Hey all! How was your Monday? As you may guess, YM
is getting erractic in it's sending time. Sorry.

Also the mail servers -- several, not just AOL -- are going
rangy, mail is being lost, misdirected et al, so take nothing
personally if you're ignored. Good rule of thumb: If I'm mad
at you, you'll know about it, TRUST me. : )

The posting queue is in a weird state at the moment, and I
will admit, I am just arbitrarily deciding what goes in at the
moment, but as of YM#196, things will go back to normal.

Lastly (and this will scare off some of you): I'm starting 3rd
year of university, and in anticipation of 4th year thesis, I
need to get some research leg work done now to assure I
will have a decent proposal to hand over to a thesis advisor in
early '98. My chosen topic: The Sociology of Pop Music.
Basic rules of research mean I can't really dwell on George --
I'm too involved to study the fans objectively -- but I can
dwell on some of my fave artists, and I know a lot of us have
similar taste, so over the course of the next, well, 2 years to
be honest, I will be asking about for those willing to enter into
frank discussion about certain artists. So if you see me
looking for your faves, and you have some time to fill out some
questionaires -- maybe 2 hours of your life over the course of
a couple of weeks -- drop me a line and join the fun, who
knows, I may go for a doctorate yet...(The setting, a cocktail
party: "And what do you do Amanda?" "I'm a pop music
Currently slated for fan base study are No Doubt, the Spice
Girls, Duran Duran, and the Pet Shop Boys.

*************************** writes:
My apologies. It has been some time since I was afforded an
opportunity to devote more then two minutes to my yogmael.
Needless to say, I was quite behind on my reading. After
about five minutes I suddenly remembered why I love you guys
so much. I'm glad to say my computer is located in the
privacy of my home. If it were not, I would definately be
receiving some stange looks. My cheeks hurt from laughing
out loud. Everyone who takes the time to share their stories
should reach around behind themselves and give a great big
PAT on their backs. When the gentleman who accidentally
had George's bag at the airport actually gave it back.......I had
the perfect mental image of what I would be doing with that bag.
Running to the nearest ladies room to see if any clothing bearing
his scent could be found. HEHEHEHE. So animalistic,,,,I know.
What cologne does George wear anyway? I don't recall ever
reading about that.

(Read on... AG)

Anyway, the real reason I am posting is the fact that I'm
kicking myself in the -at-$$ for not subscribing to YOGMAEL
sooner. Ignorance is definately not bliss in this case. I
could not think of a more enjoyable way to spend a weekend
then with all you yoggies in California. I think the trip is an
excellent idea. Unfortunately, I do not have any extra funds
available right now. Such is life. I wanted to show my support
for the yoggie weekend and let you know I'm on the register
for the next one. I'm going to be saving every extra penny.
My suggestion, if everything goes well with this trial run, is
make it a week and make it in England!!!!!!!!!! Even if we don't
make England, I'm definately not missing another great event.
Thanks to everyone. & George...if you're listening....The U.S.
loves you too...........Always.....

(Not sure where next Yogfest will be, but England is under
consideration, as is a ski weekend in New York state. AG)

Tapped into the web soon as I figure out how to
send my picture you'll be able to see what this fellow yogger
looks like too. thanks amanda

*************************** (Carolyn) writes:
Amanda - want to post this for all AOLers - means money in
their pockets. Go to website .
Will give you instructions on how to apply for a refund per the
class action suit. Gotta run - Later C
*************************** (Anonymous friend of YM) writes:
I thought you might get a kick out of this . . . my friend -at- the
Gap in Beverly Hills called me and told me that George was in
a few days ago and was buying Gap Scents stuff in "Dream",
and "Om". Then he told me that there is a place on the web that
you can "hear" what the Gap Scents are supposed to sound like.
They apparently have the sound thingies in some of the stores,
and George got a giggle out of it. I found it - it's HYSTERICAL!
You have to listen to them, you'll probably pee yourself (I almost

did) !!!

(I caught them on the AOL site, keyword is "the gap" I think,
not sure about the web, you might want to try it at
and yes, they were a right good laugh. I think I may have to
stop wearing Gap cologne though now that I know how stupid
they sound...And my apologies for the anonymous sender, but
if you want the dish, you have to trust me, this is a legit source.
*************************** (Devilish Angel) writes:
>Hi everyone,
>I need Rickster and Rainman1 to contact me at
> or
>I sent the log from the irc party to Aegean and they have sent
>me a temp email for you 2 guys only,They want to contact you
>2,it's something about that night.
>Luv Devilish
*************************** writes:
Well, I'm sitting here listening to Il Postino (I LOVE foreign films,
but HATE to read movies, and I love the sound of the Italian
language...makes my wine taste better while I'm sitting here,

Not much to say, except that I can't WAIT for YM Weekend '97 !!!

...Speaking of which...have you (Amanda) issued a formal invite
to Yogmæl Weekend to the Bastard or are we just assumming
that he or someone -at- Ægean reads Yogmæl (uh um) faithfully
and he will show up wherever we are (if he's in town, that is?!)

(Since I just got around to formally telling Shirlie about the
logistics, I guess I really should formally invite him huh? AG)

From #193:
> (What would a school girl have known to do with him? AG)

Maybe it's the wine talking, but PLENTY!!! (AND Andy for that

(You hopeless tart... AG)

*************************** (Scott Moran) writes:
I live in New Zealand and I NEED a copy of WAD. Can anybody
help me?
Scott Moran
*************************** (Kristine) writes:
Hi, Amanda!
Thank you, Jason, Neda and Carolyn!
But if you, Amanda, need to take a week or two off, just let
everybody know when. And when you will be back. And bring
many good news and great stories from California for us - poor
Europeans who can't make it to California...
You see, there are a few benefits that I'm in Europe but
sometimes it really hurts that it's so far away from many fans
of GM I'd love to meet. Well, I hope that one fine day some
of you will come here...Or maybe next year I will be able to
go somewhere further than my own backyard. Well, how did
you do last night? I had a bottle of Cabernet...It's really great
wine, believe me. I was drinking my wine with one of my best
friends, we were celebrating GM's b-day and we were
watching TV - Latvia's television had the programme about
GM on. It was really nice of them, wasn't it? It lasted 35
minutes and they tried to embrace the whole carrier of The
Man. Good try. Well, they said that he was born in 1965
and called his first group "Executed" (no kidding)...but
otherwise it was pretty good. There were a few fragments
from one interview, I guess it could be the same MTV
interview you were talking about some time ago. I don't know,
I haven't seen it, but it could be, cause (as far as I know) he
hasn't done any other interviews lately. His was all in black
and had really strange glasses on, i couldn't even tell if they
are shades or not... And he was talking in strange voice, kind
of too loud or something. He talked a lot about "Older", about
loosing someone he really loved and that it's the reson why
the album is so important for him and words for a few songs
are very personal. "You write like you feel, and I haven't been
feeling good last two years" he said. About his sexuality he
said that he has many fans who don't care if his gay, bi or
straight, and that's why he doesn't feel the need to clear it
out. About his fans he also said that he has always known
that he has many very loyal fans. (He really has, hasn't he...)
Well, that's it in a few words. I saw only some fragments. Do
you think it's the same interview you have mentioned in YM
a few weeks ago?

(Yep, it sure sounds like it. I remember the quote. AG)

All right, thank you for your attention.
It was pretty long, wasn't it?

(It's all the same to me. AG)

*************************** writes:
Amanda, my love:

Go ahead, take your vacation, you more than deserve it... We
are gonna miss you passionaly, but if your need the time off I
believe we all can understand that... Sometimes I bearely can
answer my mail, and it is not that long. So I can picture what
you have to put up with every day... Take some time off, we

will be waiting for you and wishing you a great time....

Oh, before I forget(again), the pic with George Michael wearing
the speedo was taked during the Rock In Rio, on the back of
the hotel he was staying(can remember the name), I know
cause I read the magazine that showed it back then... The
same magazine that said that George Michael was the best
performer in decades do arrive in Brazil...

Love, and take care of yourself Amanda, don't stay up all night
(unless you are having fun..)..

(That's pretty much my rule these days, don't worry. AG)

*************************** (Nancy) writes:

I have a whole box full of loose magazine articles, 8X10
pinups, newspaper articles, etc. over the years (many
Wham! items!) that I need to liquidate. I would like to do
grab bags full of various items. Is anyone intersted?
Each grab bag would cost $8 plus just $2.50 in postage.
If interested, please write to:

Nancy at

Nancy's George Michael Web Page
*************************** (Paola Contreras R.) writes:
hi YOGGERS, Mr. Michael and Queen Amanda:

(Good lord, I've been crowned! Do I have to learn the royal
wave now? AG)

Long time without posting. Chile is back and this time I'll ask
some questions which I'd appreciate some of you answering.

1) Amanda: Could you send me famous issue #175? I never
got it.

(On it's way. AG)

2) Has any body here ever listen to the WORLD CHART
SHOW? Well, the thing is that show is new in my country
and they said they are the "official" worldwide ranking, since
they make the ranking with the votes of the 300 most
famous radios all over the world. That´s what they say. It
sounds to me like the very old AMERICAN TOP 40, but
this show has 36 song. Well, the point is that the really
care about George. Last week STAR PEOPLE 97 was Nº10
and still going up. They even had a micro-interview to George,
where he talked about his conception of a video and music.
Very interesting. And they even mention the places where
STAR PEOPLE is actually Nº1. If they are telling the truth,
we all should be very happy about this thing, shouldn't we?
Please tell me what you think.

(I've never heard about it, but I'm not the all knowing, so who
can help out here? AG)

3) Just in a couple of hours (here in Chile) you can listen at
least 3 or four George' songs.

4) Personal: is MK out there? I have troubles sending you
mails, so please send another.

5) I almost forgot it! In the WORLDS CHART SHOW, they say
that soon is coming the George´s MTV Unplugged!!! Does
anybody know if it is true? It would be great.

6) Too sad to know that George is not touring, but, please, if
you (Mr. Michael) ever tour, DO NOT FORGET about the rest
of the world!! You have Austraia, Asia and Latin America... we
all love your music too!

7) Good-bye.

*************************** (Yaisa) writes:
Hi everybody!

Yesterday I was talking to my dad about George (strange,
huh?) and we heard on the radio the song "Every time you
go away" by Paul Young. He told me then that he'll always
remember the fantastic version George made with Paul of
this song. He said he saw it on TV, and that it was the first
time he heard the song and was quite impressed so he loved
it! My dad was pretty sure it was George who made the duet
with Paul, but it was long time ago...Could any of you give
me some info about it?

(Your Dad is right, they pair duetted -- drunk or stoned out
of their minds -- at the 1986 Prince's Trust Concert. They
were not supposed to go on, but rumour has it the Princess
of Wales had requested George perform when she heard he
was milling about back stage, and so he went out with Paul
and they dueted on the only sang they both knew. It is a
great version. AG)

See you!
*************************** (Tom Wanless) writes:
To all Yoggers out there!

Right - I just want to say a big thank you to Nancy! I recently
bought a program from her. I have to say that if any of you
need to buy any memorabilia, then go to Nancy every time. I
had my doubts about buying from someone I have never met,
but I can honestly say that everything went fine. I received
the program within 2 weeks of my sending the payment. I live
in Great Britain and Nancy lives in California, so that's no
mean feat!
Anyway, hope you take the advice!

Tom Wanless

To Wrap it Up:

The Current Philosophy of YM:

"Listen, there's absolutely nothing you can't ask me about.
There's lots of things I won't give you any answers to."

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