Going to YM weekend? CHECK IN -- AEgean request... New memo
out by the end of the day. Who's calling Cafe Med and making the

*************************** (Amanda's fave big sister) writes:
Hi Yoggsters and Amandalites
It's me again the, humble non famous relation of Her Majesty the
Queen (I know she must be of royalty because there was many
years growing up that I wanted to crown Her, some days I still
want too.)

(The feeling is mutual...but fear not Jean, I think I can find you an
title out in Andrew's fanbase...Princess of Plaid maybe. AG)

Anyways back to business. Amanda quit apoligizing for not
getting the yogmael out on time for those of us who do time
shares on the computer or have limited access and lives, we
are just happy knowing that when we do get to the email, it is
there. I know that there are days that it seems like a lot, I
only get to read the stuff you have basically screened for
relevent content and it can sometimes be time consuming.
But remember you do have paitent and loyal fans of your own
so don't get your underwear tied up in a knot. And don't look at
a 3 week shut down as abandoning us look at it as a field
assignment. Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is
to get a picture of yourself with the man himself to put up on
your webpage. Not to mention it would be nice to hear that
you were speechless for once in you life.

(If I managed to flirt with John Taylor, I think I could find it
in my repetoire to find something flattering, yet witty to say
to George. AG)

Now on a yog note I finally got to see the George unplugged,
not once, but twice. If I didn't have to work, oh ya and have a
night life (yes the aging diva was at it again. If you ever get a
chance to drink Mike's Hard Lemonade or the Cranberry go for
it but stop at 4. It has to be a great night before to make it
worthwhile, and thank you George once again for being there
when I needed you) I would have see him three times on Much
Music last night (July 5) I finally got to hear Star People. I did
not like the unplugged version of Everything She Wants it kind
of lost its spark that little something it had that just made you
want to get up and dance even if it was on your seat in a
stadium of thousands. You know laying there in bed this
morning watching it for the second time I took the time to take
a serious look at the older George. Is it just me or has George
lost some of his sex appeal? (On this one please go easy on
me I like a man you can run your fingers through his hair while
you're either doing other things or contemplating doing other
things, even George Clooney has little sex appeal with that
hair cut.) Some seem to be hung up on the sunglasses thing
(let me tell you I did not want to see the sunshine this
morning I swear there are holes in my eye lids) The
sunglasses go so well with that rugged bad boy look that he
suits so well, but than I guess I have always had a soft spot
for the bad boys.

(I rewatched the Unplugged once that night too, and I too had
to take a long hard look and see if he was the man I once
fell in love with. I love the new suit look and all, and I even dig
the beard, but I would just like to see a smidge more hair...hey
George, I'll make you a deal: You grow out your hair for one
good photo shoot, and I'll shave my head. AG)

There, for those of you who feel you ramble and talk too much,
I have done the same. Sometimes I think its nice to have your
complete thoughts and feelings. It gives me a chance to get to
know people better. And Amanda, I think you could do an
unbiased thesis on this group of people, and if not, what about
hitting some of the older readership on some of the older groups
that are responsible for our younger stars of today like Styx (I
can hear it now who?????) or Elton, Rolling Stones and Super

(Very true, there is much of the influence of Elton in George's
music, and even more of Freddie Mercury in George's stage
show. AG)

Bye for now
*************************** (David Lebois) writes:
Hi Amanda and YogCrew:

In YM#198 Lisa is writing:
> I am having trouble getting the server to respond
> on the Aegean web site .

I couldn't see the entire Aegean site until last month when I tried
Netscape 3.0 (I was using version 2.0). Now I can see everything...
at last! Netscape 3.0 uses a more advanced version of Java than
Internet Explorer 3.0, so it seems that it's the beter way to watch
George's site. Also, it depends of the quality of the connexion:
from Europe, it's working beter late at night (when America is
sleeping!) or during week-end.
Good Luck Lisa...!

I wish you a good 200th YogMael !!!

I'm sending you two hundred "THANK YOU"s !!!

*************************** (Michelle) writes:
Hi Amanda and fellow George fans,

I am currently reading through all the back issues of Yogmael
~ #1 to #176 ~ it will probably take forever. Will come back at
a later date with comments.

Here are the lyrics to Star People '97 ~ just for Kristine:-


Star people
counting your money to your soul turns green
star people
counting the cost of your desire to be seen

I do not count myself among you
I may be living in a dream
it's just there seem so many of you
can't help but hope there's a difference between

and if I live to be a hundred and one
I will nevr understand what you are, honey?

I'm looking for sympathy
just get me on NBC
and where the hell's my dumb ass PR?

I said maybe your mama gave you up boy
(it's the same old same old)
I said maybe your daddy didn't love you enough girl
(how much is enough)

Star people
never forget your secret's safe with me
just look at all the wonderful people
trying to forget just who and what they have been

Oh it's a dream
with a nightmare stuck in the middle
are you serious? I'm just curious
without all of the attention
you'd die
I'd die
we'd die (wouldn't we baby)

and if I live to be a hundred and one
I will never understand what you are (I'm talking to you)
you're looking for sympathy from people who work to eat
and they don't really seem to mind

I said maybe your mama gave you up boy
(it's the same old same old)
I said maybe your daddy didn't love you enough girl

how much is enough?
how much is enough?
how much is enough?
are you serious? I'm just curious
are you serious? I'm just curious

yeah more glycerine
let's go back to the day
DJ (why do yo wanna tell me that?)
DJ (get yourself some Oprah cash)
is that what makes a star?

did you get off on a bad foot baby
do you have little tale to tell
did you get off on a bad foot, bad, bad foot?
is that why you're a star?

do you really think you've got it so hard?
do you really think it might do some good to look around you
and decide how you might feel
if the pain you felt was real
tell me

now nothing comes from nothing baby
that fame and fortune's heaven sent
and who gives a fuck about your problems darling
cos you can pay the rent
you can pay

(the end)

Now for a little whinge (Amanda is this allowed?) well I'm going to

(The rules of griping are simple: Keep it clean, so what if the
person is a fucking idiot, they don't need to read it in YM, make
sure you have something constructive to say, and if you can
address it personally, do so. i.e. Bad: "YOU STUPID
"You may feel that may, but I think..." If it's purely personal,
send it to a person directly. I think since I brought in this rule a
few months ago, there have been maybe 4 rejected posts.
Enjoy your right to flame -- I don't have that priviledge, I have to
be objective -- but YM is hot enough without them. AG)

In issue #197 Adfroste wrote:-
>i enjoy reading yogmael when there are facts about gm, but what
>i hate are all the letters that are sent personally to george. what
>do they think he is going to actually read this stuff. i haven't read
>my yogmael for two weeks because it has been boring, but that
>doesn't mean i want it to stop coming. i just want to read
>interesting mail.

I disagree. We are all aware that George and AEgean take
enormous interest in all the George Michael related websites, and
that they DO read all the comments. Therefore I really feel that if
we have a specific comment which we wish George to read ~
then I think addressing these to George and placing them in
Yogmael, or any other George related site, is absolutely ideal.
Okay, we may not get a response, but we all feel a whole lot
better by airing our points of view.

I have only been reading Yogmael for a short time, but everyone
I've read to date is interesting, informative and at times downright
humorous ~ and I've certainly learn't a thing or two (me who
thought she knew everything).

Right I finished whinging now.

Catch you all later.
Bye for now.
*************************** (Marti Blesa: YM's Official Spanish Translator) writes:
Hi Amanda, sorry for the late reply but I was finishing my exams
and I had some Yogmael issues unread. Reading my post I think
that maybe you thought that the sentence "but many publications
insist in unvealing his raves with male sex" was mine, it isn't it's
just the translation of the text of the mag.

(No, I figured it was the mag's. AG)

To you question of "Which ones" I don't know, it's just the text
of the article. I think that maybe they are thinking on The Big

Issue because Spanish newspaper El Pais published the whole
article transtated to Spain, but as this is Spain I thought no one
had read it! .I'm trying to get a scan of the photo which was nice,
if I succeed I'll tell you.

(Got to love the press...let me know how the pic goes. But thanks
for writing in again. AG)

> Hi all
> In an Spanish magazine there was an article about our
> common friend. The magazine is "Qué me dices" (quite
> a bad mag indeed) number 12 (07/06/97), the article goes
> like this:
> George Michael's new look.
> English singer went to New York to have some fun in the
> Fifth Avenue and the Broadway theaters. George Michael
> went to restaurant NOBU with an attractive brunette but he
> didn't want to make any statement about his supposed
> homosexuality. He never stated anything about this, but
> many publications insist in unvealing his raves with male
> sex.
> (Which ones? AG)
> The translation isn't very accurate as the magazine is
> usualy wirtten with a very colloquial slang and I wanted to
> preserve its contents. There's a photo of George getting
> into a car. He still wears black, short hair and a new kind
> of beard, an Emilio Zapata like moustache that runs to the
> chin with a small goat beard. It's like the first goat beard
> that he had at the beginning of the Older era with an
> elongated moustache.
> Marti
*************************** (Cherylyn) writes:
Hi Amanda,

I have the week of from ONE of my two jobs. I wanted to see if I
can chat with some of the people this weekend or maybe next
week??? Can you drop me a line or send my name to the
person who starts them. They can E-Mail me at

I also need the time, and location and ?? Well and all other
information that any other newbe needs......Thanks for any help.

(I'm not sure what's going on with non-AOL chats anymore. Are
there still any? Let me know via an e titled "POST ME NOW!!!"

*************************** writes:
I'm looking for George Michael or Wham guitar tabs. Does
anyone know where I could find them?

Please email me, thank you.

(Respond direct, not a YM'er. AG)

*************************** (George Lewis)

Does anyone know where I can find guitar tabs and chords of
GM/ Wham! songs???????????????????????????????

Thanks and have a hellofaday!

*************************** writes:
So, I was just in CHINA (Hong Kong) for the handover ceremonies...
and I was very amused to see on my handover party invitation:

Dress: smart casual

Since it had been on my mind all afternoon as I went shopping
for Chinese clothes to wear to the party.

(...and a twirl...)

(One of Andy's greatest moments on film...even I aspire for such
arrogance... AG)

-- from Regan
*************************** (Nancy) writes:
Many of you know that I have many extra George, Wham! and
Andy items that I would like to sell or trade. I would like to
move EVERYTHING out as soon as possible. Items include
autographs, video concerts, audio concerts and interviews,
records, CDs, magazines, posters, buttons, keychains, promo
standees, box sets, cassettes, odd items. If you would like to
receive a complete catalogue, please email me at

And, so many of you have asked if these are items from my
personal collection that I am selling. No, these are items from
other collections that I have purchased that were duplicate to
the items in my personal collection. I don't have the room to
keep these!

I am also looking for the following rarities to ad to my personal

* Five Live promo stuffed giraffe
* Sex CD Box set including post cards - Japanese release
* Japanese Wham! dolls
* 12" Young Guns on orange vinyl
* 7" Careless Whisper on red vinyl
* Any record or CD awards - RIAA or in-house from any country
* Used or unused concert tickets and backstage passes
* Promotional clothing - especially sought after is the Older promo
suede jacket from Dreamworks
* Promo flyers from Wham!'s shows in China
* I Can't Make You Love Me promo CD

I will pay good $$ for these items. Any help is appreciated!
Thank you!
*************************** (Emily Fiorite) writes:
Hey Amanda and fellow Yogetties,

check out this web page if you have the time:

It's called BACKTALK! For the opinions of GM fans


Thanks a lot,
To Wrap it Up:

"Yeah more glycerine."


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