SATURDAY NIGHT AS WE SPEAK! If you have not yet
done so, let me know if you'll be there!

I am due to leave for California Thursday morning, and I'm not
as yet sure how I'm going to run things while I'm gone, but I'll
find a way. Thanks to AOL remote access I will be able to
read my yogmael mail -- but I WILL LIKELY NOT be hitting the or addresses, you can
send mail, but I might not read it until sometime in August.
Personal mail me at (Alicia's address)
AFTER Wednesday at 8pm.

While I'm only going to be in LA for a weekend, I'm going to
spend the better part of 3 weeks up in your neck of the woods,
so if anyone wants to get together, drop Alicia and I a line
at Feel free to leave a phone #. I would
love to have you join me for my 22nd birthday party.

Also, help a fellow Yog fan: Can anyone recommend some
decent blues bars in Chicago, Cleveland or Detroit? Please
RSVP asafp. Thanks.

Lastly, as I work through posting backlog, I'm going newest
to oldest so I don't lose anything, so if you're wondering where
your post is, it's coming soon I promise.

*************************** (Yaisa) writes:
Hi to all!

This is a call for all the Spanish yoggers:
On Saturday 2nd August it's going to be a special programme
about George on Canal+ at 14.00. It's called "George Michael
en concierto" and it will last about 30 minutes.
I don't know what's about, I think it might be the Unplugged.
Anyway, let's watch it!!

*************************** writes:
I agree with synchrome. I think that we should all petition
FONY to release LWP2. I personally think that LWP1 is Yog's
best work. I played it into the ground when I got it in 1990 . I
lost my copy a few years ago, but just went out and bought
another copy tonight. I bet that #2 would have kicked butt. Are
there going to be any cuts from it on GH ?
I've been pondering a quetion: Why is Will Smiths MIB title
track more popular than, "Fastlove"? It really makes me sick!!!!!!!
In the U.S., people like trash remakes of good songs, enter
Michael Bolton. That guy has made so much money singing
other people's songs. His voice is fine , but he's no George
Michael. Hardly any of the acts today can match up to the
great and powerful YOG!
Hope that you feel better Amanda !

(No, still hurting, but crazy enough to fly with what has now been
downgraded to a sinus cold all the same... AG)
*************************** writes:
Hey Guys,

I have (1) copy of BARE for sale. It is a paperback
and the condition is vg.

If you are interested, please email me with an offer
in US dollars.

(Street value is about $30 US. AG)

I am also willing to trade for high-quality, rare audio...
please email your offers.

Thank you in advance!

*************************** (Dan) writes:

found this interesting tidbit.... please pass it on to the gang!

see you friday!


(Taken from:

THE FRONT pages may be full of envy, venom and antipathy, but
dig a little deeper and you'll find stories to warm the cockles of
any heart. Take the story of Gary Barlow (on page three of the
Sun and the Star) for example. For reasons best known to
himself, Gary has decided to confess to the world that he used to
have a secret crush. Nothing untoward about that, except the
object of his desire was....George Michael. He's got over it now
and can talk openly and without shame, which is just as well
because the rags have gone to town. "Fancy that," is the Star's
headline, while the Sun plumps for "Take That George". Gary, who
may now struggle to convince the fickle world of pop that he really
is the wholesome boy next door, tells the papers "In my early
years, I did fancy men. Or a man. I used to idolise George..I
couldn't stop looking at him. I mean, he's a bloody good-looking
guy, isn't he?" Fans among you will no doubt be relieved to hear
that Gary is now in love with a dancer, a female one at that, who
goes by the name of Dawn Andrews.

(How sweet, Gary is courting us YogFans... AG)
*************************** writes:
Hi Amanda and yogis,
I just wanted to know if you have a site for Hippy's fan letters. I

recently bought an American Eskimo puppy and he needs to
make some friends with gorgeous owners. ha ha By the way his
name is George, if you hadn't guessed by now.

I just learned of your YM weekend in LA, when are you going to
have one in NYC I'm from Jersey so its just a hop away.

(YM Weekend '98 is set for either London or New York. AG)

Where can I send something to Yog through the US Mail. I'm
an artist and I wanted to send him a portrait of him and his Mom
if I can get a hold of a picture. I sent a portrait of him backstage
when I attended his Cover to Cover tour, the guard said he
received it.

(Not my policy to give out the address. Sorry. AG)

Oh I just remembered, is there a recording of his Cover to Cover
concert floating around somewhere? I also am dying to hear his
"Waltz away Dreaming" single, I can't get it in Jersey, maybe
somewhere in NYC.

Anyhow thanx again Amanda and crew for the website I'm ever
so happy "It's as simple as that." I'll be hearin from ya,

Ciao and Woof,
Jennifer and George

PS I'm requesting YM issues 85, 74 and 164

(Anyone else want these? You can either hit the archives
or else drop me a line and I'll send them out when I get a
chance, usually within a week. AG)
*************************** (Nancy) writes:

I will be leaving for my vacation to Europe on July 31, 1997. I
will do my BEST to process as many orders as possible before
I leave on my trip. However, I am working against a deadline to
hand in a 35 page term paper for my Master's class which is
slowing me down a bit. If I am unable to mail your order before
I leave, I will do my best to process your order as soon as I
return home which will be at the end of August.

Thanks to everyone for your understanding!!!
*************************** (Karishma Kiri) writes:
I would like to subscribe while I am in Seattle for the summer.
My current email is My name is
Karishma Kiri.

Some news for a posting:

My mother, my uncle and my brother went out to dinner during
July 4th weekend to the same restaurant that was in the movie
Get Shorty. It's in the Brentwood/Beverly Hills area I think. I
haven't seen the movie, so I don't know exactly what restaurant
they went to. Well, when she walked in she saw George
Michael, and immediately recognized him. (I wasn't there)
She sat about two tables away from him, and she said he kept
on looking at her. Probably, because she kept on looking over
there or whatever. So eventually, she went over to his table,
tapped him on the shoulder and said "Excuse me, I'm sorry to
bother you, but my daughter adores your music, do you think
you can sign an autograph for her?" He agreed to sign an
autograph for me. So now I have an autograph (which I still
haven't seen) that says "To Karishma-- George Michael." I
am so excited, I am just really bummed out that I wasn't there
because I was supposed to be in LA that weekend, but I
ended up going to New York for a wedding. Just my luck. I
still can't believe this happened. My mom almost got kicked
out of the restaurant for doing this because they always have
celebrities there, but George Michael and his friend were really
cool and nice about it :). Just my two cents.

*************************** writes:
Hello everyone,
I have not contributed to Yogmael in quite some time, but I
have been reading.

Amanda, that was nice of you to remember Gianni Versace. I
read the paper this morning and discovered the horrible news. I
went to fashion school for a year, and it is still a very important
issue in my life. I am in graphic arts now, but I want to go into
fashion advertising. I hope they catch Andrew Phillip Cunanan
(the suspect). What is it with these people? Stop the killing!!! I
know it is a sad day around the world today! May he rest in peace.

Safe traveling to those going to Yogfest! I wish I could be there!
Maybe next time a little closer to Ohio :) Yeah, right! Take care

(Rule nothing out...I do hereby promise a Yogfest to Cleveland
the year George gets into the Hall of Fame, that's only another
15 or so years away... AG

*************************** (Rhee Black) writes:
Hi!! I love your updated page!! Looks great!! I love the pic with
Boomer--I have two cats myself!! Thanks for the pics, and it
was fun to see the YM gang pic. Keep up the super
wondermous work, and have fun in LA!! George still looks
great in his Speedos!! Take care!

Rhee Black

PS-don't know why this address is popping up-jblack-at-netdoor
is my brother's address-he lets me use his computer because
the one at work is not nearly as fast. He also has Netscape 4
-better to see the Aegean site with!

(What address should I be seeing? AG)
*************************** (Tina Stem) writes:

Don't we have a "copy" of GM's birth certificate somewhere
in the archives? I have looked around but I haven't come
across it yet. Doesn't it have his time of birth on it?

(It's somewhere in the 90's series, but no, it doesn't offer it.
I did however manage to happen across his birth time, and
mum is spending my vacation running up a chart. AG)

I thought this could be the answer for his astrological chart
if it is on the document.

Just a thought,
*************************** (Tracy) writes:
Howdie Amanda and G-people

I've noticed of late that there are plenty stories popping up about
George sightings and some really good memories, so after many
months of getting html under my belt and working on other
ventures, I have finally got a sightings(and memory) page
uploaded at the Gnotes, this message goes out to all
those who have seen George, met him or even if you just have
a fond memory, yes, that means ALL OF YOU!!!!!

Go check out my site at......
and I'd love to hear from ALL of you! :o)

Just a warning, it is rather graphic intensive, there's an
animation and it might take up to a minute to get rolling! Enjoy!

*************************** writes:
Hello to all! It has been a VERY long time since I have posted
anything but I have been lurking all of this time.
My name is Stephanie, I live in Maryland USA and I co-manage
a large Sam Goody/Suncoast music and movie store-what I
would give to do the same in London where people actually have
taste in music!
Anyway I would like to comment like others have on just what
great therapy George's music can be. One reason I haven't
posted is that my personal life has been hell-my husband and I
are getting separated after being together for 8 years and I was
very very depressed for a while. Some people drink to deal with
such depression or eat to do drugs etc. Me? I overdose on George.
When Older first came out I liked it musically alot but found it to
be more depressing than I like but now I find I can identify with
some of these songs a lot and it really helped me to listen to
them. Watching the Club Tropicana video several times didn't
hurt either ;)
Now I have a George story. My good friend Aleeta works for
Elektra records and has of course friend who work for other
labels. One of her contacts recently got to sit and eat dinner
next to George! I have been sitting on this for a while so I hope
I get it right-I believe it was in Philidelphia a few months ago.
There is a group called Morcheba that George apparently likes
a lot. I do not know much about them but I know they appear
on David Byrnes new cd. Anyway they were playing in Philly
and this girl I think works for their label and was there at a
dinner they were having before the show. The seat next to
her was empty and who walks in and sits next to her but
George!!!!!-I think I would have fallen under the table! This girl
also happens to be a fan and was quite thrilled. She said that
he was of course really nice and that he wants to somehow
work with this group. He left her a card and guess who she
got when she called it? Kathy Jueng! I take it she is somehow
working for him? I will try to find out if my friend got anymore
info about this. Does anyone know anything about this group
Morcheba? I will try to find out more about that as well.

(The Morcheba -- great fucking name for a band BTW... -- info
ran a while back in YM, but it was basically the same stuff you
just said. And George and Kathy are friends according to a
friend with connexions. AG)

Amanda I have an idea that I think would be cool if it were
doable sometime in the future. I think it would be neat if we
could somehow make a directory of Yogmael subscribers,
grouped by country so we could find people who live near us
and contact them if we like via e-mail. I know I would like to
see how many people live in the MD, DC Virginia area-just a
suggestion I am sure it would take some work.

(Already partly done for some parts of the world, but the US
is as yet still one big mass. Upon return from CA, I'll get to
work though. AG)

Thats it for now-had to make up for all the time I've been
'gone' Amanda you do do a great job and I love your sense of
humor-I myself have a very twisted sense of humor.

By the way for those in the States desperately in search of
some good new music they are finally releasing Lisa
Stansfield's new cd here July 29.
Peace, Stephanie
To Wrap it Up:

My thanks to all who wished me a good week off, and also
to those of you wishing me well on my real vacation. It's the
little things that make this list worth all the agro.

Your last YM before the big Yogfest goes out tomorrow,
then you're on your own until Tuesday the 29th.


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