I know how George spent his birthday Wednesday night...

*************************** (Frank Reyes) writes:

Hi Amanda and Yog Crew, June 1997
I'm so sorry to say that this will be this last time that you
will hear from me via email. It really hurts me so, because my
job had a layoff and I was the one who has been hit with the
reduction of the staff after 3 years of devoted service. So be
sure to feel free and contact me by snail mail at the address
below. Please do write because I need to be kept updated on
George Michael's career.
Thank You so much.

Frank Reyes
P.O. Box 3061
South El Monte
CA 91733-0061

So please drop me from your email listings and my email
address was:

I am so sorry for this inconvenience but I hope to get a
computer soon from my new job that I hope to get soon. I do
hope that they do have email access because I cannot live
without my Yogmael. I was with you almost since the
beginning. I wish you all peace, love, and forever happiness.
Wish me luck in my future adventures.

Love You All,
Frank =)
*************************** writes:
Hi Amanda and everyone !
Just a few things:

<<(Well, George wasn't there, but there was a great chat on AOL tonite, and we had a record 21 people in there. AG)

HELP!!! Amanda, are you going to have a transcript available
(e-mailable?) of the chat tonight?!?!?! I would have LOVED to
have been signed on, but I was at a semi-interview for a new job
(cross your fingers for me, O.K.?!) and I got home and went to
the "Older" private room, and no one was there... :< PLEASE
let everyone know when you will have another chat...

(Fingers very crossed for you. I didn't grab a transcript, but I'm
sure someone did. Anyone? AG)

>we are starting up our monthly George chats again as well.

I'm new to AOL and would like details on George chats as
soon as the info is available !!!

(Well, I think it was decided that we were going to set aside
the first Wednesday of each month at 9pm EST, as chat
time. With room name changing monthly. Am I right? AG)

* I'm in George-viewing *hell* ! I can't access ANYTHING
interesting on the Ægean site (obviously I've wasted all of my
time acquiring the wrong the way, does the whole
concept of plug-ins annoy anyone else, or is it just me?!),

(You're not the only one! AG)

* I'm stranded in North America, and I have yet to find the
"Waltz Away Dreaming " video ANYWHERE. I would love
to even SEE it, but I'd also (duh) LOVE to own it...anyone
who can help me out with this, I'd really appreciate it!!!
Will pay for blank tapes, postage, etc. - Please e-mail me:

Only 30 days until YM weekend!!!

(I guess we better settle on an itinerary next week then.
My Saturday morning has freed up BTW. AG)

I'm going out of town for a few days (eek! Yogmæl withdrawl!),
so have a GREAT weekend!

*************************** (FAITHMAEL GEORGE MICHAEL) writes:
Musical Development 1982 - 1997

Hi there all Yoggers,

Please send me Birthday wishes for George they will be
online on his birthday site

and please check out my updated sites with real audio


wadvideo Introduction on site "wadvideo"

Introduction and Statement by George Michael about the 3"M"
with the GREEK translation exclusively for my website
from Katerina Statis Thouas from Athens. Many thanks again
dear Katerina and greetings to Athens):):)I am thinking about
an audio from this one, maybe coming soon.!!!!!!

And please sign in my 2 new guestbooks where you can write in
by yourself birthday whishes what ever you want to say to the
man in Guestbook Faithmael GM just click from the start site to
GUESTBOOK write in by yourself

also updated with audi files of Live Killer and Star People '97 site

there will some a new site with all lives performances, B-sides

and black covers on soon wiht the friendly support of the
webmaster from "LWP" BLACK MUSIC POWER featured by
George Michael

and there is an own chat-room on my site
just click from the start page.

Yes please check out all my new sites, that's the reason I never
have time for the list.

Take care everybody
*************************** (Kristine) writes:
Hi, Amanda!
I've got many responses to my comments on the drug issue. I
want to thank to all of you who has written to me personally.
Thank you. All messages were very serious and I tried to
answer all of them. Thank you for your different opinions and
for your open mind.

I couldn't reach Tara, her e-mail address didn't work when I tried
to write her back. TARA, if you are reading, I want to tell you
that I got the joke. I didn't mean that he is really born in
Bethelehem. I meant that he is some times treated like he is.
Some of the fans don't understand that he is just a human being.
Good old Mortality, you know... But thank you for the message

Well, I missed the deadline to say Happy Birhday to George....
He has to forgive me cause we had a Hollydays here, in Latvia (I
suppose the Government was celebrating GM's Birhday). I
couldn't get in the office from Friday afternoon till this moment
(Yes, we had The Big GM's Birthday weekend. All the country
had to go to work only Wednesday morning! Some of my
friends are trying to tell that it's some kind of National Custom
and latvians are celebrating it more than a few hundred years,
but among us, we know what kind of celebration it really is!) So
I'm late. But his birthday actually is today, right now!

(Or at least it was when you wrote it. AG)

Happy GM's birthday to all Yogaholics (by the way, I loved
your paper, Amanda. Yogaholic is one of the best English
words I have ever heard. Well, of course, I haven't heard many
English words yet...)

I suggest that all of us drink GM's favorit wine tonight (I don't
know what is his favorit wine, and it's good I don't. I don't have
a temptation to drink it. I'm sure I can't afford it anyway...) ...or
any other wine you like, eat a birthday cake and don't forget 28
candles. Did you say 27? Thank you for correcting me. Put
as many cadles as you want. It's up to you (isn't it great, you
choose how many candles are on the GM's birthday cake!).
And have fun. I'll be thinking about all the Yogmael gang
tonight! What else have I got to think about relating to GM?

Well, happy Big Day to you, again.

Let's make another day of our friends life misty! My friends
never understand why do I have to drink wine when somebody
somewhere has a birhday... somebody I don't know. I always
say I send him a B-day card and promised I'll throw the party
to my friends and I have to keep my promises even to somebody
I don't know.

Take care.

p.s. Amanda, did I miss Yogmael #190?

(Seemingly a lot of people did, I think my computer caught a virus
that or we're being hacked...either way, something's wrong, so if
you lost an issue, esp. 190, let me know so I can mass resend.
*************************** writes:

I finally found your homepage and was able to gaze on your
smiling face, and all I can say is, you're so cute it's almost
unfair! Pretty soon we're going to have to start the Amanda
Gardonyi fan-mailing list.

(No, I think I see the "SLAP an AG" site coming sooner than
that...I may start one myself... AG)

Do you really intend to scan pictures of yogmael subscribers
into the page, so we can all start connecting faces to names?
That would be wild. We have to take lots of incriminating
photos at the LA weekend, and then you can either scan them
in or blackmail the drunken subjects (in the words of "A Chorus
Line" -- lot's of "tits and ass" please.)

(Anyone who submits a mid sized jpeg or gif will get a spot
on the new YM page, whenever I get it published, likely not
on AOL though -- I think I'm going to see what life is like in
the LionCourt. I am certainly packing my camera for LA
weekend, and the more incriminating the shots, the better.

In George related happenings, my brother informs me that
"Star People" has re-entered the US charts at #37 on
Maxi-Single Sales. This puzzled me until I made my weekly
foray to Tower Records, and saw the "Star People" CD with a
new sticker that read "Includes hidden bonus track Star People
'97." That's a new tack -- advertise the bonus track to get
people to buy your single. Apparently it's working, for a while
at least.

Just a month till the Historic Happening.

(TRINA B) writes:

A song popped into my head from way back. I'm 99% sure
he sang it at one point in time - it's "Love is in Need of Love"
Anyone out there willing to help me get my hands on a copy
of it, or dub it for me? Please email me!! I can't believe I've
gone so long without missing this absolutely beautiful song!
*************************** writes:

Probably a stupid question: Why are there no scroll bars in
the "history" section of the AEGEAN website. Or am I, in all
of my infinite inexperience, the only one having trouble?

(I make no attempt to answer questions on that site. AG)

thanks, bye
*************************** writes:
Hi to everyone

I would just like to say how deeply sorry I am for not being
able to make it to the " Birthday" chat . I am in the U.K and I
was sound asleep at the time of the chat.

If there are any Yogmaelers also in the U.K please feel free
to E-mail me for a chat .

Take Care Lisa
*************************** (Athanasia Karanikas) writes:
hi amanda,
like yourself l'm a huge george michael fan.
happy birthday to the legend for yesterday. love you heaps.
amanda keep putting things on internet so people like
myself will love scrolling in.
all the best
*************************** (JT & Tracy) write:
Dearest George

Happy Birthday...Happy Birthday...Happy Birthday...
Happy Birthday...Happy Birthday...Happy Birthday...
Happy Birthday...Happy Birthday...Happy Birthday...
Happy Birthday...Happy Birthday...Happy Birthday...
Happy Birthday...Happy Birthday...Happy Birthday...
Happy Birthday...Happy Birthday...Happy Birthday...
Happy Birthday...Happy Birthday...Happy Birthday...
Happy Birthday...Happy Birthday...Happy Birthday...
Happy Birthday...Happy Birthday...Happy Birthday...
Happy Birthday...Happy Birthday...Happy Birthday...
Happy Birthday...Happy Birthday...Happy Birthday...

OK, OK, so it's not terribly original, but I've run out of things to
say and I reckon it gets my message across just fine. Thank
you Georgie you're WONDERFUL!! Enjoy your day and know
that my thoughts are with you.

All my love
*************************** writes:
Ok, I know I didn't send in a birthday greeting in time for it
to be sent to George's personal email address because I
sometimes just scan my Yogmael and I didn't know to
send anything. But TODAY is June 26, 1997 and I had to
express my birthday wishes to George even if it's thru
Yogmael with the hopes that he will one day read it...Since
George turns 34 today I wanted to send out a birthday "song"
that I wrote for George many years ago. Keep in mind I was
about 21 when I wrote it (I'm 31 now, I turn 32 on the 4th of
July!!!! -- Oh yes, I am a CANCER too just like George) and
I love being a fellow songwriter like my favorite pop star. This
11 year old song is titled "After The Storm" and I wrote it after
listening to "Freedom" for about a million times...

"After The Storm"

With what you're saying, babe I don't agree
When you look in my eyes and say that you love me
Well you, you can complain about my ways
And you can tell me to change my thoughts
But I'm gonna love you just the same
Just the same

After the Storm, After the Fight
After the Love we made last night
After the Storm, After the Fight
After the Love we'll make tonight

No committments, I won't tie you down
In your life
Cause you wanna feel
That your freedom is like, what you want
You don't want somebody tellin you
How you've gotta live everyday
And it's all the same
Cause I won't complain, at all, no baby

After the Storm, After the Fight
After the Love we made last night
After the Storm, After the Fight
After the Love we'll make tonight

Will you love me
Will you want me
Will you need me after all we go thru

Adlib to fade...

As you can see I had a very active imagination. George really
inspired some emotional, tender songs to come out in my
writings. Although I have written on many subjects and about
different people, writing about my favorite pop legend has
forever given me memories that I will carry always....I hope
George has a wonderful birthday and many more to come...
From one songwriter to another....Keep up the great work
*************************** (Carolyn) writes:
Amanda - want to post this for all AOLers - means money in
their pockets. Go to website .

Will give you instructions on how to apply for a refund per the
class action suit. Gotta run - Later C
To Wrap it Up: his LA residence partying it up with a houseful of people.

"Are you having a go at my mates?" : )

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