Hey gang, I'm back. Relaxed and just a bit more tanned, and ready
to return to 20 hour weeks at the computer to make sure you've got
YOGMAEL. I think I muttered something about going to 3 issues a
week, but with the backlog, that won't be until school starts next
month. Sorry for flaking last week, but I had to celebrate my birthday
you know...the party finally ended last night at around 4am. Want to
know what happened? Should have been there. ; )

As some of you know, I am now back at YM HQ here in smoggy
Hamilton, I've been home for a few days, but this is the first sit down
at the computer -- I had to party to make up for a sober Yogfest. So
you can all leave Alicia alone now and send all mail direct to me.
Only 3 issues went out while I was gone, 207, 208, and 209, but
since there were heaps of error messages, I imagine I have some
resends to tend to. Just let me know.

Lots I want to say, but I'll be doing that slowly over the next couple
weeks. Thanks for giving me the time off, I needed it. As a wise man
once said "I became very negative about a lot of things which I should
have been very grateful for."

*************************** (MR ANGELO A ALEXOPOULOS) writes:

'The Strangest Thing' is the next single off the album with some
bonus tracks. Release date is the 1st of September. later

*************************** (Michelle) writes:
Hi Amanda and fellow yog fans,

First off ~ I hope all of you who met up in LA had an absolutely
terrific time ~ can't wait to read all about it.

Boy have I ever got an EXCLUSIVE for you (please forgive me
if some of you out there already know this).

As usual I bought The Sun newspaper and immediately
went to the BIZARRE section to find out what is happening
in the world of the rich and famous. And this headline just
smacked me straight in the face:-


So without any further ado here is the newspaper article.


George Michael has put aside his hatred of touring to launch
his biggest world trek ever.
The former Wham! star had vowed never to take to the road
again after admitting: "I love to sing but I hate being on the tour.
Being George Michael off stage for the rest of the day is a
nightmare. I'd be happy not to do it ever again".
But following the enormous success of his comeback album
Older - which has sold 1.6 million copies in the UK - George has
been forced to give in to worldwide demand and play live again.
He last did a full tour six years ago.
I can reveal the 34-year-old singer will set off on his travels early
next year, taking in AMERICA, the FAR EAST and EUROPE.
He is likely to choose the Royal Albert Hall or Wembley Arena
as the venue for his London shows and may even consider a
summer stadium performance.
His manager Andy Stevens is determined to make the trips
as comfortable and stress-free as possible.
There will be no media circus whenever the tour hits a new
country and George will be allowed to return to his homes in
Britain and America whenever possible.
The tour will coincide with the launch of George's greatest hits
album. It will be released as part of his settlement with former
record company Sony and feature some new tracks.
My insider says: "George wants the shows to be simple but
stunning. There won't be too much in the way of U2-style
dramatics but the fans won't be disappointed."
"George is insisting on the very best musicians and singers
and he want to get as many other stars involved as possible,
performing duets in different cities. His friend Elton John will
certainly be among them."
"George has always enjoyed the performing but loathes all
the waiting around and travelling that goes with a tour. Every
effort is going to be made to keep him happy and comfortable."
George performed two small live shows last year for MTV and
Radio 1, and my source adds: "They really got him thinking
about touring again. He has complete freedom with his new
record company and was under no pressure to hit the road again.
But he has missed performing, and now that his manager has
assured him the tour will be as stress-free as possible he's
actually quite excited. George will oversee every detail of the
"He has a very clear idea of how he wants it to look. It will
be very cool and stylish."
George will play some Wham! hits but is planning updated
versions for the concerts.

Keep reading Bizarre for more details on 1998's most exciting


So now you all know ~ it looks like George has listened to all of
us and has decided, after six long years, to finally tour again :o)
Roll on 1998.

Bye for now.

(Thanks for the story, IF he actually goes through with it, I
hope we have the opportunity for LOTS of Yogfests. AG)
*************************** (Giancarlo Passarella) writes:
Dear Sir/Madam,
I'm very proud to announce we've good pages dedicated to serious
fan clubs in all over the world, from Dire Straits to George Michael,
from Kate Bush to Elton John with documentable 3045 hits per
day during June'97! So please visit our web site and hold the line,
'cause we're working about new web site. Thank you in advance.

Giancarlo Passarella
President from June 1986 of
Ululati dall'Underground - Howlings from Underground (We're working about it!)
*************************** (deb taylor) writes:
Hey Yoggers/Yoggettes,

How would u like to gaze at the moustachioed one (yes George)
instead of your shutdown screen? If you're using Win95, this is
possible... Barry has created a file which basically changes your
screen from what it is now to Yog. We are testing it to make
sure you can go back to the original screen in case you ummm..
don't fancy it. However.... if you don't care about the original
screen, then mail me and I will send you it. I'll just say that
when I go to shut my computer off.. I don't! :o)

Luv Deb
the creator of the fabulous (not).. George Michael, Bumper to Bumper,
With the Spice Girls page at:
(still undergoing major construction)

PS Glad you had a great time in LA..:o)
*************************** (Lisa) writes:
First of all I would like to say thanks to Jason the Breeder
for clearing up the question of George being and Uncle . I bet
that he is the best uncle , because he seems so caring and
sensitive .
Second , I would like to tell all the record store chains in the
U.S. to , "Piss Off". They don't want to carry WAD , because it
won't sell enough copies . I don't see why it matters , because
they make lots of money on all the mechandise that they sell.
We are really missing out on good stuff , because they are profit
hungry !!!! Radio stations make me sick now-a-days , because
they play a bunch of crap . What happened to the subjective
radio of the 80's . Why do record companys even sign groups
like Marilyn Manson is beyond any reasoning that I can come
up with .
*************************** (Dave) writes:
Paris - France - August 2, 1997
Hi Amanda and Yogcrew,

George is in France, in Saint-Tropez since 2 weeks. This year,
he goes clubbing at the newest night-club "La Villa", on the port
of Saint-Tropez. I've got an nice picture of George, from the horrible
"VOICI" magazine, with new goat style and usual black clothes,
with the famous Jean-Roch (the owner of the night-club). I'll put it
on my webpage at this address (try after tuesday 4th):

After adfroste's message, I would like to add my 2 cents: I think
that letters adressed to George should be sent directly to the
Aegean site, and are quite boring when published in Yogmael. I
don't even read them, but I think we should respect each other...
espacialy in our comments! What about a survey on this point?
Amanda, If you're too busy, I would be happy to help you...

(A survey would be an idea, but then we would have posting
rules...let's just do exactly as you said, respect each other
and skip what bores us. AG)

Amanda, I realized during your holidays how much I apreciate
to receive my Yogmael regulary! I'm happy to hear from you back

(Yeah, I picked a bad time to take a vacation, lots of new news.
Ain't that always the way? Oh well, I'm back now. Let the games
begin... AG)

Thanks again.
Take Care.
*************************** (Luba Slanina) writes:
Where can I get the Fan club address?

Thanks Luba

(Hit the AEgean site at << >>
*************************** (RoadRunner) writes:
Hello all. I was going through all of my old tapes and found 2 very
cool tracks by, of course, GM. I don't know if it was released
everywhere but I have a good recording of Jive Talking, his remake
of the BeeGees song. Very good. The other track was only
released in Minneapolis. It was recorded by our radio station from
his show at the Civic Center in Sept. 1988. It was only on the air

for a week or so before it got taken off. It was his remake of Lady
Marmalade (spelling?). Anyhow, I just thought I would share.
They are both outstanding. Has anyone heard them? Stacie

(I've heard Jive Talking, and Lady M from Paris. AG)
*************************** (James B Robinson) writes:

Amanda & Alicia... hello...

I know I haven't posted in a while, but I've been so busy this summer
that my time spent online has been negligible. Plus, to tell you the
truth... I haven't been listening to George lately... I know, sacrilege
some might think, but the music will always be a part of me, and
thus... "the sanctity of yog" remains intact.

Besides, Cheri has enjoyed the break ;->

So, what's my point here? WE NEED SOME NEW MATERIAL
GEORGE! PLEASE! ... or at least some concert dates for all of
us starved fans.

In fact I'd bet there would be more than a few of us who would
pay handsomely to see him in an intimate atmosphere. How would
Massy Hall, or the Molson Amphitheatre sound? Incredible I'd say...
so how about it George? You've always wanted the chance to
scale down the size of your shows. Go for it, buck the trend, and
say 'FUCK YOU' corporate America... this time it's for the fans
who care.

Enough ranting (sorry about that AG, I guess I'm getting a little

Before I forget, I lied about not listening to George lately... Waltz
Away Dreaming has been the rare exception. My first impressions
weren't good. Van Morrisson, or even (god forbid me for saying this)
James McDermott came to mind. Is Toby Bourke Irish? If not, you
could have fooled me. Don't get me wrong, it's a beautiful song
and has grown on me tremendously, but it's not your typical
sounding George tune. Regardless, I love it!

(Yes Jimmy, he is one of your own. AG)


P.S. So, Jim came to town and brought some good looking friends
with him, who eventually stiffed two ladies for a round of drinks...
now, does that sound like somebody he'd hang with?... I hope they
were more than good looking... for those ladies sake, they better
have been gorgeous :-)

(We needed a fast excuse...thanks a lot Jim, I owe you one. AG)
*************************** (Chitrawati) writes:
Hi All Yogmaelers!
Here I quote an article appeared in Times:
Gallagher talking to TB)
Stars came out in droves in Downing Street for the second
consecutive evening yesterday as Tony Blair hosted a big
showbusiness reception at No. 10. Many of the prime
minister's guests had been next door at No 11 on the
previous day for Gordon Brown's party to mark the
tax concessions for the British film industry that he has
introduced as Chancellor. The Blairs in fact live at No 11.
Labour's luvvies, who had kept a low profile in the run-up to the
election, were back in force last night to celebrate Mr Blair's
election victory. The party, to which representatives of the
worlds of media, business, academia, and the law were also
invited was bigger than Mr Brown's had been.
Noel Gallagher, the self-professed enfant terrible of the pop
industry and darling of the tabloid press was one of the first to
arrive. Alan McGee, who set up Creation Records, the driving
force behind Oasis, followed him through the door. His invitation
was particularly well merited since he has given 50,000 to party
funds in Scotland. Sinead Cusack, a member of one of
Britain's most famous acting dynasties, who had also been a
guest at Mr Brown's wine and canapes soiree, was back for Mr
Blair's festivities. Ralph Fiennes, star of the Oscar-winning
The English Patient, mingles with fellow guests such as Eddie
Izzard, who has never hidden his fondness for cross-dressing and,
true to form, was last night wearing women's clothes. Huge
crowds gathered outside Downing Street gates to witness the
arrival of such other atrs as George Michael and the Pet Shop
Boys and Angus Deayton, the television presonality. Nick Park,
the Oscar-winning animator who created the hugely popular
Wallace and Gromit characters, was also among those invited.
Actually I got that from my friend in Ralph Fiennes mailing list
(thanks to Jeffrey Gray).
Hope all of you are interested!!

ps: Have fun in yogfest. It's a pity I can't join you!

chitra :0)
*************************** (vacas) writes:
Hello yoggers!!

i hope ure all fine.......some friend from Asia wrote me some
days ago! glad about it, meeting yoggers all over the world
is an incredible experience! this asian friend.....repost with

ur email address please.......

Hugs to all of u.

To Wrap it Up:

"I don't need you to care, I don't need to you understand, all I want
is for you to be there."

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