A note of acknowledgement to 3 people everyone on YM owes
thanks to. Had it not been for Jason (, Neda
( and Carolyn (, I was
taking a week off to get away from the horrors of YM, they talked
me out of it. Carolyn cyberchatted me out of a funk, and Jason
and Neda logged some long distance charges to make sure I was
OK. My thanks to all 3, it meant a lot to me. : ) I was still up
until 6am thinking though...any real objections if I shut down YM
for 3 weeks while I'm in California?

*************************** (AG's big sister Jeanne) writes:

Hi Yoggers and Amandalites It's me

("It's me"? Funny, that's how George chose to announce himself
too... AG)

I'm sorry I have not gotten on before now but as Amanda would
say I'm a lurker and I have not gotten caught up on my Yogmael.
You have to get to use the computer in order to read your mail or
is it mael?

(Still working out the legal mumbo jumbo, but it's mael for now.
And Steve, let my sister read her MAEL!!! AG)

Well hear I go!!

The true confessions of a sister of a Yogaholic. For starters I
would like to say I'm sorry Amanda but I won't. Truth be known
you would have no life if it wasn't for me because of me and a
Choose Life sweatshirt, you now have friends around the world,
some don't have friends next door let alone around the world.
You own me big time and some day I plan to collect.

(George help me out here... I have never denied that every
issue of YM should really be dedicated to you Jean. And
I still have that Choose Life sweat shirt in with all my other
tour shirts, and while I can't remember the exact date you
gave it to me, I still remember opening the bag -- that mom
had almost thrown out -- and seeing it, and just knowing
right then and there, that I without a doubt, had the world's
coolest big sister. And I trust you know that there is no
one on this planet I would rather have than you beside me
at a George concert, nor on the day I finally meet George.

Now for the confession: I am not as big a fan of GM as every one
might think. George is a very important man in my life, everything
I have today owe to him. You see he was my first, not in
the physical sense, but in an emotional sense. Before him I had
had a bad relationship and came out of it hating men but not
wanting women either, emotionally I was dead. Taking Amanda
to that Wham concert, well all I can say is George brought me
back to life and like every good woman I remember my first fondly.
It helps that I like his music, so through this I still get to keep in
touch with an old flame.

(And it is interesting to note that my brother-in-law sports a
-- George circa mid 1985 -- beard... AG)

I feel sorry for all of you who don't get to hear George on the
radio. I don't listen to my tapes any more because all of his stuff
since he went solo is played all day long here in Kingston, Ont.
But on the other hand outside of Much Music we do not get
coverage of events in the real world unless it is related to
country music no offence of country fans but I feel cheated.

I know this is bringing up old wound but to all the people out
there that want to say that GM is homosexual. He will never
come out if he is, because he is a brillant man. By remaining
silent he is all things to all people. For me he is my first love.
For the other mind set, that wants to claim him for their own,
he is one of them. Please feel free for again he is all things to
all people. But please do not try to condem us for being straight
by trying to make yourself supperior. Besides I don't know about
you but I do not walk up to a person and introduce myself by
saying "Hi I'm straight, what are you?" Amongst straights your
sex life is your business and we really do not want to know
what you do or who.

To any GM fan who feels that at age 33 he is way too old for
such behavour. Hello I'm the same age as George have and 8
year old son, I'm no superstar but I still go clubbing with my
husband. If you feel that any one over the age of 25 who is too
mature for such behavour by all means find the highest elevation
and jump because unlike George and me, your life is over. It's
people like George and Madonna that remind me that I am
young and that life is for living not for working and sitting around
waiting to collect a pension check because when all is said and
done and you're just dust, no one really gives a flying fuck what
you did in your life.

(She gives me much grief for my rather uneventful social life...

As for sunglasses at our age you can' play all night and look
good for pictures. Actually if you look seriously at most
photos, most people have their eyes screwed up in pictures.
If you wear sunglasses, there are no embarrasing pictures.


(Spoken like a true former model and dance club diva with
a day job. AG)

As Amanda would say Hark is that the crackle of flames I
hear! By all means feel free I'm an old house wife with no life
(NOT) But I am the BITCH of the family, Amanda got the
personality, the charm and the wit. Mom saved the best for last.

(A stunning compliment, thanks Jean, really. But truth be told,
Jeanne got the looks. I need to be charming, the living Barbie
doll -- I'm serious -- just has to smile. AG)

Bye for now
*************************** (Kristine) writes:
Hello, everybody!
Hi, Amanda!

I haven't heard from you lately. I hope you are OK and nothing
bad has happened. For some reason I start to worry about you
if I don't got the YM. Well, if you are busy or something, take
your time. It's hard for us (I think everybody will agree), but we
will survive.

(I occasionally decide to just plain "do it when I feel like it."
which explains delays. AG)

I always wonder what the subject should be. What should I
write there? It's always a problem for me. I have a temptation
to type Yog, GM or something like that everywhere, but I
guess it doesn't really tell you what the message is about...

(I don't pay much attention to YM's subject titles unless I
see "personal" or "private". AG)

Well, I actually wanted to tell you what my friend told me in
his last e-mail message. I think it is something interesting
to read for all of us. The guy (my friend who send me this
message) is not a fa, you will see it in his message, but you
cannot take it into account. He is just a jealous man. Most
of them are, aren't they? well, the message was:

"Vh1 had a awards show the other night and ques who was
there. Yes GM himself, talking about how everyone else's
music is leading the youth of our world into Satan's living
He went on and on about all kinds of bullshit regarding other
people's music that is making the young people crazy and
disturbed. I wanted to turn off my tv. But Bob Dylan's son
Jason was going to perform next so I endured the YOG
commentary on evil new music afffecting the minds and
hearts of millions of kids. I think this gm guy is all hung up
on himself and doesn't see reality and quality of other artist.
I know you love him and need him and worship him, but
personalLy, I think he totally SUCKS!

I think I will come over visit Riga and see for myself how
many people are IN to GM. HE MUST BE A GIANT AND

(Yeah, well, at least George probably knew Dylan's son's
name... AG)

Well, I'm sorry for my friend's attitude... He is just a man.
But anyway I think it was interesting to read.

(Everyone has their opinion, which is cool, I don't feel the
urge to condemn that which I disagree with anymore, I
think it has something to do with being an adult... AG)

See you later.
*************************** (Reza Basharzad) writes:

I have just remodeled my webpage, so please feel free
to check it out.

*************************** writes:
Hi everyone,
here is my Gm memory.In Oct of 1991 i went to my first george
Michael concert.(It was the Faith tour)I didn't want to get stuck
with a seat way in the back and be surrounded by all the
screaming fans. wanted to be in my on little world. So, I went to
one of these ticket outlet and bought myself one fabulous seat.
These people tried to tell me that they wouldn't sell me just
one ticket but i persisted and eventually i got my ticket.Boy
was it worth the price.These scalper chage me over 300 dollors
for on ticket which should have not cost anymore that $60.
But the best was i got a front row center seat. All I had to do
was look up and there he was in all his glory. My wish came true,
I was in my on little world.It was like he was singing to me only
(SIGH)The surprise of the night was that since i was so close
George drip his perperation on me.What a shock.I must say i
was temped to never wash that spot again.

Welll everyone take care.
George forever!!!

*************************** (David Lebois) writes:
Hi Amanda & Yogcrew

I was checking HotBot for an usual "george + michael"
search when I saw this horrible page:

George Michael's Denture Page

I was very furious at first, but quite amused after... This is
impossible to describe anyway !

*************************** writes:

Once again, you made me a very happy person. Thank you
so much for the Andrew pic. Not really what I was expecting
him to look like these days, I guess I thought/hoped he
wouldn't age. (yeah right!!)

(I have been told however, that the pic looks nothing like Andrew
by none other than Shirlie Kemp. AG)

And the Speedo pic, well, he looks damn good to me. :)

Have a wonderful day and keep up the great work.

*************************** writes:
I really loved reading the GM interview...I learned more about
George in nice ways. He continues to show how down-to-earth
he really is and even though he has spent so much of his life in
show biz he has kept that human aspect of him. I didn't know
if George would be like so many stars that turn their noses up
at average people but I am sure he's not like that at all. I
laughed so hard reading this radio interview when he said his
name wouldn't look cool spinning around in someone's
collection. That was so funny but I love George's real (whole)
name. Knowing George's musical ability, I am sure Aegean
will be a success.

I hope we can get a chat room together and invite George to
chat with us. That would be great...If he goes on radio stations
and TV shows, why not our chat room??? (Smiles) ... LOL..
Oh well, a fan can dream can't she...

(Well, George wasn't there, but there was a great chat on AOL
tonite, and we had a record 21 people in there. AG)
*************************** writes:
I too have that Life article that was mentioned in the last yogmael.
It didn't quite compare him to Elvis but instead asked him...

"Do you feel a connection with Elvis?"
He then answered...

"I've never even dared to think of any comparison. Elvis - before
they got their teeth into him - was such an incredible accident
of influences. His music in '56 and '57 was absolutely
incredible. I mean, where did it come from? People tend to
forget that he was so outrageous. He wore makeup, had long
hair. I'm sure the initial perception of Elvis was that he was a
big fag. Other than to girls, who could see that he wasn't. I
think he was so brave and beautiful. The other thing about
Elvis is that with him the youth culture ws created. You didn't
want to be a kid and you didn't want to be an adult - you
wanted to be that bit in the middle that didn't have any
responsibilities. It lasted 30 years. I think it's gone now.
The trouble now is that kids want to be adults so young, they
don't want that period in between."

Thats all there is on Elvis. I think the interview took place in

*************************** (FAITHMAEL GEORGE MICHAEL) writes:


BLACK MUSIC POWER featured by Georg Michśl with Real
audio in collaboration and with the support of the webmaster of
the great GM-site of


who supported me so friendly with the sound files ):):):) and I will
have my FAVE BLACK COVER from CHAKA KHAN exclusively
on my site especially as a BIRTHDAY PRESENT FOR YOU YOG
and it's the song


Also I want to thank the webmaster-winart of the great GM-site
BO ANDERSEN for his support to put my (huge MB- pace) site
on his server, because I had troubles with my provider in case of
the big data-traffic. Bo you gave me a great support in telling me


To both webmasters LWP and BO ANDERSEN,
THANKS for LIVING GEORGE'S MESSAGE against the 3 "M"'s
he talked about in his STATEMENT OF ∆GEAN!





Faithmśl George Michśl

103053.627-at-CompuServe.COM writes:
Dear George Michael,

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!
What can I say, YOU'RE THE BEST!!!!!!


(You missed the deadline to George directly, but here it is in
YM for him if he checks us out. AG)
*************************** (Jose' F. Berroa-Saro) writes:
I live in Halem and currently a grad student at Union and
Columbia University. Hey for all New YOrk City folks love

George Michael, should get together and play his music
and go to a Greek resturant and have fun.

To Wrap it Up:

"You bite your tongue when you really want to scream."

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