While I try to figure out the scematics of running YM remote,
please be kind. : ) I do believe one or 2 things went AWOL.

The Yogfest edition goes out Monday, so you still have time
to send in a little something.

Also, some new names were added, but didn't receive a
welcome letter, so if this is your first YM, and you don't know
what a welcome letter is, drop me a line.

And now for something completely different, I have been asked
by Elliot and Shirlie to "sort something out". The problem lies
with people asking for CD's from AEgean. They can't please
everyone, and they know it, and rumour has it, Shirlie had quite
the in box to deal with when she got back from vacation. So
please, everyone lay off, she's trying. We'll work something out.

*************************** (Cass) writes:
Hi Amanda,

I heartily agree with with regards to
petitioning Fony into releasing LWPII. The public and GM fans
deserve it. I have a friend at work who has a friend who was a
sound engineer at Fony, once upon a time.
This individual has actually heard LWPII and reports that it is
incredible. Fony should release it, if for no other reason than to
make some more money. The GM fans obviously have little
respect for Sony and their treatment of George, but we would
still buy the album. Everybody would be happy.

*************************** (Melanie) writes:

I don't know if you'll want to put this in Yogmael. It's an article from
the July 24th issue of the Daily Mirror.


CLASSIC Seventies music is a sexy turn-on for today's youngsters.
They think magic Motown moments are the best records to have sex
to - and that crooners David Essex and Tom Jones are more hip than
Liam Gallagher. When in the throes of passion, blokes claim to
fantasise about former Eternal singer Louise Nurding.
They think she is twice as sexy as buxom Ginger Spice, who polled
only 11 per cent of votes in a survey.
The girls reckon they turn their thoughts to rocker Jon Bon Jovi and
pop heart-throb Peter Andre.
After romance 17 per cent of men want to go on a booze-up with hip
singer Paul Weller, while the girls would love a glass of white wine
with George Michael.
The poll of 18 to 24-year-olds was carried out for Carlsberg's Songs
And Vision concert, starring Rod Stewart, Seal and Jon Bon Jovi.
*************************** (Nancy) writes:
Is anyone interested in a copy of George on Top of The Pops a
few months back? I'm asking for help to defray the costs of
having this video transferred from the European PAL system to
the US NTSC system. Please write if interested.

Back by popular demand - The Complete Video Collection is
available. Now also contains Older and Waltz Away Dreaming
as well as the special bonus addition - George at the VH1
Honors Show. Price is $20 plus postage which will depend on
which country you live in. If interested, please write to Nancy



Young Guns
Wham! Rap
Bad Boys
Club Tropicana
Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go
Careless Whisper
Last Christmas
Everything She Wants
Freedom 84
I'm Your Man
A Different Corner
The Edge of Heaven
Where Did Your Heart Go?
I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me)
I Want Your Sex (Uncensored version)
Father Figure
One More Try
Kissing A Fool
Praying For Time
Freedom 90
Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me with Elton John
Too Funky
Somebody To Love
These Are The Days of Our Lives
Killer/Papa Was A Rolling Stone
Jesus To A Child
Spinning The Wheel
Walyz Away Dreaming


Wrap Her Up with Elton John
Careless Whisper Wexler Mix video (contains different and similar
clips to American video)
Calling You Live Concert Video
Freedom 90 (from MTV 10th Anniversary Special)
VH1 Honors Show

I recently acquired an extra rare UK Jesus To A Child 1 track
PROMOTIONAL CD. Asking $20 plus postage to anyone who
is interested. Please write to Nancy at
*************************** (Jason the Breeder) writes:
Hi this is Jason in Virginia. Are there any people on the YM list
from France--especially Paris? I just wanted to touch base with
someone who is becasue I lived there last fall and have a
yearning for it again. I miss it so....Please write if if you're in or
from France! :)

I think George actually IS an Uncle George because I read an
article a few years back that briefly described Yioda as "an

attentive mother of two." The article was written by Ian Parker.
*************************** (Hatem Al Hatu) writes:

This is posting is for you from Laura Peck

Laura Peck wrote:

Dear Queen Amanda and fellow Yogers,

hey, I haven't posted for awhile but I have thouroghly enjoyed
Yogmael. You are so fortunate to be going to LA. to the
Weekend outing of the Yogers. I will be with you in spirit. I
have to stay home and care for my 3 girls, and continue my
summertime review of Nursing. So I can be prepared for the
Fall semester which starts again in a month. Are you fabulously
wealthy or something??? I probably wouldn't be able to go unless
I planned for it a year in advance. Tickets to fly to LA from
Northern New York round trip cost at the very least $1,000.
Must be nice!!! Please drink one for those of us who could not

(How did I get to LA? CONNECTIONS BABY!!!! Not my bulging
wallet! AG)

I have been able to get into the Aegean site finally. I had to
download netscape navigator. It took nearly 2 hours to complete
that job, BUT, I'm finally in. Are you or anyone else having
trouble with the chatroom???

(The whole AEgean site is a problem for me, but I have yet
to access the chatroom. AG)

Congrats to you on maintaining an excellent website and very
informative e-mail postings. You truly are a great one. I'd like to
know where abouts you live. I thought I heard at one time you
live in eastern Ontario. Kingston, Ont, maybe??? Why I ask is
that is very close to where I live in New York State.

(South-western Ontario actually, but I try to get up to the
Kingston area once in a while. I'll let you know next time I am
going up that way. AG)

I asked my local record stores what it would take to get WAD to
be carried here in the states. One said I would have to Guarantee
at least the sale of 100 copies. The other said it would take a
guarantee of millions of dollars of sales for their corporation. A bit
greedy aren't we. Oh well, My next endeavor is to petition my
local radio station to play more George. I, to my amazement have
heard GM twice in a two week period. They are getting better.
Maybe if I say I will put a plug on the internet for their station that
may get a fire lit under their hind ends.

Anyway that's all for now. Have a great weekend

Laura Peck
*************************** (Bo) writes:
Dear AG,

I had to change my e-mail from "" to due to a change in jobs. So please update
your records. Thanks.


BTW: My site with gallery and all is also gone down. My former
employer apparently felt a huge devious need to erase all my files
- including GM. But not to worry - I had everything on CD so it will
come up again in a new design with new possibilities. Be patient.
(And of course: Keep up the good work - as always ;))) )

(Let me know when my fave gallery is back up. AG)
*************************** (David Lebois) writes:
Hi Amanda & Yoggers,

I hope evererything's all right in LA. I wish you a very
good time. I hope I'll be with you next time.

I was quite surprised by George's appearance in this
article about Mr VERSACE:

Taken from TIME #30, July 28, 1997:
" The spectacle [Gianni VERSACE] created, replete with
the blaring sound of rockers like George MICHAEL and
clothes that were just as loud, earned the designer
all the publicity they were meant to garner. "

Take care,

(I too was surprised by this, I read it on the plane to CA. AG)
*************************** writes:
Can someone please tell me why I keep getting an error message
telling me "Unable to contact server" whenever I try to get into the
Aegean chat room??? I choose an "avatar" and then put in my
name and it gives me the error message. Am I doing something
wrong??? Help !!!!

(That was last week, as for this week... AG)

Well I can't believe it!!!! It's 1:56 a.m. (figures) and I actually
GOT INTO THE AEGEAN CHAT ROOM...but as you would
almost funny if I wasn't tired and overly excited. My computer
connected and I was online with George's chat room. I was
too thrilled. Well for sure I am trying again tomorrow with the
hope that people will be there chatting. Just thought I'd let you
know this because we all have been complaining about this
chat room. Aegean fixed the problem and has somehow
created a way for it work. Now the problem will be the room
being full all the time. With any luck George himself will show
up sometimes and chat with us...that would be the ultimate!!!!

By the way I don't know if this had anything to do with it but I did
download Netscape Navigator Gold tonight so perhaps that
helped me any rate we can only go to this chat room
WITH US!!!! Doesn't that just make your heart race!!!!

*************************** writes:
This is for George Michael directly.
If you can Amanda please send it to him or if he can. . .

George could you please respond to these comments.

If you can of course. . . .

1) Love Me, Elvis song 1956 Dec., perfect sound for you to give
a shot at. Try giving ITS NOW OR NEVER a shot as well. They
could be great b'sides or even extras on an EP.

2) How about some Greek samples in some songs George. It
would sound AMAZING. The Bouzouki and the clarinet would
make for some wonderful music to your lyrics. Listen to ZigZag,
their a Greek group for about ten years now. Also the classics,
Tsitsanis, Kazantzidis (whom you should try and translate for
one of your songs). The song is called "Nihterides kai Arahnes"
Loosely trans. to "Bats and Spiders", the song is better than the
title sounds although the title works great in Greek. Also listen
to Dionysiou. I hope you like Greek music regardless of
whether you use it or not. Its a great treasure and great to dance

3) Another Greek question. Will you ever tour in Greece or not.
You should also think of visiting sometime. Maybe even get a
home there. Its very inspirational and relaxing. The girls are sexy
too. Who knows, you might find a nice Greek girl and settle down
with her. Greek girls can be very inspirational for both musicians
and artists as well.

If you can answer these it would be great.
If not ,
at least take them into consideration.

George, thanks for the music.

Take Care
*************************** writes:
to whomever was responding to my boring post. yes, this is
adfroste responding to the beauty is in the eye of the beholder
and whatever. it is too bad you have to read everything even
my so-called boring comment. Let me ask you this? if my
comment was so boring, why read it? are you disagreeing with
what i was saying, that three-quarters of yogmael is actually
dull? come on, that is ridiculous!! if everything is that
interesting to you, life must be PRETTY BORING!!! sorry, you
commented on my post, now its my turn. I will say it again,
george does not read this stuff. everybody be realistic and
submit some facts about him, not boring opinions about
george himself. everyone has opinions, and if i actually read
half of them posted i think i would end up falling asleep.

(Ok, this is about hit the point of a flame war, take it up
personally everyone. AG)

*************************** (George Bielinski) writes:
Hello fellow YOGMÆLERS,

Attention Melbourne based Australian GM fans:
On Saturday, 02/08/07, Melbourne nightclub "Fame" will host
official Australian release/promotion dance party of Star
People single. There will be many prizes and free giveaways,
courtesy of Virgin Records.

Unfortunately I won't be able to go; Could somebody local
please get me some freebies?

*************************** (Jordan Frankel) writes:

I was wondering if and when the MTV unpluged will be released
in the US. Any info would be appreciated.

Thank you,

(NO plans at the moment, but there are a couple of petitions
going 'round. AG)
*************************** (Melanie) writes:
Dearest Amanda:

According to the Daily Mirror, George was a guest at Tony
Blair's Downing Street party last night (July 30). It's not
exciting news, I know, but it's news, isn't it? :)

To Wrap it Up:

Lastly, just to answer the latest f.a.q., the YOGMAEL
homepage lives at:



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