partial to baring
their behinds, they were friends with Elton John. Did it ever
bother Gary that people though he was a homosexual?

"Not at all," he shrugs with a genuine lack of concern. "It all
adds to the mystery, doesn't it? I suppose if you're theatrical,
you're going to be called gay. I mean, a lot of the stuff the
band wore was really camp. Devil suits and all that. I used to
dread them bringing in the clothes for the tours. I'd be like,
'You can forget about it--I am NOT wearing that!'"

Has he ever fancied men? "I suppose I have really," he says
after a thoughtful pause. I used to idolise George Michael
when I was growing up. I wanted to be everything he was.
So, in my early years, yeah, I did fancy men. Or a man."

The George Michael crush is long behind him now. There have
been semi-serious girlfriends--kept secret during the "Thatter"
years--although he claims never to have had his heart broken

("I'd make a bloody awful album if someone did.") But now
there is Dawn Andrews--a former backing dancer for Take
That--Barlow's paramour of two years' standing, the woman
with whom he is in love."

(The article goes on a bit about relationships and his career)
Very interesting article is all that I can say for now. But, not if it would shock us to hear how many admirers
George has! The list will just keep growing.....

Bye for now,
*************************** (Lisa Holmes) writes:
I have read so many emails from those of you like me have
been desperate to get your hands on WAD but have had no
luck. I emailed Shirlie -at- Aegean early on to see if there was
going to be a world wide release date and was advised at
that stage that nothing was definite. I decided that if I
wanted it badly enough there had to be a way! I phoned
every record store in the city - no one had even heard of the
track. I got 6 stores to try and import it for me all without
success. I came across a store that was renowned for
imports. The guy told me that he would not be interested in
importing it as it was only a single and not worth his time!!
(Can you believe this - he'd obviously never heard of customer
service!). I was beginning to think that I'd never get a copy
when a friend told me about a record store in Auckland - an
hour and a half away from where I live. When I phoned the
guy he'd actually heard of this song! I was beginning to think
that maybe everything would work out. Guess what? He
phoned me yesterday after three weeks to tell me he had got
WAD for me!! I was ecstatic. I'm taking the day off work on
Monday to travel to Auckland to pick up my CD - I hope I don't
get caught for speeding!! All I can say is "You gotta have faith!!"

(Find a British contact, it makes your life much easier... Hi Bev!

See ya.
*************************** (Jen) writes:
Hi everybody,

It's been quite awhile since I've posted, but it seems you do just
fine without me! =)

(Actually, YM has been a mere faint shadow of itself without
your input... AG)

Anyway, I just wanted to share, I met an actual fan last
weekend!!! It was so great! A mutual friend introduced me to
her as a fan of George Michael, and she said to me, "You
know my pain." It was so true! So I pulled up a chair and
said, "Oh, yes. I do." LOL!

We didn't get to talk much because of a friend of hers who
obviously didn't want her to talk to me (doesn't like George
much I guess) but, it was so great to actually meet
someone who knows what it is like to be a fan!!!

Guess that's all, see you later!!!

*************************** (Tina Stem) writes:
Hey Amanda,

I had to share this with someone & only a GM fan could find
any humor in it at all.

I dreamed about The Man last night (August 7). I know what
you are thinking, WRONG!!! I dreamed I was going to get to
meet him finally & get his autograph. Some woman (don't have
a clue who she was) was taking me to meet him. Well, here
we go to his room. I'm guessing it was suppose to be a hotel

When we get there he is asleep already. Yes, right there
between the sheets!!! Well, I get all nervous & tell her that I
won't disturb him & thanks anyway. She says that I am
already there so she gives me a shove & I bump the end of
the bed which in turn wakes him.

To say the least he was very pissed!! He asked me what
the hell I wanted. I told him nothing & I was sorry to have
bothered him. He refuses to take this as an answer &
demands to know what I want. I told him that I was a big
fan & had only wanted his autograph & nothing more.

He is like, sure thats all you want. I was still apoligizing
& trying to get out of there & then he starts to cough. (Here
comes the funny part.) My "mother hen" instincts kick in
at this point. I ask him if he is alright & I see him shivering.
I walked over to him & felt of his head & started fussing at
him that he had a fever. I started pulling blankets on him &
telling him that he needed some asprin & something to drink.

At this point he started laughing at me because I was
fussing over him like I really knew him. Then I woke up! Damn!

I hope you weren't too bored with this & got at least a little
chuckle out of it.


(An innocent dream about George? What a novel idea... AG)
To Wrap it Up:

"... I feel that it's dangerous on a personal level to have a huge
gap between what you are in your work and what you are in
reality." (Circa 1990)


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