Hi. Question before I get to the good stuff: Any California law
students or attorneys on here? I have an urgent question.

*************************** writes:
Paul Young?!?

I thought Paul McCartney
HMMM!!! That's an idea!!!!

He always will!!!

George is much more talented than anyone around him and even
better than many historically Thats why he seems to be better, BUT
Elvis changed not only music but lifestyle George didn't

I like GM's music tremendously but he is not Elvis
Elvis re-defined an era in culture
George is trying to re-define music as a recluse and it won't
happen, unfortunately.
You don't have to agree with public exposure, but you need it in
order to get heard
Its hard to know where you are when others don't know if your
still around

When will the Mozart comparisons start,
I wonder.

Its too bad because this is exactly what GM doesn't want
*************************** (Patrick) writes:
Hello I'm new to YOGMAEL and i'm not sure if this is where i send
stuff but anyway there is a new GM song called Empty Kisses
that i just got my hands on. I was wondering if you've heard it. Its
really great! Total house mix-makes me dance my ass off!!!! looks
like GM is going towards the house tip which is great thats what i
love and do for a living. The song is 11 min long!!!! WORK IT
GEORGE!!!! Makes me wonder what Georges next record will be
like I'm guessing total dance!!!!
See ya Patrick
*************************** (Mike) writes:
Thanks, Amanda. I've just been fired for laughing too loudly. My
boss came in my office and caught me reading Yogmael and
booted my ass out. I tried to tell her that I was laughing at the
sarcastic witicisms of a young, talented, inspired genius. She
would have none of it. Then I tried to explain that it's (Y'know,
Yogmael, George, etc.) all about being a passionate and creative
fan. "Yeah, right." She said. So, In a last ditch effort to get my
job back, I tried to sing a few bars from "Careless Whisper".

Wait a minute, some guy wants to buy a pencil. "Thanks, Buddy!"

This story is made up (Duh!!!), so don't fret. AG you make my day.
It's great reading YM and sharing the thoughts and feelings of other
GM afficianados. ( The word "fan" is ok, but it seems that the level
here is a bit higher.) Please, keep up the fantastic work. I'll share
some real stories in the future. Thanks.

(Thanks Mike, you have made my week. I guess I must be doing
something right. AG)

*************************** (Ewa Korczynska) writes:
Hi Amanda and everyone!

I am a new subscriber of the list. I am very happy to receive
Yogmael Iīm a big fan af GM as all of you. I need some feedback
and comments about my first edition of my very own GM website.
You can find it on It does not
contain so much yet (but it will soon) but I need some comments
and answers of those who knows. You can find on my opening
page a fake picture of GM (I think itīs fun) I would like to know if
you like it and most of all if I can put stoff like that on www. The
second question is if I can download and publicate GM pics
from the net or if I need to ask somowhere? for permission? I
will try to do my best to make my site worth a visit:) I guess
that would be all for now:)

(Copyright is a very complicated matter, but I know the George
and Andy pics on my page are up without permission and no
one at AEgean has complained. AG)

love you all Ewa <-- new GM site

Ps. The site above will be always under construction ; )
Sorry my bad english but I couldīnt learn it untill I moved to
Sweden some years ago."They" didnīt let me to learn it behind
the Iron curtain
*************************** writes:
I think that I am the only George Michael fan where I live (San
Bernardino, California). Anyways, I still haven't heard or seen
the video for "Waltz Away Dreaming." Can somebody please
send me a copy of either? I would deeply appreciate it. And by
the way, Yogmael is doing a great job. Once again, thank you
for your assistance and understanding.

(You're going to have to import both from the UK. AG)
*************************** (Marisela) writes:
Hi everybody. Itīs the first time i send E-mail to this address,
and iīm proud to realize iīm not the only Georgeīs fan....

probably uīll think iīm crazy for say this, but i live in Mexico
and George is here just one more musician in the
fans around here, but me. At least, i havenīt know another one.

(You're not the only one, according to my lists, there are at
least 3 more GM fans in Mexico. AG)

I canīt describe what he means to me, in the worst time of my
life his music was like medicine. All the time when i tell anyone
"i like George Michael" the first answer i get is "heīs gay" Hey!!!
i canīt belive thatīs the only thing they can say about him!!!. I
always end upset, so now i try not to talk about it. Of course
thereīs a lot of people in Mexico enjoying Yogīs music, but i
donīt think he has real fans in my country, and thatīs why iīm
so sad, cause i donīt think heīs ever going to come to Mexico.
Besides, i missed the opportunity to go to his last concert in
London (i want to die everytime i remember that), and the girl
that went instead of me...she wasnīt even GMīs fan!!!. Well, iīve
got to go now, i hope someone of u read this...iīd love if anyone
of u give me some words....

*************************** writes:
Hi everybody. I heard a rumor that there used to be a black guy
in Wham. Does anyone have any info on this?

(Are you referring to dread locked master of the electric bass
Deon Estus? He wasn't a member in full standing -- wasn't
cut in on the profits -- but he worked on every album, went on
every tour, and had close-ups in videos. He stuck with George
until just recently. No word what Deon is doing now. AG)
*************************** (Cheryl) writes:
Hi Amanda,

I was hoping that you would be able to do me a favour. I would
like to get in contact with any one in the Rome area (Italy) who
wouldn't mind purchasing a book for me (not GM related) that is
only available in Italy. I would be tremendously grateful and would
obviously pay!! Thank you for your help.

(We're a helpful troop -- I have been known to photocopy journal
articles for my foreign friends theses -- so I'm sure someone
can help you out. AG)

From Cheryl
*************************** (Nancy) writes:
Who has the video of Waltz Away Dreaming that would be willing
to record it for me in exchange for payment or trade?


Nancy's George Michael Web Page
*************************** writes:
Hi everyone: I continue to read Yogmael everytime it comes to
my email address and some of the information is really
interesting...Thanks to Yogmael I would have never known of
the Aegean web site. I visited it and found out that George
Michael's record company runs their A & R department over the
internet...I thought how wonderful, this is too exciting. My
brothers have a pop/r&b singing group and have been working
on material for the last 6 years. (This is no success story so
don't get excited)...Anyway I contacted Aegean and told them
about their group. They said send us a sound clip and I tried
over and over with no luck...for some reason the wave file wasn't
going over the net. Anyway Aegean sent me their P.O. Box
address in London and I sent them a demo tape there...I had
high hopes of us working with George but with NO LUCK!!!!
They replied with a email that said we are too "pop orientated"
for them and our music is not for them. I WAS HEART
BROKEN...but realized that getting rejected is part of the
business. I think it was because it was George Michael
involved that this mean so much more to me...anyways they
did give encouraging words and said we stand a good chance
of getting signed to a label and that made me feel better. We
continue to send out demo tapes but I don't think I will ever
forget contacting George's record company on the internet. No
matter what record company signs us in the future, I will always
in the back of my mind wish it was Aegean because George is
the best!!!!!
*************************** writes:
Hi Amanda and all you Yogfans.

Just wanna tell you a little story that is similiar to George Michael
v Sony. Last spring I was moving from Iceland to Denmark, but I
moved out off my apartment little before and lived with my parents
for a little while so all my stuff was packed in boxes and waited to
be moved to Denmark and May 1996 I think all GM fans remember
because thats the time Older came out. Of course my cd was in
the cd player and I was not going to pack my cd for months but my
cd player wouldnīt let go of my cd (of course my cd player was
from sony) no matter what I tried it just wouldnīt let go, in the end

my boyfriend got a screwdriver and my cd player gave in and I got
back my favorite cd Older out. Well I think it shows the case that
GM had with Sony and in the end Sony had to let go.

Well the reason I write is that I have got a new email-adress

And also Michelle from UK wrote in 196 about meeting in London
in the end of July, I cant make it then but Michelle if you see this
or any GM fan in London, I will be in London in September or
October and I would love to meet you there.
Love Disa
*************************** (Jason) writes:
In a message dated 97-07-03 11:24:25 EDT, you write:

<< Hi Princess Amanda and YogCrew !!! >>

you keep going down in status apparently! :)
from goddesss on the mountaintop, to queen to princess....lest
hope the "bleeding of rank" stops before u get down to, God,
forbid,........commoner! ;)

(You're only as common as you feel my love, and I all but speak
in the "royal we". AG)

<< any more than that and I tend to become the 6th Spice Girl... AG) >>

....hmmmmmmm, could be interesting! ;)

(That was just for you know the way ladies, watch out
for this boy, he is one of the all-time great flirts. AG)

*************************** writes:
I am having trouble getting the server to respond on the aegean web
site . I downloaded the programs neccessary to get the most out
of the page , but I can't get the main aegean file to download .
Any suggestions would be welcomed . Thanyou !

(Since you're on AOL, you might need NetScape for AOL. Available
at keyword NetScape. AG)

I am so happy to have found your newsletter !!!! Way to go Amanda !!!

Lisa Charkatz
*************************** (Negin Zarandi) writes:
Hi Amanda,

I finally got my copy of Waltz Away Dreaming. It is a nice song
but it would have been better if George did the lyrics. I could
totally relate to the person who said it sounds like a Neil
Diamond song. I also got the Spinning the Wheels (import)
extended CD that has 2 new songs of GM but I wasn't too
crazy about that one. It seems like his new music is starting
to sound all the same lately. Maybe I'm expecting too much
since I know he's such a terrific song writer.

By the way, I may be going to London in August and I know
some GM fans have been to his residence. If anyone has any
info on where it is, I would love to know! All I have is just a
picture of his house. You can E-mail me at

Hey Amanda, I'm really looking forward to seeing you at YM
fest here in California. I hope you can make it. I know you'll try
your best!

Keep up the good work!
*************************** (Melanie) writes:
Dearest Amanda and camera crew:

Uh, in recent Yogmaels, I've noticed people mentioning
different George links. Without sounding too much like
I'm marketing my website, may I say that Yours Only
George (
has more than 130 George Michael links (and those links
mentioned are already listed.) So, if you're looking for links,
please stop by. These links pages are for the fans so why
not use them? (And if anyone finds links that are not listed,
I will happily and excitedly add them!)

Yours Only George
*************************** (Zest) writes:
Hi !

I have noticed that after GM fans came to know that he (might)
read their mails, the way of writing is different. It has changed
to such a point that it has become boring. Why don't we all do
what we do best - talk about him rather than talk to him. I know
many people (including me) have a fantasy of being able to
convey our message to him but maybe this is not the best way.
Just my personal thoughts. Hope I did not offend anybody.

Take care,
*************************** (Sa') writes:

I just got the STARPEOPLE '97 AUSSIE press and the new
and fabulous lyrics are printed on the inside of the digipak
sleeve. Its very nice. But my question is: is there remixes of
STARPEOPLE '97 (i.e. not the starpeople remixes released
in the U.S.?)

(I don't think so. AG)

To Wrap it Up:

Tomorrow, we have the lyrics to Star People '97 and a peek
at George's astrological forecast. Scoff at astrology do you?
Scoff not at my mommy's hobby or I'll kick your sorry ass.
Her and dad bought the computer and pay the online bill that

brings you YM, so we respect each others hobbies without
prejudice. : )

"Faith was about attitude, it was a whole attitude that I took on
at the beginning of that part of my life. "

(Bare, 201.)

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