Hi's to Ange, S, Sa, Jason, and Siobhan, sorry I'm ignoring you.

Also, anyone miss YM #198? I think I forgot a list of names...

Some of you may want to skip the first post, it's some fluff on
George's life gleaned by astrology. Don't flame Tilly or I for it,
we just thought you might like it.

*************************** (Tilly Maertens) writes:
Thought I'd let you all in on some less well known facts about
George Michael....

This is just the beginning of what promises to be a full
astrological chart delineation as well as an upcoming sign
compatibility for George Michael... I will not be posting the
updates so you'll have to look them up for yourselves at:

in the future, okay? Here we go)

BTW: Anyone who knows George Michael's actual time of birth
is more than welcomed to volunteer this information as it would
zero-in to the delineation to pin point accuracy.

(I'm trying, I'm told it's not easy info to get. AG)

Knowing his date of birth and not knowing his actual time of birth,
we constructed what, in astrology, is known to be a "Solar Chart"
that is, we rounded off the day he was born to twelve o'clock,
noon that day and compiled a few calculations.

(I thought solar charts were done at sunrise? AG)

I can already hear some of you laughing... Astrology?! What the...
The kind of astrology we'll be referring to here is NOT the kind
you find in your daily papers as it was refined/calculated to the
VERY day George was born;

Tuesday, June 25th, 1963: "Tuesday's Child's full of Grace"

His Sun is in Cancer - A true "Moon's Child"; A warm, caring and
passionate lover, a loyal lover and/or friend. An excellent father -
The best of the entire Zodiac. He is "maternal", seeking to protect
and provide for those he cares for or loves. Can sometimes be
somewhat overbearing. Of a very insecure nature, can be quite
possessive of either friends, family members and/or lovers and
his jealousy will often put him in hot water with those he dotes on.

His Ascendant's in Libra - A reason why I believe his time of birth
to be close to noon. What else could explain that dimpled, frank
and inviting smile of his. Only Librans are gifted with this "Magic"
kind of smile and irresistible charm, in the Zodiac.

(Since you're going on looks though, what about that devilish
expression? A la Scorpio? AG)

His Moon is in Leo - Seeks constant attention and reassurance
from his environment. Affection is a metabollic need for this native
as he requires it as most of us need air to breathe. This kind of
person takes great pride in their chosen mate and their children;
These must always be well-groomed as, in his mind's eye, they
represent HIM. Falls easily prey to flattery.

Though I would think his true moon to be in Virgo but his time
of birth, when we get it, will delineate this matter for us, once
and for all. - I would think this due to his constant nagging about
neatness, his particular preoccupation with food and diet and
his outmost perfectionist, pain in the butt character traits.
Details, details, details....- Still,..I COULD be wrong!

(A smoker/drinker/drugger would not likely be moon in virgo.

His Mercury's in Gemini - Ever meet the kind of person you
couldn't look straight in the eye, when you were lying to them?
Mercury in Gemini natives are born lie detectors. Try as you
may, you'll NEVER fool these people! Add to this an excellent
memory and you have... Well, you get the picture, don't ya? A
born communicator, he can literally "feel" what other people
need and/or think. A step ahead of the masses, he can
naturally gauge a product/song and has the capacity to predict
the public's response way ahead of any actual releases. .These
natives are also intensely curious...( Wanna drive a Mercury in
Gemini ballistic? Try doing what I'm doing now; an anonymous
page...Oh,..I'll bet some big wheels are turning right this minute,
as you/he read(s) this!) He expresses himself well, almost too
well at times to be taken at face value and may appear fickle
due to his constantly changing his mind about certain things.
In short, this man could drive ya bonkers with endless, however
interesting, chatter in a New York Minute!

His Venus is in Gemini - He's attracted to people with agile
minds and keen intellects. This native loves play on words. He'll
always have two loves in his life, always read more than just
one book at a time though, with the following "Mars in Virgo"
chances are the "other love" in his life will be his work.

His Mars is in Virgo - Fussy and highly critical. A person

who's very hard to please. The unescapable signature of all
workaholics. What most of us consider work, people with this
signature in their chart consider playtime. His "escape" is, and
will always remain, his work.

His Jupiter is in Aries - Jupiter, placed in this sign gives an
innate understanding of spiritual creativity or at least a profound
respect for it. - Natives tend to exert positive action in order to
improve spiritual, social, and educational conditions. A better
than most ability to "earn" money, start projects, handle things
singlehandedly. A one-man show if you'll pardon the pun.

His Saturn's in Aquarius - He has the capacity for well organized
mental concentration. His mind's impersonal and scientific. His
concern for impartial truth is paramount. Highly evolved, he can
set aside his ego and see all issues, social or scientific, in the
light of impartial, universal law. A just manwith potentially good
mathematical ability. Many freemasons have this aspect in
their chart. Though there may be some intellectual pride, seeing
as Saturn is somewhat afflicted in the chart. This may convey
some domineering and selfish colors to the personality. He may
often "appear" to be unfeeling.

His Uranus is in Virgo. Children born between 1954 and 1968,
having Uranus conjunct Pluto in Virgo, will be especially
revolutionary influences in the fields of; science, technology,
labor relations, ecology and health care.

His Neptune is in Scorpio. Neptune in the second house indicates
people who are idealistic about money and the use of material
resources. Neptune being well aspected, the native will
generously donate his funds to humanitarian and spiritual causes
and will be liberal with material resources. The native may have
intuitive insights into ways of making money and acquire great
wealth. However these people generally have trouble holding on
to their funds.

His Pluto's in Virgo. Pluto in the twelfth house indicates a need
to regenerate the unconscious mind by bringing its contents into
consciousness. This can be manifested as an interest in
psychology, occultism or mysticism. There can be profound
insight in these natives. Pluto being well aspected, the native
here can give sympathy and has the capacity to improve the
circumstances of the unfortunate. These people have intensely
highly developed intuitive powers. They have an unconscious
telepathic sensitivity to the thoughts, feelings, and motives of
others and this may cause them to withdraw into privacy and
seclusion or to take secretive action against those they dislike.

Well...That's it for now but check back with the above mentioned
link regularly, for next to daily updates... Don't forget, soon to
come will be a compatibility chart (Come and see if you and
George would get along).

(I know the answer to that one already, I just do so hope it's
right... AG)

Yiassou for now!
*************************** (Mark and Lisa) writes:
Let me just say that I am a big fan of Kenny Loggins, but I don't
believe that those who like George Michael "should" like Kenny
Loggins. I find their voices to be similar in texture, vocal style
and range and feel that Loggins would do justice to various
George tracks and vice versa (i.e. 'What A Fool Believes',
written by Loggins and McDonald).

I'm still looking for George's cover of the Stevie Wonder song
'Too Shy To Say'. If anyone can help me out, I would greatly
appreciate it. Feel free to e-me directly. Thanks.

Take care


PS Amanda enjoy your Yog weekend....

(Hoping to, if I can just find it in my future to get on the plane...
But I will have to warn all that I have struck a deal with mom
that means I can have both a tattoo and shelter under her
roof, and thus, I have to have the tattoo done up here in a
place that came highly recommended by a tattooed friend.
Which means, I may not get around to having it done before
YM Weekend. AG)
*************************** (Sheilah Lynch) writes:
Hi Amanda and Yogmael Crew,

I have been hanging in the rafters myself so I thought that I would
share my story as well. I had a very strange encounter regarding

I am 30 yrs old (about to turn 31 - ACK!) I live in the Washington
D.C. area just for reference. Back in 1991, I had taken a trip
around the beltway to go and visit a friend. She lived all the way
around the world so I had a pretty long trip. My car had just
gotten out of the shop because someone hit me, and I was
having problems with my oil pressure. The oil light seemed to
enjoy coming on in my white 1988 Mercury Tracer. (From Hell)
The car thankfully, has been replaced by a much faster red car
that I purchased in '94. Anyway, I was near the CAP Center

(Now known as US Air Arena) and the oil light came on. So I
got off the beltway and pulled into the nearest road from the
highway. The long road into the Cap Center.

Needless to say, I am clueless about concerts and I have never
really taken the time to go to any in my life. I hate concerts
unless I'm singing (at the time, I too, was purusing a singing
career. I actually had a Production Company interested in me,
but I got scared that I may actually make it, so I stopped.
How's that for killing a dream.) but that's another story. Anyway,
I had pulled in and couldn't get the hood open because the car
had been damaged and I got it open for a minute but accidentally
closed it (I wasn't finished with the car). Then I got back in and
tried to open it up again, it wouldn't open when I heard a car
approaching and looked to see a long black limo passing by. I
didn't know who it was, and I really didn't care. I was too busy
thinking of ways to get rid of that car for good, and I was mad at
it to say the least.

Then over the radio I heard an announcer saying that George
Michael would be at the Cap Center the next night. Needless to
say, I felt really stupid. I didn't want to be there anymore and
wanted to get out of there. I did notice the license plate and I'm
great at remembering plates and can recall it if I see that
particular vehicle again. I got home alright and didn't go to see
my friend after all.

The next day while at work (I work for the FDA, US Fed Gov.,
full-time) because I couldn't get that limo out of my mind, it had
captured my attention. So I went home and called a friend/
coworker and asked her if she was interested in going to a
concert that night. It was October 31, 1991. I called around
and found tickets on the floor in row U (aisle seats) that had
not been purchased yet. To my disbelief the place to purchase
them was literally 2 blocks down the road. Now this whole
thing seemed strange to me, I was not a major fan of George
(I do enjoy his music, as he is a great writer, lyricist and
musician) so I wasn't sure why I was going to this concert.
I just found that I HAD to go for some reason.

On the way to the concert, I was going to meet my friend down
the road from the Cap Center where we had planned to meet,
and on I-495 I passed the Limo again. The same limo with the
same plate. I got behind it as I was trying to get AWAY from it,
and I thought I saw someone with not so much hair as he used
to have say "I thought I saw that car last night". I got around
that limo and took off. I didn't want or need to be anywhere
near that car. I would not want to be accused of stalking. I
had been stalked by 2 guys at the same time that very year, so
I KNOW what that is about. I was a little skittish about the way
it looked.

(And with the ease of celebrities procuring restraining orders who
can blame you? Pity regular folks don't always get the same
treatment though. AG)

Meanwhile at the concert, my friend and I had great seats and
we were very close to the stage. For my first real concert, I was
quite happy with the seats that I got. The concert (Cover to Cover)
was great. He truly is an excellent talent. That was confirmed
that night.

Anyway, it was the end of the night, and he began to sing
Careless Whisper. There were 2 couples in front of my friend,
Rayna and I and they were both making out so much that we
thought that any minute they would end up on the floor. We
were laughing pretty hard. Then I started to mention to Rayna
how it was strange the night before and that I was so mad that
no one even stopped to help me when I was on the access road
the night before. Several "regular" cars passed by and just left
me there. Landover is not my favorite place to get stuck.

I motioned with my arms (the way I did when I was pulling on
the hood thingy in my car to get the thing open) and he looked
at me and did a double take. He proceeded to walk across the
stage, stare at me and laugh at me the whole way through the
song. I was mortified. I wanted to hide under every seat in the
place. I started to go out in the aisle and turned back & he
frowned. Got back where I was supposed to be and he started
laughing at me again. I was so embarrassed. I have to tell you
that the whole thing happened entirely by chance. I didn't plan
one single thing that happened. Since then I have become more
interested in his music again.

The night ended when my friend and I left during the last song,
Freedom '90. And that is my story. I hope you enjoyed it.

I always wondered if George would remember that. Lord knows,
he has had enough encounters with people. But do not fear
George, I was not in those places on purpose the 1st 2 times.
Just so you know, I am a Victim Advocate with a Police Dept in
Maryland (part-time), and I am harmless.

(Thanks for the story...and the warning. AG)


Okay everyone, that's it.

To Wrap it Up:

Tomorrow in YM#200 -- wow huh? -- my sister speaks once
more in her quest to upstage her little sis, and once again,
does me more than proud. Also, the lyrics to Star People 97,
which were bumped from today's issue.



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