No, it's not too late to get in on the fun of YM Weekend, but
Dan has to make the call and get us a nice portion of Cafe
Med to takeover for Saturday the 26th, so check in soon!

And re: my urgent legal question, thanks to Ann for her help,
and it was nothing really earth-shattering, I'm just in a "MUST
WORK ON MY SCREENPLAY" mood and want a fast and
accurate answer.

Lastly: Lost issues. Not a problem to re-send, but when
asking for them, put NEED YM#(whatever) in the subject
heading. I'm kinda dippy you see -- striking intelligence
can cause one to go full circle and become an idiot again
you know -- and this helps me.

*************************** (Rick Landrine) writes:
George chatting is alive and well ouside of AOL.

The best (biggest) place for George chats is on mIRC on dalnet.
channel #GM

Someone is usually there in the US evenings. Especially after
11PM EDT. Although many GM fans congregate there in the
mornings (USA/Canadian time) as well. Almost anytime really.

WARNING: #GM has prooven to be highly addictive.

also, if you don't like talking about GM bootlegs, GM songs,
GM newsletters or anything else GM related-- be prepared to
be bored to tears.

I wonder if there is a mandatory jail sentence for mIRC
pushing--if not there probably should be

See ya there!!!
HA HA HA HA HA (Evil cackling)

*************************** writes:
Dear Amanda and Yogmael crew ,
Since your last issue was your 200th ; I would like to wish a
happy 200th and tell you that Yogmael is the best for all of us
GM fans . I think that it is well organized and very interesting.
Thankyou for the 100's of hours of hard work that have gone into
making Yogmael what it is today . I am a new subscriber to
Yogmael and have loved reading the archived issues . Since I
live in the U.S. , I don't hear too much about what Yog is doing.
It is rather unfortunate that some of his music and his books can't
be found anywhere in the U.S.
Does anyone know the birth order of him and his sisters? I
saw somewhere that someone referred to him as Uncle George?
Is that true ?

(While I don't know if he's uncle George, I know he is the youngest
of the three, Melanie is the middle child, and Yioda is the eldest.

I haven't heard , " Empty Kisses " yet and I cant find it in the
places that I checked so far . Does anyone know where I can pick
up a copy in the Chicago area ? I really like his dance tracks . Is
it going to be on the greatest hits CD set ? When is that supposed
to be released ?

(Read on for an apology. AG)

I would also love to hear , "Waltz Away Dreaming " is that
scheduled for release in the U.S. ? I was really saddened to hear
that his mother died.

(No US release date at this time. AG)

*************************** writes:
To All My Wonderful Friends
I must apologize greatly. Last week I posted comments
about the song "Empty Kisses". My friend in the biz actually
played it for me over the phone and I flipped out WOW!! a new
GM song, so I was told--- I just got the DAT and its this guy
who sounds exactly like him its SCARY!! And with all the dance
remixes he's been putting out this one seemed right up his alley.
Needless to say i was horrified when I realized that it wasn't HIM
and I prematurely posted the news. Again I can't tell everyone
how sorry i am for the almost rumor. I hope everyone can forgive
me. I know how great it is to find unreleased GM material I
thought I DID!! Anyone that would like a copy send me an E-mail
and I'll send you a copy so you know that I'm telling the truth---

thanx Patrick SORRY!!!!!!!!
*************************** (vacas) writes:
Hi Amanda and everybody!!

I´m glad to write u again. I didn´t know there were other
Yog´s fans in Mexico, but that´s a good notice for me. i hope i
can find them someday....well, Mexico has 90.000.000 h, so i
don´t think´s goingo to be an easy work, right? Kisses to all.

(You under-estitmate the power of YM... AG)
*************************** (Claudia Beltran) writes:
Hi Amanda,

I'd like to reply the message from Marisela, who posted in
Yogmael #198. Although I already sent some lines to her e-mail
address in spanish, I'd like to put it on Yogmael too for all other
mexicans and not mexicans to read it.

I am 25 years old and I've been a die hard GM fan for 12 years.

Just believe me when I tell you there are a lot of us GM fans
besides you in Mexico. You could find some few ones on the
web, because as you certainly know, the Internet thing is almost
starting in our country, but I'm sure that a theatre, as example,
could be filled out only with friends I've met who like George
Michael and don't have neither a computer nor an e-mail address.

You (Marisela) said George Michael is not the most popular
singer here, and it's true, but that's because the highest ranked
mexican radio stations are always mixing several music genres
in its habitual programs. So George's songs must do their way
through latin & spanish rock, some good latin & spanish pop
music (and I'm not talking about Luis Miguel and that kind of
awful stuff) and also through superfamous U2, Oasis, Depeche
Mode, etc. Anyway, he has made it quite well in records stores:
the OLDER album was in the list of the 10 tops albums in Mixup
and Tower Records (Two important stores) the past months.

So, I really think Mexico is a good place for him to come and make
some performances. Even the oldies Daryl Hall & John Oates filled
out our 10,000's seats National Auditorium, and those guys
haven't released an album for a long time! Mexico is definitely
ready to recieve George Michael.

Well, that's what I wanted to say.
Thanks Amanda, and congratulations for your wonderful job!

From Mexico City,

P.S.: Please excuse my english.

(Excuse my Spanish... AG)
*************************** (vacas) further writes:

Hi Amanda, Claudia, Annie and everybody else!!

Hey Annie, i just got ur e-mail, and of course i´d like to
write u too, but i don´t have ur e-mail address, could u send it
to me please? I think u´re a good spanish speaker.

Yesterday i was remembering some stuff that i´ve written (i
have a diary since 1986) that says "the only things that makes
me stong is that part: please be stronger than ur past, the future
may still give u a chance".......and i´m needing those words
again.....that music, always giving peace to my soul......

Me da mucho gusto saber que no soy la única fan de
George en México.. Me gustaría que me volvieras a
escribir y me dijeras de dónde eres. Estoy muy orgullosa
de saber que después de todo somos varis eb este país.

(English translation courtesy of Marti Blesa of Girona. AG)

Hi Claudia, Amanda and everybody!
I'm happy to know that I'm not the only George fan in Mexico.
I'd be pleased if you could write me back telling me where are
you from. I'm very proud that there are several fans in this country.

Well, see u later!.

*************************** (Melanie) writes:
I just read this in the July 8, 1997 Daily Mirror:

Stars Will Quiz Elton in TV Gala

SUPERSTAR Elton John is to be quizzed in a warts-and-all TV
special. He will answer questions from top celebrities in An
Audience With Elton John. Fergie, Rod Stewart and George
Michael will be among the guests in the ITV autumn spectacular.
The gala is among a £200million package of new shows unveiled
by ITV chief Marcus Plantin yesterday. He said: "It's a great
line-up with 50 new ventures scheduled."
************************** (Hana) writes:
Thanks for the great YOGMAEL you put together on GM.
OK I'll be quick and to the point so you don't have to read a lot
of text...

On the new stock of the Maxi CD STAR PEOPLE, there is a
grey sticker that mentions a hidden version of STAR PEOPLE '97
contained on the CD, but not listed on the back cover of the CD
jewel box insert. Has anyone found this hidden version of STAR
PEOPLE '97 on the Maxi CD? If so, how do you find it? Should
fans of GM be fooled into buying it even if it has the same stock
number as the ones that were released without the sticker?

(If you want Star People '97, yes. I got mine via New York City.
Blame the good folks at DreamWorks for this fuck up. AG)

Don't look now there's a monkey on your back!
*************************** writes:
Hello Amanda and fellow Yog fans,

I recently advertised that I was trying, with the help of Laura, to
get a few fans together for a George weekend. What's going on
out there - are there no UK fans!!! It seems to me that all
George's fans are either in the States, Canada, Australia or
anywhere else in the world but not in the UK.

Come on you guys ~ there must be somebody who is interested???

In YM #198 Disa wrote:-
>And also Michelle from UK wrote in 196 about meeting in London
>in the end of July, I cant make it then but Michelle if you see this
>or any GM fan in London, I will be in London in September or

>October and I would love to meet you there.

Hopefully I can rustle up a few fans (I know of at least two who are
definites) so that we can meet you in Sept or Oct ~ please keep
me posted.

Bye for now.
*************************** writes:
Hello Everyone,
I am a die hard fan of George Michael. i love his music and his
personality. Recently i have been pondering over a hypothetical
situation. I need some advice/answers. here's the question.

If "listen without prejudice" had sold just as well as "Faith",
would George Michael still be with Sony?

(It would have proven George right, so Fony may have had to
apologize for their wanker-like attitude, which may have put
George into a slightly more pro-Sony mood. When you have
Tommy Mottola walking out of a C2C concert, you might take
it personally too... AG)

Thanks a bunch.

*************************** (gr) writes:
Hi every astro-yogmaeler:

This is for you. As far as we know, I believe in my friend... as
much as everybody believes in their friends, I know... Anyway,
I was saying as far we know George's birth time seems to be
around 2 a.m.

(Where did you grab that time from? Just wondering... AG)

We published our own report on the second issue of our fanzine.
I speak on behalf of the Spanish Fan Club. We exist...

Check our site at

So, according to our report there would be some differences:
Ascendant in Taurus, Neptune retrograde in Scorpio in the
marriage house... Moon would remain in Leo though, quite
obviously, I'm learning ;)

Hope to help. Gemma.
*************************** (Cass) writes:
Hi Amanda,

My name is Cass and I have been a dedicated GM fan for a
very long time, much to the disapproval of many of my friends...
but they don't know what they're missing...Since I cannot
speak to anyone I know about GM, I would like to join your
web/mailing list if possible...Finding room for my inclusion will
be appreciated...

(The more the merrier. AG)

BTW, I recently spoke to someone I met at work who (much to
my suprise) was a fan of GM too (I hope this doesn't contradict
everything I have previously said) and he mentioned (the
infamous) Listen Without Prejudice Vol. II. I always heard
about this album, but he said that it was actually pressed and
does exist in locked Sony vaults - he told me a friend of his who
worked at Sony actually heard it - 12 or 13 incredible songs
from what he told me.... I'm sure you've been asked about this
many times, but what do you know about LWPvII?

(I KNOW nothing, I have heard a number of things. There is
this story, as well as the rumour that if we take all the B sides,
and EP's from 1991 to 1995, we have LWP II. AG)

*************************** (Sarah) writes:

I just want to say how much I love Yogmael. I really like reading
about meeting George, hearing him sing, etc. I haven't seen the
Unplugged concert or even any of George's latest videos (I'm so
behind!). I could go into a long story of how I almost got the
concert but all I'll say is that a stupid anti-George sister was
involved. While having a copy of the concert (at my expense, of
course) would send me through the roof in ecstasy, I would
settle for very, very, detailed descriptions of the concert, videos,
and anything else George-related so feel free to mail me if you
can help me out.

(While it it not usually my practise to send fellow women into
ecstasy, I think I have an extra Unplugged, and most of the
recent vids. AG)

I really enjoyed reading Bev's experience (#164). I printed it
out and read it over and over, I practically have it memorized.
Lucky for me, I am very stimulated by the written word.

On another note, the other day I heard Star People on the RADIO
for the first time! During my recovery, I started thinking about how
I would classify George's music today. It's too deep to simply call
it adult contemporary, and it's not fast enough for pop/rock. The
station I heard it on was mostly R&B, but it does play George
stuff late in the evening. I'm thinking that maybe the reason why
we don't hear new-George played as much is because while he
has grown as an artist, he's also grown beyond any label we
could put on him, so he's in a class by himself and doesn't fit in
anywhere. Any thoughts?
To Wrap it Up:

The new send time of YM is a result me trying to find a low traffic
time on AOL. This list can send in 5 minutes or 15 minutes.
Call me cheap, but I pay by the hour...besides, the less traffic,

the more likely the server will actually send all the mail and not
get selective, recall #190?

Also, apologies to most of the AOL gang for yesterday, inter-AOL
mass mail was not being co-operative.


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