Hey all, hope eveyone has a GREAT weekend. I'll be hosting
one of my renowned Madonnathons to celebrate Madonna's
BDay. Shout out to Jim Simpson for the Mo info and the good
advice. : )

*************************** writes:
Ok, now, just what is really going on. What are the media and
other sources trying to do to us George Michael fans???
Someone must think this is a joke. Is George touring or not?
If it's just a rumor then say, "Rumor has it..." but now I keep
reading that radio stations are announcing the tour, and
newspapers keep printing the announcement. I'm beginning to
think someone is having a real laugh right about now and I don't
think it's funny at all. It's very disappointing for news to surface
that George is touring and then when Shirlie is contacted at
Aegean she says, "There are no plans for a tour at the moment."
This is starting to tick me off !!! I think whoever started this
rumor should put an end to the cat-n-mouse game. They know
good and well telling George Michael fans that he is going to
tour will get us all excited.

(I heard 3 of my local radio stations announce a huge tour for
George in December of '95. It never happened either. AG)

My other gripe is that George is releasing singles off his Older
what's going on!!!! Why don't we matter??? Will Aegean make
it so that we can have access to purchasing the singles
overseas??? With the way they have done "Waltz Away
Dreaming" I think it's a real shame and that makes you mad
too because you think being a fan of George is worth
something...I guess not !!!! The only reason I can think that
his music wouldn't be released here is because of the fall out
with Sony. But then if that was such a tragic situation then
WHY is Sony's name listed on the Aegean web site???
Huh??? Can someone tell me that??? I don't think George
and Sony are as hostile as we may have thought. Well all
of this has come out of my being very angry at people
starting rumors that can turn out to be nothing but simple
dissappointment. I wish people would get a life and stop
spreading lies!!!! That sucks !!!!

(Yes, things were wrong with Fony, and there are also things
wrong with DreamWorks. But at the end of the day, it's
hard to watch MTV and not see a Sony commercial, and
anyone who thinks payola is a thing of the past, well... AG)

*************************** writes:
Greeting fellow Yoggers.
Some of you may already know me, and others of you will, in
time. I am new to this whole inter-net, Yogmael, www, global
communication at your fingertips deal. I have been involved
with, a fan of and have been interested in GKP/GM/YOG since
I first caught a glimpse of him on Mtv in the early 80's. I
remember when the video came on, my Mom looked at me as I
looked at her, we both said "What in the hell is this!?" Little
did I know what a large portion of my life that this man would
capture. I have tried to be a concious and not a complusive fan.
Some of my peers may feel that I have failed on that whole
compulsive thing (Dan & Darin) but it has definately been a fun
journey. I will admit that while trying to keep on the cutting
edge of GM information, I have been out of the loop according
to what I have been reading in the "mael" that I have thus far. I
have received a couple of updates from my actual "Yogmael"
subscription, fortunately a friend had a backlog of mael and
sent me a bunch (and I mean a bunch) to read. I was honestly
surprised with the network of maelers and the information
possessed by you.
There has been a mention of a single "WAD" I don't know what
this is or where to find it. Is it commercially available in the U.S.
or do I have to sleep with someone to get it - this might be an
option. Please let me know.

(You may need to hit an import shop to find the Waltz Away
Dreaming CD, or use a service such as EQS or RecordRunner.

Also, I mentioned two names earlier in this note, Darin & Dan, I
bet most of you know these boys - I read Dan's name in several
different maelings. I have had the fortune of being friends with
both Dan from California (I forget his e-mail address) and with
DarinBS from Phoenix. Both great people and both full of
knowledge. I had contact a few years ago with a bunch of
people who wrote letters to me after my appearance on Maury
Povich Show and in Ladies Home Journal magazine. I was
wondering if any of those people are part of this network. If so let
me know who you are. I would welcome any responses/questions
from fellow fans. I will be reading daily my incoming Yogmael.

Should any of you want to feel free to e-mail me personally.

*************************** writes:
hi there,
can sameone out there help me? Yesterday as i was reading
my yogmael and some was talking about real vidio and how
they went to it and found a video of George. How do i get
there? I went to that site but couln't find a thing a George.
If you can help my e-mail is
*************************** writes:
Hi amanda,
I just got one quick question: Is "you have been loved" being
released in the US and did george shoot a video for it?
Sebastian (the argentine fan)

(That was two, but no, and I don't know. AG)
*************************** writes:
(Re: The Upcoming You Have Been Loved UK Release)

Could somebody get a copy for the kid if I sent you the money
and everything? Thanx-the people here in NC wont carry it.. =(
*************************** (Jonna Kuntsi) writes:
I wonder you would be able to help. I am trying to get hold of
the lyrics for a song by George Michael which goes something
like 'wait for's been a long, long time... when you're not
there...' Would you know which song it is and how I could get
hold of the lyrics. Hope to hear from you asap. Thanks a lot.

(I have no idea, each phrase reminds me of a different song,
anyone else know? AG)

*************************** (Anthony Grimley) writes:
Hello people,
I was really down in the dumps so I bought GM Unplugged
music. I feel better now, I feel better than James Brown.
Isn't it great how George perks you up?
*************************** (Brent Pearson) writes:
Hello everyone sorry long time no hear from me but here is
some news for you... I had to move my site Club Tropicana
but it is now open with new sounds, pictures, etc.... sorry
for the delay. Here is the new address
Thanks everyone for hanging in there. OH a special thanks
to BO!!! I am soooo glad another great single is being
released from GM!! I love The Strangest Thing!! BUT my
favorite unplugged song was... OLDER WOW PLEASE
GM RELEASE that version heard it on MTV Japan
Unplugged in the start of the show and it is arranged
differently very NICE!!! Lets all hope he releases that one
as a single!!!

Cheers! Brent
*************************** writes:
Hi Amanda,

Maybe you can ask (tell them forcefully) Aegean if they can be
kind enough to release "Wham! The Finale: The Concert" on
video to go along with the greatest hits album. I know he is
forever-embarrassed by the time period but, Come On George!

(It would be quite a good idea wouldn't it? And I'm sure Andy
could use the money, even if Keren is on tour at the moment.
Hmmmm... AG)

*************************** (Stephen Hodgins) writes:
Hello Queen Amanda. How was the trip? Good I hope. I am sure
I will hear all about it from Jean( your early governess) after you
and her have ate up an hour or so on the phone upon your return
to the Realm of YOG.

(You know us so well... AG)

I thought I would forward this letter - sent to me from the RealAudio
people - to You. I do not know if You have this program, if so
disregard. If you don't, it is worth a look. I have not taken
advantage of this current offer yet, but I think I will. I thought this
might be of interest to You and Your Court might find this a
useful program. I am currently using the regular RealAudio
RealPlayer and it has performed very well. I am sure there are
users of this program among the multitude of YOG subjects,
but if you deem it a worthy topic to throw to the Court of YOG,
feel free to share this information.

(At my brother-in-law's insistance, here you are gang. I know
most of us do use it, especially to listen to Capital FM and
Radio Aegean. AG)

Your humble subject,
Dear RealPlayer User,

Thank you for using RealPlayer software for RealAudio and

I'm writing to tell you about a special offer available exclusively
for users of the enhanced RealPlayer Plus.

If you order and download RealPlayer Plus, you'll get access to
30 full-length albums from Warner Bros. Records, presented in

RealPlayer Plus delivers benefits you can't get anywhere else,


- The best quality audio and video at 28.8

- One-button scanning for the best live audio & video on the web

- Instant access to your favorite RealAudio and RealVideo
content with preset buttons

- Packaged CD-ROM and manual plus free telephone technical

Please visit our Web site for more information or to download
RealPlayer Plus:
For information about this e-mail including
how to subscribe to or unsubscribe from
future announcements, please visit:
*************************** (M Smith) writes:
Greetings!! Just one question, as regards GM and one of
those hideous Spice Girls.
Has anyone stopped to think that since they(Spice Girls,
or as we in America call them Crap Girls) are on the Sony
record label that maybe Sony is hyping this whole thing to
help with GM greatest hits release? Having seen him in gay
clubs in NYC I can only guess that Sony is trying to
"straighten him up" for public consumption as they did
during the Faith tour with that Kathy Jueng girl. Unfortunately
people in the USA are still quite homophonic, so that may
explain the whole thing, although if he is experimenting with
heterosexuality he should do it with someone like Jewel or
Sheryl Crow!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Nice try, but they are fellow Virgin recording artists. And
he decides to play it straight for a while, much though I
think Victoria is his type, Geri will suffice. And if Mr.
Branson is working on a little inter-label romance hype,
cheers and hats off to the man for bringing back the
"studio system" of keeps things amusing. AG)

*************************** (fastluv) writes:
Hello! I just wanted to know if anyone saw the little clip of
George Michael that Oprah showed on her show?

The topic was something like "looking back - American
Bandstand" or something. They showed Wham!'s old clip
doing Young Guns (ya know, the barefoot thing...) and about
a 20 second interview thing where Dick said they sounded
like a rap group from Detroit! It was very cute and it made
my day!!! I will put the little clip on my site...I'll try at least..

(As I had to tell my mum, they were wearing espadrilles...
and that is the one clip of footage guaranteed to cheer me
up no matter how foul my mood. AG)

Thanks for listening...

The YM'er formerly known as writes:
Hi, Amanda and everybody!
I guess I am back, but actually I'm not... I have lost my e-mail and
I haven't got it back yet. And I don't think I will get it back any time
soon. Now my boss have left for two weeks and I have a chance
to use his computer and his e-mail (so, don't send me any mail
on this address, please) and the first thing I do... you see,I send
a note to YM.
Although I don't have my e-mail address, I read YM. I read it in
archives. I even think I get the issues on time. Today, aug.13th, I
got #212. Thank you so much whoever do it. These archives save
my life.

(What archives might these be? Who has been scamming the
archives? AG)

I was really depressed when I thought I'm not gonna get any YM
any more. Now it's not so bad after all. I can still be with you. I
can't send any info to you, I can't post, but I still get everything.
I guess it is a little bit selfish, but please keep on posting the
issues in the archive page.

I got a message from a girl who has grown up here, in Riga. She
saw my post in YM and send me a message. It's really amazing!
HI, JULIA!!! Thank you for the message. I'm really sorry I couldn't
answer earlier. You know why - I don't have my e-mail address.
The address you sent your message to me was my friend's
address in America. I had something important to say in YM and
I sent a fax with my message to my friend in America who has
e-mail, and he sent my message to YM. Complicated, isn't it?
When he got your message he faxed it back to me. It was really
great to hear from you. Riga is so small, and it was a big surprise
to find out that there is someone from Riga (although you live in
Finland now I think I can say you are from Riga, am I right?)
reading YM. Let me know the next time you are in Riga. We
can go somewhere, what do you think? If you are somewhere
near Riga, you can call me or fax me. My phone# is 7204555,
and the fax # is 7204407

Amanda, I hope you don't mind I post this kind of info. I don't
think there is any other ways I can find Julia, and since she
found me though YM...

(Anything I can do to help a YM'er I will gladly do. AG)


Well, I guess that's it.
Take care. Kristine.

P.S.I'm really glad for you, guys, that you had a great time on
The Big Weekend.
To Wrap it Up:

In Monday's YM, more details of the London Yogfest.

"I was a sixth form rebel -- which didn't take much."
(George in New Music Express, November '82)

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