When you know your life has reached the point of being just a
bit surreal: Someone at AEgean apologizes for bugging YOU.

*************************** (deb) writes:
Hi Yoggers,

After talking to Shirlie, I just wanted to let everyone know that
**yes**George does surf the net. He checks out all of the fans
sites & appreciates all the hard work & effort that goes into
them. The web seems to be a bit of a hobby for George and
something that he enjoys. Isn't it great to know that George
Michael takes time out of his busy schedule & visits your sites? :)

Now, what I would like to know is...when are all of you fans
going to get your loverly sites listed with Yahoo? It might make
it easier for George to find them!! ;o)

Take care,
luv gummiegirl
*************************** (Cass the Wham! tribute album contest
winner) writes:
Dear Amanda and camera crew:

Geez! What to say?
"I'm honoured." Nah...too conventional.
"I'm not surprised." ...too bitchy. (and untrue)

How about...
"I'm really excited that I FINALLY (npi) get to see the damn
show that a bunch of you hoodlums have memories of, and
my mom decreed that I was too young to go to even though
I knew better !"

That ought to about do it.

Seriously, thanks to Amanda and Alicia!!!

(You're welcome, you earned it! AG)

. . . and wouldn't it be wonderful if a tribute album, (ANY tribute
album, we ALL had great ideas . . . ) was to be something that
was "in the works" and we knew that it was only a matter of time
before we could add it to our vast collections? I'll keep my
fingers crossed on that one...

Ciao babies!
*************************** (ANNIE) writes:
(Alexandra can you please pass this onto Frank? AG)

Frank, Sorry to hear this news and I am sorry you are being
let go after these 3 years, and it certainly in impersonal, and
uncaring, and unfair. We will miss you in Yogmael but we
will look for you when you get that computer. Good luck on
your next job and I hope you like it. Where are you from, and
what do you do????

Just saying good-bye for now.
ANNIE from Atlanta area.
*************************** (David) writes:
Hi Princess Amanda and YogCrew !!!

(I have been demoted!! AG)

I don't know if it has been said yet in YogMael, but I found
this site on Yahoo, and I think this is a great one !!!

The RealAudio are really interesting:

Listen Without Prejudice - George Michael

available on RealAudio:
Crazyman Dance
Do You Really Want To Know
Everytime You Go Away
Fun Piano (off Young Guns)
Heaven Help Me
I Believe
I'm Your Man (with Lisa Moorish)
Jive Talking
Killer (Ligosa Mix)
Living For The City
Learn To Say No
Love's In Need Of Love Today *new*
Play That Funky Music
Sexual Healing
Star People 97
Waltz Away Dreaming
Wrap Her Up
George Michael 'live' in Concert (update fortnightly)
A Different Corner 'live' full version *new* 21 June

*************************** (Kristine) writes:
Hi, everybody!
How are you?
I just got Star People'97 single. It really takes a lot of time
before we can find any singles in our stores. Altgough we
get the albums on time, singles are really late. But, hey, I
finaly have got it! SP 97 has a different lyrics, hasn't it? I
guess it has something to do with the fact that English is
not my first language. I can't understand what he sings, I
mean, there is something more than in the album version,
and I can't get it. If somebody has SP'97 lyrics, be so kind
and type it for me. Maybe only those places where it's
different from original album song, and I will figure it out
where is it. Thank you. Everything She Wants Unplugged
is great, I think. But it took some time for me to like it. First
time I didn't. OK, enough for now.

(I know someone on here has the new SP '97 lyrics and
can take care of you, and I too didn't much care for the
new Everything, but now it's the one I always sing... AG)

It's too hot here, in Riga, for staying at the office and working.
REALLY HOT. So, I'll better go.
Take care
*************************** (Cherylyn) writes:
Hey you!! I have not posted in a while but just got #195 and
thought I would say HI!...HI! I just wanted you to know that

no matter what happens with server problems and the sending
out of issues on time or not, I think I speak for all of us who
say WAY TO GO AMANDA!! WE LOVE YOU!!! If it were not
for you I would not have e-mail friends all over the world.
Actually I met some one in my own backyard who not only has
the same love in music but our names are almost IDENTICAL,
Hi Cheralyn! :0)

(I thought there were 2 of you, now I know I'm not crazy...
if I could just find an excuse for "the voices".... AG)

I really can not wait for LA weekend. Even if I have not been
responding to the notes going out, Cheralyn and I have briefly
discussed the trip and I am defiantly going to be there. I will
buy you a drink for all your hard work. I think with all the drink
buying that will be going on you will be feeling no pain!!! At
least not until the next day! HA HA

(At least my bar tab will be minimal, I have about a 5 drink
maximum though -- any more than that and I tend to become
the 6th Spice Girl... AG)

The thesis sounds interesting.....So what about other artist???
I will have to think of some off the wall one to suggest...

(Madonna is up for consideration, so are the Beatles, and
the New Kids on the Block. Remember, I'm looking to study
pop music, the middle ground of music, the only music scene
with no typical fan. AG)

Well got to go,

Bye every one,

bellaj-at-BIOMED.MED.YALE.EDU (April J. Bell) writes:
> The Current Philosophy of YM:
> "Listen, there's absolutely nothing you can't ask me about.
> There's lots of things I won't give you any answers to."


Where'd you get this quote?

(The Radio One interview with Chris Evans. Full text of the
interview is available as parts 1 and 2 of YM#74, and can
be seen at the YM archives site:
Audio of the interview is available on the AEgean site
<< >> on Radio AEgean. AG)

Also, why is he called the BASTARD (again)?

(I'm guessing he has a tendency to not be the nicest guy
in the world... AG)

*************************** (Oyvind Schonemann) writes:
Does anybody out there know the name and address of George
Michael's studio in London, UK? Please reply to my e-mail
address <>
In advance, thanks.
Best regards

(I know George is very fond of Sarm West Studios, but I don't
have an address. AG)
*************************** writes:
i enjoy reading yogmael when there are facts about gm, but what
i hate are all the letters that are sent personally to george. what
do they think he is going to actually read this stuff. i haven't read
my yogmael for two weeks because it has been boring, but that
doesn't mean i want it to stop coming. i just want to read
interesting mail.

thanks for reading my comment-
*************************** (Dagwood) writes:
Hello Amanda,

I've been receiving my Yogmael for a couple of weeks now
and I would just like to say that what you are doing is great
and I'm sure George is impressed and honored. It's so cool
to hear all of these great and interesting stories about George
encounters and so forth. I've always wondered what he was
like outside of his element. I have been a fan since 1986 and
I have enjoyed every aspect of George's music... The man
cannot fail... He's too good! I know you hear this all the time,
but I really felt like it was my turn to break the silence and let
it FLOW... Must admit, it was rather painless. Thanks for

Bis Spater,
*************************** (Nancy) writes:
I have lots of extra GM/Wham! items as many of you already
know that I would like to move out. I do offer discounts for
items purchased in bulk! Please write for a complete

Below are some posters that are available:

* Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me promo posters (from
both the US and Korea)
* Kissing A Fool promo poster
* Five Live promo poster
* Tower Records promo posters featuring George and the
Faith album
* I Want Your Sex promo poster
* Faith promo posters
* German Faith promo poster announcing tour dates
* George from the Club Fantastic tour
* Bill Thierney limited edition litho
* George doing the Faith stance

Below are some vinyl 7" (45 RPM) that are available:

* Bad Boys (Holland and UK)
* Freedom 84 (Japan)
* Careless Whisper color sleeve (US)
* Careless Whisper Japan
* Faith (Japan)
* Praying For Time (UK)
* Cowboys & Angels (UK)
* Everything She Wants (US and Holland)

* Bad Boys promo (Japan)
* Five Live (UK)
* Young Guns (Holland)
* Freedom 84 (UK and Holland)
* Last Christman 86 (UK)
* I'm Your Man (US)
* Wake Me Up (Japan and UK)
* Last Christmas 85 (UK)
* Heal The Pain (UK)
* Jesus To A Child (US)
* I Want Your Sex (Canada)
* The Edge of Heaven (US and UK)
* Where Did Your Heart Go? (US)
* The Edge of Heaven double pack gatefold (UK)
* A Different Corner (Japan and US)
* Kissing A Fool (US)
* One More Try (UK)

All are in the original picture sleeves. Please note that Japanese
releases often have unique covers.

I also have just ONE of each left:

* Don't Let The Sun Go Down on me promo box set
* Older promo box set

Please write for prices.

Nancy's George Michael Web Page:
*************************** (Carolyn) writes:
Hi Queen and Crew (is Queen higher than Goddess?):

1) Re: the AOL rebate. My son says he found nothing at that
website so AOLers go to Members and click on the blue dot in
the lower left corner - get your letters in by July 25 (do it before
YogFest). We are all entitled to two months credits/refunds if
we were on since Dec 96.

2) Re: Chat Log - I printed it but did not save it so can retype it
but will take some time - lots of time - but I will do it for my Yog
Family. Look for it in about a week.

3) Re: Wine: HELP. I read somewhere (can't find it) what
George's favorite wine is and thought it would be fun if it isn't too
expensive to have a toast to start off YogFest. Anyone know
what it is or where I read it? Da!

(I know he speaks highly of "a nice 94 Merseaux." AG)

4) Re: Yogfest: Anyone not going to Disneyland on Sunday?
Wanna play somewhere else? Let me know - I may stay until
Monday and was thinking of roaming around Hollywood and
Beverly Hills - something I haven't done for awhile and it's kinda
fun. Used to go forth on Sundays when I lived in California and
pretend I was a tourist (which I sorta was being from Orange

5) Re: Kenny: Thanks Rick and Mark for the e's. I tried to
forward each to the other and the DAEMON demon returned
them to me. There are three of us who think anyone who loves
George should also love Kenny Loggins:)!

(I have no real great affinity for Mr Loggins, nor do I dislike him
any. AG)

6) Kristine: thank you for thanking me in Yogmael 195, but I
don't know what for! Must be for my Siobahn complex - can't
just be for my sparkling wit and charm. Well maybe it could!

7) Things you can't do while watching George on Video: which
I was trying to do while crocheting. Had to put the yarn down
and turn out the lights and lay there with a silly grin on my face
while watching WHAM in China again Sunday nite. When he
came out in that white suit and sang "Careless Whisper" I got
chills all over again for the 98789873628346781276th time. Now
that's real talent don't you think! Of course you do:). Anyway, I
then watched WHAM The Final and jumped up and started dancing
which resulted in my leg hurting the last two days and so today I
am with heating pad and aspirin. The spirit is willing but the bod
is not what it used to me when I could dance all nite and still go
to work - and then do it again the next nite. Live it up kids - Life
is not a dress rehersal!!

Love ya Yoggers - Carolyn
*************************** (Lisa Holmes) writes:
Hi Guys

I'm just new to your newsgroup. Actually I've been receiving
your mail for 1 whole week now and its great!

Good to see in Newsletter #195 another New Zealander
sending in mail. I too am writing because I need a copy of
WAD. I mailed Shirlie Holliman a few weeks ago at Aegean
and she advised that a world wide release date hadn't been
set. Can you keep me posted if there is any update on this.

(There has been no talk whatsoever of an international
release date for that track. Most of us outside the UK are
doing private imports. Speaking of which, Cheryl: I NEED
your address to send payment! AG)


Lisa Holmes
Hamilton (New Zealand)
*************************** writes:
Hello everyone
My name is Laura and i've been a member for a while, but this
is my first time writing. I need help. I live in Wisconsin and
there is no place here that sells WAD. Could someone please
help me by buying 2 of WAD for me and I will send you money.
Please e-mail me.

p.s. Amanda your doing a great job!!!!!!!
To Wrap it Up:

And now a question for those of you familiar with the words to
the Spice Girls track Wannabe: What would have been the
reaction had 5 guys sung that song?


Before I beg off with another quote from the Radio One
interview, I wish you all a good weekend, I'm taking another
3 day weekend.

"I freak, I do freak at anyone trying to control me, there's no
question about that."

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