Hi. So as we all know there are many rumours about what
is going on with George's career at the moment. I decided
that rather than sit back and fuel the rumour mill, I'd ask
Shirlie for some official answers.

1. Are you (meaning collectively) at AEgean willing to
confirm or deny the tour rumours?

"At this moment in time I have no tour dates or confirmation
that George is going on tour.(sorry)"

2. Will The Strangest Thing be released on Sept. 1 in the UK?
Any plans to release in America? (Amanda falls to the ground
laughing in hysterics...)

"'Strangest Thing 97' will be released on an EP including 'You
have been Loved', 'Father Figure' and 'Praying For Time'. The
EP will be called'You Have Been Loved'. It will be released mid
September in UK and Europe.
You are going to hate this next piece of news, take a deep
breath. It will not be released in America or Canada. This has
nothing to do with George as you may of guessed."

3. Is George working on a new album?

"George is not working on a new album at the moment. But
lots of other projects.I cannot give info on these yet."

4. Is there really a Wham! Greatest Hits CD coming out next

"Yes there is a 'Wham Greatest Hits' album . I do not have a
finalised release date though. George is in the studio at the
moment remixing 'Everything She Wants'."

5. Is there a release date for Trigger's single?

"Triggers release date for 'Chameleon' is the 8th September."

(If you can imagine it, mix The Prodigy with like Sarah McLachlan,
you'll get something along the lines of Trigger. AG)

*************************** (JMaline) writes:
Hi Everyone!
I am so excited that I finally get to share my story with all of
you!! Reason: For the last 4 days, my stupid server has been
down, and I was going nuts because I wanted to send this, and
now I finally can!
Anyway, yesterday, I had to go shopping for now cross-
training shoes (like you care, but keep reading.) I went to the
mall and into Lady Foot Locker, where I can usually find
something. I was in there for over an hour,trying on TONS of
shoes, but with no success. I was getting really frustrated
and had to listen to some over-played crap over the intercom
thing. I was getting ready to walk out and go to another store,
when all of a sudden,I froze. Was I hearing things? Was I
dreaming? I couldn't believe it--I was hearing Star People!!!
Yes, 'tis true. In Foot Locker, of all places! I immediately got
a HUGE smile on my face and weird looks from the girl who
was working there. I stood there, singing to myself, trying not
to make it too obvious that I was dancing around. I was stoked.
Then I had to run over to Jamba Juice to get a fruit smoothie,
seeing that the temperature had broken the record highs, about
100 degrees. I walked in to hear, yes, once again, STAR
PEOPLE!!! I could not believe it! I started laughing and singing,
once again, trying to keep the dance movements to a minimum,
because there were some cute guys behind me. I was dying to
get home and tell you guys about my day with George, but I
had one more stop to make.
I went in to Big 5 to see if they had any shoes that I would
like. After looking around for about 15 minutes, I finally found
an employee and some shoes to try on. As I was sitting there,
trying them on, FAITH starts playing!!! Can you believe it!!!????
I sure couldn't! I started laughing again and singing out loud.
There was a kid and his dad next to me trying on shoes, too,
and they were giving me some pretty funny looks, not to
mention that they were actually laughing at me! I didn't care.
It was George!! For the third time in one day!!!
I guess I, too, had to have "Faith" in finding a pair of shoes.
It was at Faith-playing Big 5 that I found a pair that fit me just
right. Thanks George!!!

I wish I could always be accompanied by Him whenever I went
shopping! ;)

-Jena :)
*************************** writes:
Hi Amanda and Yoggers
I was wondering whether anyone knows if Mr
Sexy George Michael will be touring
Australia? If anyone knows anything
pleeeeease let me know!

Have Faith Everyone!
*************************** (Zoe Salonitides) writes:
Hi guys...

Thought you might be interested in a passage I found in today's
Sydney paper:

"Wham bam thank you man: Pop music's oldest young man,
George Michael, has announced he'll be back on the road soon
for his first tour in six years. Initial details out of London
suggest the trip, which kicks off in America early next year, will

take in Australia some point further down the track. The shows
will feature Michael updating some of his old Wham! hits as well
as some 'surprise duets'. A source close to Michael told the
London Sun: 'George will be very 'hands on' and will oversee
every detail of the show. He has a very clear idea of how he
wants it to look. It will be very cool and stylish."

Sorry if you've already received this news, Amanda... but I
couldn't control myself. ;) I think it's interesting that George will
be starting his tour in the US - doesn't he normally leave that
country 'til last and start in Japan/Asia first so he can perfect
the show? Could it be due to the fact that the US has had the
poorest sales for Older? Personally, I think it's a good idea...
the US might have made up for half the sales of his previous
work, but it doesn't anymore... it's about time he paid more
attention to the countries where his albums *still* reach number

(You're probably exactly right, he can tinker with the show here
in North America and have it perfect for Europe and the East.
It could also be Fony orders to bolster the initial GH sales. But
hey, no complaints, the sooner the better. AG)

*************************** (Rene') writes:

Before I forget, thanks Amanda for convincing George to tour next
year (we hope). *smile*

(Told you I was capable of anything... AG)

I've heard lots of people complaining that they really don't like
the Star People remixes. I was wondering if any of the DJs, or
other music lovers who subscribe to this list, had attempted
their *own mixes of George's music? Did you use pieces of his
remixes or did you take pieces from his cds and 12"?

--Just wondering. If anyone has, maybe you could share a snippet
with the rest of us by way of the internet.

Take Care,

(Somewhere in my tapes box there is a Too Funky remix I did
for a fashion show I co-produced, and I know a friend who's
had a go at Star People. And, I think I once remixed the Wham!
Rap. AG)
*************************** (Leslie Charles) writes:

I am new to this mailing list.
So I will keep this short.

I am looking for a 45 rpm record.

On Side A is Father Figure
On Side B is Love's in Need of Love Today.

If some one out there has it and is willing
to sell it, please email me at: I am very much
interested in obtaining this record.

Thank you,
Leslie Charles.
*************************** (Lisa) writes:
Dear Amanda and Fellow Yog Fans

Just thought I would let you know that my local radio
station here in London (U.K ) has just announced that George will
be touring. The first tour in 6 years. The dates and venues have
yet to be announced. I will keep you informed if I should here
Take Care Now
Lisa x x
*************************** writes:
hi Amanda,
i just want to say well, glad that you r back, and i like the way
you end the yogmail each time.
a news about GM. he was seen in LA by my friend & I in Beverly
hills shooping center area (seeing a movie), he was with his friend,
who was pertty normal looking (as in, not a drama queen) He
GM, looked very stylish, a Greek god more like it.
*************************** (Anthony Grimley) writes:
Hello everyone,
As a new member of the mailing list I would like to say hello-
Hello. And now for some info, MTV Europe will be showing
George Michael:Older on Friday 15th August from 12.30pm
(BST) to 1pm. "Tracing the singer's life in music through
interviews, live footage and the best of his many videos."
(Video+ code: 92757).
By the way anyone know Aegean's snail mail address?
Warmest regards,
*************************** (deb) writes:
Hi all,

In regards to my earlier post..I just wanted to let u all know that
it's easy to get the original shutdown screen back. I changed
mine back to the original screen & it's very easy. So.. if
anyone else wants it, mail me.

BTW, has anyone gotten confirmation from Aegean that George
will be undergoing a world tour? (I can hardly complain about
him snubbing Vancouver until I get the facts.. :O) )

(An official no at the moment. AG)

*************************** (cworkman) writes:
Dear Amanda:

Greets Awhamda and the Yog 500 ! (okay..its doesn't 'look' as

cute as it sounds)

(More than the 500, we seem to have levelled off at 750, give or
take a few. AG)

In #208 there was mention of petitions for two causes for which
I'd like to lend my support:

1. MTV Unplugged release (Jordan F.)

2. LWPII release (Cass)

How can I lend my voice, signature, emsil address.....??

Hope the YM weekend was as you hoped and more.

(Not so much as I hoped, as pretty much as I expected. AG)

Good light, cake

Good nigh, Take Care


> ~~
| I
| \o/
| |
> / \
Carla Workman |--------\
"Mentos...the freshmaker"
*************************** (Michelle) writes:
Hi Amanda and Yogcrew,

In issue #212 David writes:
>I was just wondering if anyone knew where I could get some
>new posters of George..I was wondering if any of the pitcures
>of George from the album sleeve of "Older" were made into
>posters...because I would love to get one.. Any help or info
>would be great thanks..:-)

There is a 60" x 40" poster of the Older LP Cover which costs
Pounds 3.99. You can order this through:-

Esprit Mail Order
Esprit House Tel: (UK +44) 01474 815010
Railway Sidings Fax: (UK +44) 01474 815030
Kent. DA13 0YS

or: E.mail :
or: Website:

Bye for now
*************************** (Trevor) writes:
Greetings from Portland, Oregon (U.S.A.) I've only been a part
of YOGMÆL for a couple of days now, and I've already found
some great Yog items that I was looking for thanks to quick
responses from fellow G.M. fans. I knew I could count on you
all for help :) One of the people that helped actually lives here
in Oregon--(Thanks G.L.)
I've been reading all of the stuff in the archives (I'm only about
half way through) it's very interesting! (Great job Amanda). I
thought I was his biggest fan (since I first heard "Young Guns"),
guess not. According to the stuff in the archives, there are a
lot of items that I don't have, it will be fun to see how much of
it I can actually acquire. One of my hobbies is DJing, so, I
was wondering what everbody's favorite G.M. remix is--mine is
probably the Deep House Mixes of "Killer" or the Forthright
mixes of "S.T.W."

Oh yeah, one more thing, If anyone is interested in a copy of
Andrew's CD "Son of Albert" I do have one for sale or trade.

Well, I've rambled on long enough, have a "Killer" day
everyone, Trevor
*************************** (George Lewis) writes:
High evriebudy!

It's been a while since I have posted!!
Then again, for a while there I just couldn't fucking shut up.
Guess it goes in spirts.

Oh, miss Silver, I found you yet another name. I was riding
by a church the other day, and saw this huge sign that said:::::


I was like "huh", not being a church goer, I never knew that
some were called "Assembley Of God" or, AG. Now, aside
from that, do you really want to know how I feel about 3
issues a week? YM is my fav mailing list, and I have
subscribed to almost all of them. I think, just because I am
used to it, and you add in's always are short, so if it is a long
post, I can just read what you said, and get the gist of it.
Like people are probably doing right now! =-)

(OK, then I'll switch to 5 shorter issues a week. AG)

THE RUMOR!!!!!!!!!

Rumor is, is that George has been seeing sexy Spice Girl
Geri. Anybody hear any of that? I was talking to some
Englishman that was on vaction where I live, and he happend
to drop in where I work, and I asked him about George, and
all he really had to say was:

"The chap had a real fall out with his record company. But
now I hear he's dating with one of the Spice Girls, the one
with red hair. Whats her name?"

Then, I saw it on a web page too. Confirm, deny? Interested?
Yeah, I know you are. =-)

(OK, now I have heard he has seen her in a state of undress --
is Geri, so who hasn't... But on a more interesting note, isn't
she the one who's undecided on her orientation? AG)

Take Care,
To Wrap it Up:

"Are you serious? I'm just curious."

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