Want to hear George played at a club? Find a gay bar, request
a little Yog, and watch the floor fill! Thank to James and Dom
for ensuring the DJ played my birthday song.

Now speaking of my birthday songs...thanks to the staff at the
Hard Rock Cafe in SF for thoroughly embarrassing me Tuesday
and the staff at Lyon's in Sac. for getting me on Wednesday.
And of course mucho thanks to Alicia for everything related to
my BDay, Neda for the limo to the Hard Rock -- "Life is good" --
and Bill, Dimitri and Kelly for joining us in SF.

And while on the topic of thanks, heartfelt thanks to the Aguirre
family for providing me with a couch to lounge on, a bed to sleep
late in, and a computer to play with during my Californian vacation.

Lastly, as soon as ANY tour dates are confirmed, you will get
them, no need to ask.

*************************** (Crumpie Girl) writes:
Ashamed!! I can not BELIEVE that people are writing AEgean
complaining about GIFTS!! It makes me ashamed to show my
head (or type,so to speak) here!! Who are these people, and
what are you thinking? Get real...if you want a copy of "Waltz"
and can't buy one downtown where ever you live, send me the
$9.99 and s/h and I'll go down to Virgin and buy one for you,
please don't be complaining to AEgean about it....they were
trying to be nice and just get slapped for it....(and slappings
for the spice girls, ya know..)

*************************** (Michal Nalepa) writes:
I can't find George Michael's unplugged.
I can't buy it in Poland please help me.
Lots of Love

(There are no plans for a commercial release at this time. AG)
*************************** (Cheralyn) writes:
If anyone is interested in trading lists of George Michael related
stuff to sell or trade, please email me at
Most of what I have is video. I also have extensive Madonna and
David Bowie stuff if there's any crossover here.

And, if anyone is looking for the George Michael Unauthorized
interview disc and booklet, I bought an extra one that I would love
to sell to a George fan.

It was great meeting everyone at the weekend -- Leeanna, Alicia,
Amanda, Lisa, Railyn, Regan, Karen, Nancy, Carolyn, Dan, Peter,
Chery -- it was fun. We have to do it again next year.

I recently purchased some George items through the mail, and I
ordered an item I already have. gesture> So, if you don't already have the George Michael
Unauthorized book and interview disc (this is the 1986 interview
with George and Andrew), I would be happy to sell it to you.
This is a sealed, unopened item. I'm not looking to make any
money on this, just to sell it for the amount I paid, plus postage
to send it to you. I live in the U.S.A. If you're interested, please
email me.


*************************** (Rachael Pierson) writes:
i have started a web ring especially for George and all his fans.
its easy to join just go to the page
all fans are welcome to join.

*************************** writes:
hi GM fans i have a lot of different GM live videos,if you want
one of than, just send an e-mail, by take care Alexandre BRAZIL
*************************** writes:
Halo :)

Has anybody been able to sample anything from the Aegean radio
site?....It never seems to work for me ;)
*************************** (Trevor) writes:
Where can I get copies of "Waltz Away Dreaming" & the "Older EP"?

(I know where to buy both at shops, but your best bet might be an
online service. Failing that, can anyone help him out? AG)
*************************** (Hana) writes:
Hey Yoggies,

Sounds like you all had a GREAT time at the YogFest Weekend.
Wish I was there. I almost busted a gut with this comment,
when describing the returning of the car, that may have had
lipstick writing on it... (Cheralyn) writes:

"No, I wasn't using your car as a traveling whorehouse! HONEST!"

(Actually "MONOGAMY" was the only rental with lipstick on it.
And you DID clean the back windshield right Shuv? AG)

Please elaborate on Dan's performance for those who weren't there.
What did he sing? Was it live or memorex? How did he dress?
Was it in a drag club? What was the name of the club?

(He sang Star People, it was Memorex or some such canned
music, he wore black slacks and dress shirt, it was drag night,
and the club was 7969 in West Hollywood. AG)
*************************** (Rehan Farrukh) writes:
Hi Amanda and Yoggers,

Just wanted to know if there's any possibility of George in MTV
Video Music Awards on Sept. 5. Any Info?

(Can't think why, but who knows. AG)

Love as always,

" Don't people change, here I am "
*************************** writes:
Hey Amanda and friends,

I was just wondering if anyone knew where I could get some
new posters of George..I was wondering if any of the pitcures
of George from the album sleeve of "Older" were made into
posters...because I would love to get one.. Any help or info
would be great thanks..:-)

David M
*************************** (chassagne) writes:
Hi Amanda and Yogcrew,
Its been a while since my last post..I almost feel as if I'm
going to confession. Anyway, I hope the California Yogfest
weekend went well. I wish I could have been there, rather than
Switzerland (can you believe it?) I hope you yoggers didn't go
too crazy having fun...
I was on vacation with my family the past two weeks and
Paris, France was our first stop. When my parents asked my
sisters and I where we should have dinner, we excitedly
suggested the Hard Rock Cafe. We figured that there must have
been a lot of action going on in the area. They sat us on the
upper level (nice view). I walked around to try to spot any George
belongings, but I didn't see any. I figured I just have to go
downstairs and check after dinner. We order appitizers and then
my dad points to the wall in front of us..what just happens to be
starring me in the face..George Michael's "FAITH" guitar. Too
cool. Of course my dad regret he ever showed me.
I was so excited, I got up and to photos of it as well as
myself stroking the strings. Of all artists to be placed beside GM
was none other than Madonna. It was a signed photo of her
during her Blonde ambition tour (I think). I couldn't help but think
how we on Yogmael compare and contrast the similarities of
Madonna and George.

(Well, while I was at the SF Hard Rock I happened to end up
face to face with Madonna's Girlie Show Erotica costume while
on the way to the ladies. And I will admit I did make a number
of runs to the ladies room... AG)

I also gave the hostess an apology because I was a little
pissed thinking that she gave us shitty seats. Boy was I wrong!
This was the second time that I was seated in front of a George
Michael article (the other time was in Cancun, Mexico).
I just have two questions before I finish up. Is there anyone
out there that I could purchase a CD-single or a copy of "Waltz
Away Dreaming". I've waited far too long for it to come out in
Geneva, Switzerland. I thought that perhaps it would take a little
bit longer, but I've given up here. I will pay for all necessary costs.
I know that George is in California right now, but I'm
interested in knowing if he'll be visiting his villa in St.Tropez in
August. I just want to know if I should even bother. I would really
like I response, because I'll be leaving Switzerland on the last
weekend of August. Thanks for all your help.

(He's there now. AG)

By the way, Amanda, have I told you what a God sent
angel you are? What would we do without you?.. That's an
answer no Yogger wants to find out.

(Just when you think you've heard it all...Heartfelt thanks. AG)

Bye for now,
*************************** writes:
Well I have finally figured it out...I now know what problems I have
been having with the Aegean web site. I am missing something
that will make it work. I finally have Java but that is not quite
enough. I don't know what I need but I will find out. I figured all
this out tonight (12:37 p.m. -- I can't believe I'm on the internet
this late) when I had trouble with my RealPlayer 2.1 and wrote to
the manufacture about it. They told me how to upgrade my version
(FOR FREE!!!); I was so glad and quickly did it. Then I began to
test it out and it worked great. So then I went to a RealAudio web

site and they listed different record companies that had videos you
could play. I saw Aegean records listed and clicked on it. George
Michael came up and I thought, "oh, great I'll try this one." It was
a promo video that was about 9.5 minutes long with George talking
about introducing himself to internet fans and showing videos of
"Jesus to a Child" and others. I realized my problem when this
promo showed the Aegean web site and what it displays. I almost
gasped!!!! My Aegean site looked NOTHING like the video... The
video showed different frames; video clips available; and more, I saw
the section when you click on A & R and see George's
desk looks small and brown in color with a red book; blue book and
something else. The video showed his desk as light blue in color;
very large and other items on it. When I saw this I knew something
was wrong with either my browser or I needed something extra to
make my site work. Well if anyone else out there is having problems
with the Aegean site; make sure you have RealPlayer Plus and go to
the web site that lets you download Aegean's George Michael promo
and see what I mean. The video shows the Aegean site how it
should be while we have something altogether different. I'm gonna
try to find out what I need to make mine work. I know there are
others out there who relate to what I am saying because I read
complaints all the time. Now I see we are more behind the 8-ball
than ever before. Well when I figure it out I'll let you all know what I
come up with...

*************************** (Susan Iaali) writes:
This is Susan writing fron sunny Australia. I havent written in a
while and I dont really know what to say except 'When is GM
thinking of touring Australia?' Oh, and keep up the fabulous
work Amanda

(Not sure, but as we all know, there is a rumour Jack's son
will be hitting the road next year. AG)
*************************** writes:

Heard this morning, George is touring next year: Europe,
America and the Far East !!!!!!!!!!! Don't know any more details yet.

In England, he's says he'll choose either the Albert Hall (good
venue) or Wembley Arena, but he was apparentely looking into
a summer venue at Wembley Stadium (which is a good venue - IF
you've got a good seat!).

(Some of George's finest work has been at that Stadium... AG)

Hopefully have more details later.

*************************** (Cheryl Copelman) writes:
Hi All

Rumours are flying around that George will tour the United States,
Far East and London next year (1998). Hope they're true!!! The
DJ on Heart 106fm said that George planned to sing old Wham!
songs, stuff from his solo career and new unreleased material.

Roll on 1998!!!

*************************** writes:
Hi Amanda,

Reading some of the "Yogfest" diaries, I wish I could have made
the drive down. Anyway, I had a few questions:

#1. On the back of "Fantastic", the dedication is to Andrew
Leaver & Paul Atkins. Who are these guys?

(Friends of the boys, if memory serves, members of the Executive
who passed away at young ages. AG)

#2. Who is dark-haired model/actress who is George's "love" in
Last Christmas?

(No ideer. One I've wondered about myself. AG)

#3. Finally, who is the actress that overdoes her part and plays
George's Mom in "Bad Boys"?

(Ditto answer to #2. AG

*************************** (Norma) writes:
Hi Amanda and Yog-gang!
I had a WONDERFUL time during Yogfest and
I'm really glad I got to meet all of you! I'm ready
for another one! Cheers for all who helped make
it happen!
Fiona_O' (Fiona O'Neill) writes:
Hi Amanda, Can you please give me your address for your
website? do you have pictures of other yoggers on this site?

(The YM Homepage can be found at
<< >>
and yes, other Yoggers mugs can be found on this site too.
I must sadly report though that the Yogfest shots that were
scanned are not being co-operative about publishing, so
they're gonna be a while yet. AG)

I wish I could have attended the Yogfest it sounds like you had a
hoot of a time, maybe I might save up and catch a flight for the
next one - Australia's a long way.

*************************** (MR ANGELO A ALEXOPOULOS) writes:
According to Q magazine, I got this info off of their web page,
George is planning a massive World Tour!!!!!!!!!! in the vain of U2.

(No, Q is mis-reporting, there will be no YogTV/Mart, but there will
very possibly be a tour. AG)

To Wrap it Up:

Darn it, I just realized I have to change the welcome letter to include
that tour work work.

"Never state what you can't imply."

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