Can Amanda get all the file transfers done and pack for a 3
week vacation in 4 hours???? No sleep and a 19 hour day
of travel facing me...aren't you all just envious...

I just want to thank everyone who has been involved in planning
Yogfest '97, especially Alicia, Dan and Shuv. I can't believe a
little road trip Alicia and I were going to take ended up being
THIS! Time to stop talking and start doing!

Remember Yogfest participants, one of the YM's next week
will be the Yogfest special, so EVERYONE who goes should
jot down a few fond memories as soon as they can and send
them in.

AS OF NOW: send ALL personal mail and for that matter any
YM posts -- would make things a little easier actually -- to

*************************** (Shuv) writes:
Hi Goddess and Crew:

Don't want to get off on a rant here (Dennis Miller forgive me) but
wanted to respond to some recent posts:

From writes:i enjoy reading yogmael
when there are facts about gm, but what i hate are all the letters
that are sent personally to george. what do they think he is
going to actually read this stuff. i haven't read my yogmael for
two weeks because it has been boring, but that doesn't mean i
want it to stop coming. i just want to read interesting mail.
Adfroste: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and interesting is
in the mind of the reader. If we thought our posts were
uninteresting there would be none - let freedom ring. I really
enjoy reading everything and getting another's point of view -
even your post was kinda boring (but don't stop).

If you need something and can't find it where you are, try
writing Brian at EQS. He responds promptly, is cheerful and
honest and a great source for George and Wham music:,, 315-252-1999.

From writes:Paul Young?!?I thought
Paul McCartney HMMM!!! That's an idea!!!! ELVIS is KING He
always will!!! George is much more talented than anyone around
him and even better than many historically Thats why he seems
to be better, BUT Elvis changed not only music but lifestyle
George didn't I like GM's music tremendously but he is not Elvis.
Elvis re-defined an era in culture George is trying to re-define
music as a recluse and it won't happen, unfortunately. You don't
have to agree with public exposure, but you need it in order to
get heard. Its hard to know where you are when others don't
know if your still around When will the Mozart comparisons start,
I wonder. Its too bad because this is exactly what GM doesn't

SynChrone: I agree ELVIS is king. McCartney is LORD. George
is anything he wants to be. Faith proved that he can be a
superstar if he wants to pay the price, which obviously he doesn't.
I must admit I have thought of Mozart and Michael in the same
moment (when listening to both - which with the Beatles is the only
music I can listen to over and over all day long). Whether or not
George wants comparison, it is bound to happen. All artists are
compared to others and discussed in those terms. My growing
"obsession" with George comes from his point of view and refusal
to give in to the suits. If he wants to be a recluse, I'll drink to that
- He can do and be anything he wants in the music business! It's
a matter of choice for him - he makes them - they don't make him!
Thanks for the thought provoking point of view.

From #199: (Mark and Lisa) writes: Let me
just say that I am a big fan of Kenny Loggins, but I don't believe
that those who like George Michael "should" like Kenny Loggins.
I find their voices to be similar in texture, vocal style and range and
feel that Loggins would do justice to various George tracks and
vice versa (i.e. 'What A Fool Believes', written by Loggins and

Got me there Mark: you're right no one "should" have to do
anything. What I "should" have said was "should be able to find
something to like about Kenny". I remember a quote from George
along the lines of if you can't find something in this album to like,
you just don't like pop music (or was it rock and roll?). Was
thinking along those lines when I made the comment, and now
that I've beaten this subject to death (as I am prone to do) I'll quit.

E'd Shirlie at and got an answer right back:
Was asking about finding a copy of BARE and hoping the fanclub
would be able to make more copies available. She answered "I
am going to make enquiries to see if Bare is still available as I do
get a lot of people asking me about it". Hope she is successful
for all of us who don't have a copy - I didn't even realize there was

one until Yogmael! Did anyone in the US find one here?

(I got mine via the fan club actually back when it was released.
BTW, sorry for losing this post Shuv! AG)

Yog Goddess: Please edit as you see fit and comment in your
usual manner.

(No edits, and it's too late to be witty, you have already talked
to me tonite anyway. AG)

"Do you have a little tale to tell?" Love, Siobhan
*************************** writes:
Can someone please tell me how to email Aegean???

(Try AG)

*************************** (Beverley) writes:
Hi Amanda!
I couldn't help adding a comment or two to Rick Landrine's piece
about bootleg recordings in YM 203. It's rather un-English of me,
but "Way to go, Rick"! About three years ago, The Daily
Telegraph here carried a music column by the esteemed Tony
Parsons called "Don't boot the bootleggers" in which he set out
in the simplest terms the difference between pirate CDs and
bootlegs. A couple of months later, he returned to the subject
with "Bootlegs keep music kicking". He quoted directly from a
letter he had received on the subject........."booleg recordings
are generally made BY people who love the music FOR people
who love the music........owning a bootleg of a live concert
wouldn't stop us buying an official live recording, usually on
release date". And the author of that letter? ME! Of course you
(Amanda), AEgean and George will not endorse this ILLEGAL
activity, but it's time that the whole music industry woke up to
the fact that music fans cannot always buy what they want to
hear! And the fans who seek out bootlegs and pay ridiculous
prices for them are the most serious of fans! I treasure my
badly recorded "warts 'n' all" CDs, videos and tapes.....mainly
of George, it has to be said! Live albums are so rarely released,
and when they are they are so sterile and over-produced you
wonder why they bothered at all! I'm sure I'm not alone in saying
that I have seen bootleg recordings (usually audience videos)
that are miles better than any televised, edited, sanitised version!!
I really would love to know George's opinion on this!!
But I conclude with one thought.......if no-one CARED enough to
make or buy bootlegs, then the whole music industry - George
included - really could worry!
I feel better for that!!!!

(As you should. Again, I have a decent bootleg collection, so
I don't denounce the practise. AG)
Love, Beverley.
*************************** writes:
Amanda ,
I think that you should conduct a YM poll and ask what song
of GM's do people like the most . It would be hard to just pick
one , but if they could what would it be ? Let be the first one to
cast my vote , "Freedom ' 90" for an up tempo song and "You
Have Been Loved" for a ballad . OK , I COULDN'T PICK JUST
ONE , FORGIVE ME!! Have everyone pick their favorite dance
song and their favorite ballad by him . I think that they should
be G.M. originals since he does some kick-*** remakes of other
people's work . I love , "Five Live".

(Been there, done that. Read YM #111 for the First Annual
YOGMAEL Honours. AG)

I wish I could be in L.A. with all of you Yogaholics at the
end of the month . I lived out there for three years and just
moved back around the time the first issue of Yogmael came
out. Darn it !!! I want to go !!!!!!!!! Oh well , I'm sure that this
is the first of many YM get -togethers .

(It sure is. I plan to attend at least one weekend a year. This
one will actually be my second. AG)

To all you yogaholics:

I stumbled on a great George website last night. Check it
out if you haven't yet .

I hope that this is right.

See ya,
*************************** writes:
I'm a fairly new YM subscriber (fairly new to AOL too) and I've been catching
up on my YM and noticed that you guys have a YM Weekend coming up at the end
of July in Los Angeles. Well, I live in Los Angeles, actually the San
Fernando Valley and would love more details as to exactly when and where it
will happen. I'd love to attend this gathering. I also noticed that many
have written in and recounted their stories having to do with George. Well,
I have one too. Back in the summer of 1985 while on one of my mall shopping
days, I was at the Beverly Center Mall in Beverly Hills and whom should I
happen to see walking by me with a shopping bag in one hand and some woman,
IT WAS GEORGE!!! I was in so much shock at seeing the man of my life live!
He just walked past me. But I think he noticed me coz I dropped my bags and

jaw to the ground! All I remember is him giving me a grin. It was enough
for me! Of course none of my friends believed me - but I knew it was him!
How could I not recognize a man like that?! I've been a fan of Wham! and
George for the past 15 years and will continue to be so for eternity. I'm
such a fan of his that even my car license plate says it - the plate itself
is personalized with GRG MKL and the plate holder reads #1 FAN OF GEORGE
MICHAEL. So, if there's anyone out there in L.A. who happens to see me
driving around, honk and say HI! Keep up the good work!
*************************** (Debbie Miller) writes:

I LOVED IT!! Your website is so great. You must be so
proud. As soon as I find a flattering photo of me I'll mail it
to you for posting!!!

(Thank you, yes, I am proud of it. And I look forward to
adding another mug to the rogues gallery. AG)

Keep up the great work - enjoy Yogfest '97. Sorry I can't
join you (it is my birthday weekend though, so drink one for

(Right gang, one round must be in Debbie's honour! AG)

Your friend,
*************************** writes:
Welcome back Amanda,

Just thought I'd drop a line and wish you a Bon Voyage. Hope
the big Yogfest is a huge success. Also many happy "22nd"
returns. It seems that you will be having a double celebration
.... which means plenty of drink and one totally sloshed Amanda
... have fun your only young once (believe me this old codger
knows what she's talking about).

(Thanks! As long as I am kept away from shooters -- Throwing
a couple $20's at a waitress and announcing "Leave the tray" is
my downfall... -- I should be OK. AG)

For anybody out there who has not contacted me already, but
who might still be interested in meeting fellow George fans in
London, I have now finally fixed a date/time and venue.

We will be meeting for lunch on Saturday 9th August at
around 1:00 pm at the :

Capital Radio Cafe
29-30 Leicester Square

If you are interested you can e-mail me on

I would like to make a table reservation sometime during week
commencing 4th August so the sooner I know the better.

Bye for now.
*************************** (Stathis Thouas) writes:
Hello! First of all, I hope you'll have a fab trip and have fun! :-))

(Thank you. AG)

Then , while I was reading Yogmael #179 (kinda old eh?), I
was wondering whether anyone knows Shirlie (Holliman) Kemp
childrens names and when is it their birthdays?

(I didn't want to pry, but according to Bare, her oldest is a
little girl called Harley Moon, who I think was born in '89.
I just know the youngest is a boy. AG)

Also, whether anyone knows what Pepsi DeMacque is
doing now...

(I heard she was involved with touring musical theatre, but I'm
not totally sure. AG)

Thank you very much and we are waiting ya back! :-))
Luv, Kathy
Stathis Thouas
*************************** (Jennifer Maline) writes:
Hi Amanda and Yogweekenders ('Yogfesters' sounded kinda bad)

Please do not get mad at me for asking this, because I know it
is not George related. I was hoping that the resourceful
Yogmaelers could help me out, especially if they are coming to
YM weekend. I used to get Rolling Stone Magazine, but had to
cancel last year because they kept piling up and did not get
read as much as they should have. Now I regret cancelling. :(
Anyway, does anyone out there subscribe that has a copy of
the June (forgot the date??) issue with Jakob Dylan on the
cover that I could somehow obtain thru trade or something? I
looked into back issues and they are TEN DOLLARS!!! Plus,
the particular one I want is not even available!!? Why, I do not
know. Again, I know this is off topic, but I was hoping
someone could help! Thank you for hearing me and I
appreciate the help TREMENDOUSLY! :) :) :)

I am so glad you were able to convince your parents to let
you come! Cannot Wait!

Jen :)
*************************** writes:
Do you know what three songs GM did at the "Aids LA Benefit
/ Commitment To Life VII Show". I know the last one was Don't
Let The Sun with Elton. The show was thursday Jan.19,1995 -at-
Universal Amphitheatre in L.A. I was there but don't recall his
small set. Elton was the head liner for the night. Since he had
put up the most cash. It was cool to see GM and Eltons sets
flow together. There were many other acts there as well. Let me

know if you know....

(I don't, but I know there were a few YM'ers on hand that night...

I have a friend thats a DJ at Groove Radio 103.1 FM. I can have
him do a special request of Star People on sat July 26,1997
between 3pm & 6pm for the "George Michael Internet Club thats
in town for the weeken" (or something like that )shout out on the
radio. Let me know so I can set this up !

(That would be great! THANKS! AG)


PS: Groove Radio has the station Live on the internet. With
real audio you can give it a listen. Its at
Then go to Groove Radio live link......see ya
*************************** (Shirlie) writes:
I wish you a great time at the yogfest.

To Wrap it Up:

Time to play...

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