*************************** (David M) writes:
Hello Friends,
I was just curious if someone could help me find a copy or know
of a place where I can get the George Michael MTV Unplugged
concert on C.D. I ordered the "Free for Love" C.D from KTS but it
never came, I was wondering if someone knows another online
record store that has it it for sale...or just knows where I can get
one from.

(YM bootleggers do what you do, but not via YM. AG)

Another question I have is the Unplugged album ever gonna be
released all the others eventually do?

(No plans that I know of, but when it comes to George, don't use
the word never. AG)

I now have a comment, I know it was all just for fun, but I did not
submit anything to the Wham Tribute Contest because to me, I
could not imagine ANYONE singing those songs except George....
So I did not enter....

Another thing, thanks Amanda, for setting this whole thing up...

(My distinct pleasure. AG)

BTW you are very cute, I just saw your picture the other day..
we are the same age..

(Thank you very much. Mum and dad tried. AG)
*************************** (Kristine) writes:
Hello, Amanda!
I will probably loose my e-mail for a while soon (I don't know
when, I'll let you know when you can stop sending me YM. And,
of course, I will let you know when I'll get my e-mail back) So,
there were a few things I wanted to say.

I have never told you this before, but I know that many of YM
family have, but it's just that kind of things you can not get tired of...
Amanda, you are doing a great job! Thank you! We all know that
George doesn't do much to keep his fans together or to keep them
informed. You are doing it for him. And I think it's the best you
can do for your favorite artist. He should be proud to have a fan like

(If I can just help him half as much as his music has helped me,
both in celebrating and moping, it's a fair trade. AG)

My first issue of YM was #173. But I have been reading YM
archives, too. I have found out many things I didn't know. I have
found some interviews and added them to the ones I already had.
And I (like many of the fans, I guess) have made from all this
stuff something like a book. I just arranged everything in
chronological order, added a little of my opinion, I used
everything I had about GM. And it took me about a year (well, I
haven't finished yet, and taking into account that I have to work
and i have to study it might take another year to finish it...) "The
book" (it's not really the book, you know, but I have no idea how
else I can all it) is in Latvian. I can also translate it into Russian
(and I will when I will have some more time). And I will give it to
my friends to read, I guess some 20 or 25 people might read it.
And I hope that it'll help them undertsand GM's music better
and conceive everything he has done in his carrier and I think
maybe a half of them will start to buy his records and some
probably will become a true fans. That's what I can do for
George, I think it's the best I can do. I hope he knows that he
has people out there doing their best for him. He appreciates it,
I'm sure. He can't forget about us, can he? We are the people
who have made him what he is. Good job, fans! I like it!

I have to admit that I ... I haven't seen Unplugged yet (My God,
it hurts to say it!!!!) If somebody can help me, I'll be very grateful.
I'm lookiong for someone with original Unplugged record and 2
VCRs. (I't will be much easier to do if it'll be someone from
Europe, I guess) I can mail the tape or reinforce all expences
or whatever. Just e-mail me, and we will work it out. I'll be

I guess that's all by now.

I'll really miss you, guys, when you will be off to California. I
wish I could be there, too.


p.s. I hope I will get a few more YM issues before i will get cut
off... I'll let you know.

Thanks again.
*************************** writes:
Hi Amanda and fellow yog-fans,

I have recently discovered that listening to George can be

During the weekend I've been decorating. I thought to help me
along the way (remember the seven dwarfs whistled while they
worked) I thought I sing along with George while I worked.

Singing along with George at the top of my voice (and irritating
the neighbours into the bargain) was great ~ however I kept
forgetting that dancing was not permitted whilst standing on
ladders and worktops ~ well not if you want to remain in once
piece. On more than one occasion I nearly toppled off ladders
and worktops. (Still I suppose had I landed up in hospital, I

could have tried to get George to visit me ~ wishful thinking I

(I almost free fell some 20 feet to the ground when I got a
little too into Venus last summer. I know how you feel. AG)

Now my reason for writing ~ I hope your YM weekend goes
with a bang .... I only wish I had the air fare to come and join
in the celebrations.

Anyway not to be left out ~ Laura Porcelli announced in an
earlier issue of YM (cannot remember which one) that she is
coming to London early July and would be interested in getting
Yog fans together for a weekend. To try and help Laura out
this is an advertisement:-
Do Yog fans in the UK wanna have some fun - YES.
Do we want Yog fans in the States to have all the fun - NO.

Solution - we are tying to arrange a YM weekend here in
LONDON during the last weekend of July.

Are there any Yog fans out there who would be interested
in coming along to have a lot of fun???????

If so you can reach me on e-mail -

Please note I only have access to the computer during
weekday working hours.

Both Laura, and myself, look forward to hearing from all
you Yog fans.

Thanks Amanda - what a terrific way to advertise - and cheap too.

(Anytime, two YM weekends on two different continents on the
same weekend would make for a great July 29th issue of

Bye for now.

P.S. I'm pleased you liked my WHAM memory - hope I didn't
send too many readers to sleep!!!
*************************** (Melanie) writes:
Just a few comments regarding issue #194.

<< (Fingers very crossed for you. I didn't grab a transcript, but I'm sure someone did. Anyone? AG) >>

I have a transcript (for the time I was there) of the aol chat for
anyone interested. Just e-mail me.

<< (Well, I think it was decided that we were going to set aside the first Wednesday of each month at 9pm EST, as chat
time. With room name changing monthly. Am I right? AG) >>

I think that's what we decided too. Does that mean we have
a chat on July 2, 1997 at 9p.m.?

(I guess it does. I can't make it, but someone send me a
transcript please? AG)

< of my infinite inexperience, the only one having trouble?>>

I wasn't having major problems with the AEGEAN site until
about a month ago. I am having problems with no scrolls in
various sections. I wrote a letter to AEGEAN, and Shirlie told
me they are working on it. Here is part of what she said:


if you can open your browser window further or change your
monitor resolution it will help, if not, don't despair...we are fixing
up the site to work everywhere all the time, hopefully!>>

I hope that helps. It didn't help me, so I'm hoping they figure out
why it's happening!

(We don't all have the right computers and software, that's the
problem. AG)

BTW, the Yours Only George website has been updated. It is
available at
If anyone is having any problems viewing the site I'd be very
much interested in knowing.

And, as always, thank you, Amanda, for providing all the George
Michael fans such a great service. I haven't said it lately, but I
think you're doing a great job!! I can't live without my Yogmael!!!

(Thank you Melanie! Always nice to hear YM is right up there
with water and oxygen. AG)

*************************** writes:
Last night I couldn't sleep so I watched the Freddie Mercury
Tribute Concert. George's wonderful performance always
makes me very proud of him. It seems that by the time he
finished singing "Somebody To Love" he had earned the
respect of at least the three remaining members of Queen (if
not the whole world!) In fact, George's voice fits them very well.
I can almost see it -- a Queen reunion tour featuring George
Michael! I'm not a big Queen fan, but I'd pay to see that.

(It was heavily rumoured in fact... AG)

Speaking of "Somebody to Love," today I listened to the EP,
and wondered who the solo back-up singers were during
"Papa Was a Rolling Stone." I feel like I should know this,
yet I don't. Can ya help?

(Methinks you hear the voices of Shirley Lewis and Jay
Ray Henry. I could be wrong about Shirley though, it may
have been Lynn Maybry. AG)


I, too, just visited the George Michael Denture Page at and it gets my vote for the
weirdest George Michael page. Of course, you're free
to vote for what you think is the weirdest page.

*************************** (David) writes:
Hi Amanda & YogCrew,
in Yogmael #192, I described the folowing site as "horrible
and impossible to describe"

George Michael's Denture Page

I can confirm you that this site is only humour, since I received
the folowing note:

>Hi Dave,
> >I'm laughing so hard right now! I just read what you wrote in
>YM. That's my brother's page. No, he's not a fan of George,
>but he doesn't hate him either. The reason he did it is because
>we both have very warped senses of humor, and he knew I'd
>get a good laugh over it. I did indeed! I'm a huge (obsessed)
>G fan, but I definitely don't take him or anything/anyone too
>seriously. Everytime I look at that page I start to laugh
>uncontrollably. I just wanted you to know that my brother
>doesn't have anything against G, and that it was all in good fun.
> >Take care,
> >Julie

Have a look and a laugh !
*************************** writes:
Hi Amanda!
I really enjoyed your web page! I think speedos are scary even
on George. (I still think he's so sexy's that voice that
really does it to me) But in no way is that as scary as that
Andrew picture. Other than one single he did a long time ago
isn't he racing cars? It looks like life has been hard on Andy.

(Not that hard...he did release a full album when he tired of
racing, and has since early 1996 lived in Cornwall England
with Keren Woodward and her son Thomas, spending his
time surfing. AG)

I'm, also glad that there are people younger than me that love
George's music. I just started feeling old ans started to wonder
where all the GM fans are. i just turned 28 and I have been
listening to his music since Junior high. I always enjoy those
with a sarcastic sense of humor. Keep making us laugh!!
*************************** (Nancy) writes:
HI Amanda:

Just wanted to share my favorite Wham! memory!

It was back in 1985 when I got to see Wham! perform live in
Toronto, Canada during the Whamerica! Tour, when I was
there visiting my relatives. It was their second to largest
audience besides The Final concert.

(NO SHIT??? The second largest? Jeanne and I were
there! Wow sis, it was a milestone night!! AG)

What made the experience even better was that we (my
father and I) happened to be on the same airplane as Wham!
on our travels back to the United States the next day! We
were not only on the same plane as Wham! but I also met a
lady who had backstage passes to their concert the evening
before. She shared her photos and memories with me!


Nancy's George Michael Web page:
*************************** writes:
Hi Amanda

Ive been a bit busy of late and I have only just read my mail.
Have I missed something - have you spoken to THE MAN

You said something about that how George introduced himself

Tell all!

(From what I have gathered -- I was given "postive thoughts"
about thinking it was him, I trust no one, so I checked with
Shirlie -- I received a short note from George last month.
It was titled "shock" and read "IT'S ME!" AG)

Take Care

Claire S
*************************** (laura) writes:
Hallo Amanda and everybody,
I'm writing after a long time spent enjoying myself only reading
your mails, laughing at your anecdotes
And feeling a deep link among all of us. I'm a bit sad now because
I won't be able to read my yogmail from London, where I'll stay
until September 17th. Till then I'll try of course to do "something"
to tell you when I come back….you know what I mean…. Don't
you? I'm sure I'll feel I don't know…a little bit alone during the
summer….I'll try to read all the news anyway through my nice
British friends of Yogmail, hoping not to feel too "out of our
world". Well I really must say you've helped me a lot lately and
don't worry, I'll be back in september when we'll be 1000…..(do
you like the idea Amanda???)

(After we hit 750 I decided to stop caring. AG)

My felt tanks to Amanda ,always struggling to get some sleep!!!!
Well done AG you've done something (still doing !!!) you can be
proud of!!!!!

Ciao from Italy… and see you soon!!!!

To Wrap it Up:

Bad news on the YM weekend front: I won't know if I'm gonna
be able to go until July 23rd. Family obligations and all.

"Who do you thank when you have such luck?"

(Not George, but what with all the Elvis talk lately...)

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