OK, so it's been almost a week since I woke up from Yogfest '97.
At 2pm last Monday I crawled out of bed, having gotten 13 hours
sleep, more than I'd gotten all weekend. You may recall my
motto back several months ago during university deadline hell was
sleep is for wimps, and I am proud to report that the LAST thing I
whined for all weekend was sleep. What did I whine for?

1. Missing packages at the hotel. LOVE YA HOTEL STAFF!
2. Strange things happening to our rental car after a dear friend
drove it. LOVE YA CASS!
3. Almost missing the Tonite Show. LOVE YA GEORGE!
she was staying in. LOVE YA KAREN!
6. My wimpy cohorts who DID whine for sleep on Saturday...
7. Napkins flying in my general direction -- but aimed at Alicia --
at Cafe Med. LOVE YA DAN!
8. Getting lost about 50 times on Saturday night. STILL PISSED!
10. Getting on the plane to leave LA. SEE YA NEXT YEAR!

*************************** (the Plasek Sisters) write:
Hello Everyone!!

My sister, Railyn, and I really had a great time meeting everyone at
the Yogfest weekend!!! It was great to meet people who understand
our obsession with the man and not be told we are insane, as we
have been told constantly!! We will always remember how we
always got lost and we think we made a record for the number of
times we made u-turns!! :) Dinner at Chin-Chin's was interesting,
especially after Railyn, Anna, Jenn and I went up the wrong set of
stairs and went through the employee entrance!! Club 7969 was
interesting too, and Dan was incredible, our only wish was that we
had been allowed to take our cameras and video cameras in to
capture his incredible performance of Star People!!!!! Afterwards,
we went to Jill's apartment and we watched "Waltz Away Dreaming",
and part of a "Cover To Cover" concert, we talked about George and
saw her collection on George and some really beautiful airbrushed
paitings of George. Afterwards, some of us followed Dan and went
by a "special house", and a donut shop, and then arrived back at
our hotel at about 6am.

On Saturday, we met at the hotel, and went to Carl Jr.s, and in the
parking lot a lipstick was put to good use, on the back of everyone's
car was something different-"I Want Your Sex", "Explore",
"Monogamy", and "Too Funky" we got a lot of strange looks on the
freeway :) Then, Dan took us to the industrial site where the "Older"
CD shots were taken, the tunnel in the "Father Figure" video, where
Wham! first played at the Paladium, and we all took some great
pictures!! Then we were off for dinner at Cafe Med, this was very
interesting!! The waiters teased us, some people behind us were
really obnoxious, but I think the "moment" was when Dimitri came in
and some of us thought he said, "Hi, I am a friend of George
Michael's", and Anna and Dan took off with their video cameras.
Actually he said,"Hi, I am a fan of George Michael". Amanda said
it couldn't have been planned better, because we all thought that
George was really there!! However, that was not the case. After
dinner we went to Dan's, but before we got there we got "lost" again,
Carolyn took a left turn and we took a right turn out of the resaurant,
all I can say is Thank God for Dan and Frank spotting us on a side
street, because otherwise, who knows how long we would have
been lost!! Anyway, we did finally make it to Dan's and Dimitri rode
with us, because everyone was afraid that he was going to end up
on top of someones car, instead of on his motorcycle. Anyway, at
Dan's he had this curtain made from the "Faith" days and he
unveiled it with the song "Faith", it was definately a moment to
remember. We talked a lot and looked at some incredible pictures
of Dan that really looked like George Michael!!! I think everyone who
was there will agree that Dan looks the closest to George, I know
that he is the best I have ever seen of a look alike!!! We watched
some videos, part of a concert, and then Peter put in a tape of Dan
as George, and I know everyone will agree that he was great!! The
best part was when Entertainment Tonight put him on tv as George
Michael at the Grammy awards!! Then before we left, we took group
pictures, watched the tape that Dan made of our Yogweekend, and
then Dan passed out to everyone a gorgeous poster that he had
someone draw different poses of George Michael!! After we left Dan's,
YES, we got lost again, we finally made it back to the hotel about 2

hours later.

On Sunday, Amanda and her gang, and Railyn and I went to
Disneyland. We had a great time riding Indianna Jones, Space
Mountain, etc..... and talking about George!!! We left at about
6:30pm and guess what, we got lost again!! :) We finally made it
back to our hotel at about 9:30pm and Dan had called to see what
we were doing. Dan and Leanna(I aplogize if I spelled your name
wrong) met us at the hotel and we went to Virgin Megastore and
met Anna there, so I could purchase any CD imports that I could
get my hands on. Afterwards, we went by a "special house" and
then Dan took us to a few other "George" related sites. Again, Dan,
THANK YOU, for everything you did for us, we really appreciate it!!

I aplogize for the length of this post, but I tried to include everything
that happened, so feel free to edit Amanda!!

(NO, this was GREAT!!! It's nice to know someone was taking
notes!!!! THANK YOU! AG)

Lisa and Railyn Plasek
*************************** (Alicia) writes:
Camera Crew--
Hi to all of the new friends I've gotten the chance to meet face to
face! The weekend was a blast, and has left me with some
memories I'll never forget!!:)

See, as you've all been warned, whenever you get me going--things
start out as a joke, but end up as reality--case in point--this entire
weekend!! My little "Monogamy" comment, started out as a joke--
but as we all know, the 5 car caravan was a reality--heck, it was
worth me trashing a tube of my lipstick!!!:) (I'm still awaiting the
credit card bill on that one--I have a cosmetics fetish...) {Kudos to
Shuv for driving--but I'm talking to Bill Clinton about passing
legislation to officially pass a law deeming you the "U-TURN
QUEEN!!!;) Luv ya!!:)}

The nightclub show by Dan was FABULOUS!!! Dan: You deserve
many rewards--and I know many people who would like to give you
some...I am, of course, talking about tips!!!!

Cafe Med: Don't you all wish you could be a "friend of George's"
Like us!?!?!? HA HA HA! Gotcha All--Especially Dan!! Not planned--
but worth the napkin being flung inches from my head!!!

Many thanks to all who attended and to those who provided us
with crashing pads for George videos...

Will LA ever be the same? I don't think so....

Just call me the "Lipstick lady"!:)

*************************** (JMaline) writes:
Hi Everybody!
Just wanted to thank everyone for making the LA Yogfest
such an incredibly fun weekend! I can't believe it was over so
quickly, and can't wait for another one! All of you guys are
GREAT. Yog fans are the BEST!
Friday night was so fun. Hanging out at the hotel, meeting
and talking with everyone, dinner at Chin-Chin, and watching Dan!!
I am sure everyone will agree with me in saying that Dan did an
incredible performance! Then going back to Jill's to check out her
ENORMOUS collection of George memorabilia, and hearing the
stories to go along with the pictures, and everything else.
Definitely one of the best parts was "cruising" later that night. ;)
I missed most of Saturday, but got to catch up with everyone
later that night at Dan's, who also shared lots of his Yog stuff with
everyone. :) Thank you, Dan!
Thanks, again, to everyone who attended and made it such a
memorable weekend. I only wish my pictures weren't f***ed up. :(
Let's do it again soon, especially all who live in the area! (You know
who you are! ;))
***Note to Lisa and Railyn--please send me your email address.
I didn't get a list of everyone and didn't even get to say goodbye to
you guys! :( Hope you had as much fun as I did and had a safe trip

Kira and I have some 'scouting around' to do...

Amanda-Hope you are having fun on the rest of your vacation
here! Thank you again, everybody! :)

-Jena :)
*************************** (Cheralyn) writes:

Hi-ho to all those who dared to be seen with other George fans, if
just for a few hours. No one showed up in veils and dark glasses,
so I guess we all felt relatively comfortable in the company of so
many other yogaholics.

I actually didn't know I'd "come out," I thought I just went to a
Yogmael convention. :) (I know, really stupid, but I haven't caught
up on sleep yet.)

Thanks for making part of your vacation available to all of us. It
was tres cool meeting every one that I've been hearing about and
conversing with.

Anyway, my weekend was marred by my brother, who
inconveniently decided to get sick late Friday night and stayed sick
until Sunday afternoon--the exact hours YM activites were going on!
If he wasn't a George Michael fan, I would say he planned it that way.
In many ways, it felt like, "I went to the first ever George Michael

Convention, and all I got was this lousy T-Shirt!" Except that there
were no T-Shirts!! But, I did get an 8X10 (courtesy of Nancy) and a
poster that Dan had made (thank you!).

Still, I didn't get to go on the big George sightseeing excursion and
experience the joy of writing George related sayings on my car (like
"I want your sex" "Too Funky" "Experience Monogamy") in order to
keep up with the caravan. BUMMER! Of course, that would've been
hard to explain to the rental car people. ("No, I wasn't using your car
as a traveling whorehouse! HONEST!")

(Shuv? Did you take Monogamy's name off before you returned
it? AG)

Enough whining! We did make it to the dinner at Cafe Med.
Amazingly enough, George decided to dine elsewhere that night.
Like, maybe in Antarctica. Anyway, the dinner went well -- 24
people showed up. The food looked really good. The waiters were
cute. Though I got the distinct impression they were secretly
laughing at us. Just normal George-related paranoia and
touchiness, I guess.

(They were blatantly laughing at us... AG)

Overall, a most excellent weekend. Meeting everyone was great.
Nathan and I drove to Dan's house on Friday night. It was getting
rather dark. As we neared the house, we saw a man standing
partway into the street, peering toward us, bending slightly forward
from the waist. He wore a baseball cap, and was gazing intently
toward our car. I looked at Nathan. Nathan looked at me. "Look,
it's George," I said. But no, it was Dan.

Almost as good. :o)

*************************** (Nancy) writes:
Hi Amanda:

Just wanted to say it was really a blast this past weekend! I wish
I could have participated in more, but from what I did participate
in, I had a great time. I thought by far the dinner at Cafe Med
was the best! I think George would have been proud to see so
many fans come together. I also had the chance to make some
really good friends. Wish I could have gotten the opportunitty to
get to know everyone really well, just not enough time! I wanted
to extend a special hello to Ana, Carolyn, Lisa, Raelyn, and Jenna!

Thanks and I'll miss Yogmael dreadfully as I leave for Europe!

(And thanks again to you for the pics! AG)

*************************** (KARE) writes:

Hi crew,
just one thing to say-8 hrs all weekend!!! Will have more to
say after I recover. Many many thanks to dan for an interesting
and entertaining evening:) Amanda, Shuv, thanks for the ride and
making me feel more than welcome , could not have had so much
fun if I had not been in your car! Alicia thanks for making me laugh
soooo hard girl,(Austin Powers) Amanda will get pictures
wednesday as they are being developed as we E.

(Amanda thank you for taking care of my sweetie and getting her
around town without getting lost Ha HA!!! Duffy)

It was so cool that G M drove by in his Range Rover after his
friend came into Cafe Med! So glad I was at the table with you
and GM's friend. I loved being one of the bitches in Mongamy

Amanda all and all an unforgettable weekend you did an
awesome job!!!!! Dan thanks for picking me up.

Will write more when fully recovered :+)

P.S. Finally heard Wham at 8:05 riding on the bus to the airport
102 or 103 FM (careless whisper) did you hear the same?

(Missed it... AG)


(Karen did write more after a few days sleep. AG)

Hi Yogers

Hope everyone has recovered! 7969 for everyone was an
interesting experience and eye opening for me. (tonto) And a
drag queen called Ricky Hmmm He asked me if I come here
often (ha) never seen a woman(?) like that !

Dan we were just getting warmed up next time sing a few
more songs and we will be ready with the dosh but we won't
be tipping the waitress :=)

Shuv, did you ever get that stuff off your car before you returned
it? I will send you a check tomorrow. I got your E

Hi to the Texas girls it was fun hanging with you guys at
Disneyland :=) :=) :=)

Happy to report that the food at Cafe Med was excellent! (alicia
and I had the chicken and pasta sauce thing) Chin - chin was a
letdown (toooo spicy) Rosie you led us astray +=(

I am already looking forward to next year!!!!
Take care everyone
P.S. a final thought- Hope everyone will respect GM's privacy.
Enough said.
*************************** (Crumpie Girl) writes:
Umm..favorite yogfest memories? So hard to pick...hmm....waiting
for a rover to pull up at cafe med, thinking....any second now?
Everyone seemed to be looking around if...maybe...

he'd show...but to no avail:(

I think the lipstick on the car bit:) We had a car convey going to
the George related sites (god, we're obsessed, eh? But it's all
great fun) We had "Explore" written on one vehicle, "Monogamy"
on the next, "I want your sex" on another (which got the most
attention and honks from other vehicles...the poor guy:)) and "too
funky" on the other, all in lipstick...gotta love black stuff,
gummie....just red funky colors:)

Hmm.....hearing trains in the distance while taking pictures of the
bridge on the older sleeve...wondering if me dog was gonna get
killed while we were photoing...:)

Or driving through the "Father Figure" tunnel with "Father Figure"
playing while videoing....that was TOO funny....Gotta love THAT:)

I should of brought the video camera into the drag club...if I'd only
known he was doing just that one song I would of, but I was afraid
I'd get thrown out halfway through his act, and end up out on the
streets of West Hollywood....all frightening...:)))

Must do it again sometime:)

Love ya all,
Crumpie Girl
To Wrap it Up:

"Heaven knows we sure had some fun boy."

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