WHOLE LOT O' Ramblin' Goin' On:

I've now had my week off, and it's been hectic, but relaxing. My
thanks to my online friends for allowing my offline friends some
access to me, don't worry, I'm neglecting them already... They
did let me tweak the webpage though, and so THE LATEST
EDITION OF THE YM HOMEPAGE -- not the one with the
marble wallpaper -- is up and running. It is flawed though, Sharon
is Shannon and thus, I'm a dolt. SORRY SHANNON! Check it
out at:
Now if only you knew how much e mail work Ineed to do in the
next 12 hours...but hey, I've written 10 page 50% of my mark
"A" essays in half that time...

Also, my apologies on the YM weekend brigade, I've been doing
some planning behind the scenes, but have been lax in letting
you all know what's going on. You should get the latest
memo (# 7) in your mail box by 9am, if not, let me know.

AND, who lives in the 818 area code, and is attending Yogfest
who could make a phone call to someone without internet
access for me? I'm not cheap, I just got yelled at last time my
phone bill fell into my mum's hands...

And while on the topic of YM Weekend: ogfest '97 is open
to ALL George fans who can be in the LA area this coming
weekend, e me for the itinerary before Wednesday at 9pm EST.

Also, who lives in the 818 area code, and is attending Yogfest
who could make a phone call to someone without internet
access for me? I'm not cheap, I just got yelled at last time my
phone bill fell into my mum's hands...

A note about the frequency of YM for future reference: Issues
go out for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. Next
week there'll be YM on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
After that, YM switches -- as professed on the web page -- to
Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

And lastly, getting ahold of me after this Wednesday: will remain fully operational, so there's no
change there. On the personal mail front though, while and will be checked every
few days, it won't be by me, so if you need to personal mail me,
I have comandeered

AND AWAY WE GO... (Cherylyn) writes:

Hey you!

I was all looking forward to the 200th issue and all of a sudden I
get 201!!! WHAT IS THE DEAL???? Ha ha ha just kidding. you
do not have to explain this to me I work (kind of) in the industry.
SOooo if you would be so kind as to resend #200 that would be
just LOVELY :0)

(I think I sent you the requested issue, but if not, let me know.

Oh by the way Cheralyn and I kind of had a pre-YMWeekend
meet. If all of the people who are planning on going are going to
be as nice her this should be great!!

(Sorry, I'm a bitch... AG)

I believe she has a list of the things mention or at least a AAA
map on where to find your guys on Friday. But are you going
to send out a note when the definite DEFINITE schedule is for the
weekend? That would be great

(NO, I plan to make you all wander aimlessly calling my name
in desperation! AG)

....AND I do mean definite ....oh yea we need it before the Friday
of the weekend if you please :0) I know, I know, smart ass!!
Fill in your reply in those cute little brackets.

(Well smart ass, just for that, I decided to hold off on the
memos until today (Sunday), and not be nice and get them out
on Friday as I should have... AG)

I am on vacation and have entirely to much California Sun and
Fun!!! Jealous??? Actually it could just be to much real oxygen
from the beach mixed with all the smog ...for a change :0) :0)

(I am not jealous at all, my 3 week California vacation kicks off
in a mere 96 hours... AG)

I was planning on driving down to LA ...STUPID me. I think the
closer I get, the more I would rather be fly!! Oh well. SO I will
probably be where ever I find out that YOU will be Friday and
just meet you a little late there.

The GM Fans from Mexico are really cool, Speaking as
someone who is trying to learn French I Sooooo admire them
writing in another language it is REALLY hard. I hope they
know that the cool thing about the internet is that it is just that
inter, You can talk to someone from the other side of the world
almost just like you can your neighbor. Which means since
you all share similar interest and loves it is a great supply of

Oh yea, I owe a BIG apology to David in Paris, I Apologize :0(
I was deleting some of my old message and JUST found the
reply you sent back in APRIL!! My sister was "sharing" my
E-Mail account at that time and neglected to tell me that you
wrote back. PLEASE forgive me. Thanks for the "C" you are
too kind the Teacher gave me a "D" ...the swine!!

I was listen to a copy of the BBC show that Cheralyn gave me

(thank you!thank you!thank you!) and almost got my self killed
coming back from Santa Cruz. YES I had the music too loud
and YES I was more interested in dancing in my seat to
Freedom than watching the road but I ask you, CAN YOU
BLAME ME!!! :0) Thank God for ABS Breaks!!

(So no one wants to hop into Cheralyn's car this weekend...

Let see what other totally useless garbage I can send in not
directly directed to GM, That was a nudge to Paul from the
#198th issue who said we were all becoming BORING!! Hey
I will have you know I am ANYTHING but boring ...a little
strange, but never boring!! :0)

Oh yea, I read in #201, (because I missed #200 ;0)), that the
place to meet to chat is #GM on mIRC, Cool
that is what I needed to know. I was beginning to worry
because you guys keep mention the IRC and never giving me
DETAILS I need DETAILS!!! Not all of us are lucky(or unlucky
as the case may be) to be on AOL!!!

So I am going to Strabucks.Now can I get any one a mocha???
I guess not, it may get cold. As you can tell I may have also
had to much Caffeine as well as smog.

One more thing, I am trying to put together a Web page, Yes
Yes I know, ANOTHER Web page!:0)

What I need to know is;
1) What Organization does GM support?
I have been reading about the problem in Cyprus,

2) Does any body from there mind If I ask them some questions
on what is going on there now?

Sooo Miss Goddess on the Mountain top, Queen, Princess
Amanda do you or any other commoners such as myself have
any info on this???

(I'm only a polticial science major, why would I know anything
about that? AG)

"Thanks (in advance) for your support!!!"

Me:0) (Alex) writes:

Hi Amanda and the Camera Crew!
I have an offer, as once again I pulled a Donna and ordered a
CD that I already have (duuh!), so I need to get rid of it. It's a
Picture CD single of Too Funky. I am not looking to make a
profit, just to get rid of it. The CD was $5 and postage in the
US would be about $2 ($3 outside of US), so you can have it
for $7 or $8 depending on where you live. If anyone wants it
please E-mail me ASAP. Once again it's the picture disc cd
single of Too Funky. Thanks all and take care.....
WESTENDGRL-at-AOL.COM (Nathalie Gendron) writes:

Dear Amanda,

Once again, I'm very proud to be a member of this fan club
(against all odds!). Indeed, I too, do not know too many fans as
dedicated as I am to George. For the past year, I have listened
to GM's songs incessantly, every day! He has even taught me
to sing. Indeed, after singing many of his songs, I too, have
developed a voice. Can you believe!!!?

Well, I would like to respond to Michelle in London who is
wondering where all the GM's fans are. I would like to inform
her that if she plans a party in London, I'M THERE!!!! I currently
live in Germany, though I am a French Canadian (remember us...
ha! ha!). I would certainly make an effort to go to her party in
August, Sept., Oct. or whenever! I would like to also respond to
Michelle directly, but I didn't get her e-mail address.

(French Canadians aren't that funny, unless you count the
ones still living here... AG)

On another note, I'm also incredibly interested in obtaining any
latest videos & books on George Michael (unplugged and all).
I have, at many times, inquired with HMV London and Virgin
Records about GM's videos. They told me nothing is out since
his LWP's video. Of course, at my own expenses, can you help
in with this?

I deeply appreciate your dedication to this Music Giant, and
hope more of us will populate the world and join efforts!

(Sounds like a cult doesn't it? AG)

Big Kisses,

Nathalie G.

P.S. I have a little anecdote to share with you. While I was in
St-Tropez in May 97, I landed in a tiny little bar named "NANO".
And guess what, its walls are covered with photographs of my
beloved singer. Indeed, as most of you know, GM owns a
house in St-Tropez and often fraternizes these locations.
Well, it was great to hear from the waiter that if I would come
back in June or July, I would most certainly bump into the artist.
Thought someone might want to know...

(Waiter was seemingly wrong, George has been hanging out in
LA all summer... AG) (Shawn Light) writes:

In #202 someone wrote:

>BTW, I picked up Star People 97 Aegean Promo in Soho
>yesterday, does anyone know anything about this one?

>Side A: Healy, Amos, Koglin club mix
>Side B: Supernova Dub
>Cat No: 12 AE003

>Is it an exclusive promo?


I'm guessing that the "Healy, Amos, Koglin Club Mix" is

called the "Galaxy Mix" on the US CD single and I'm guessing
the "Supernova Dub" is equivalent to the "Club Dub Mix", but
then again these could very well be remixes of SP '97. The
"Galaxy Mix" and "Club Dub Mix" were remixes of the album

Healy, Amos, and Koglin did the Galaxy and Club Dub mixes.

Shawn (Mark and Lisa) write:

Issue #164 is the Unplugged coverage by Beverly, #121 has
the beautiful poem by Elizabeth and #111 is the result of the
Yog mael honors...

hope this helps...

Mark writes:

Hi Amanda and fellow yog fans,

Thought you might be interested to know that there is currently
a petition running to get ∆GEAN (see even I can do ∆ now ~ it
pays to read the back issues of YM) to release an
UNPLUGGED album. Here is the web address for all those
interested in signing it.

So come on all you Yog fans ~ sign the petition and lets get
∆GEAN to release a new album.

Bye for now.
Michelle. (Giovanni Mantilla) writes:

Hi Amanda and YOGemites:

HAPPY HAPPY #200! Ok, now we are 3 after that, but what
the heck, i'm slow... ;)

First, i have to tell you i'm with you on emailing AEGEAN and
begging(?) for an Unplugged CD release, because, let me tell
you, our Georgey boy cost us LOTS of money, and i believe we
need to be given a break, c'mon, he's able to release the CD, so
why won't he?. If the contract thing gets in the way, at least they
could promise to release after George finishes him relatioship with

I'm pissed; I got the Dreamworks release of "Fastlove" and they
charged me $14 for that. I know, i know, it's not even worth $4
but, what can i do? i'd ordered it thinking it would be the EP...
( I'm Your Man '96 is good and the summer mix is 2, but.. ) , i
think i had promised to myself to get all the OLDER EPs and
singles, but now i'm seriously thinking about it, i'm barely 16
( BTW, my birthday is the 17th, that's on thrusday, thought i'd
let u know...;) ) and i'm already spending ALL my money to buy
his stuff. i think i need a few new shirts... ;), so let me know
about that AEGEAN petition...

(Well, belated birthday greetings to you, and I know how
expensive this whole collecting thing is...I passed that complaint
to George via Elliot a long while back... AG)

Second, i wonder if maybe there's anyone that has the time
and the material and would kind enough to create a website
like this ( it's not George's, it's Tori Amos, but just to show
you ):

It's called Audio Archive, it contains every Tori song that can't be
found on OFFICIAL ALBUMS, so EVERY b-side, live performance
or anything released on singles, EPs, and bootlegs and audio
tapes made by fans can be found there to our downloading
pleasure. The quality is EXCELLENT, really, and the format of
THIS? ( yeah , sorry about screaming...)

MTV Latino premiered the Waltz Away Dreaming video last week,
and i must say i love the song, and the video is very, very
impresive. Again, i'm longing to buy this single, but it'll be almost
impossible. BTW, i love my MTV, last week i turned the TV on
and "One More Try" was being played, i didn't have the video so
i recorded it!! Yes! And, just 3 days ago, i turned the TV on again,
and what do you think i see? Wham!'s "Freedom", great!, but
unfortuntely, this time i couldn't catch the whole video, so i only
got 1 min and a half.... 2 bad... i wish i could get the Final on
video, but what the heck, i don't even have it on CD...

Finally, i thank George for letting me know the voice of another
great british songstress through Five Live, Lisa Stansfield, i
didn't know her voice before and i'm becoming a huge fan of
hers since i got 5Live, Red Hot + Dance, and after watching her
2 new videos on MTV, i eagerly awaiting for her new album to
be released in America.... THANKS GEORGE!

AND, thanks to you for letting me ramble here.

Cya, YOGemites...


PS.. Amanda, here's a good question: how many times have
we YOGgettes thanked you for developing YOGMAEL? I'm
sure more than 200 times, huh?? Guys, are we polite or what??

greatest asskissers and the world's biggest ego-maniac,
what a great combo!!!!!!!! AG)

To Wrap it Up:

Shirlie's on vacation this week, so don't expect real prompt

"Without you I may as well just..."

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