(Please note the address this mael is originating from, I'm using
Alicia's for a while, so respond to this one. Thanks.)

Hey all, I know the Yogfest brigade promised details of the LA
weekend, but since there are so many great distractions up here
in Northern California -- you lost out to The Gap, Old Sacramento,
and The Facts of Life, but have managed to keep me away from
the pool -- and in light of the fact that I got more sleep Sunday
night than sum total since last Wednesday night, and I know I'm
not the only one, I think it's safe to say most of us are just now
recovering from Yogfest, my apologies for the delay. So for now,
I'll just go right ahead and use the posts originally inended for
YM#207, and add one from the man who brought us all together.

Dear Amanda,

thank you so much for
all your work + dedication,
it was a pleasure to discover
the Archive page, and I am very
touched by peoples regards after my
mother's passing. I will, in the near
future be addressing f.a.q's via the
Aegean site!
thanks and love,
George Michael

(Original will be scanned and up on the YM homepage within
a day or two of me getting back up to Canada. Anyone who was
at YM weekend is welcome to a photocopy. AG)
*************************** writes:
A Message from Didi

Hello everyone...

Did anyone notice that Will Smith stole music from GM!!! The
Men In Black song contains the lines: "Here Come The Men In
Black/ Galaxy Defenders" [too bad e-mail can't sing as of yet]...
you know what I am talking about I hope. The music
accompanying these words is almost identical to the one GM
wrote for the chorus line from Fastlove: I find it difficult to
understand what the female singers are saying but the first time
you hear it is about 3:55 minutes into the song. The two are
really similar, don't you think????

(Both actually sample someone else, George used samples very
heavily with FastLove. The track you speak of is actually called
"Forget-Me-Nots" and was a hit in I think '82 for Patrice Rushen.
Why George chose that track I don't know, but in the context of
MIB, it's a nice touch. AG)

To all of you Queen/GM fans ---> Greetings!
I have a CD to recommend to you. I bought it just two weeks
ago. IT IS FABULOUS! Most of you probably have it but anyway...
It is called "GEORGE MICHAEL and QUEEN with LISA
STANSFIELD". That's a combination to die for. It features
George on the front cover and is dedicated to our ONE AND
ONLY FREDDIE. There is a great picture of Freddie inside.
One that I have never seen before (and I've been through many).
On top of that, the second song is "Killer" which was [partly ?]
written by SEAL (I love that guy) & George sings it. I am not
100 % sure whether John, Roger & Brian are in fact playing
"Killer". Are they????? And to make you all jealous...I saw
Brian May just recently....are you turning green yet :-) :-) :-)
I hope those of you who have the above mentioned CD enjoy it
as much as I do.

(The CD is actually called Five Live, and no, it's not John, Roger
and Brian on either Calling You or Killer. AG)

*************************** (Paola Contreras R.) writes:

A long time without posting, but Chile is Back. I just want to say
THANK YOU VERY MUCH to that wonderful friend in Yogmael
(e. Swenson), for sending me a copy of Waltz. I liked it very
much, but I still have to get used to Toby's voice.

BTW., once again I heard that the Unplugged will be realease
by the end of this year. And, last week, STAR PEOPLE was

Finally: does any body need the CD of Five Live? It's being
sold here for US$10. Email me if you need it.

*************************** (M. Smith) writes:

> (Giovanni Mantilla) writes:

>It's called Audio Archive, it contains every Tori song that can't be
>found on OFFICIAL ALBUMS, so EVERY b-side, live performance
>or anything released on singles, EPs, and bootlegs and audio
>tapes made by fans can be found there to our downloading
>pleasure. The quality is EXCELLENT, really, and the format of
>THIS? ( yeah , sorry about screaming...)

Well, I was trying to get people into doing this a while back. I
would be happy to help in the effort. I have many rare George
Michael tracks on MP3 (including the entire Unplugged 8 song

set) and I would be happy to donate them to anyone who is
willing to host such a site. My provider does not give me
enough options to host a site like this because one would need
several megabytes of free space to host. If anyone is seriously
interested in hosting a site like this please contact me and we
can work out the details.

M. Smith - LaserNut
*************************** writes:
I got bored last night, and after jamming to a really good Aretha
Franklin song in the car, I got inspired... This is by no means
exhaustive, but just off the top of my head... (G, you listening,
mate? :)

1) "Until You Come Back To Me" -- Aretha Franklin
2) "Save Me" -- Queen
3) "Goodbye" -- Elton
4) "Sugar On The Floor" -- Elton
5) "Skyline Pigeon" -- Elton
6) "I've Seen That Movie Too" -- Elton (can you tell I'm a big EJ fan
7) "I Never Dreamed You'd Leave In Summer" -- Stevie Wonder
8) "Signed, Sealed, Delivered" -- Stevie (this would be incredible)
9) "Billy Jack Bitch" -- The Artist Formerly Known As Prince
10) "Can't Let Go" -- Mariah Carey
11) "How Do I Live" -- LeAnn Rimes

Just a wistful thought...
All the best,
Brian in houston
*************************** writes:
Hi Amanda,
Hi fellow Yog fans,

Just thought I drop a line and thank Cheralyn who in issue
#190 wrote:

>Some people have posted queries about getting posters of
>George. I received a catalog from Esprit House (a rare
>merchandise group) that had some posters listed among
>their George items. They have a "Jesus to a Child" 60" X 40"
>promotional poster, and a "Star People" 60" X 40"
>promotional poster. Both at #3.99. Here's the phone and
>address info if you're interested.

>Esprit House
>Railway Sidings

>(+44) (01474) 815010

Well I live in Chatham, Kent, (abt 20 mins away from Meopham)
so I decided to give these guys a try ~ and boy did I have a
terrific time marking off all the items that I wanted to buy.
If I placed my original order I would have spent an absolute
fortune, as it is my total order came to Stg 198.41 (US$ 336.22).
In actual fact there were about three items which had sold out
~ one being a limited edition 12" picture disc of "Careless
Whisper" worth Stg 50 (US$ 84.73) ~ just my rotten luck!!!!!

One of the items I purchased (Stg 6.49 i.e. US$ 11) is a fully
illustrated book and interview disc and, I believe, has just
become available in the UK. This set comprises a CD :
fully illustrated 128 page colour book : chronological
discography ~ all in a collectable CD size format. It does
not contain any music.

The description on the back of this CD package reads:-

"George Michael - The Unauthorised Edition

The title of his "comeback" album said it all. Older and definitely
wiser after court battles and personal tragedy, George Michael
proved again that he is one of a select few artists who have
managed to achieve the treacherous transition from pop pin-up
to serious songwriter, and do it with style.

This unauthorised, fully illustrated CD and book collection, follows
George Michael along the way, whipping up the perfect pop
confection of Wham!, joining the great and the good at ground-
breaking events like Live Aid and the Mandela Tribute, and
emerging as the man Elton John once described as the greatest
songwriter of his generation.

Also included in this retrospective career review, is a rare US
interview with George and Andrew Ridgeley in their Wham! days
at the end of 1984, as they began their successful assault on the
US charts".

I'm not sure if this will go on release world-wide, but if it does I
would recommend this as a brilliant collectors item.

If anyone out there is eager to get their "hot little hands" on this
sooner rather than later let me know and I'll see what I can do
for you.

Right I'm off to listen to all my new purchases ~ most of which
are imports.

Many thanks again Cheralyn.

Bye for now.
*************************** writes:
Just a quick note: Tara of wanted me to email
Yogmael and put out the notice that she is putting together a
George Michael Tribute Album that will include cover versions
of George's songs. If you would like to submit something to
be on the album just send it to her P.O. Box 26257, San Diego,
CA 92196; she will be sending it to George as a Christmas
present for 1997. I will be putting an original song on the
album, "After The Storm" so you may recognize the lyrics as I
sent them to Yogmael before... This should be fun. She wants

all submissions by October 31, 1997. She will be doing the
mixdown thru November... MERRY CHRISTMAS IN JULY...
Let's hope George has a great one this year. He's had to deal
with a lot of sadness lately so let's see what we can do to help
bring back his "Ray of Sunshine."

*************************** (Melanie) writes:
Dearest Amanda:

Here is a Daily Mirror article that mention George from the last
week. Sorry if you already have it. I'm including the complete
article for you, but I'm sure you'll want to cut down the text.


ROCK star Elton John last night broke down in tears when he
was told that Gianni Versace - his close friend for nearly 20
years - had been murdered. Elton, an early supporter of the
fashion genius's outrageous designs, collapsed at his 2 million
pink mansion in the South of France as he heard of the tragedy.
Later he said: "We were so close that it is like a large part of my
life has died with him.
"I'm in deep shock at the news - it hasn't really sunk in yet."
Elton added: "I have lost one of my closest friends, who I loved
so much and who I had been so looking forward to seeing again
on holiday very soon."
An aide added: "They were only laughing and joking together
recently at Elton's 50th birthday party. They shared the same
sense of the outrageous."
Superstar George Michael was in a London restaurant when
the news flashed up on a TV set. A pal said: "He was very
distraught. It was a terrible way to find out about the death of
such a close friend."
*************************** (Ann Chai) writes:
Hi you all

Has any of u heard a remake of Last Christmas recently? I think
it's by the group AzYet or some of those groups that sound like
Boys 2 Men. WHat can I say, it's....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
*snore* zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz *snore* zzzzzzzzzzz.............
*************************** writes:
Hi Amanda,

I have one sound wave of George singing, I Want Your Sex, and
was wondering if any fellow George fans, had any sound
waves......If anyone does, please send them to me.....or if
anyone would like the one that I have, feel free to write. I live in
Houston, Texas, and will answer all responses.

Keep up the good work......

*************************** (Alexandre) writes:
Somebody told me ........,HI Amanda,my name is Alexandre, im
from Brasil,and im a big fan from GM,i have all cds and singles
since 84,i have a good videos ,i looking for a copy of videos from
him,please help me to get that,because here in brasil is so
dificult to take it.bellow are my list of my videos,if you want
anything its yours too- wham the video,the final,the final concert
faith,standy by me,nelson mandela,freddie mercury tribute,
concert for hope,GM in live aid,gm in motow birthday with stevie
wonder and smokey robson,GM in rio,wham in looking
for anothers videos,i my bigger dream is to see the good copy
from the final concert,because my copy is very bad. Amanda if
you can help me.

(I'll see what I can do when I get back in late August. Remind
me. AG)

disser que eu desafino amor ,saiba que isso em min provoca
imensa dor....................(desafinado)
*************************** (Karianne Vatne) writes:
I just have one question: In Yogmael #172 (yeah, I know, a
looong time ago) a guy called George wrote some lines from
one of GM's songs at the end of his posting. All I want to
know is: which song did he take it from? It went like this: "you
can't be with me, you're a low life daughter of a son of a (well
you know)". It's kind of embarresing, being a yogfan and not
knowing this...

(It's from Happy. AG)

BTW, how many Yogfans are there now?

(Last time I checked there were around -- with drop and add the
number changes daily -- 750 subscribers to YM. AG)

Well, that's it. Bye for now!
To Wrap It Up:

Details on Yogfest will be forthcoming sometime soon...

Also, anyone in San Francisco region: Will be in town for
dinner on August 5th, if anyone wants to join me, drop me a
line -at- with your phone #. And Darlene
from Citrus Heights: E me with you #, I forgot it back home.

"Never state what you can't imply."

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